Addazio Has Zook-like Interview, Makes Excuses

“I am sure there are some really good efforts in there, and I’m sure there are some really good things in there, but that’s all masked by the turnovers”. Addazio’s post game interview seems to focus solely on the turnovers, as he tries to convince us that the offense was fine other than that. I hate to break it to you Steve, but the turnovers weren’t the problem. Turnovers are flukey, they happen. We could have lived with that and written off all the fumbles as a fluke if the offense was still clicking the rest of the game. The problem was that even if you take away the turnovers, that doesn’t change the fact that we had 26 yards of total offense through three quarters against one of the worst teams in D1 college football. That doesn’t change the fact that through three quarters of play we were averaging 1.1 yards gained per snap. THAT is the problem, and THAT is your fault, not the turnover’s fault.

If you can bear to have flashbacks of Ron Zook telling us everything is going to be ok, go ahead and watch the video up above where Addazio promises us that they’re going to get back to work and everything is going to be fine. The problem is, the only issue that he acknowledges is the turnovers, and there is a lot more to be fixed in this offense than turnovers. A good start would be the playcalling, and only one guy needs to get to work on that. Urban Meyer, by finding a new guy to do it, by finding someone that will use all our talented players properly.

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  1. Is this guy for real? He makes Zook look (and sound) like a freaking rock star! Wake-up, Urban…this guy needs to go now, before it is too late!

  2. Did this guy really say “The good news is, Miami played great” or am I hearing things. Is is great news that a team which was 1-11 hung with you for a while? Just how great is that?




  3. This guy is awful. The wall on 34th was painted “FIRE ADDAZIO!!”
    HAHAHA…The message wasn’t up a whole day before somebody from the athletic program came out and covered it up with solid blue paint. Why is the football program protecting this clown? He is predictable in every way and has no clue on how to run an offense. How about watching film from the days Meyer was at Bowling Green and Utah and the early days at Florida (With Mullen)and compare those dynamic play calls to the lackluster boring dive play we get with Addazio. Addazio needs to be fired before the Gator Football program loses anymore recruits and we continue to fall in every offensive category. 96th? serious? With our skill set and talent this is piss poor!

  4. We have a vault full of Spurrier’s play calling offensive videos when he was here and actually had less talent. Why can’t we go back and use some of those plays with the current talent we have. We ran slants, fade routes, seams, crossing patterns and reverse’s. With Brantley’s talent and the speed of Demps, DuBose, Rainey, Hammond, Burton, etc, we could be so explosive with those plays. we could run seams with Reed and just tear it up. The times we have run those plays, we have been successful, then we go away from it….I dont understand it. Urban, time to take control and don’t be bigger then the program and put the ego’s and arrogance away and do what it takes to win with the talent you have, or otherwise, the talent in the future will not come. Eddie

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