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I’m starting something new on the site today.  So far everything you’ve read on this site has been the opinion of just one guy, me.  While, as you can see clearly from the comments section and the facebook page, that opinion is shared by many people, I’ve still been the only one with a big audience so far.

So, to spread the love a little bit, I’ve gotten with some people who’s opinions and football knowledge I trust, and am going to give them a chance to speak their mind as well, and offer another viewpoint.

We’ll call our first guest columnist Chuck.  He’ll take a look at the situation in a different way, what happens if Addazio is actually let go, how it effects the players, the present, and the future.  I’ve added my take at the bottom, since you know, I just like talking.  Here’s the article…

You are in San Francisco.

You are riding a trolley.

But the trolley has been taken over by a mad scientist.

There are five people tied to the tracks ahead.  But you have the opportunity to flip a switch and divert the train onto a different track.  The other route has only one person tied to the track.  Do you do it?

Now, what if the trolley is too heavy and needs to lose weight.  If you unload weight, the trolley can be controlled and those five people saved.  To do this though, you’d have to push a fat man off the trolley.

This is not a bad vacation story from a trip to the Pacific Time zone.  Instead, it’s the well studied Trolley Problem.

What does this have to do with Steve Addazio?

Michael Pouncey, Carl Johnson, Maurice Hurt, Marcus Gilbert, these are the fat men on the trolley.  These players have worked four or five years in Gainesville to get to this point, not to mention all of the work they did in the first eighteen years of their life.  They are now starters who have gone from five star recruits to busts, from the ‘other brother’ to the team leader, from starter to not even dressing for the game, from guard to tackle then back to guard.  Now, they are four-fifths of the offensive line.

If Addazio is let go, they will be people who suffer, and these seniors who have worked so hard are at the top of the list.  These guys have been taught by Addazio for their entire college career, they don’t know anyone or anything else.  Whether we like it or not, there are growing pains with new coaches, especially in the middle of the season.

But, the question is not just about the fat man, what about the rest of the people on the trolley?  What about the rest of the team?  The good of the team, not one fat man, is the most important element that should be considered.

The utilitarian approach is to maximize utility, happiness or pleasure.  How is happiness measured by University of Florida football? Success on the field.

No matter the coach, the transition to a new coach is a tough one.  If the remainder of the year is diminished with a new offensive coordinator, then we have to determine if its best for the University of Florida football team.

As the team currently stands, the offense is not producing, the team is losing football games, and the program is losing recruits.

What happens when you get a new coach?  Initially, teams struggle (see year one in the Urban Meyer era).  But after a little time, teams usually respond after learning the new system (see year two in the Urban Meyer era).  If the Gators start the process now, it will put the team in a better position for the future.

There’s only problem with the solution, the fat man has to go overboard.

My Take: A very well written article that takes a look at some of the deeper seeded issues that people may not think of offhand when raging after yet another HB dive call when the defense has 9 guys in the box.

This should provoke some good discussion, and I’m going to give everyone a chance to sound off in the comments section.  However, I get to go first 🙂

One has to wonder if, for many of these guys, the damage has already been done.  Pouncey was a 1st round draft pick at guard, but being forced to play out of position, and in a position that he is having trouble picking up, has destroyed his draft stock.  If a new OC means using the talent at the things they excel at, then the change could help these guys as much as it hurts them.  Something to think about.

Teams typically struggle early on with a new OC.  But we’re struggling now (mightily) with our current OC anyway.  I don’t think that a change to the entire system is necessary this season.  The system can work, we’ve seen that with Dan Mullen.  We just need a change in the play calling, and in the coaches attitude (IE actually coaching instead of just telling everyone how great they are while they get dominated).

Let’s play hypotheticals for a minute here and assume that the team is going to struggle to get adjusted to the new OC early on.  Wouldn’t we rather him struggle now, in a season where our NC hopes are already lost, and we’re already struggling anyway?  Is it better to let a new OC work the kinks out on a 4-2 team that is out of the picture rather than waste an entire new season where we’re starting fresh and are right in the thick of things?

