Steve Addazio is Selfish

I feel like I’ve been a pretty rational person throughout the life of this site.  As Addazio has run our offense and our program into the ground, I have sat back and calmly dictated the mistakes he was making from a football standpoint.  I’m done with that.  Nothing has changed, nothing has gotten better, and I’m just going to come right out and say it.

Steve Addazio is selfish.

There, I said it.  Addazio has to know that he’s a bad offensive coordinator.  No rational person could have watched this team over the last several months and think otherwise.  We have loads of talented players on offense.  NFL players that are going to miss out on millions of dollars because of the way Addazio misuses them and fails to help them translate their athleticism into football talent.  Carl Moore is an NFL wide receiver, but no one in the NFL will ever know it because he’s not given a chance.  Yet Addazio is content to go on, collecting his (probably large) paycheck while the fans and the players suffer at the hands of his ineptitude.

Steve Addazio, we as Gator nation ask you – no, beg you – to step down from your duties as offensive coordinator.  Urban is your friend, don’t put him in the position of having to fire his friend.  At this point as a perfectly sane individual you HAVE to realize that you can’t get the job done as offensive coordinator.  Every day you stay in that position is just one day closer to you getting fired outright.  If you step down now, you can save some face and keep your job as offensive line coach.  You would finally get to do something that you’re comfortable with again, and the fans and players would be spared your inadequacies as a play-caller.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

So on to the LSU game.  I could break down this game like I usually do.  I could go on about the same tired issues that our offense continues to have with no signs of change.  I could go on about how after a huge stop by our defense and a bad punt, with the crowd finally back in the game, our offense responds by running yet another bubble screen for a 4 yard loss to take them right back out of it.  I could talk about how we still refuse to spread the field vertically and keep the defense (who was unabashedly stacking the box while our receivers sat 1 on 1 outside) honest.  I could go on about how the Brantley “option” (AKA Brantley toss) play got demolished by a real defense yet again.  I could tell you that Mike “grades out as a champion every week” Pouncey once again got manhandled at center.   But you know what?  We’ve been through all this before.  It’s the same stuff as it’s always been.  Every prediction and every criticism that we’ve made on this site since day one has been correct, and none of it has changed.

The really sad thing about this game is that some people are going to ignore how poorly the offense played because of how the game ended (with our defense getting beat).  Let’s be real here people, our defense never should have been in that position, and never would have been if our offense could put together more than one real scoring drive a game.  Our four scores tonight came off of two turnovers forced by the defense inside the LSU 20, a kickoff return for a touchdown, and the one good drive at the end of the game.  60 minutes, one good scoring drive.  That does not win you football games, and it never will.  I said at the beginning of the year that the offense was going to have to contribute (rather than just soley relying on the defense) once we got into the meat of our schedule.  They haven’t, and the outcomes have been just as we expected.

And you know what the biggest slap in the face was with all of this?  We had the ball, 1st and 10, with 3 minutes left in the half.  After running our standard HB dive for 2 yards, LSU called a timeout to stop the clock.  That’s right, they were so confident that our offense couldn’t pick up a first down that with THREE MINUTES left in the half they were willing to call timeouts to stop the clock.  They disrespected us like that, and what did we do to make them pay?  Almost get a safety on a horrible option play call that got mauled in the backfield for a near safety as Champion Pouncey laid on the ground looking backwards.

The crowd was great tonight, as loud as ever.  Everyone wanted a win.  And you know, people in the stands (though still not in the media) are starting to recognize more and more what we’ve all been saying on this website for the last few months.  In the 4th quarter, the offense was boo’ed multiple times after questionable playcalls.  It’s a good thing that our offensive talent bailed Addazio out with that long catch and run to Moore after Addazio had backed them into a corner on 3rd and 8 after two extremely predictable playcalls on 1st and 2nd down.

I also was pleased to look around the stadium and see the sign pictured above.  The media, if they would even recognize it, would say that that guy is “not a true fan”.  I disagree.  That guy is a hero, because he’s willing to stand up and say what they’re not.  And once again, listening to the post game presser on the drive home, there was no mention made of the problems we have with our offensive coordinator.

