Addazio Should Pay Me a Consulting Fee

Amazing what happens when you threaten a team downfield, isn’t it?

The Gators took a few more shots downfield this week against Vandy, and once again it paid off in spades.  I don’t know why it took two months for Addazio (if he even was the one calling those plays) to figure it out, but at least there has been progression in that category.  Once again, we saw our playmakers making plays when given the opportunity to do it.  On Jordan Reed’s long touchdown pass to Deonte Thompson, Thompson was fairly well covered, but Reed laid a perfect ball in there over the outside shoulder and Thompson made a nice catch.  On Brantley’s long pass to Rainey, while Rainey had his defender beat, the ball was underthrown and Rainey still made a great catch despite early contact from the defender.  This goes back to what I’ve been saying all year.  These guys aren’t possession receivers, they’re playmakers, so we need to put them in positions to make plays.  If this Vandy game proved anything, it proved that Addazio and not the players has been the biggest problem all year long.  When given a chance, these guys can make good things happen.

The disconcerting thing about those plays was that they came on trick plays.  I still think Addazio has it stuck in his head that he has to do something tricky to throw the ball vertically.  That’s not the case.  Those guys were covered, but they made a play on the ball (or in Reed’s case, he made a great throw).  We can do this on any play where we have single coverage on the outside.

Did anyone else notice how easily everything else came after that?  The offense looked like the offense has all year in the 1st quarter.  Horrible drives ending in 3 and outs all 1st quarter long.  Then we hit a couple of big plays downfield and everything opened up underneath.  You know, kind of like I’ve been saying would happen all year if we actually some fear of a vertical pass into the opponent.

But let’s keep everything in perspective.  This was Vanderbilt, and four of our touchdowns were basically the result of the defense and special teams.  The Gatorsports writers seem to think that everything is fixed with the offense.  The last time they said that was after the Kentucky game, and while things have certainly improved since then, they aren’t nearly where they need to be and Addazio is still the biggest obstacle holding this team back.  Zach Azzanni was the one who put our recent hurry up offense into place.  Is it just me, or doesn’t it seem a little off that we have to go to our wide receivers coach to make adjustments to the offense?

South Carolina is solid against the run and weak against the pass.  Do I expect Addazio to exploit that this week?  No.  He hasn’t shown an ability to exploit a defense’s weakness in the past, and his stubborn attitude doesn’t leave me with any reason to believe he will ever learn to adapt.  Without the trick plays, and with Addazio looking at this game as an important one, I’m predicting Addazio will curl back up into his conservative ball and we’ll all be yelling about South Carolina’s weak secondary as Addazio tries to beat them two yards at a time.  I’d love to be wrong, but I just have this sinking feeling that we’re in for a let-down, and within a few weeks we’re going to be right back where we were after the MSU game.  The good news is that, as usual, South Carolina has completely fallen apart in the second half of the season.  They are not a very good team right now, and their offense is prone to mistakes that I feel our ball hawking defense can capitalize on.

Before I sign off for the day, I wanted to touch on one last thing, the quarterback situation.  Rotating quarterbacks are always a sign of a struggling offense.  Typically, it teases people with sparks when it is first implemented, but always regresses back to the same struggling offense as before.  If we’re going to stick with Addazio in the short term (ugh), then we need to just go ahead and make the change to Jordan Reed.  I do not think Jordan Reed is the savior.  Even in the Vandy game, he cooled off pretty quickly in the second half, and when a team has an entire week to actually prepare for him they will be able to do a much better job against him (not to mention, again, this was Vandy we’re talking about here).  Still, Brantley is just a bad fit for this offense.  I like Brantley, but for his own sake, if we decide to stick with this offense going forward then I hope he transfers in the offseason.  He has some issues as a quarterback, but I still believe he is a good player.  He will never realize his potential in this offense though, and it would be better for both the Gators and for John Brantley if he were to move on, a la Ryan Mallet and Michigan.

Personally, I would prefer we change the offense to suit Brantley and keep him as our guy, but seeing as how I don’t believe the current staff has any intention of building an offense to suit Brantley, a mutual breakup seems to be the best option.