I think at this point, Addazio being run out of town is nearly a certainty.  It has to be.  There’s no way anyone could possibly believe the guy should be coaching this team when week 1 rolls around next year.  So, what are your thoughts, readers?  Are we better off getting rid of him now or getting rid of him in the offseason?  Which is better for the players?  Which is better for the recruits?  Which is better for the present, and which for the future?

Sound off in the comments section below, or in the forum.  A big thanks to Chuck for bringing up this thought provoking discussion.

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  1. Again, the jokes continue… I read the article twice just so I could clarify but it sounds as if we need to give our 2 year OC more time? So, point one, his speciality is the O-Line, personally and I am pretty sure no one will be able to argue but since becoming the OC last year, the O-Line has declined drastically. Some would say it is because he is concentrating more on his OC duties. Judging by this website and they opinions on here we all know that is laughable. Point two, is this a rebuilding project? Answer, NO! This is the same system UF has always run under UM and since Addazio took over it has steadily declined. Final point, the arrogance is there to try and prove that it (my plays) will work because I say it works. 8 in the Box, we will run because that is what I want to establish and do. News, it does not work!

    Love when people defend the offensive production from last year and throw in the Cincy game into the mix. What did the offense do in that game different? Well they threw the ball because the defense was set up to stop the run. Why is it that no adjustments have been made this year with a passing QB to go more pass heavy which should set up the run? Here are some intresting stats from some previous games:

    Rushing Attempts = 32 (89 yards)
    Passing Attempts = 24
    Results = More rushes than passes and the Gators lose but what is funny about having more rushing attempts is that our best RB never got on the field due to injury. Now I am no OC but when my best RB is out, I might want to adjust to compensate. Hmmm, maybe more passes or pass plays? The balance is there but the result is a loss.

    Bama (2010)
    Rushing Attempts = 31 (79 yards)
    Passing Attempts = 32
    Results = Blow out! Hell, did they watch tape on Bama. Everyone and their mother knows Bama’s glaring weakness is their secondary. Yet the Gators, in a game they were trailing big most of the way, arrogantly want to show their balance. They did successfully but result is yet another loss.

    Rushing Attempts = 33 (176 yards)
    Passing Attempts = 36
    Results: Balance is there but the glaringly obvious is that the Gators in this game used the pass to set up the run. More passing attempts and notice more than the previous two games. Gators win!

    Rushing Attempts = 49 (150 yards)
    Passsing attempts = 23
    Results = We won but let us face it, UT is a tough road game but we all know this was closer than it should have been with UT’s depleted team. 49 for 150! You do the math.

    South Florida
    Rushing Attempts = 37 (251 yards)
    Passing Attempts = 31
    Results = This game looked like they went into the locker room at the half and finally figured out that we have to pass to set up the run and they did. The Gators won but again the offense was helped by a Demps 62 yard run in the second half that was finally set up by the passing game.

    Miami (OH)
    Rushing Attempts = 31 (99 yards)
    Passing Attempts = 25
    Results = I guess averaging 3 runs per carry is considered a reason to keep doing it for this offense (see UT game)? Again more rushes than passes and we won but really, this was an embarrassment!

    Cincy Bowl Game
    Rushing Attempts = 31 (177 yards)
    Passing Attempts = 36
    Results = Notice anything here? Only other game on here where we passsed more than rushed was KU. Results, both blowouts!

    Now, people who defend this moron will say go back to last year, the whole year. Well that would be great but I would just look at 1 game. I would also like to point out that Tim was a running QB and Brantley is a throwing QB. You might say that contradicts the Cincy game above but I would argue in the Gators 1 loss last year that the O Gameplan was awful.

    Bama SEC Championship Game
    Rushing Attempts = 14 (88 yards)
    Passing Attempts = 35
    Results = Again, our offense was more of a rushing attack. 14 for 88 = 6.3 yards per carry (Demps had 1 touch the entire game). Again, no rocket scientist but that tells me it was successful, why was it almost abandoned? Result, incomplete passes stop the clock, Bama wears out the defense, Gators get rolled!


  2. In agreement with the poster above, lets face it, the offensive production last year showed signs of problems, but Tebow covered up a lot of it just because of the playmaker that he was. I give you Exhibit A:

    Tennessee vs Florida: 23-13. If ever the Gators had a team to be motivated to throttle in front of the home crowd, it was this Lane Kiffin coached Volunteer team. This was the first sign of trouble in my book.