The first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have it.  The fans have taken that step.  The coaches and the media have not.  We have to spread the word.  Our NC dreams are likely gone but we can still win the SEC.  But we will never win it with Addazio, so hit up that Twitter, hit up Facebook, hit up campus with fliers, and do whatever you have to to spread the word.  Save Gator Football.

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  1. I agree 1000% with you. If Miami of Ohio wasn’t a clue, then the next 5 games were. He is horrible. I have to many questions to be answered regarding our inept offense and I’ll shoot off a few. Why was Brantley lining up as a wideout? Did anyone really believe they were going to throw the ball to him? How about putting an actual WR in there. I gotta believe Hammonds, Hines, Debose, Moore, and Thompson lined up with an empty backfield could do a lot of damage, yet all of them combined had what….5-6 catches? Why do we only go to Moore on third down? I get if you don’t practice well you don’t play, but christ almighty, with the way we’re playing what’s it going to hurt to put M. Brown in there, let Hammonds run more plays, get Debose more involved, let Burton throw. After the Kentucky game everyone knows what he’s going to do. I have visions of Tebow in the 06 title game faking a run inside, bouncing to the outside and throwing to a wide open Baker, unpredictability equaled a TD. Hell, Burton has our longest pass play. In closing, Adazzio sucks, and he’s killing our beloved Gators. If you ain’t a Gator, you must be Gatorbait (Unless of course Adazzio is the coach)

  2. You do realize that Urban Meyer is the “genius” behind this offense. Hell, it’s his offense. Addazio is just here to take the punches from people like you when it doesn’t work. Urban Meyer is the problem.

    1. Urban Meyer coaches special teams himself, not the O-line (which can’t protect Brantley long enough to let him do anything) or call the individual plays that have been both predictable and ineffective. Dear god, did you not see Nick Saban on the sidelines telling his peeps to look for the jump pass, and sure enough, there it was? I know, different game, but same vein. Last year, as previously mentioned on this blog, Tebow visibly regressed under the tutelage of Steve AddaZookio; this problem is not new, it is just more obvious now that we do not have Our Darling anymore.

  3. You can call us spoiled. Yes, we have had four great years of football with Timmy Tebow leading our Gators to many victories. But I must say, even with the great talent of Timmy Tebow our play calling was many times questionable. So this problem with our offensive play calling is not new.
    I feel very sorry for our talented players. We have the #1 recruiting class in the country and they are being humiliated. What do you think this will do to recruiting next year???? I know we all want to win every game, but I also know we don’t want to loose because of inexperience play calling. Please let me know where has Adazio coached as an offensive coordinator with the calibur team like the Gators. I know very little of offensive play calling. But when I can see our offense line up for the next play and now what they are going to do, that’s pretty bad. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW!!!!!!!! GO GATORS!!!!!!!

  4. It so obvious are players are not being coached up correctly. Our talent looks mediocre average at best.

  5. The ESPN News Services newsclip had this to say:

    “Moore had four catches for 95 yards, but Florida ended up with 243 yards and surely some doubts about their playmakers and offensive coordinator Steve Addazio.

    “We’re going to identify our problems,” Meyer said.”

    They also mentioned the boos during the last drive. Hopefully that’s the start of something good.

  6. Has anyone else noticed when we try something other than Adazzio’s two favortie plays we have pretty good success? The reverse, the sweep with Debose, passing the ball more than 1 yard in front of the LOS. Adazzio is fucking garbage. I certainly hope those boos light a fire under meyers ass, and it helps him making the decision to demote adazzio back to OL coach.

  7. addazio reminds me of the guy who sucks at madden who calls the same plays over and over hoping for a big play to save his ass. the light is just not on

  8. This site needs media attention. Whatever it takes to get the message across. Meyer has to realize his boy Addazio is in way over his head. He’s not even a good O-line coach. They get dominated every time they play a good team. His “Champion graded” Pouncey was on his ass every other play last night. Moody is SLOW. Why couldn’t he be the one that’s injured? Why do you recruit an NFL style QB who can’t run?

    This is a simple solution:

    (a) If you’re going to start Brantley, throw the fucking ball.

    (b) If you’re going to run the dive/option, start Burton.

    I’s not motherfucking rocket science!