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  1. Your spot on yet again. Reed is the only one fit to run the UF offense as it stands. Brantley should transfer if no true adjustments are made. Brantely actually could have hit a wider open receiver instead of under throwing Rainey that would have been a TD as well. I think it was Hines, but go back to the replay and look to the right of the action downfield. Wider open UF player. UF defense and special teams accounted for more TD’s than the offense and again all, this was VANDY. The ship is still listing!

  2. Brantley can’t transfer. He already used his redshirt and only has one year of eligibility remaining, so if he sat out a year like transfers are required to do, he would be out of eligibility. You only have 5 years to play 4 seasons, and next year will be his 5th year.

  3. I must admit, I was not able to watch this game live. Even though we were playing Vanderbilt, I could not have been happier to see the Gators put up 55 points on the board. Then I actually got to watch the game… The majority of those points came off of special teams and defense. The plays that our offense did make was due to athleticism. Chris Rainey blocks 2 punts, makes a miraculous catch in the end zone, etc. Frankie Hammond catches a 39 yard touchdown pass (which technically was a dinky little 8 yard crossing route- not surprisingly). The play calling did not fool anybody, we simply had a much more athletic team with more depth. The same offensive woes were still there, the o-line struggled, conservative play calling, etc. Vanderbilt simply was not good enough to make us pay for our mistakes. But, because of the score- Addazio is somehow off the hook in the minds of most sports writers.

    By the way, Addazio should be thanking his lucky stars Rainey is back on the team… sadly, this might help him keep his job. Rainey is an athletic freak!

    1. At the risk of sounding very negative, I agree. I also did not watch the game live and when I saw it I was not very impressed with the offense. 3 TD’s where directly attributed to special teams/Defense. Vandy did nothing on Offense (credit to the Gator D) all game long. Considering that they barely had more than 100 yards of total O for the whole game, 34 points out of the Florida O is not something to get really excited about. The first QTR was terrible. The Rainey TD pass was a great catch to an awful pass. The three QB rotation will get exposed against a better team. I don’t see the point of it. If Burton is faster than Reed, then use him in the equivalent of the Wildcat O. Aside from that, pick either Brantley (no please) or Reed to play the rest of the way. Seems like we are trying to get way too cute on O and will not be able to execute. Come up with better plays during the week instead of wasting time figuring out how to rotate 3 QB’s to run the same shitty plays. My two cents.

  4. “Personally, I would prefer we change the offense to suit Brantley and keep him as our guy”….

    You are in denial over Brantley. The guy is a bust, plain and simple. No leadership, no passion, no excitement. A 50% passer who cowers two steps before a sack even reaches him. I’m sure he is a fun guy on the farm in Ocala, or even a riot as a fishing buddy, but other than that, the dude is a cold fish on the football field.

    1. I disagree with that. I will admit, Brantley has been terrible this season, and has been a big reason why the offense has struggled. But the fact of the matter is that he really has no business at a school like Florida. If we had a decent coordinator who could tailor the offense to fit a pocket passer that would be one thing. The way things are now, Brantley is a a square peg in a round hole. JB has a fantastic arm and I believe would be very accurate if given the chance, but he is slow, not very agile, and too small to take a hit of any kind. With the way our o-line is playing, and with the type of play Florida needs out of the quarterback position, its never going to work. Put Brantley as a school like South Carolina, Texas, etc…it would be a whole different ballgame.

    2. Brantley is a moron for coming to Florida in the first place, but if he does not transfer, he can be classified as legally retarded! He has been a huge bust even though the offense doesn’t suit him. He appears to be a huge wimp and does go down at the first sign of pressure. He is getting a raw deal, but only he can correct that and try to prove himself in an offense that fits his strengths. Transfer out buddy!

      1. Brantley isn’t 6’3 and weight 245 pounds either, so of course he goes down when a 300 lb lineman grabs him. He’d be stupid not to.

        He’s a pocket passer…pocket passers don’t have to be fast, they don’t have to be tough. They have to throw the ball 30-40 times a game accurately. Tell me the last time UF threw the ball 30-40 in a game this season.

        What Addazio and Meyer are asking of Brantley would be the equivalent of taking a non-mobile QB like Peyton Manning and asking him to run the Spread. It would be the equivalent of asking Tebow to become a pure pocket passer and never run out of the pocket when defensive pressure builds. In other words, it’s completely asinine for people to blame the QB for his coaches lack of adaptability.

