Disrespected and Beaten Down

Mississippi State disrespected Steve Addazio on Saturday night, and doing so gave them a huge “upset” road win.

After taking a 10-0 lead into the half, MSU threw the ball once in the entire second half.  Dan Mullen sent a message.  He said that he didn’t think our offense could score 10 points without our defense setting us up with an interception, and he was right.

When I started this site a few months ago, early on some people ragged on me because we were scoring ~30 points per game.  I told them that wasn’t our offense’s doing, and that it only appeared that way because special teams and the defense were gifting us with great field position, or outright scoring on their own.  Saturday night was our offense, same as it’s been all year.  7 points.  The only difference between the MSU game and most of our other games is that our defense and special teams didn’t score for us.  7 points is what we can expect out of our offense when they actually have to score on their own.  Same (basically) as in the Alabama game.  Same as in the LSU game.  Same as in most games.

I’m not going to dive too deep into what Addazio did wrong on Saturday night.  We’ve been there before.  Saturday night was no different, as we saw much of the same.  Only one shot down field all game long, Brantley running the option, Burton telegraphing when we’re running in the redzone, blah blah blah etc etc etc.

Saturday night was unique in that we got to hear the announcers, who are typically way behind avid fans of a team, be as dumbfounded with the playcalling as we were.  Spielman and Herm constantly wondered outloud why we couldn’t figure out that the offense wouldn’t work unless we could get the defense to back off with some downfield passes, and Herm practically yelled at his monitor in disbelief as we continued to kill drives with Brantley option calls.  One of Addazio’s biggest faults is the same as the Zookers.  He plays the field 10 yards at a time.  18 play scoring drives are nice, but they’re too fragile to count on.  One holding call, one run for a loss, or one false start and our entire drive is shot.  The  goal in football is to score the most points, not pick up the most first downs.  You’ll never find a team being successful without picking up yardage in chunks at times throughout the game, and you can’t pick up yardage in chunks if you don’t call plays designed to do so.

But perhaps the most telling thing out of the announcers mouths was their anecdote about their interview with Addazio earlier in the week.  In it, they asked Addazio about the O-line’s problems with blitz pickup this season.  Addazio responded simply, “we’re fine”.  This anecdote came as Brantley was hitting the turf for the 5th time in the last 6 plays.  Addazio continues to stick his head in the sand and tell us that no problems exist, as if we’re too stupid to know any better.  “Oh, our OC says everything is great, so it must be”.

An interesting stat popped across the screen during the game.  Florida has only gained 400 yards of total offense against SEC opponents twice in the last two years, and both of those games came against Kentucky.  It really sheds to light what I’ve been trying to beat into the Addazio apologists heads all along, that this problem isn’t new, it’s not the overreaction of one or even a couple of games, and that it has been there all along, even when he had an all-time great team to work with.

Look at how far we’ve fallen this year.  Not only have we lost three games in a row for the first time since 1988, but perhaps even worse is that we lost two games in a row at home, at night.  Even Pat Dooley has finally jumped onboard the bandwagon.  If only he’d have listened to me sooner, before the damage was done.

At this point, I’m numb.  This is the first Gator loss I can remember that I wasn’t angry afterwards.  It’s almost as if I expected it.  The announcers kept remarking about how shocked the Florida fans were.  Were any of you shocked?  The major websites hung the tagline “Mississippi State upsets no. 22 Florida”.  Do any of you consider this an upset?  In our current state, with our current coaches, I don’t think we’re any better than Mississppi State.

That picture you see at the top of this article was Addazio after Brantley was once again dropped behind the line to end a drive, leaving us with no points in the 1st half against Mississippi State.  That was his reaction.  Just standing there.  Just like the LSU game.  At this point, the guy barely even fits the definition of the word “coach”.

And Steve, don’t you dare try and tell us about all the good that came out of this game in Tuesday’s press conference.