  9. I would like to take the time to apologize to my fellow Gators for defending Steve Addazio for FAR TOO LONG.

    I’ve had it with him, I had no real issues with him in 2009 as we went 13-1. I even gave him a pass for the Miami (OH) game. He did alright against UK but since then, what’s he done? Awful against Bama, too inconsistent against LSU.

    No, it’s not all his fault as the D is starting to slip from earlier in the season. Plus the bad execution isn’t his fault. But He’s a big part of the problem.


  10. Selfish is right, this guy is killing the careers of some of his players and refuses to ever admit fault. Now the grumbling will start to grow, but it’s sad that it takes us getting hit over the head with losses for people to finally realize a change has to be made with our offense. It has been anemic ever since SA took over and it was only a matter of time until this happened. It actually makes me think that Tebow was underrated to be able to take a trash scheme like this to 13 wins.

    SA really got bailed out last night, this easily should have been a 20+ point loss, but a KR, pick, and special teams mistake on their part made the game competitive.

    Florida is now ranked 96th nationally in total offense. 96th. Let that sink in for a while.

  11. Also, it’s a shame that the players are being asked about their response to the boos. They were, quite clearly, directed at our playcallers, not the guys on the field. The fact is that the fans want to see the players be given the chance to succeed.

    It was almost like once he heard the boos Addazio was like “F you, is this what you want to see?” because he started calling better plays and it actually turned out to be one of the 3 or 4 semi-creative drives we’ve had all year. I felt like he was trying to stick it to us, and incidentally found out that it worked, but I’m sure that’s just my paranoia since I’ve become convinced that Addazio doesn’t want to see success on the field.

  12. I think Addazio is secretly a Bama fan sent here to ruin Gator Nation.

    Off with his head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hey guys, we need to spread the word quicker! From the facebook group, Select “Suggest to Friends” then when the invite box comes up, right click “open in new tab” then paste this code into your address bar to select all of your friends
    javascript:elms=document.getE…lementById(‘friends’).getElementsByTagName(‘li’);for(var fid in elms){if(typeo…f elms[fid] === ‘object’){[fid]);}}
    then press “enter” and send!

    There are only 1,200 fans on here and we all know there are a few hundred thousand Gator fans who agree Addazio has to go!!!

  14. Yes this is so true. Do you guys realize we had UNDER 100 yards in the first HALF? That’s ridiculous! And did you look at Brantley, Burton, and Reed at the QB position in shotgun? Rather then being able to eye match ups they have to stare at Pouncy’s ass to see where the hell he’s going to snap it this time. This season isn’t COMPLETELY over but part of me wants our offense to completely fall apart so Addazio can’t help but step down; HOWEVER, if that happens we will lose some big time recruits so it’s a lose-lose.

    Damn it Urban you know more about football than anyone. You’ve won 2 National Championships and 2 BCS games. You shouldn’t tolerate this bull shit. You aren’t at Bowling Green anymore EVERYONE wants to coach at UF!!!

  15. Is it just me, or is the plethora of bubble screens and runs up the gut seem just like the Ron Zook offense? Is Steve Addazio telling us that the best thing he has is a reverse? What happened to the play calling that decimated Cincy in the Sugar Bowl? When I was watching that game last season, I was amazed that was the same Gators that have only shown us two, maybe three plays all season. Now we’re back to incompetent blocking, a predictable offense, and a throwing quarterback that isn’t allowed to throw more than five yards. I honestly think that the LSU game was the most we’ve thrown downfield all season long. And we only did it about three times the entire game, once for a fifty-plus yard gain on our last drive of the game. Oh, what was the next play on first down? A run up the middle for one yard.

    So, in the third quarter, we go from second-and-goal at the one to second-and-goal at the sixteen thanks to penalties. And then what? A run up the middle, and then a bubble screen (with no protection). And then TWO missed field goals. Who is running this show again? Anyone else miss Dan Mullen?

    1. Loeffler called the plays against Cincy. Addazio was “acting” head coach because of Meyer’s health issues. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? That’s why we actually called a great game! We need to fire Addazio yesterday and promote Loeffler (or hire someone from outside … Mike Leach isn’t doing anything) to OC.