        Stop blaming Brantley for the offense and let’s all get back to the coaching staff. I know this is a website for Addazio, but I think the issue runs much deeper than that.

        1. Gator Growl
          I don’t think anyone on this site disagrees with your views. I think the point is that Brantley needs to go. He needs to transfer so that he can at least play one year in a system that suits him and figure out if he has what it takes. I can’t see any possible way that he is enjoying himself at Florida. He looks miserable. It’s probably why he doesn’t show any emotion. He is so uncomfortable with what they are asking him to do that he can’t take on a leadership role. When given some opportunities to throw the ball, he has mostly failed, but his confidence might be shattered. For his own sake, he needs to go. Find a 1-AA school that passess a lot and needs a QB and go there. Throw it 40-50 times a game and enjoy yourself! If he stays at Florida, he is RETARDED!

  5. Brantley is not what we expected but that doesn’t mean he isn’t good. We Gator fans are just spoiled for having the greatest college football player in history before Brantley. The offense doesn’t suit Brantley but after having a player like Tebow fit this offense for 4 year, Urban and Steve think that this offense will fit anybody.

  6. I’m going to write what I always write regarding Brantley: there’s really no evidence to suggest he’s a good football player. Now, that could be because he’s in the wrong system… fine. I can accept that. However, strictly speaking, the evidence at hand is that 1) he doesn’t know how to make decisions, 2) he consistently overthrows or under throws his receivers, 3) he’s not agile, and 4) he crumbles under pressure.

    Of course, that’s not to say he doesn’t have potential or skill… more than likely he does. But either it hasn’t been properly developed, or it’s not too much.

  7. Yeah, if you didn’t actually watch the game you’d probably be pretty pleased that we put up 55 points, but the offense was not good against Vandy if not flat out bad (Seriously, Brantley couldn’t even sling it against VANDY?!) Look, I think we can beat South Carolina, I really do. But let’s face it, defense and special teams won us that game, and the issues we’ve been talking about all year long are still there. The blocking is still bad, the execution is still sub par and Brantley was not good at all, though his stats railroad some fans into believing otherwise. We looked like the same hapless team in the first quarter with Brantley missing throws, getting sacked, etc. The flea flicker with Burton was one of the few creative calls from Addazio this year. Brantley badly underthrew the ball, but what worried me more is he had a wide, and I mean WIDE, open receiver (couldn’t tell who it was) over the middle of the field, and all he had to do was stick it on the numbers and it would have been a walk in touchdown. This is what leads me to believe Brantley does not go through any kind of progression, and if the primary guy is taken he gets sacked. I’ve been pretty adamant in my defense of Brantley but it’s becoming tougher by the week to defend him as a player. I don’t think Reed is going to return this offense to Tebow era levels of efficiency but if we find a way to incorporate him into the offense, while still presenting a threat of him throwing the ball, that will definitely open things up for Rainey and Demps inside.

    We need to have more than 3 plays with Reed. Why not a wildcat package with Rainey/Debose/Demps coming in motion on a speed sweep? Reed is a nice new weapon to have, but I don’t think there’s any way we’re going to get away with running the same 3 play cycle for the entire game when he is in. We have to mix it up, and we have to throw the ball deep. First play of the game should be a deep ball. Even if we don’t hit it, it shows both USCe and the fans that we are willing to take shots deep. I still think Brantley should be our primary thrower, but Reed needs to throw it a few times as well so we remain unpredictable. Bottom line for me is, yeah this mini-win streak has been nice but to pretend like all of our issues are solved and we’re just going to clobber South Carolina is to ignore alot of what we were still seeing against Vandy.

  8. Brantley is an idiot. He ruined his NFL chances by coming to Florida. Clearly, UF is built on having a QB who can run. Brantley can barely move in the pocket. He had no chance from day 1 to succeed in this offense, especially with the moronic coordinating and coaching coming from Addazio.

    Brantley has regressed during his college career. Out of high school everyone touted his strong arm and accuracy. I haven’t seen either of these. He has routinely underthrown on long passes and overshot short-medium passes. The guy is a disaster. If he had chosen Texas or Oklahoma, who knows… maybe he would have been a Heisman candidate leading those schools to National Championships with a high NFL draft pick awaiting him.