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  1. The fact that I absolutely expected this loss, and just waved at it as it passed on by, shows that we all knew it was coming. We didn’t want to believe that Addazio would just call in Brantley option after Brantley option (with HB dives sprinkled in between), but that’s what we got. You could sit anyone and have them watch John Brantley run the option as opposed to a true option QB and they’d know it wasn’t a smart call.

    I’m not hating on Brantley, I think if we gave him a legitimate shot to show off his arm and skills are a typical QB, we’d all be much happier. But watch Addazio repeatedly misuse Brantley’s skillset is just enough to make me want to puke. Tebow’s don’t come around every year, every five years, or even every thirty years. When you don’t have the perfect personel, you have to ADAPT. Did we force Chris Leak to run the spread option? Hell no. SO WHY ARE WE DOING THAT TO JOHN BRANTLEY.

    Urban, changes need to be made now. Gator Nation is starting to feel you are truly disconnected from this team, and that your success in ’06 was largely due to talent recruited by Ron Zook + Tebow, and due to Tebow and National Championship-driven-recruiting in ’08.

    1. They did force Chris Leak into a system he was uncomfortable with the first year… it wasn’t until the second year under Meyer (when they brought in Tebow to actually run the spread and let Chris Leak be what he was) that Chris Leak was able to show off his skills. This is why I think this goes beyond Steve Addazio… yeah, Steve Addazio sucks, but there are reasons why Meyer hasn’t fired him yet.

      1. i’ve been critical of the addazio promotion since day one but there simply aren’t a lot of options (heh) at this point in the season. i really don’t think they’re going to fire addazio and/or bring someone else in from the outside mid season. i’m all for changing the playcaller because it can’t get any worse but, if there was a hot shot offensive guru on our staff wouldn’t we be using him already?

        i think we’re stuck with what we got and hopefully we can rally to beat the vandy and appalachian st. but i just don’t see us winning against the big schools. 6-6 gator fans

  2. The biggest issue now is that people continue to scape goat the players for addazio. Urban is the worst, he takes no blame, but has no problem heaping it on his team. “We’re not very good” is not an excuse when we are obviously much better than Miss. St., our team has so much more talent.

    This quote only makes sense when talking about coaches. If Urban was talking about him and his staff, though, he is correct. Our defense isn’t as “Strong” as it used to be, even with quality players, the defensive plays are just no longer dynamic. Our offense is plagued with talent and it is inexcusable how badly it is managed, as is archived in this site.

    Jeremy Foley needs to step in and remind Urban he has a boss. Foley needs to step up and fire addazio and get someone better. I would rather have the offense struggle while learning a new strategy that follow the game plan of a man who is still coaching on a little league level. Trey Burton is not the answer, the fact addazio has to play him shows how bad he really is.

    When your offense coordinator has to put a “dual threat” freshmen qb, because he has realized that he can’t figure out plays for a throwing qb, there’s a big problem.

    When your “dual threat” qb only has thrown 2 passes all year and your offense coordinator doesn’t realize maybe having him bomb it would through off the defense, there’s a problem.

    When steve addazio is your offense coordinator, theres a huge problem.

  3. Finding an immediate solution to this whole problem is tricky. Though I think there is a possibility that Addazio will get fired (which usually doesn’t happen, because head coaches generally take the fall), it just won’t happen before the season is over. A lot of people want to see Meyer take over play-calling, but I have a feeling he’s not much better. He has never run an offense, and even though anything is an improvement from Addazio at this point, I get the feeling that if he hasn’t taken over the reigns at this point, he’s probably not in disagreement with what Addazio is doing.

    Meyer is not an idiot, he is a great head coach with many talents, but I don’t think offensive play-calling is one of them. He is an excellent recruiter, resourceful and keen on choosing overlooked talent. He is a genius when it comes to special teams. Also, he is a leader who can (most of the time) rally the troops, and get everyone to play at their highest level.

    Addazio is no good as offensive coordinator, but the criticism that the Gators (especially Meyer) would receive as a result of his firing would not help our situation. Put him back in charge of the offensive line where he can have another chance to prove his worth.