    Florida vs LSU: 13-3. We couldn’t manage more than 13 points against LSU. They did not have a legendary defense last year.

    Arkansas vs Florida: 23-20: Way too close for comfort and another anemic showing from the offense in front of the homecoming crowd at the Swamp.

    Florida vs Mississippi State: 29-19: I almost didn’t put this one in but 29 points was not enough production against this team. They’ve made a lot of progress under Dan Mullen but lets be realistic, the gap between them and UF’s talent was enormous.

    Florida vs South Carlina: 24-14: Again, should have been able to put more points on the board. I know Steve Spurrier always has them ready to play against us, But I feel we could have gotten 30.

    SEC Championship Game: Well, we all know what happened there.

    Look, I know we’re not going to beat everyone by 64 points every week. But lets be honest, we were in games last year that were way tighter than they should have been, and we came across a team equally matched in talent, they killed us. Tebow couldn’t do it all. If something doesn’t change, we could be in very real trouble the rest of this season.

  3. I’m just piling on, but did anyone catch Addazio’s unbrideld brilliance in yesterday’s Sun article? Amongst the knee-slapping quotes offered in defense of his sub-par O-line was this (paraphrased) beauty: “[LSU] was only getting to our QB because they were blitzing so much.”

    Really? Presumably, if they just wouldn’t have blitzed so much, we would have won easily. Right Steve? Last I checked, the danger of the blitz, be it a doubl-A gap, zone, or corner, is that the O-line holds and you make the defense pay for their hubris.

    Honestly, I could not have been more offended by Addazio’s cavalier attitude toward the well-grounded criticims against him, and at this point, I can’t tell if he’s an arrogant ass or an idiot. Either way, the official mantra of “we’re going to work harder and the fans don’t know sh**” is woefully inadequate by any objective measure.

    Look, we get that Urb has to tow the line and I tend to agree that a mid-season demotion probably does more harm than good. But at a minimum, I would expect Pope Urban to take a much larger role in the play-calling and naturally, a much larger share of the blame if the play-calling continues its current trajectory.

    But this sentiment may change if UGA, USC, and FSU kick our a**, which certainly looks like it could happen.

  4. All the stats prove this guy is in over his head. Even more concerning than the stats is the way he contradicts himself day in and day out. EXAMPLE: Tuesday, Bouncey and Gilbert were playing the best they have ever played, now today he says everyone needs to get better, especially the O line? C’mon Meatball, make up your mind! Fact is, in order for Meyer to be pressured into making a change, we are going to have to pay a price. Unfortunatly that price is at least two more losses to SEC teams at home OR 1 SEC loss and a loss to AP State. We need to be emabrarrased, AGAIN.
    No I am not saying I WANT to lose these games BUT if we don’t take our lumps now and get him out the door we will all be posting on this site this time next year, frustrated as hell.
    Finally – if he claims he didn’t hear the boos on Sat, I can’t wait to hear his reponse when he is asked about the recruits comments on the boring FL offense or what he thinks about the first de-committal from the 2011 class. He’ll probably say he has not heard anything about it.

    1. Daz, I can promise he’ll hear some boos Saturday night if he keeps running the same old stuff. If he couldn’t hear them last Saturday night, he also has a hearing problem on top of his other problems.

  5. Would it really take 2 years to get an OC ready to coach the Gator offense? If reports are true about Scott Loeffler taking an interim role as the OC during the Sugar Bowl against Cincy, then I think it’s safe to say his 2 months on the job were sufficient. After watching our offense bumble it’s way through every game last year waiting for a defensive save, I though that Percy Harvin’s early departure had been a huge hit to the offense. Turns out it was merely play calling, because our offense looked unstoppable under Loeffler’s play calling.

    I think Loeffler would be a solid choice as an interim OC for the remainder of the year.

    1. That was the shit sandwich that they tried to seel everyone last year. I knew better. I kept hearing how the offense really sucked because of the loss of Harvin and Murphy. This is Florida! We have players that should be able to step in and contribute and we had them. It was simply bad play calling like we are seeing again this year.