    Now all he has to look forward to is backing up Chris Leak in the CFL…. at best.

    It’s time to turn the ball over to Jordan Reed, with Trey Burton running the wildcat. And let Trey Burton thrown more! GO GATORS

  9. Definition of insaninty is doing something repeatedly in hopes of a different outcome. Addazio continues to call the same crappy plays with the same horrible quarterback with the hopes of a new and improved outcome. Therefore, Addazio should be declared insane and should not be allowed to coach the Gators. Or else I may go insane as well.

  10. Addazio dive. Addazio dive. Desperation pass. Punt.

    When everyone in the room watching the game knows the play, you better believe the defense does, too.

    Worst… coaching… ever.

  11. If Addazio is still the offensive coordinator next year, you can count me OUT of Gator Nation. I’m sick of this crap playcalling. I want a real offensive coordinator that KNOWS how to call GOOD plays and can win us games. This is just pathetic. It really is. Ugh.

  12. How many zero yard routes does Addassio have on his play sheet? How can you have the fastest man in college, and be unable to stretch the field? When will Urban realize this guy is killing his team? Someone, anyone, please this has to stop. He single handedly ruined the Gator’s chances last year, and he is getting worse, with FL State coming up. Someone show him the forward pass….anyone

  13. Addazio has not had a single good game against any good defense this year. UF has gotten well against weak defenses liky Vandy and Kentucky, but been awful against Miami OH, S Carolina, Alabama, MSU, etc. If Addazio is here next year I think is going to be heck to pay with the boosters and alumni.
    I’m also underwhelmed with the performance of the UF defense. Their performance against the run has been horrible all year because all of our 5 star DLs are getting dominated at the line and the LBs are much better. The only player on the team who is sure tackler and can blow up a play on defense is Black and he’s a safety.
    All in all this Gator team has a LONG way to go to get back to national or even SEC relevance. I think everyone is expecting some major changes next year. I sure hope we get them or it’s going to be another painful year for UF.
    At least it’s almost basketball season and things are looking up there for the first time in a few years, so maybe the football suckage will be offset by some improvement from the hoops team….

    Go Gators

  14. ANYONE who thinks Brantley is a good qb have reality issues. Half a dozen tips, even more overthrown balls, needless sacks.

    I flat out blame Urban Myer for this loss. He picks the starting qb, he picks his offensive coordinator.

  15. Tebow regressed in his year under Addazio, so dumping all this on Brantley is unfair. Kid is doing exactly what’s asked of him, which is throw screens into defenses stacking the los and desperation 3rd and longs.

    1. The difference is that Tebow figured out ways to win. Brantley is content with poor performance and then showing up at press conferences saying “we did our best.” Over on Gatorsports forums, they are all commenting on how he has become a “turtle” when it comes to pressure. He folds up way too quick. He had his chance, and even though he had the all-time worst OC ever, his performance made things far worse. Put Reed in for the rest of the season. Brantley is a good back up at this point in his career.

  16. Brantley is garbage he needs to transfer, he can do what Masoli did and transfer to a school with a graduate program Florida doesn’t offer. Urban needs to be ashamed we have a great option QB in Reed and refuse to start him. Right now I hate being a Florida fan, Brantley is only starting because of his skin color and his daddy and uncle went to Florida.

    1. Right, of course it is racism. Just like the repeatedly verified lower aggregate IQ of black people is whitey’s fault also. You are a typical brainwashed loser. Now go back to your welfare sponsored home and commiserate wich yo homeys on your collective victimhood.