    I think most gator fans were so relieved last season when Meyer decided NOT to resign, that we overlooked the selfishness and poor taste his little stint displayed. Meyer lost the respect of important recruits who went elsewhere, and then he decided to take some time off to regain health. Hey, I’m all for putting family first, but if the stress of Head Coach is too much for Urban, then he shouldn’t be allowed to just walk away from it for months at a time at the expense of all the players he recruited. He should just step down. Give the responsibilities to a guy with the energy and enthusiasm to bring us some victory–DAN MULLEN, and let him run the offense. Meyer can stay with the team in control of Special Teams and Recruiting, where he is truly comfortable and talented. Addazio can drop back down to where he was productive as Offensive Line coach. Addazio and Meyer’s demotions are logical and deserved, and Dan Mullen can bring the energy that he is utterly wasting at Miss St. to Florida (Miss St. will never win the SEC West…ever, andthe East is up for grabs).

  4. Steps to save what’s left of this season:

    Step 1: Demote Addazio back to OL coach and strip him of playcalling

    Step 2: Make Scott Leoffler the interim OC. Evaluate his performance for future consideration as Gator OC

    Step 3: Get Meyer more involved in Special Teams. Our one time strength isn’t a factor any longer

    I keep hearing a lot of hate for the defense, but in my opinion, they’ve played pretty admirably considering how young they are. Outside of the LSU game, I think they’ve kept us in every game. Our wretched offense is terrible. Even the Zooker never lost three in a row…

  5. I heard coach leoffler called the offense in the sugar bowl, now thats the offense we should impliment with john brantley, not that idiot addazio, its a shame how clueless this guy really is.

  6. For people saying we need to adapt our offense to Brantley like we did Leak: First of all, Meyer inherited Leak, a player who didn’t fit his system and HAD to tweak it. Meyer RECRUITED Brantley!!! It’s too late to find the 06 playbook. You’re telling me you (Urban) couldn’t have had the offense tweaked for Brantley during the offseason…? I want Pouncey moved to guard. I want Addazio to gtfo. And I’m over the Brantley experience. We’ve turned him from a 5* recruit to a 2* player. And Johnny has 1* of leadership and intensity. I think he’d rather be fishing. Time for Urban to stop being so fucking loyal. Time to cut ties with Addazio and Brantley. Time to start Burton or Reed.

  7. Why do people keep citing the 1988 stat and ignore that Florida lost 3 games in a row in 1999? (FSU, Alabama in SECCG, and Mich. St. in Citrus Bowl.) Is it out of respect for Spurrier?

  8. Reed or Burton but you are going to have to give them the oppurtunity to throw the ball too. All this wildcat shit gets old and as much as Florida relies on the option it will eventually get smothered down after down just like Tebow’s gains in 09 started to go down. What ever happened to the element of surprise Urban? As of today we all know that when Burton is in the shotgun he is simply going to run. Why not let the defense continue to think that than throw the f’ing ball down field??? Not rocket science. Once you do that successfully a few times the defense, no matter who’s it is, will soften up and it’s GAME ON.

  9. Seriously it almostt seems like Addazio is betting against the gators and throwing the games on purpose. Once he gets them to the point where they are getting a boatload of points per game, we’ll see the offense explode

  10. I will say it again, Brantley is NOT our problem. Brantley is an animal with a gun for an arm. ADDAZIO IS OUR PROBLEM, I promise you guys if we demote or fire him our team will change. Brantley can bring us serious, serious deep plays and lots of yardage.

    This is just horrible, Meyer is a great coach, but he needs to learn to cut bait. Drop addazio, this is business Meyer, stop making yourself look bad and drop him. I respect Meyer, but I do agree with everyone that we should give leoffler a chance this up coming game against Georgia and you see what happens.

    1. Thank you. Brantley has not been used in any way that highlight his strengthes, only his weaknesses. What sense does that make? The guy hasn’t been given a shot. Meyer recruited him afterall, its not like he got stuck with somebody he didn’t want. None of this makes any sense.

    2. We need receivers if we want any shot at showcasing Brantley’s talents. Deonte Thompson should have a sock shoved in his mouth for his preseason comments. The guy has the worst case of cockfingers i’ve seen. Carl Moore has potential but dog is slooowwwww. Omarius Hines? potential i suppose.