      1. You’re right, and there were a few of us last year who weren’t buying that garbage then either. My main concern is not so much the play calling (which is horrible in and of itself), its that our talent does not develop under Addazio. Can anybody point to a single person on offense who has seen breakout growth under Addazio? All that come to mind are “disappointments.”

  6. It makes me rage that this is even debatable. Fire his fucking ass immediately. He sucks, and we all know it. The only reason he’s still here is because he’s bff’s with Meyer. Dear Urban, this is a business. Cut your ties and let’s move on. Bama is pulling away from us as a program right now!!! Admit you fucked up recruiting Brantley, he’s not what we need. He doesn’t fit your system. Bench Moody. He sucks. He reminds me of an 18-wheeler.. He has the slowest acceleration I’ve ever seen in a RB. Give Debose, Hines, and Moore more touches. Start Burton. He gives you the big-play-ability you have been missing. The QB read, option and shuffle pass do not work with an immobile QB.

    p.s. Fuck Mike Pouncey. Makes me rage that the “leader of the team” can’t even learn how to snap a Goddamn football. Most overrated player in the country IMO.

  7. i’m sick of all the happy pr talk we’re getting. teams change play callers during the season all the time so stop making it such a big deal with all the denials. we’re not clicking right now, so shake it up a little. let the qb coach call plays or move up to the pressbox or start smoking or drink coffee but do something besides make bad jokes and blow smoke up our asses because, honestly that has me more freaked out than the poor play

  8. Yet again another contradiction. The coaches say there is no defined offense @ FL yet one of the so-called leaders on the O line(Carl Johnson) knows this is not the case per his quote below on

    Inside the 5-yard line, do you guys feel like you’re a little bit predictable there, in terms of it’s just that snap to Trey Burton and that’s the option?

    I don’t really think so. That’s our thing. We’ve been the spread here since Dan Mullen. Even people then knew what we were going to do, but you just had to stop it. I think that’s still the same philosophy here. As a whole, we’re still a spread-option team. We can’t differ from what we do so we have to run our same, old game plan.

    Hey Carl, it has been stopped, time and time again.

    WOW even our players have become delusional. Can someone please let Carl know that the following personnel that made taht system work for FL work ARE GONE:
    (Dan Mullen, Tebow, Harvin, Hernandez, James, Cooper etc. + an O-line that used to know how to block)

    The FL players are brainwashed and have accepted mediocrity, afterall, what other QB at ANY LEVEL would not not have gotten in the mug of the center after getting shoe shined 5 times in one game, against Miami(OH) no less.


    1. I’m tired of our coaches making stupid statements and lying to everybody. All I heard in the off season was how they offense was going to be adjusted to use Brantley’s supposed passing abilities. A couple of weeks ago there was a quote by Meyer saying he wasn’t going to change anything for Brantley, the offense was the offense, get used to it. What sense does it make to recruit a guy who isn’t a good fit for your offense and then refuse to change things up to maximize his potential?

      I think Meyer also needs to have a reality check, he’s used to Tebow making him look good. Memo to Meyer: Tebow was a once in a lifetime player. Burton is not Tebow, nor do I seriously think he’ll rival Tebow’s production. That’s not to say he’s not a good player, but Tebow was one of a kind. You’ve to move on and revamp for what you have now. You could start by letting Brantley throw the ball downfield more than 2 attempts a game.

  9. ^^ the ridiculous thing is that our first play in the spring game this year was a deep pass to Thompson. Way to give us false hopes, Meyer!!!

  10. Addazio can coach lineman, so let him keep that job. But he looks at the whole offense from a linemans’ perspective. In other words, sweaty, muddy, in a cloud of dust, within two yards of the line of scrimmage… That’s no way to run an offense, especially one geared to speed, misdirection and finesse, with ball skills rather than grunting, grocery-eating pugilistic energy.

    And his blind devotion to Brantley at QB is ridiculous, as he’s hammering a square peg into a round hole. Brantley is immobile, and requires almost no defensive attention. He cannot even see over linemen, much less throw over them. The move must be made to Trey Burton NOW (the kid scores SIX in one game, and then is put back into a drawer). And 3-yard passes on 3rd and 8 are a recipe for an ass-kicking.

