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Yesterday I was invited on to The Big Show with the Sports Heavyweights talk about our cause and our website with Gator Mike, as well as Joel from  The show aired on WLBE 790am yesterday at 6pm.  I figured you guys might be interested in hearing our discussion about everyone’s favorite Addazio, so I recorded it just for you guys.  You’ll find it in youtube form, in two parts, below.

Part 1 Part 2

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  1. Dear Gator Fans,

    As I am so very excited for our upcoming game at the end of November, and while I will be starting my annual trash talk. I do feel like I need to say a few things about your program.
    I really do feel bad for you guys. This isn’t a sardonic diatribe, but a genuine concern for your program. As an FSU fan, we have had many coaching situations that have driven our program into the ground. After that 2000 NC game, we hired Jeff Bowden to replace Mark Richt. That was the beginning of the end. Bowden hired someone he was close to and gave him the keys to a porche. Bowden(s) ran our program into the ground. Too many hires came about as a result of Bobby bailing out friends (Chuck Amato, Dexter Carter… the list goes on). The fact is our head coach screwed us over big time. Like every other FSU fan I am very grateful for Bobby Bowden, but he made a mockery of FSU football. Recruiting went down, talent disappeared and now we find ourself in the middle of a 6 game losing streak to our instate rival, and are fortunate enough to beat up on a down Miami program.
    I mention this because we fixed our problems. We replaced Jeff Bowden with Jimbo Fisher. This helped a little, we were able to actually develop QB’s and make drives down the field. We still had coaching problems. Mickey Andrews didn’t want to be there in 2009 and it showed. Our defense was horrendous. This year we hired Jimbo and everything seems to be falling into place. Our offense has taken a hit but thats due to young recievers, regardless it is still way above average. Our defense has made a DRASTIC improvement under Mark Stoops. Jimbo made the right hires. IMO 90% of the head coaches job is to make the right hires and make sure his players are developing and executing. Something I feel Jimbo has done and Urban needs to do.
    In short, Urban needs to fire Addazio, it is his problem and his alone. You cant blame Addazio for being terrible, there is nothing you can do there. Instead point the finger at your head coach. He is letting your program go to waste. He led your team to 2 national championships but it isn’t enough to make mistakes like this, he also can’t hire “friends” like Bowden did (almost exactly the position Bobby was in). Urban is squandering talent like Brantley (he is actually good) and others who would thrive in a “normal” offense. At this rate quality running backs are going to pass on Florida as well as drop back passers and other traditional positions.
    So to end this little diatribe, I can’t wait for our game. I want to beat you guys so badly, its been too long and I’ve had to deal with too many gator fans in the process. So I humbly ask you one favor, don’t fire Addazio until the beginning of December. I would really appreciate it. But other than that I do hope you deal with this problem, we feel for you guys, we really do. It is the most frustrating thing to watch your beloved program fall into shambles because of one dumb coaching hire.

    Good luck to you all,

    A Nole’s Fan

    1. Wow…A classy Seminole. I’ve heard rumors that ‘Noles fans like you existed but I’ve never seen one in the wild.

      In all seriousness, I you’re right. A lot of the blame, at least in my eyes, needs to be shifted towards Urban for not making personnel moves sooner. Even after 3 straight losses and 6 out of 7 poor offensive performances, no major changes have been made.

      Even now Meyer claims they’re making offensive “tweaks” during the bye week. I don’t think “tweaks” are what we need, we need a major effing overhaul.

      Either way, thanks for your support.

      1. Ha, thanks. Classy fans can exist sometimes in every school, there are also some real douches at every school (I have had to deal with many belligerent gator fans before…).

        Again, good luck to you guys.

  2. Yes the finger needs to really be pointed at Meyer.

    Meyer gives us another shot of “delusion” with his Gatorsports artitcle today on tweaking the offense. Again all the blame goes on “EXECUTION”, not personel or schemes. Hey Meyer, they go hand in hand, it’s a simple equation. If you do not have the proper “schemes” for the “personel” you have than you will never have “execution”. BRANTLEY IS NOT AN OPTION QB, HE IS ONE OF THE “PERSONEL” IN THIS EQUATION AND YOUR OPTION “SCHEME” WILL NEVER BE “EXECUTED”. Jeez, Meyer, wake up. Secondly, you also find faults with the kicking game and the turnovers, why is it you don’t point out the most visible issue, the O line. Oh wait, I know why, because your good friend Daz coaches the O line and you certainly would not want to find fault with anything he does. Afterall you said there is nothing wrong with his “scheme”, it’s all the players(aka personel’s) fault for not “executing”. My friend, if your “scheme” could not be executed against Miami(OH) you will not “execute” it against GA. Do all the tweaking you want, I hope GA makes the Gators pay your new found lax approach as a head coach. I am sure after GA wins you will still blame it on “execution”. Make note, you are utlimately responsible for the “execution” of plays, afterall you are the head coach. If they could “execute” on thier own the UAA would not have to pay you 4.5 mil/yr.

    Please stop with the coach speak and act like a head coach!

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