      If we have any shot against Georgia it would stretching the field with these guys while they are still getting zero attention or respect.

  11. It appears Addazio is being rewarded for his loyalty rather than his ability….so the fans & the players suffer while the recruits run away.

  12. BTW….will Kerwin Bell become a serious candidate for O.C.?
    JU is scoring points….Sat(b)an gave SOS a compliment saying
    SOS thinks he is QB in every game….surly Kerwin thinks the same way!

  13. I think the most obvious issues are clearly the play-calling and predictability as all of you have stated. That comes down to Addazio. But I think what has been most disheartening about this experience was watching Urban Saturday night at the Swamp and coming to the realization that either, (1)He is completely oblivious, (2) He doesn’t know any better, (3) He doesn’t care. As a student who experienced the Zook era, no one was happier than I when Urban replaced Zook, but I was never the student chanting his name in 2005. I’m a firm believer in proving that you deserve the credit. When credit was due, and he proved he could make winners out of our boys again, I was the first to give it to him. But now I watch him, pretty much throwing in the towel Saturday night as he allowed 40+ seconds tick off the clock while MSU took a delay of game penalty and the game clock went under 2 minutes while we sat on 3 T.O. My first thought was, Les Miles, jr? My second was that he quit. Did he really think we’d be able to put together a 2 minute game winning drive when we hadn’t done anything all game? Or, maybe he thought our punter would kick the game winning field goal after missing a field goal already and two the game before? Nope…Urban is not a stupid man. I was just as happy as the next Gator when Urban took back his resignation. But now looking back, perhaps it would have been for the best. Because right now, we’d have someone not named “Addazio” running the offense. And maybe it would have just as poor of outcome because changing the reigns always does. But at least it would have a brighter future. We said goodbye to our offense when Mullen left 2 years ago. People just don’t seem to care as much or bitch as much if you’re still winning like in 2009.

    On a side note, let’s not expect anyone or anything to change the offense for Brantley the rest of this season. We might as well allow Reed or Burton to take over. Straight from both Brantley’s dad and Brantley’s sister’s mouths…Urban has no relationship with Johnny. He doesn’t say 2 words to the poor kid. If Urban didn’t want him, regardless of whether Cam was “supposed to be” our starter this year, Urban should have never recruited him. Simple as that. Urban, you make your own bed…now lie in it or do something to change it!

  14. Throw the ball deep. Sit Deonte Thompson down. Move Pouncey to guard. Demote Addazio to O line coach. Win the F-ing East! that is all

  15. Been a Gator fan for 10 years. Suffered through Zook, but I’ve never experienced anything like this. I couldn’t agree more with the poster who said that we were all so happy to have Meyer back after his faux resignation, we overlooked the problems that could arise from such a distraction.

    Having said that, what frustrates me the most is that we’re essentially watching a repeat of year one with Leak. Trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. I had high hopes for this season, I really did. I thought we would lose to Bama, but I felt we could fly under the radar and get ’em back in the SECCG. Why did I believe that? Because I thought the coaching staff would learn from what happened with Leak year 1. I thought we would draw up an offense designed around Brantley’s skills, and another offense around Burton’s skills, ala the Leak-Tebow combo in 2006. Sheesh, we had the entire offseason to do it.

    My other issue with the coaching staff is that we simply aren’t allowing our playmakers to make plays (I think we are REALLY missing Hernandez right about now) And yes, I know we’ve had injuries, but unless there is some injury (aside from this week) or disciplinary issue with Debose I’m unaware of, I simply can’t understand why he’s not getting at least 10-15 touches a game. Same with Demps, Hines and even Burton (we need to find more ways to get Burton the ball aside from Wildcat) Banging a scatback like Demps up the middle constantly will get him injured, and that’s exactly what happened. Demps/Debose should be teaming up to fill the Harvin position, but instead we’re still banging our head against the wall with crap we knew didn’t work years ago. This ties in with our troubles at tailback. WE NEED A TAILBACK WHO CAN RUN PEOPLE OVER! This is FLORIDA! We should be recruiting backs who can grind out yards up the middle. Not having a running back like that at this school is inexcusable. Addazio is terrible, no doubt about it, but I think we need to start levying some criticism at Meyer. At the end of the day, he runs the show. What he says goes. And if Addazio hasn’t changed, that means Meyer isn’t demanding it. That needs to change, immediately.

