All I Want for Xmas is a New Head Coach

In the days since Urban Meyer’s resignation announcement, a lot of names have been flying around in the search of his replacement.  I figured I’d go ahead and chime in with my two cents on who I’d like to see as the next Florida Gators head coach.  Below, I’ve ranked some of the potential candidates using a complex mathematical algorithm that intricately factors in the pros and cons of each coach, as well as the likelihood that they would actually take the job if they were offered it so you’ll finally have a solid mathematical backing to your choices when you’re debating them at the bar or on Party poker.  There’s not going to be any new names here, just my own personal ranking of them.

1. Chris Petersen

Pros: I was actually surprised how rarely Petersen’s name was mentioned early on in the hunt (some lists posted on the major Gator sites left his name off entirely), though his name seems to have picked up some steam today.  When Urban resigned and I started thinking about its effects on the program, the first thought that came to my mind was “well, at least Addazio will likely finally be gone.”  The second thing was “I hope Foley is making a phone call to Boise right now”.

I’ll be honest, I’m over the spread option.  I’ll take any offense that wins us games, don’t get me wrong, but I’m ready to see our receivers running real routes like corners and posts again.  Petersen’s offense is more traditional than Meyer’s, without being too cookie cutter for defenses to figure out easily.  Petersen creates big, physical teams that push people around.  Best of all, Petersen brings that same fire with him that Urban used to have, and that he was without this past year.  He’ll do what it takes to win, and he runs his program aggressively.

Cons: The biggest question surrounding Petersen is whether or not he has the ability to recruit in a major conference like the SEC.  Personally, I think he’ll be fine on that front.  Those questions are no different than they were for Urban Meyer coming out of Utah, and Petersen carries that same confident swagger that makes great recruiters.

Likelihood to Take the Job: If Chris Petersen were offered the University of Florida head coaching job, I think he would take it.  Some argue that Petersen would rather stick around in Boise where he’s living the good life than head to a big school where he would be surrounded by nothing but pressure.  We’ve heard that argument a million times about different coaches and it never holds up for long.  Petersen has finished undefeated 3 times and never played for a national title.  Had they held on against Nevada this year, they would have missed out again.  One of the reasons Urban Meyer cited wanting to go to a big school six years ago was because he had just finished undefeated with Utah and missed the big game.  I have a hard time believing that a guy like Chris Petersen doesn’t feel the same way.  He’s already proven he can build a program up for nothing.  Now it’s time for some rings.

Besides, look how well staying put at a smaller school did for Greg Schiano.  Once the team slips even a little, you disappear.

2. Gus Mahlzan

Pros: Like Urban, Mahlzan has been extremely successful at every level.  When he was at Arkansas, they had their best offense and most success in recent memory.  When he was at Tulsa, they had their best offense and most success in recent memory.  When he was at Auburn, they had their best offense and most success in recent memory.  You get the the point.  He was even wildly successful in high school.  In my opinion, Mahlzan is going to be the next hot shot young head coach when he gets a shot at the gig.  I just hope it’s not somewhere else.

He does run the spread, but he runs an exciting version of it, not the boring plod that Addazio brings us.  And as far as innovation goes, c’mon, this is the guy who really made the Wildcat take off and who has had an influence even on NFL coaches.

Cons: Mahlzan has never been a head coach at the college level, so he’s a bit more of a risk than the other, more established guys.  We don’t know how he would handle a whole program.  He also has no ties to Florida.  However, this being his first college coaching gig may actually give us a leg up on holding onto him for a long time if he is successful.

Likelihood to Take the Job: I think that if Mahlzan were offered the UF head coaching job after the NC game is over, he would accept it that day.  He doesn’t really have any ties to Auburn and Gene Chizik is not going anywhere for a while, so his ability to move up there is nil.  Every great offensive coordinator wants to be a head coach.  The pay is better, the fame is better, and the control is better.  Someone is going to give him a shot in the near future, and he’s going to take it.  Of all the names being tossed around, I believe he is the most likely to accept an offer from us.