  16. Steve needs to go! Every defense know what we are going to do. I don’t blame our defense at all we should have been 2 scores up on them!. Another thought is of people want to blame Urban your sending you blame in the wrong direction. If you feel that way as I do at times and wonder hey what if Spurrier was here how have our seasons have been then there is one person for all the blame! Bernie Machen. I’m under the impression that Urban would have had the job no matter who wanted to be head coach because Machen was the president of Utah where Urban was currently the head coach. it makes me think that no matter who wanted the job or whoever was contacted about the job Urban was already chosen. That’s getting into deeper issues lol. Foley needs to take a stand and make a decison on Addazio ! If we keep this up and we lose incoming recruits and set off a chain-reaction just like FSU that was a 6 to 7 year slump they are now just getting out of. Something needs to happen before we follow the steps of FSU.

  17. Some Ad-dunce-zio coaching “gems”:

    1. If a Center bad snaps the ball a dozen times a game and allows his QB to be hit hard a dozen more times, then that player grades out as a “champion” and is obviously a 1st-round NFL draft pick.

    2. If the dive play doesn’t work the 235th time, do it again b/c the 236th time is a charm!

    3. A play that goes laterally 20 yards is just as good as a play that goes down the field 10 yards!

    4. Even though our QB can’t run faster than a tortoise, have him run the option in order to keep defenses “honest” (honest with laughter that is). Also, despite the QB’s arm being a cannon, don’t have him throw it down the field deep…we wouldn’t want to have his arm get tired when he’s needed to throw 20 bubble screens behind the LOS!

    5. When the defense has 11 men in the box, run the dive play with a 110lbs RB! That’ll surprise them!

  18. I think this stat says it all. 53 yards total offense in the first half against the same LSU defense that gave up almost 400 yards passing to an NCAA depleted UNC team…

  19. Run, run, pass, punt……..

    I really hate to call out players, but these are legitimate criticisms:

    a) Moody drops at first contact and is prone to fumbling.
    b) Brantley throws the ball too low; how many tipped balls again last night? This is a serious problem.
    c) Pouncey is still having snap problems, generally to the left and too hard. Trey was almost a victim of one last night. Also, he has been over-matched the last two games.
    d) The defense at times are playing discouraged because of the continuous 3 and outs by the offense. I feel bad for the guys as they are always on the field.

  20. I was at the game last night and I can tell you from the comments I heard from my fellow Gator fans, Steve Addazio would not want to come up to our section or he would have been ripped a new one! I hate to see my beloved team lose games, but if that’s what it takes to get Addazio out of the play-calling position then so be it. I’ve never liked Addazio from day one, I think his inneptitude as a play-caller was masked by the talent of our players last season and it’s finally showing this year.
    I found this in Sports Illustrated: “The Gators’ scoring average has dropped from 43.6 points in 2008 to 35.9 last year to 31.4 this season.”

  21. Steve Addazio is the definition of insanity. Repeatedly doing the same thing expecting a different result. Great guy, good offensive line coach (when that is all he was doing) he just needs to step down and let us get a OC in there that knows how to call plays and ADJUST during the game if the defense figures out our game plan!!!!

  22. Addazio didn’t lose the game; How about letting LSU punk us with a fake field goal. Everybody knew it was coming, except Meyer and the ST coach (Durkin). Yeah, our offense sucks but our defense also got destroyed by the 11th ranked SEC offense (you know what that means, only Vandy was worse coming in to the game). Or how about the fact that with 10 seconds left in the game LSU runs the same f*cking play twice and wins.

  23. Stuff like this ran Spurrier off and stuff like this will run Meyer off. Suck it up and deal Gator fans, we aren’t going to win a national championship every year.

    1. The problem with that statement is the fact that while there a few, most fans didn’t really think we would get to the title game. A lot of us thought we could get to a BCS bowl, but a national title wasn’t in our heads like it was Tebow’s senior year. People are sick and tired of having no points in the first quarter and in most cases the first half. Fans are tired of 70-80 yards of offense in the first half. We may not have the talent to get to a national title game, but we sure as hell have the talent to put up more points and offense than we have. I get that players have to execute, but when our own team is lulled to sleep with 2-3 basic plays that are constantly run, can you blame them if they don’t execute to perfection a play that may be only run once. For fucks sake, what kind of plays are we running in practice? Are we working on the dive for an hour then running a little 1 yd screen for the last hour? No wonder we can’t execute when we do something other than that. It’s like Adazzio has shot our offense in the stomach and the fans are watching our team go through a slow, painful death. Get rid of his sorry ass.