    The amazing part is, we still have a chance to win the East. We have a bye week this week. We need to revamp this offense entirely, like we did before the Georgia game in 2005. If we do that, and do it properly, I think we have a chance to salvage this season and head into next season as a title contender. If not, we’ll continue banging our heads against the wall while we watch Florida State run right by us back into championship contention.

  16. The problem is not Brantley. The problem is Addazio. Running Moody on a 1st and 10 dive, or 2nd and 10 dive to set up a 3rd and long all the time. Running a dive, no passing at all, a horrendous offensive line that allows the QB to get sacked every game yet still say the line is playing terrific. it’s understandable that he loves his players, but everybody has a limit. As a Gator fan, I don’t want to see him fired. A demotion is more appropriate. When he was STRICTLY the O-line coach, the O-line was the best in the nation. Now, it’s horrendous. he can’t manage both jobs. Demotion back to O-line while a new OC is found (Meyer is interim coordinator or Loeffler or somebody). This is pathetic. I am still enraged about 3 in a row.

    We might save Richt’s job, it’s that bad.

  17. This loss was total BS, if a 10-7 HOME LOSS to MISS STATE can’t prompt change, i don’t know what will.

    Addazio Sucks

  18. “I will say it again, Brantley is NOT our problem. Brantley is an animal with a gun for an arm. ADDAZIO IS OUR PROBLEM, I promise you guys if we demote or fire him our team will change. Brantley can bring us serious, serious deep plays and lots of yardage. ”

    I want Adazzio gone as much as the next guy. However, it’s not Adazzio’s lame play calling, nor is it Thompson’s stone hands, that results in Brantley’s horrible 8-10 yard overthrows on deep balls with max protection.

    Brantley looked decent in mop up time.

    Brantley looked terrific in spring ball with a red jersey on on.

    In game where he will get hit in games that count, he’s been terrible.

  19. last i just wanted to say, although this might seem harsh but i still think its true, if urban is not 100% committed to this team like other head coaches(jo-pa at 84 takes a hit on the sidelines and keeps on trucking, mark dantonio has a heart attack and is back asap to the team), he needs to step aside. i love urban and what he did for this team, with a heisman and two national titles, but i will be a tough critic and say that none of that matters if you are gonna bring the program down now. which is exactly what is happening when u r doing a half assed job. i understand u want to be with your family and i can respect that. that doesn’t give u the excuse to not do your job at a satisfactory level. if this were any kind of corporate job, and your output suffered as much as it has these past two months, you would be fired. mean, yes. cold-hearted, yes. true, yes.

      i have to agree that i wasnt even upset when we lost. about halfway through the first half when we were already down 10-0, and had no offensive production, i was so over yelling at the tv. i sat there the rest of the game in silence except to lean over and whisper to my dad what the next play was going to be. and sure enough…dive, dive, swing pass. this is just making me sick. i dont even want to watch, and at this point i’m glad that there is a bye week just so i dont have to watch the misery that has become gator football this year.
      i think back to after the first game when i was still being positive about the team, and hoping for the best, when i was arguing with one of my FSU friends, him saying that we were gonna be a four loss team and me saying there was no possible way we could lose that many games! god i feel pretty stupid now, and now am just praying for a winning season! and i blame Steve Addazio.
      i am a girl, never played football, couldnt “read” a defense if my life depended on it, but i feel like i have a better concept of offense than this guy!! if a D is stopping you every play, there is a reason…or in this case multiple reasons. a pocket/passing qb should be throwing the ball farther than 8 yrds. that is his strength, use it.(addazio should go watch some tape of the good old fun-n-gun offense of the spurrier days). if deonte cant catch the ball…put in someone who can, aka frankie hammond. a guy who started as a defensive player, already switched positions once, rocked that position to become an all-american, doesnt need to switch again! if pouncey is a great player, let him show that (at guard!) it will give him more confidence and probably make him a more verbal leader, and we definitely need one. Burton needs to do more than come in to run the option.
      now for Steve himself, he is an idiot if he couldn’t hear the boos…i will agree with what a few have said already, put him back on exclusively the o-line. get someone else calling plays(honestly i dont think there is anyone they could do worse with).