3. Steve Spurrier

Pros: C’mon, it’s Steve Spurrier.  He’s a Gator through and through, and he runs an offense that can utilize the talent we bring in every year at wide receiver.  He took the Gators to greatness, and while he never achieved the same at South Carolina, he did bring a historically awful program to heights it never dreamed of.

Cons: One has to wonder if a large part of Spurrier’s success at Florida was due to his, at the time, innovative offense being something that defensive coordinators couldn’t figure out.  It’s been 20 years since they first saw it, and it would seem that defensive coordinators have figured out the fun and gun.  A pass first offense isn’t anything unusual anymore.  Defenses are ready for it.  Spurrier has tried to adapt at South Carolina, implementing pieces of the spread offense, and South Carolina seems to have plateaued.

Likelihood to Take the Job: To get Spurrier to even consider taking the job back at Florida, the situation would have to be handled very delicately.  No interviews or anything like that, just an offer and an admission that we want him.  Foley would need to be careful to feed his ego as much as possible.  If Foley were to handle it like that, I’d put the chances of Spurrier taking the job at about 40%.  You could kind of see it in his eyes after South Carolina shalacked us in the swamp this year.  He wasn’t quite as happy as he should have been after a big win like that.  You have to wonder how much more a big win would have meant to him if it happened on the other sideline.

The Other Guys (guys that didn’t make my top 3, but that I want to comment on)

Do Not Want: Jim Harbaugh

Let’s be honest here.  3-5 years from now, does anyone believe that Jim Harbaugh won’t be coaching in the NFL?  With Harbaugh, there are two scenarios that could possibly play out at Florida.   He could be successful, in which case he’d be gone for the NFL before long, or he could be unsuccessful, which means we’re losing.  Neither one is good for us long term.

Not Going to Take the Job: Bob Stoops, Chip Kelly, Jon Gruden

We’re going to have to be realistic about this.  Some of the guys we’re after are just not going to take the job.  Jon Gruden will be coaching in the NFL in two months.  Chip Kelly has no reason to leave Oregon, where everyone loves him and where he can use a wealthy and top end college program to coast through a much weaker conference than the SEC.  I think Stoops would be the most likely to leave of this group, even though he has turned us (and many other major college programs) down in the past as things have turned slightly sour in Norman lately, and people are starting to question him a little bit there.  Still though, I would say even Stoops is an extreme longshot.

The Favorite: Dan Mullen

Dan Mullen seems to be the leading candidate for the job right now.  I think if any of us had to lay down our life’s savings on predicting who the next Gators coach will be, we’d most likely bet on Mullen.

I’m not entirely against Mullen getting the job, but I’m not exactly in favor of it either.  I would probably rank him around 5th or 6th on my list.  The best thing that ever happened to Dan Mullen’s reputation was Steve Addazio replacing him.  Addazio is so bad that it makes us yearn for a guy that frankly had his fair share of troubles in the same spot.  To be fair, it was nowhere near on the level of Addazio, and he didn’t have trouble with the most basic fundamentals of offense like Addazio does, and he deserves a lot of credit for that 2007 offense which was one of our best ever.  Still, there were times where his conservative nature came out (which we saw again this year when he played against Florida) that were frustrating.

I want a cut throat, go-getter head coach.  While I wouldn’t be upset with the hiring of Mullen, I certainly wouldn’t be nearly as excited as I would with some of the other names being thrown around.

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  1. Nice list. Like the idea of Peterson, my only worries are the lack of recruiting ties in the south and the fact that he has invested so much time and energy into getting Boise State some respect.

    1. If Foley wants a defensive guy then Whittingham is a great choice. He’s kept Utah a steady top 20 team since Urban left and would accept the job in a heartbeat. Petrino is definitely intriguing but I’m not sure he’d want to leave what he’s got going at Arkansas.