    There is an old saying that, regardless of the job, there is somebody, somewhere, who can’t do it, and given enough time, that person will end up with that job. Well, the job is OC at Florida, and the person who can’t do it is Steve Addazio…

  11. Why fire him mid-season. Do the Bowden shuffle, let him stand there looking stupid and have someone upstairs call the plays. I what let some of the recruits give it a try. Can’t be any worse than what we got.

  12. I really don’t think Urban thought Cam Newton was gonna pull a heist and snag a laptop. Screwed his whole master plan. Granted, he probably would have been mediocre with Stevie Boy..and might I add, this is the first year in a long time where it’s an uncertainty with Georgia and FSU. South Carolina is always a good game no matter what, but not so sure this time.

  13. Sorry. I have never posted here before, but I NEED TO VENT!!!! I have been a gator fan for 25 years and this is the worst team I have ever seen put on the orange and blue, in spite of being one of the most talent laden team we have ever had. That’s it! I am done!!!! I am not watch another game until Addazio is fired. I will likely be slammed for not being a loyal Gator, but this is getting too painful to watch anymore. There are better things to do with a Saturday than to watch these guys self-destruct due to a lack of good coaching and preparation.

  14. Mike Leach is waiting in Key West with his bags packed and play-book in hand as we speak. What we need now is a pirate to right this ship

  15. Steve Addazio MUST GO!!! I cannot take another week of looking at such an innept offense. We have a ton of talent yet no coaching. We don’t have any leadership either. I don’t know wheher to blame Brantley or not, but he certainly has not developed to anywhere near what we all thought he could be. Why can’t Urban see this and admit he made a big mistake?

  16. Scott Loeffler should be calling plays. Period.

    There is a serious lack of leadership on this team. I don’t know know if that stems from coaching or if we just don’t have those types of players on the team. We are young but one of the upper classmen has to step up.

  17. I was at last nights game with a buddy of mine. We parked at the Publix on 34th and university and walked to the stadium. Now this is where I normaly park and the walk is usually very enjoyable, yelling with other Gator fans, talkin trash to the opposing fans, it just makes that long walk a lot of fun. Yesterday we were stuned at how dead that area was. When we were walking up it was like a ghost town. It was 30 min before kickoff and there were still places to park a 10 min walk from the stadium. C’mon Gator Nation.
    Then at the game there is no true leader on the field offense or defense. No one wants to get out there and make a play. There are no big hits on defense and no broken tackles or even falling forward on offense. It almost seams that the coaches have brainwashed the players to believe that losing IS an option. That is not Florida Football and that is not Florida Football at home in the Swamp.
    Another thing we have the #1 recruting class last year and we cant get a kicker? Even a backup kicker that can make a 40 yarder?
    When is the last time the Gators lost 2 in a row in the Swamp. What is the saying “The Swamp only Gators get out alive” That is a joke.

  18. You gotta love the AP sports writer’s closing comment regarding Florida’s third consecutive loss at home to an SEC opponent: “Yep, Coach Urban Meyer has accomplished something that even former coach Ron Zook never did.”

  19. Gator Bill, thank you for your comments about last year. We under performed offensively way too often. And I think our coaching staff crippled Tebow’s potential. And the only thing that kept the fans relatively quiet was the fact that we were winning. Our lack of production didn’t catch up to us until the SEC championship game. But this year, it caught up with us early and often. What pisses me off is the fact that we, as fans, are not justifiable in our complaints until we lose three straight? We are fair weather fans if we complain? We should suddenly accept our current situation because we “can’t win every year”? I could see that argument if our problem was a lack of talent, but all of our four and five star recruits might disagree with that assessment. Our coaches are failing us and getting paid a lot to do so.

  20. Pat Dooley says…
    First half: First down continues to be a lost down for the Gators, who ran 12 plays on first down and gained 14 yards. That, my friends, is pathetic no matter what team you’re playing.
    Second half: Gators were able to move the ball but could only punch it in one time. One of the problems was Florida had only four possessions in the half.
    For the game: This is one of the worst offenses Florida has had since the 1979 debacle (0-10-1). Seven points against Mississippi State? At home?