  17. Its amazing how accurate the author of this site really is. His article “Welcome to the Prevent Offense” could not have been more appropriately named, or more spot on. What we saw tonight was the “prevent offense” where Addazio is so terrified of making the “big mistake” that he makes a thousand little ones that add up to a thumping. His “champion offensive line” was once again outmatched and manhandled all night long, he refused to take big shots down the field on a terrible pass defense, and the results were predictable. If Addazio is not relieved of his duties after this, I may be driven to drink. I’m also officially changing my tune on Brantley. I still think he has the talent, but I’ve got to face the music and admit that Florida under Urban Meyer is never going to reorganize the offense to take advantage of his talents. We can all debate whether or not they should have made an overhaul in the off season, or why they continue to try to pound a square peg into a round hole, but it is what it is. At some point John has to step up and be a leader, which, maybe somebody can correct me here, but I sure haven’t seen any evidence of that, and he has to make plays. 10 games into the season, you have to see some development. I haven’t seen any. It doesn’t help that our receivers seem to have no idea how to get open or catch passes, not to mention that he’s usually having to corral a bad snap or run for his life thanks to Addazio’s mighty O-Line, but, he has to make better decisions and do something other than throw a 2 yard check down pass every attempt. I keep waiting to see him assert himself on the sideline, or on the field for that matter, and he just doesn’t seem to have any desire. Perhaps he now realizes he’s in a no-win scenario. Sadly he may have been the biggest victim of Addazio yet.


    THIS OFFENSE IS A JOKE AND URBAN IS THE MASTER-MIND OF IT ALL. Addazio is a troll and we all know this.

    Urban, guess what? Your players didn’t bail you out for once! Addazio deserves to die and you better step the fuck up or back the fuck down. Your kids deserve better than this pussy ass shit. Tim Tebow made your ass, and Cam Newton almost broke your ass.

    Hey Urban, newsflash!!!!!!!!! You need better play-calling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Spurrier just shat on your punk ass again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This loss is 100% Urban Meyer’s fault!

    I beleive he has surved his purpose and needs to move on! I knew it was a mistake to threaten Cam Newton he transfers out and Auburn is now 9-0. It make me sick everytime I see him to think that could be us.

    He can’t take the heat that was evident when he thought he was having a heart attack and it was only acid reflux! I am calling for Meyer’s job now I have not seen shit like this since the 80’s… Back then 6-4 was a good year now he has accomplished something Ron Zook would never have allowed here.

  20. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!! Same Addazio that we grew to know and love. It looked like a planned lost. Same short hitch and dump passes 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. He spent the whole night trying to set up the BIG PLAY. Again failed to get Dubose involved in the game plan. This is like having Mr. Magoo at the helm and Elmer Fudd at co-pilot. And we got the same response out of Meyer “We’re just not very good” Is that all you have to say? That comment alone shows how little you care about the program or team. Your just collecting a pay check now Meyer. The blame is all on you Meyer. Don’t say that the players are not good because that statement is incorrect. It’s you and your coaching staff that is pathetic. You had the chances this season to take action and you just stood there on the sideline with your head down. I’m glad Spurrier beat you because it shows the difference between a coach who gets involved with his offense and that of a coach who cheers on the sideline. You got owned

  21. It may be that time Gator Gurl, Urban is going to sit back and watch Addazio and Brantley destroy Florida. Urban says Reed isn’t functional with the offense, THEN DUMB DOWN THE OFFENSE! Brantley is garbage even with time to pass he over/under throws and as long as he plays our running game will suffer. Reed can be our Newton, we run a spread option and need a multi dimensional QB not Brantleys sorry ass. Addazio can’t call plays and he damn sure can’t coach an O-line. No imagination no creativity, refusal to adjust the play calling. This has gone to far Urban pack your bags we deserve better!

  22. agree completely that this loss is on Meyer.. and very sick of his bs canned responses to the press.

    another interest stat: Reed’s involvement in the game (at QB):

    0 plays in 1st quarter
    3 plays in 2nd quarter
    1 play in 3rd quarter
    11 plays in 4th quarter (including our only offensive touchdown), but when the game was already lost.

  23. Let’s not get completely carried away. Meyer won twice as many NCs in his first two seasons as Spurrier did in 12. I realize he inherreted different circumstances, but the HBC made his share of bad decisions. I seem to remember FSU and Tennessee having their way against Jon Hoke’s BS cover 2s (because why give Alex Brown and Gerrard Warren time to get home?) while Charlie Strong was at South Carolina. Say what you will, but FSU in 1999 and 2000 FSU and Tennessee in 2001 Tennessee all fall squarely at the feet of that terrible coordinator and the head football coach who hired and stuck by him.

    That said, I fully agree that Meyer just seems to have lost his fire. Even before the SEC Game, it seemed like he was just surviving all of last year. I know there was pressure, but I’ve never seen anyone suffer through an undefeated season more. I’m starting to think there’s a reason he’s never kept a coaching job more than 2 years before this one.