    1. Wrong wrong wrong! Whittingham, Peterson or Patterson. Mullen hasn’t proven anything, Petrino is average and Stoops can’t win the big one! Just like when Meyer was at Utah, imagine what the three I listed would do with our talent. Dominate! Do you remember the Alabama vs. Utah game two years ago? Beatdown!

  2. I’m a big fan of Peterson.

    If the guy can convince talent to come to Boise State of all places, I have zero doubts about his recruiting ability.

    Imagine what he could do with the talent on the team and in the state based on what he’s done with the talent he’s been getting in bum-freakin’ Idaho…

  3. Pretty good list, although I’m not really in agreement with Gus Mahlzan. I’d like to see Petrino on that list.

  4. Petrino has to be the slam dunk choice here. His offense has been unstopable at every stop he’s ever made. I guarentee you this, every program in the sec (not just Arkansas) is sh**in their pants thinking about Bobby Petrino’s offense with the talent that would already be at his disposal at UF. Think about it, his system is perfect for Brantley to redeem himself. Those of you who hate brantley, UF has Jeff Driskel the #1 pro-style qb (but still an athletic freak) committed and planning to enroll in January. His offense would undoubtedly utilize UF’s stacked skill position players ie Debose, Thompson, Alli, Jordan Reed (at TE) and develop the younger talent like Chris Dunkley, Mack Brown, Stephen Alli, etc.

    His defense has held him back at Arkansas, but he will have the chance to hire a top notch D-Coordinator to pair with his high octane offense. Also consider that Jimbo Fisher is selling Florida recruits hard on playing in a high scoring pro style offense. The only problem for FSU now would be that UF would have an even better playercaller and innovator running a power spread (pro-esque) offense in Gville.

    I understand he has proven to have a wandering eye, but in terms of college, it won’t get better than UF for the next 10 years. I think its safe to say he won’t get another Pro offer considering what happened in Atlanta.

    One last thing to think about. Colin Cowheard (not a huge fan) claims that his insider who broke the Lane Kiffin to USC last year has the inside on UF’s next coach. He called him “big boy” and mentioned that he wasn’t being mentioned a lot on national discussions. He said the acronym S.T.A.B is the key to knowing who the coach is?

    What STAB could be?

    Bobby Petrino

  5. I agree with your list and I especially agree with what you’ve said about Dan Mullen. A lot of people in Gator Nation seem to be forgetting how frustrating some of those Mullen offenses were…

    I don’t agree with those who want to see Petrino or Stoops at Florida.

  6. I’d like to see Kerwin Bell brought in – maybe not for HC, but perhaps OC or something. A push to get him in the program as a stepping stone for an eventual HC job. And I want someone with UF ties this time regardless.


      We need to get Bell in the program as soon as possible. Like Malzahn, he has flat dominated at everything he’s coached.

      I realize the risky hire, in terms of short-term recruiting, but PLEASE let’s find a way to get him in as OC.

  7. Knowing Foley, he’ll gun for Petrino again. If Urban plays a big role in the decision it will be Whittingham’s to lose. There’s not a bad coach on the list, but finding the best fit at Florida will be Foley’s biggest task. He better get it right.

  8. Right on the money again. Petersen would inject the program with energy much the same way Urban did in 2004. At this point Petersen or Malzahn are the two best candidates. These two are the kind of guys who could be coaching here for 10 years and are both offensive masterminds.

    Nice to see that you posted a poll about continuing with a Gators blog, as I was hoping that you were considering it. You should keep it named FireSteveAddazio for sentimental value when we’re kicking ass again in the very near future.

  9. “South Carolina seems to have plateaued”

    What an idiot.

    South Carolina just won the SEC East for the first time in history, went to the SEC Championship Game for the first time in history, beat a #1 ranked team (Alabama) for the first time in history, and beat Florida in Gainesville for the first time in history, and they’ve plateaued”?