  20. Just found the site and love it. I feel like I should have created this last year. When Meyer was going through his health troubles and they announced Addazio as interim head coach I literally choked on my breakfast out west. The offense was so mundane last year it was pathetic. The only response Meyer and Addazio gave was, well we are winning games so there has been no reason to risk the big pass play. What a joke, as you point out, taking the risks down field helps open up everything else. I know we had Harvin under Mullen and he was a stud but he can’t be solely responsible for the drop off.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

    At Meyer’s next press conference I want to a reporter to ask him directly how he can defend Addazio as a good offensive coordinator when under his tenure the offense has fallen to 96th in the nation.

  21. liek the picture shows addazio never gets in the face of Mike Pouncy or Gilbert or Hurt or Nixon, that bothers me, these guys are a bunch of 20 year old kids who are out there playing ball and if you don’t coach them they arent going to coach themselves, the fact that “they’re treating the team like the NFL” where guys dont get yelled at for doing stupid crap is a little bit rediculous, you see nick saban getting pissed at players every week, you see spurrier getting pissed at players every week, i mean hell his relationship with Garcia is like that of him and a bad marriage. it makes no sense the way things are going right now, i know personally from growing up in gainesville and going to a highschool that played Brantley when he was at Trinity Catholic, i know he can get the job done i know he can throw, and this situation is just like that of Chris Leak and it took them till the Goergia game to figure out that Chris couldnt do what they were asking of him and that they had to adapt to him and his strengths, they’ve gotta do the same thing here its beginning to get a little rediculous.
    Emotion is part of football and Urban has become a “grey blob” standing on the sidelines now, hes never fired up hes never pissed and you kind of need that in college football, not really in the NFL because those coaches arent doing anything but calling the plays, we hired him to come win championships and he did just that he got us 2, but under this “new Urban” i dont think we will win any, he doesnt even call the special teams anymore, quite possibly the easiest part of the entire team, and look they suck, charlie strong is gone and the defense sucks, i heard from a few players that he is what kept that team together last year, the defense cant tackle, i dont know how this new DC came from the NFL if cant recognize that a team is going to run the ball, i mean hell MSU ran the ball 29 of 30 times in the second half and the 1 time was a shovle pass, THAT DOESNT EVEN COUNT AS A PASS, how do you not put eight guys in the box in that situation, and unleash all living hell on the running back and quarterback? and why the hell is duke lemmens playing D-end? hes too small he needs to be playing linebacker, or be on the sideline one of the two, get real players in there.
    urban has become a figure head just like bobby bowden before he left FSU, he’s just there and the way i see it is if he isnt going to do what we paid him to do then get rid of him too, dont get me wrong i love urban and what he has done for the University and the UAA but he’s not coaching and you’ve kinda gotta do that, i say we get rid of Addazio now, let a new OC come in and get things started, the season is already in the toilet, so use it to our advantage. if next year, this whole soap opera with urban is still going on, i think it will be time for jeremy foley to tell urban he needs to step down and that we immediately go after dan mullen, because as far as im concerned he can get the job done, look what he has done for MSU.
    and as far as the loeffler calling the plays in the sugarbowl, i found out that that was completley untrue he did not call the plays.