  24. You have to think his play calling sheet is a napkin he folds up into his pocket after each game. Is it going to be Brantley to the flat or underneath, the dive, or Burton in the wildcat. A magic 8-ball has more possibilities! Ridiculous! Fire Addazio!

  25. I hate you guys, but Im not here to rub salt in the wound. The loss was the best thing that could happen. This is your “Jeff Bowden” period. If he wasnt friends with Urban, he would have been gone long ago. You need the pressure to rise, otherwise he wont go anywhere. I hope you guys keep him forever.

  26. Jumping off of a bridge is a little harsh, but I get what you are saying. Permanently bench Moody, move Pouncey back to Guard, and relieve Addazio of his OC duties. These 3 moves alone would make a big difference.

    There is one more move that I would personally love to see, Burton as full time QB. Talk about instantly changing our offensive character, he would be a constant big threat on every play and would force defenses to game plan specifically for him.

    Of course short of a natural disaster, not a chance in hell this will happen (Brantley Sr. is a powerful booster). What really worries me is he’s just a junior, and if he continues to remain a slightly below average QB, we’ll have to deal with him again next season.

    With all that said, God bless the Gators. Let’s go 12-2 and win the SEC/Sugar Bowl!!!!!

  27. you are suggesting that we keep addazio, are you serious? they need to get rid of him altogether. he sucks! addazio keeps talking about how pouncey is an all-american. he is, at Right Guard! not center. it’s wondrous to me that urban has yet to see this critical flaw in his coaching staff and hasnt fixed it yet.

  28. I just found out about this today: Addazio had considered the head coaching position at Syracuse a few years ago (see ). Drats, why couldn’t he have taken that job???

    Also, in the same link he was quoted as saying that Brantley would be a “future star quarterback.” Hilarious! JB is going to be a “future hospital patient” the way Aduncezio is using him and coaching his “champion” OL.

  29. ^^^ He sure is the luckiest guy in America because nobody else would hire his punk ass as an OC. Fuck you Meyer for allowing this to happen.

  30. Had no idea someone else had called the plays at last year’s Sugar Bowl! That makes sense to me now. I could not believe that they had finally opened up the offense and let Tebow throw in that game. It just made me angry because the offense had sucked so bad last year that it was painful to watch the games. Not it all makes sense!! Fucking Addazio wasn’t even calling the plays! Promote that guy to OC right now! He was great. Tebow passed for like 400 yards even though I kept hearing all year how the problem with the passing game was that Florida didn’t really have any WR. How the loss of Murphy and Harvin was used as an excuse all year to cover up the plain fact that our play calling was atrocious, was really a disgrace. I agree…fuck you Meyer for allowing this to happen. Fix it or take a hike. How many millions does Chris Petersen want?? Pay him!

    1. How do you know this? This would be a huge controversy if really true. I was blown away by our offensive performance in the Sugar Bowl, but assumed Cincinnati was just that bad on defense. Wow, if true!

    2. That’s what Craig (up a few comments) mentioned. He said Loeffler called the Sugar Bowl as Addazio was “acting” head coach. I never knew this if it is true. We should probably confirm. This would be huge news (at least to me) as clearly that was a well called game.

  31. Did anyone notice Urban calling the plays the last 5 oe so plays of the game? It looked like he ripped Addazio of his duties as he had the play sheet in his hand for the final drive…

    1. Is this true? Can anyone confirm that Urban called the plays on the last drive on offense? That’d be huge news…

  32. What a bunch of worthless bitches! Anytime that the faggotty Gator football team isn’t going undefeated and winning a national championship Gator Nation is pissing and moaning. I can only imagine each of you bursting into tears along with Tebow after last year’s SEC championship game. Grow some nuts and quit your fucking whining!

      1. And what comes when Addazio steps down or gets fired and the Gators still suck? Are we going to be graced with a new website called I have never heard a sorrier excuse for fans of any sport at any level.

        The point is that you support your team no matter what! A team is bound to have some bad games, and yes, even bad seasons, but you support the team if you call yourself a true fan. That seems to be lost on Gators fans and that’s a damn shame.