    Hardly. They’re on the ascendancy and Meyer and the Gators are on the descent.

    1. I would not call getting beat down in Atlanta the way they did to be “on the ascendency.” Frankly, they were an embarassment to the SEC east, and the only reason they were there was because we sucked so bad this year. My prediction is that we will not see another SC team representing the East in a long time. Good ball team, but very inconsistent.

  10. “South Carolina seems to have plateaued”

    What an idiot.

    South Carolina just won the SEC East for the first time in history, went to the SEC Championship Game for the first time in history, beat a #1 ranked team (Alabama) for the first time in history, and beat Florida in Gainesville for the first time in history, and they’ve “plateaued”?

    Hardly. They’re on the ASCENDANCY and Meyer and the Gators are on the DESCENT.

    1. They won the East cause it was shit. Beating us was hardly anything to hang your hat on, and South Carolina had it’s “Ole Miss” moment vs Alabama. The Gators will be fine, we may not be in the title hunt next yr, but give us a full year in our new system and we’ll be just fine. Moron.

      1. Getting beat by Kentucky, barely beating Vandy, and then getting blown in Atlanta is hardly an up and coming powerhouse in the SEC. They had a good season, but it was because Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee were so bad, not because they are so good.

        1. That’s it.

          Belittle Spurrier for taking SC where it’s never been before: won the SEC East for the first time in history, went to the SEC Championship Game for the first time in history, beat a #1 ranked team (Alabama) for the first time in history, and beat Florida in Gainesville for the first time in history.

          And continue to worship Meyer for taking Florida where it’s never been before: losing at home to SC.

  11. If I were Ticket Boy I would go after, in this order:

    1. Petrino

    2. Spurrier

    3. Stoops

    One will say yes.

  12. Unofficial Poll: Does anyone give a shit what juergensen thinks about anything?

    () No
    () Hell No
    () I’m an FSU fan so I think that jurgensen is brilliant

      1. What a loser you are. That article is from October, BEFORE the Gators lost to South Carolina at home for the first time in history and BEFORE the Gators got crushed by HalfAssU. Who’s right now? LOL.

        1. Yes, I’m such a loser, but at least I didn’t make such a pathetic attempt at a website. I actually posted this link because of his raving reviews of the technical aspects of your site, like how your links don’t work and how it looks like it was assembled in five minutes. I know it must hurt to know you could never make a site as nice as this but don’t be jealous. You bring nothing constructive to this site and should probably just go to some FSU site where they might actually appreciate all the garbage you type. Also, I think one link to the Spurrier article was sufficient. Five is pushing it.

          1. Uh, you’re barking up the wrong tree. FireCoachMeyer.Com is not my website. I post there, but that doesn’t make it mine.

    1. Hahaha HELL NO!

      Juergensen, please leave, it’s obvious you’re not a gator fan and everyone thinks your an idiot.

  13. I realize it’s likely not going to happen, but do you know what would make my Christmas?

    Spurrier as HC, Mullen as OC.

    I’d still love it if either one returned to Florida – in either position.

    Besides, let’s face it… Spurrier IS getting older. It happens to everyone, yes, but in particular, it happened to Bobby Bowden, it’s happening to Joe Paterno… as the school’s first Heisman winner, and later the school’s first coach to win the SEC championship and the National title, it would seem nice to have Spurrier finish his coaching career in UF.

  14. Is anybody else just a little concerned about all this talk about Urban “sticking around the program?” If its just going to be like a “coach emeritus” where they put his name on a closet door and encourage him to go around and speak to Boys and Girls Clubs, I’m ok with it. If he’s supposed to have some kind of a role in the football program, I think this is potentially a disaster. I hate FSU and am no fan of Bobby Bowden, but I think he handled it right when he left: get out of dodge and keep your head down and let the new administration take over and make it there own and don’t try to overshadow it. I’m wondering how a new coach is going to react if Urban tries to be the overlord of the football program. I’m also nervous about this talk of Urban wanting to “be involved” in finding the replacement. We all know what that means, he’ll try to put in one of his disciples. Seriously, its time to move on, he had his run, now let the best candidate have the job regardless of his ties to Urban.