  22. Guys, it is this simple. Urban has got to resign and take care of himself. The guy isn’t involved anymore and lets his asst coaches take control of the practices and meetings. He isn’t in this anymore and shows no signs of returning. I love Urban but he should have taken a year off at least until he was ready to come back and take over the team again. Saban, Mack Brown, and dude from Boise all take control of their teams and are involved with every play. Urban stands on the sideline and bends over to watch the QB sneak. I never see him in Brantleys face or trying to coach anybody up. It seems as if he is just there to be there and I know his heart is in the right place but he is mentally not strong enough for all of this. Addazio did hold the program together during meyers crisis, Addazio is destroying the program now that he has been given ASST head coaching responsibilities. Recruits walking out at halftime, fans not showing up until mid 4th quarter, and I can down knowing I dont have to stress out about the game because I already know we are going to lose. If we dont come out swinging with a completely different look on Offense against Georgia I say protest in the streets of Gainesville. We are fans and we deserve better. I agree its ok to struggle with trying new things, but to try to recreate Tebow, LEak is just stupid. DO yall see a team run with 2 qb’s anymore. That time has come and gone, except for Urban. Try to run an Arkansas type offense. WE have the talent! Move Pouncey back to guard, let him get his draft stock back up. Halapio needs another year to learn, Robey should be in there. BRANTLEY= soft, unmotivated, and obviously frustrated with the play calling. How could he not be when he completes 2-3 in a row and then hes called out to play WR. Just plain dumb, Meyer has got to get the stones to demote this guy or we will go 6-6 and finish top 30 recruiting class guys

  23. It’s sad to see that a Florida State offense is better than ours. Lets face it, we will never have another Tebow and Meyer can’t win with these QB’s.
    Let beg Spurrier to come back and restore the offense and Gator pride.

  24. Did anyone see the annual Orange and Blue Game? I went to the game during the spring and I remember how excited I was for this year’s offense. Watch the video here, and you will see what I’m talking about:


    Unfortunately, the “real” offense during this year is nothing like the teasing that the Orange and Blue game gave us. I don’t understand why we can’t play like that. Yes, of course the offense is playing against a scout team defense, but still, look at Brantley’s accuracy and the gun of an arm he has. Look at Deonte catching deep balls. Look at the Gators throwing deep on first down. Where is all of that? Why did the coaching staff get our hopes up for nothing? If you watch this Orange and Blue game, you would think that we had a national championship team on our hands for this year. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

  25. Let me start by saying that I am a woman, I don’t have a lot of sense when it comes to “calling plays”, and I have always been amazed by people around me “calling” the plays before they happen. However, for the first time in my life, I can “call” the plays before they happen. Why? Well, it is certainly not because I have adapted magical sense about understanding Football plays. No, it’s because Addazio is a frickin idiot! I think my 80 year old grandma who calls touchdowns homeruns could even call better plays than this man. He is driving the program into the ground. He sucked last year. He sucks this year, and as a recent alumni, I felt a completely different game day vibe when I entered “The Swamp” on Saturday. It was depressing, surprisingly quiet, and when did they start handing out pom poms (that’s a Basketball thing) and have the Law and Med students where vests to get the crowd into the game? I was SOOO disgusted by our playing, and like many other alums, will probably not fork out anymore cash to watch this horrible season until Urban straightens things out.

  26. I’m not a Defensive Coordinator, But I could’ve called the Defensive plays in every game this year. Fourth and short? They are going up the middle. I have always like Brantley. He’s got a good arm, but he needs the time to use it. Something that the O-Line can not give him. With a bad O-line, you can not stand in the pocket. I saw a glimmer of hope when Burton came in and scored. WHY dd we not stick with it?
    Fire Addazio, Move Pouncy back to Guard, Make Burton a starter.

    PS. We had another “food for thought”. With Urban Meyers having his Medical Scare, Resigning and then coming back, WHAT IF Urban has lost his motivation? Surely, he can see that Addazio is killing this team. Just a thought.

  27. Plan and simple, Addazio is the primary reason we got whipped last year by Alabama and blew a legitimate shot at being considered the greatest football team in the history of college ball. Tebow and team overcame that crap play calling all year and now they are gone and we suck. Meyer, you get 4.2 million dollars a year, we expect better.

    FIX IT.

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