        Stop the bullshit booster lobbying and let the UF athletic department do their jobs. I’m sure they know more about it than any of the cry babies that started this forum or jump on the bandwagon by posting here.

        1. True, every team has bad games and bad season. But when you don’t fix the problems that are causing those bad games and bad season, they become bad decades, and bad programs.

          Don’t tell us about supporting the team. The Swamp on Saturday night was still the loudest stadium in the country. Gator Nation will always support the team. There were no fewer truer Gator fans during the 8-5 Ron Zook years than there were during the Steve Spurrier years. Supporting the team doesn’t mean blindly saying that everything they do is ok and assuming that nothing ever needs fixing.

          As a father, you always support your kids. That doesn’t mean you tell them “great job, you’re doing a wonderful job of making decisions” when they decide to start smoking crack.

  33. Oh my good lord, I don’t think I can stomach another week of Mr. Addazio’s playcalling!!! If I see another dive play that runs into a wall of defenders I’m gonna puke! Its so predictable I wanna break my t.v.! Where is the creativity? And Urban is partly at fault here too. Ask yourself this, when has his version of the spread at Florida ever looked like his Alex Smith led Utah spread? Remember all the razzle dazzle and the fun in that offense? Haven’t seen a bit of it here. Don’t get me wrong, Urban is a great coach, recruiter, and person, but at some point you have to diversify the playcalling!! Try different sets, formations, wrinkles, personnel groupings, whatever!!! Just don’t show the opponent something they haven’t already seen on tape for once!!!! The Jump pass vs Bama? Are you serious? How about running the I down there and handing it off to the fullback or Jordan Reed for that matter! All that cute stuff has been sniffed out by all the SEC teams already. Oh and one more thing, I love John Brantley as our QB, but I have some serious Cam Newton envy right now!!!

  34. Through thick and thin, we’ve sold-out every single home game since 1989! Third longest streak in the country, trailing only Nebraska and Notre Dame. Some sorry excuse for fans we are, huh.
    We are passionate and intelligent football fans that are not afraid to call out flawed or incompetent coaching. Urban and Steve are very well compensated for what they do, so they are not immune to justified criticism. Even Spurrier would get an earful when deserved.

    Now answer this question troll, how much wood can a Wood Chuck chuck?

    1. “Now answer this question troll, how much wood can a Wood Chuck chuck?”

      That depends…is he currently under arrest by Gainesville PD?

  35. I hope that guy is an FSU fan because, really? Jeff Bowden was forced out of FSU and then so was his dad. So shut you mouth.

    1. I do prefer the Noles to the Gators, but I’m just a bonafide Gator Hater. I don’t actually hate the team, they have been quite entertaining for some time. It’s the terrible fans that get to me. In my experience, they are loud-mouthed when the Gators are winning, and they are sore losers when the team is losing…not attractive on either account.

      1. So is EVERY OTHER TEAM in college football, every team has it’s fans that are like that. Go to an Ohio State message board and listen to all their praising and loud mouths. GO back in 3 weeks when they have 2 losses and listen to them whine. It’s like that with ANY team. You haven’t heard whining out of FSU because they’ve been consistently terrible for the last 5 years or so. Listen to them now. Look on twitter and facebook…. it’s all “FSU WON AND THE GATORS LOST YEAH!!! WE’RE RANKED HIGHER …. BEST TEAM IN FLORIDA” now if they were doing that after winning 2 National Championships in recent years, you’d be hating on them for being loud mouths, but because they’ve sucked for so long it’s OK that they are like that.

        It’s college football that’s how it is everywhere.

  36. We are ranked 96th in total offense. How do you manage to turn a bunch of 4 and 5 star recruits (many of which started last year) into a Junior Varsity team…. MOVE POUNCY BACK!!!

  37. Addazio is play calling for he had, not what he has. When Mullen was the OC, he adapted our offense for Leak and a pro style offense. Not Addazio! He should be stripped of his play-calling duties. I personally think Addazio’s play calling is hurting the effectiveness of the Gator offense. The scripted plays at the beginning of games seem to work and then we go right back to Addazio’s predictable plays as soon as those plays are over. Addazio needs to go back to the offensive line only. Let an ex QB or receiver do the play calling. Why would Addazio call an option with Brantley at QB?