  15. I won’t believe Addazio’s fat ass is out until I hear it from the next head coach or when the gainesville Krispy Kreme closes down unexpectedly…when that happens I will be ecstatic.

    And when Addazo is officially out, this website should snuff it too. No need trying to parlay this cause into another blog, the goal would have been accomplished, albeit regardless of this website most likely.

  16. Petersen for HC! If you can win in Boise you will destroy teams in Florida. Trust if Foley calls Petrino he won’t sign that Arkansas contract. Petersen or Chip Kelly will fit perfectly. I also like the idea of Strong teamed up with Bell but we all know Foley is not hiring Strong and I’m sure we all know why.

    1. Weeee, Foley is an implied racist according to Atl Gator’s diatribe!!!!!! Check yourself son…………..

      90% Peterson

      8% Stoops

      2% Field

    2. Atl, give me a break. Strong has the same disadvantage Mullen has, and its not the color of skin, its the lack of a track record. Going 6-6 in a weak conference for a one year coach doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

  17. Can Petersen be considered a legit offensive genius? I really wanna see florida get away from the spread option into a more open pass driven offense. Lots of single back sets with 3 wr and a pass catching TE a la hernandez. I guess the big questions are can Petersen be the next stud non-aq coach to come to UF and could his time is Gville be in the ballpark of Meyers?

    He holds a 60-5 record at Boise and became the second man after Meyer to win a bcs bowl with a non-aq team. He has since added another bcs win last year. Whoever the hire is I hope they bring a whole route tree for the wide outs that will go be addazios “crossing routes” and that the speed of our skill players is used vertically.

    I also have read that Boise has constantly ranked among the top 10 in the country in the LEAST sacks allowed annually under Petersen. This could bode greatly for UF as I feel like they will have a lot of very talented young lineman (Nixon, Alajian, Silberman, Green, Leon Orr) who if given the proper coaching (Not Addazio) could propel UF to having a dominant O-line.

    1. Thanks also for giving us what we never had before — two national championships under one head coach. Thanks for giving the nation what it never had before — the first sophomore to win the Heisman. Guess my vote is Hell No too. You are a moron.

    1. If so, Ticket Boy is going “inside” again, as with Zook (coached under Spurrier) and Meyer (coached for President Machen at Utah).

  18. In the past decade, programs with new coaches (4 years or less with team) have won 9 out of 10 national championships, the exception being Mack Brown’s 2005 team. Check out the last ten head coaches of BCS championship winners…

    2000- Bob Stoops (2nd year)
    2001- Larry Coker (1st year)
    2002- Jim Tressel (2nd year)
    2003- Nick Saban (4th year)
    2004- Pete Carroll (4th year)
    2005- Mack Brown (8th year)**
    2006- Urban Meyer (2nd year)
    2007- Les Miles (3rd year)
    2008- Urban Meyer (4th year)
    2009- Nick Saban (2nd year)
    2010- Chip Kelly or Gene Chizik (2nd year)

    I’m starting to feel better and better about this new head coach search. If history keeps repeating itself, look out 2012-2014!

    Not only that

  19. Reports are coming in that Foley has hired Will Muschamp from Texas. WHAT? Trying to process this, but this seems like a big gable.

  20. I am on the fence with the Muschamp hire until we see who we get for OC.

    HAS to be a good shot at getting Kerwin Bell. Sign me up for season tickets if so….