    Urban, thanks for everything, but I think it’s time to either head to the NFL or to Notre Dame (they’d take you tomorrow, don’t worry) or just retire.

  24. Meyer either needs to change his coaching philosophy or GTFO. Look, I’m eternally grateful to Meyer for returning this program to the top, but its now looking like we are going to hit rock bottom just as fast if we don’t make some serious changes.

    This was truly one of the most pathetic efforts in recent memory. I’ve seen more effort out of Zook teams. Meyer asked the fans to bring it Saturday, and we did for 3 quarters despite the offense essentially taking a knee on every play in the game. I think Brantley is a great kid and I respect the fact that he sat behind Tebow for 3 years for his chance but not only has it become clear he is not the guy for this offense, he just isn’t a very good quarterback at all. I understand that this system does not suit his style of play in any way, but that’s no excuse for constantly missing easy passes. In all fairness, these issues have been around since last year, but Tebow was such a play maker that it masked the shitty coaching. When Reed was in, the offense wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders but at least we could get past the fucking line of scrimmage without tripping over our own shoelaces.

    This game was the season in a nutshell. Debose takes back the opening kick, and proceeds to touch the ball TWICE for the rest of the game. Trey Burton has 17 carries against Georgia, and essentially wins Florida the game. So what happens this game? 1 carry for 1 yard.

    What makes Spurrier so brilliant? He ADAPTS the offense to the personnel he HAS, not the personnel he WISHES he had. I mean it’s like we’re calling plays like we still have Tebow Harvin and Hernandez. We shouldn’t even be running this offense this season; the entire offseason should have been devoted to dressing it up around Brantley’s skillset. These problems have ALWAYS been here, even with Mullen. The dive play, the false starts, the untimely penalties, etc etc. Sorry, but if we aren’t playing our best playmakers because the offense is too complex, than we need to consider running an entirely different scheme.
    The defense did about all you can ask to keep the team in the game but with the offense constantly going 3 and out, Spurrier knew he had us and used Lattimore perfectly. I kinda had a feeling Spurrier would come in here and outsmart Meyer but definitely not to this extent.

    The 4th down call with Reed was absolutely fucking retarded, not the decision to go for it, but the call itself. Everyone in the stadium knew what was coming and Addazio/Meyer still don’t call a play action pass. The one positive here is that this loss will definitely precipitate the necessary changes in coaching, playcalling and personnel. Anyways, you have to give props to Spurrier. He had one hell of a gameplan and followed it to perfection. It’s really hard to hate on the guy, even after this.

    1. I agree with this post wholeheartedly. I’ve never been happy with the offense since Urban Meyer came to UF. These people who talk about Dan Mullen like his offense was fantastic, they just kill me. It was way too conservative, but that was masked by the fact that we had homerun hitters like Percy Harvin, and then of course, the great Tim Tebow. And wins kept coming because we had the best defenses in UF history.

      There are two very easy ways to fix this for the last two games:

      1. Take OC duties away from Addazio immediately and let Azzanni or Loeffler take over. One of those two called the plays in the 2nd half against Vandy – it was definitely NOT Addazio.

      2. Promote Jordan Reed to starting QB. He fits this offensive style MUCH better than the other two.

      The long-term fix is also just as simple:

      1. Hire Kerwin Bell as the Offensive Coordinator and give him FULL REIGNS. Matching him back up with Brantley for his senior season will produce fantastic results, and UF Football can get back to having a style of offense that made us so great and so fun to watch.

      That’s it Urban Meyer. That’s all you have to do. You want lower stress, this is how you achieve it. You want to play football that matches up with our talent level, this is how you do it.

      Time to make the tough decisions or keep suffering and end up leaving town with your tail tucked between your legs at some point in the near future.

      1. I generally agree with your comment. Dan Mullen is a great coach, but he is no offensive mastermind — just look at the Miss State game — they don’t pass the ball — at all.

        I disagree, though, about pairing Kerwin Bell up with Brantley. What people don’t realize is that the team is more than just the QB. The recruiting has been spread recruiting. Also, if he weren’t a cheater and a thief, Cam Newton may very well have been our starting QB this year instead of Brantley. I think Reed is talented, and with a good OC (maybe Bell, maybe not), the Gators will be fine again. Brantley is not a competitor, and he has no business starting again. He has had more than his chance to make something of it.