  38. As much as I want Addazio gone and belive me I certianly do but the LSU game all falls on Urban Meyer the so called Special Teams Guru Everybody and I mean Everybody knew that Les wasn’t going to kick a 53 yd FG with a freshman kicker please yet we deceide to go for the block BLOCK? Really Urban Really? and that cost us the game cause if we just played it safe and go for the fake it was game over GAME OVER MEYER…Now I love Meyer as a coach and everyone makes mistakes but Addazio is already his first and that was his secong three strikes and you out!!!!

  39. Scott Loeffler, our QB coach was the one who called plays in the the Sugar Bowl and against Cincinati. This has been confirmed by someone with knowledge inside the program on gatorbait (the Gator rivals site).

  40. Here is my honest opinion. The problem isn’t Adazzio. He’s just dumb as shit. Urban is the problem. Ever since his “retirement”, he just seems disinterested. Do you think after a gutrenching loss in the Swamp, that Steve would have told his players, “ok we’ll get better and work on things tomorrow. Just go on home..” Huh??? Are you kidding me??? Steve would have had their asses running up and down Ben Hill Griffin Statdium till vomit came out…
    There is no shame to losing to Alabama..Ok it took me a few days to get over it. But to lose to Les Miles is unacceptable. Les Miles beat Urban at his own game (wasn’t urban the alleged special teams guru?)
    Even during the Zook years, we played a whole lot better than Saturday night.
    Urban do us all a favor..If you don’t want to coach, step down. I miss the guy that used to run up th score..where is that guy who called timeouts against UGA for that crap they pulled in 2007? Urban, either get back your passion, or let someone else save Gator football..

  41. People tend to respond to criticism of Addazio by saying that this is Meyer’s offensive philosophy. At one point we played for the quick lead and then ran out the clock while capitalizing on the desperate efforts of the other team to catch up. Now it seems almost like we’re trying to run the clock out from the very first snap, as if we don’t need to score in order to win.

    There is even a facebook group about replacing Addazio with a PS3 for playcalling. The sad part is this would probably be a massive improvement.

  42. Wait a minute, wait a minute…… I thought I read where someone asked Urban to step down a few comments above?!?! Are you kidding me? You are going way to far out there now. We just need a new offensive coordinator & offensive line coach… At a big time program, there’s absolutely no at all the offensive line get dominated every week, even by teams that belong in the DI-AA.. The OL has no fire, they allow the opposing teams to take the fight to team, poor tech., “wiffs” on too many blocks, and on the ground way too much..

  43. Steve Addazio should be demoted to o-line coach…he was pretty good at it. If he doesn’t want the demotion – adios. Also…can we please start utilizing Johnny Bantley’s talents(throwing the football) instead of running option plays and hb dives that go nowhere? Special teams suck too…Urban needs to go back to coaching them and let Durkin fetch gatorade.

  44. To say that people cannot make negative comments about a coach or a team is like saying that you cannot make comments about politicians. Freedom of speech covers all categories. Good or bad, we are all loyal Gators (well except for the Turds guy)…I personally have gone to Gator games since 1971…and back then they were NOT a good team, but I loved them just the same. But, when someone’s bad and bringing down the team…they’ve gotta go so the good players can show us, and everyone else, just how good they are! GO GATORS!!!

  45. Fire Urban and Addazio. Urban is the head coach do you think Addazio is sneaking the plays by him. He knows the game plan and has to be on board with it.
    I’m tired of hearing we’re not very good right now..Urban, Addazio that’s your job to correct the problem. In the Gainesville Sun, it was reported that Addazio said he didn’t care if the fans booed? Can you imagine an employer going to work and when he arrives all the employees boo..surely that would be a sign I must not be doing something right. It is not the players we are frustrated with it’s the play calling or lack of it. Urban told all the fans to wear head to toe blue when we played South Carolina..who just killed us in the Swamp..was that to remind South Carolina how badly they played against Kentucky..stop giving the fans fashion directions and coach the damn team. Leave the fashion and spirit stuff to the events people. The reason we have the best punter is because he’s getting the most playing time.
    Now that all of Ron Zook’s players are gone..and wasn’t he fired after a Mississippi loss? I love the Gators but coaching mediocrity will be tolerated.

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