  21. Not the big name we were all hoping for but there is still a lot to like about this hire. Young guy, good recruiter, fiery and passionate. Call me crazy but having a defensive guru at HBC isn’t necessarily the worst thing to happen to us considering we play in the SEC. Surround this guy with a competent offensive staff and I think this is an absolutely great hire. Remember when Auburn shut down Tebow in the Swamp in 07? Take a guess as to who the defensive coordinator was. Remember, the guy jumping up and down every time his guys made a big play? That is somebody I want to see on our sideline.

    1. I agree, Muschamp is the spread killer. As I’m processing this, I like it more and more.

      Now if we can get just get the right OC, could be deadly combination.

      1. I’m starting to agree the more I learn about him. If we get a good offensive coordinator, this could be an excellent hire. Have to believe that will be the next big announcement.

  22. Its going to be interesting to see how the offensive staff shakes out. I’m really hoping we go for a power spread scheme (no option) that is similar to Bobby Petrino’s at Arkansas or what Oklahoma or Oklahoma State run….His two biggest hires are gonna be his offenive cord and offensive line coach.

    So who is everyone’s predictions for his hires at Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line coach?

  23. Never mind guys, looks like we’ve got our new offensive coordinator.

    If these reports hold true, then congrats everyone, mission accomplished (well, a season and a half too late, but still). Addazio seems to be out of the picture, and our team can get back to the level we expect it to be at.

  24. For the racist people I meant Strong wouldn’t get hired because his experience is on D not because he’s black you make me sick. I am shocked and pleasantly surprised we got Muschamp. Be afraid the Gators are back after 1 bad season! It’s great to be a Florida Gator!

    1. Give it up man… Spurrier’s time has passed. He did great things at Florida but it’s time to move on. Besides, Steve Spurrier is getting older and I honestly think he’s going to retire at SC.

      Let’s see what the future holds. Maybe this will be a bust, but maybe not. Maybe we will have a top of the line defense that will get us to the BCSCG.

  25. I feel like we can do a lot better than Major Applewhite. Hopefully it’s just a ploy to get Texas to keep him as an OC…

  26. Foley was too quick again with the trigger, just like with Zook. The only reason he didn’t pull it quick after firing Zook is that UF President Machen got involved and wanted to bring in Meyer from Utah. Otherwise Foley would have hired another chump like Zook (and Muschamp).

    Fire Foley!

    1. Maybe we should hire you as AD. Let’s see, we just got the head coach in waiting from the University of Texas, we just got the guy who turned down the University of Tennessee head coaching job, and we just got a guy who has been the DC for two national championship defenses, but . . .

    2. Foley should have been fired along with Zook. He had very little to do with Urban’s hiring. If Muschamp fails, he has to go! If you are going to be as arrogant as he is and go after a completely unproven head coach, then your ass has to be on the line. It is still unbelievable to me that he went after an unproven guy. Why would you hire this guy over Mullen?? It just doesn’t make sense. Foley is such a dildo.

      1. Spot on, lad!

        So many Gators give Foley credit for hiring Meyer when it was President Machen who insisted on Meyer being hired.

        After all, Machen had seen what Foley produces when left to hire by himself – Zook – and didn’t want to risk another Zook.

        Unfortunately, it looks like Machen stayed out of the hiring process this time and so Foley pulled another Zook.

    3. Calling out Foley for being a bad AD is pretty laughable. You people obviously don’t know shit. He is one of the (if not THE) best athletic directors in the country. Most people criticize him for the hiring of Ron Zook, whose worst regular season record as HC was 9-4. Yeah, that’s terrible all right…

      Anyone not sold on Foley should just look at HIS record at UF.

      -Florida has been 7th or better every year in the National All-Sport Ranking since he’s been AD

      -Since he officially took over in ’92, UF has won the SEC All-Sports Trophy all but ONCE (that year being ’05-’06 to Georgia, which coincidentally preceded our most memorable year in Gator sports history when we won both football and basketball national championships)

      -We have won more national championships under Foley than any of the other AD’s combined

      For reference:

      1. Before you want to call everyone else idiots here, you might want to check your facts so you don’t look like one too. No Zook team ever won 9 games in a season, and his worst regular season record was 7-4 in 2004. I’m not suggesting Foley be fired, but if you’re going to attack people for being ignorant, you at least need to have your own facts right.