  25. One more thing: In a way I’m almost happy we won’t have to play Auburn. They would legitimately put up 500 yards rushing on us.

    1. Ya think! They need to get some better reporters if they are just now figuring that one out. To quote the basketball intro, Gator Nation will rise up.

  26. Even Dooley finally states it… Since we all know that Dooley is in Jeremy Foley’s back pocket, could this mean that this is how Foley is feeling right now, as well???

    “I have great respect for Meyer and I have great respect for the work Steve Addazio did when Meyer was getting healthy. But if that’s the best offensive gameplan — which produced 67 yards in three quarters — that Addazio could come up with in a game that meant so much, well, Florida needs a new offensive coordinator.”

  27. You guys were right just as I expected. The offense got 226 yards and scored just one touchdown against South Carolina. Even with the gift of an opening kickoff touchdown the Gators still had no chance. If Addazio isn’t fired after this year next year will be like the 2004 season with Ron Zook. I’ll still support the Gators and be happy when they win but when they struggle to another disappointing season i’m not going to be shocked or appalled. If Addazio couldn’t win a national title with the 09 defense behind him and Tebow at QB, he’s not winning national titles with the Gators even if every defensive recruit lives up to their hype and Jordan Reed becomes the perfect fit for the system. Unfortunately after lighting up Appalachian State next week, beating another weak Florida State team, and then winning a mediocore bowl against some middle of the road ACC or Big Ten team Addazio will probably keep his job. It fucking sucks.

    1. i don’t know about all that – considering how we looked last night and now that the potential for an SEC East crown is gone, I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost to App State and FSU

    2. No way we beat FSU at home running the crap they called offense last night. We will be lucky to get past App. State. My prediction, unless Brantley takes a seat, is another scoreless first quarter.


  29. If we ever play like that again, we won’t beat anyone. I don’t care who we will play. We gave that game away. It was a disgraceful performance. Addazio has to go. If I was Urban Meyer, I would fire EVERYBODY. At this point, it’s not just the offense. It’s the most glaring flaw, but the defense couldn’t stop Lattimore all game. No one could adjust on offense or defense the entire game.

    1. Now before we go and bag on the defense, lets not forget that our offense couldn’t stay on the field long enough to give them a break. I think SC was on O for around 44 minutes, which means our D was out there for 44. We still suck though.

      1. Yes, the D was exhausted. I really don’t blame them for losing the game. (I was exhausted just from yelling for 44 minutes. But playing D that long will wear even the best defense down.) But even when the D was fresh, South Carolina was still pounding Lattimore and moving the ball. South Carolina was very smart on offense, and the Gators O was much more than incompetent. However, the blame is more so on the offense than the D for that game. Two first downs in the first half, 67 yards in three quarters, no blocking, no run game, Brantley never had time to pass, when he did, he was either off target or the receivers dropped the ball. It was pretty awful all around.

  30. After our second 3 & out, I sent a text to my brother and predicted we would lose 34-17…..the final was 36-14. I KNEW that early we were toast. I was so disgusted, I left the bar in the second quarter.

    Stubborn ignorance is the only way to describe that horrific game plan Saturday. This coaching staff is an embarrassment to the University of Florida.

    In the remote chance I see SA or UM in public, I won’t hold my tongue.

  31. What about wind sucker Mike Bouncey? We all agree that Dumbaz is a dip ship and Urban is a puss for tolerating the inept offense but what about BIG MOUTH BOUNCEY. You know the fat ass that can’t snap the ball or a block a Miami(OH) lineman. You know, the so-called leader of the offense that when he isn’t picking on Freshman he’s licking Addazio’s taint. It was great to see him get his ass kicked once again. Bouncey you suck, if it weren’t for your brother you would be working a regular 9-5 job next year. Tell your bro to stop paying Meyer and Dumbaz to tout you as a first round pick, you won’t be after this year. Those freshman Easly, Floyd and Powell should have beat your ass in the Spring when they had the chance. You are lucky you had Meyer and Dumbaz to hide behind. You and your best friend Dumbaz should ride the pine for these last two games, then maybe FL would have a chance.

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