      2. Is Gator Chomp Foley?????
        As someone else mentioned, chack your facts first. Ron Zook went 8-5, 8-5 and 7-4 (7-5 if you count the bowl game which he undoubtedly would have lost if he had coached in after he was fired). If you think that is a good record for Florida Mr. Chomp (Foley), then I would suggest that you are an idiot and should not post on this site anymore. BTW, who gives a shit about any college sport other than football (and yes, that includes basketball)?? Foley’s record in football is putrid. Hiring Zook wasn’t just a mistake, it was a slap in the face to all Gator fans that knew who Zook was. The Fire Ron Zook site was set up the day after the hiring. That’s how bvious it was that this guy was not up to the task. Urban was not a Foley hire.

        1. Whoooa! Easy on the typo, fellas. The number of wins I put down was wrong, my bad, but it really doesn’t change the point I was trying to get across at all and it certainly doesn’t make me look like an idiot. We all know that in his time as head coach, Zook had three four-loss REGULAR seasons (do you understand, 93Gator?). He lost all the bowl games as well, but I went with the regular-season record because, in comparison, it happens to be better than our current regular-season record (and also, because we could potentially lose our bowl game to Penn State this year).

          Gator Bill,
          I didn’t call you and everyone else on here idiots. I was speaking to the two people talking trash about our AD and saying he should be fired, when in reality he is one of the best in the nation. So taking offense to that comment is your issue not mine. Go ahead and pal up with juergensen and 93Gator if you like, they’ve been adding a lot of insight to these discussions!

          No I am not Foley (good one, though). Yes, Ron Zook’s records including bowl games were 8-5, 8-5, and 7-4. No, I don’t think that is a good record for Florida nor did I ever suggest that (so I guess by your logic, I’m not an idiot and I should continue posting on this site, right?). What I am suggesting is that a four-loss regular season is not THAT bad. The problem was that it never got better and never showed any real promise of improvement whatsoever. Foley’s football record is definitely not putrid. In fact, it’s best in SEC and likely one of the best in the nation. The gators are the only team in the SEC to have gone the last two decades without one regular season win percentage of .500 or lower. Not only that, but 12 of the last 20 years have been one or two-loss seasons (this stat includes bowl games). Now I’m not going to go out researching every team in the country to compare, but as far as I’m concerned that’s among the very best. If that’s a putrid football record, I guess we should just fire everybody (right, juergensen?!). I already know and definitely don’t care about the history of Thanks, you’re still an idiot.

          I’m tired of responding to the negative comments about Foley and Meyer. Can we just keep on the subject of getting rid of Addazio and making our team better? Muschamp is officially hired, so lets show him support. He deserves a chance to show us what he’s got unlike Addazio who had his chance(s) and blew it. Can we at least agree on that?

  27. Yes Muschamp, no thx Applewhite… plz give us a proven OC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. For the ppl saying they wanted Spurrier back.. he and Foley have a bad relationship. It wouldn’t work. Muschamp should give us the best D in the country, and as long as he gets a quality OC, we should have the toughness we have been lacking compared to Bama. They won’t be able to push us around anymore, and that’s a refreshing thought.

    1. “For the ppl saying they wanted Spurrier back, he and Foley have a bad relationship” – That’s why we need to fire that bucktooth Foley!

  29. @juergensen
    Hey man cool down with repeated spurier praise. I don’t know if u r sleeping with him or not but it is time to move on with new coach ( wether u like it or not)

  30. Why do people say Chris Peterson would’ve been a great hire? I’m tired off watching 165 lbs track stars streak up and down the field.

    Muschamp’s brand of football actually looks like football.

    Maybe our running backs wont fumble the ball in a stiff breeze..

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