    Meyer’s better get his shit together or he’ll be leaving WITH Addazio

  21. Finally people with some sense. I have been telling my friends for yrs the Meyer was way overrated, and it was simply the talent around him that won the championship. I’m not going to throw Urban under the bus totally here because he does have some amazing talents. These include finding players with hidden talents, motivating the players on and off the field, and putting these teams together cohesive in the past. However, he has never had the offensive genius kind to read defenses and call plays. Bottom line, his heart just ain’t in it this yr. You can tell by the way he hold his head on the sideline. Somebody got to get him off his meds.

  22. There’s an easy way to fix this mess! Here you go:

    1. Bench Brantley, start Burton.

    2. Demote Addazio (short term), Meyer takes over play-calling.

    3. Get guys healthy.

    4. Fire Addazio during off-season, replace with new, better OC.

    5. Profit.

    1. 1. Burton can’t throw a pass so teams will still continue to stuff the box and shut down the run game and force Burton to beat them in the air, which he has yet to prove he can do in an SEC game.

      2. I’m fine with a switch in OC because let’s face it, who can do worse? But I don’t know if Urban has any play-calling experience. I’d rather have Scot Loeffler calling the shots like he supposedly did in the Sugar Bowl last season when our QB who “couldn’t throw” threw for over 400 yards.

      3. Easier said than done.

      4. Fire Addazio or put him back in charge of the O-line only. Whatever they do, just don’t let him call plays next season, shred his playbook! Then you have all off season to learn from the new OC.

      5. Profit.

      1. Burton hasn’t been given a chance to throw the damn ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so tired of hearing “Burton can’t throw”!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus Christ. Watch the Spring game. He seems to have the “it” factor that you can’t coach. Brantley does NOT. He’s an easy going bitch.

        1. OK so if Burton is such a accomplished passer then why not just turn him loose? Maybe it’s possible that all these idiot coaches know something about their players that we don’t? The only things I’ve heard about Brantley over the years is he is a passing machine and broke Tebow’s hs records. All I’ve ever heard about Burton is he is a more dangerous scrambler than passer. He showed that he can run but against a KY defense. Against ALA he threw an interception.
          And what “it” factor does he have? He hasn’t done anything that a good RB couldn’t do! I haven’t seen him firing up his teammates and getting in their faces like Tebow! He sure doesn’t make people miss like Tebow did when he ran the ball and sure as hell doesn’t run people over. I think his 6 TD game (again against KENTUCKY and running basically the same play over and over!!!) really put false hopes (for this season) that Burton is the savior that Tebow was. Brantley isn’t the problem he’s just following orders.

  23. I don’t think Brantley has been given a fair chance. They’re certainly not letting him use his strengths. And why do they put Brantley at WR when Burton is in? That’s a waste of a position, no defense is going to even bother covering him. Who is meatball Addazio think he’s fooling with that? Does anybody wonder what he might look like if he was playing for Steve Spurrier? I promise we would have scored more than 7 points last night.

    1. The reason Brantley goes to WR in those situations is that they don’t want to tip too early when Burton will be at QB by pulling Brantley out, and the substitution rules no longer allow Brantley to run off the field just prior to the snap. So, they put him into the huddle, and then line him up at WR.

        1. Did you notice they did not even cover Brantley when they sent him out there? Any real OC would have noticed this and at least tried a pass that way. I honestly thought they were setting that up. The play was so open. Burton has thrown 2 passes this year one was picked (the jump pass) The other could have gone for a touchdown if the back would not have tripped on his own feet and ended up out of bounds. Burton is no Brantley when it comes to throwing the ball but I bet he can throw as equal to or maybe a little better then Tebow.

  24. Man guys….I am tired of spending $ in the town and donating the money to the program if this B.S. continues….something must be done! Foley you reading!!! My family, friends and I (as well as most of you) dump to much into the local economy for this crap to continue. Now they want a race to 500. Crap on that. You want 500 people to donate 100K…Take it out of those overpaid coaches salaries!

  25. Here’s a (somewhat radical) idea that no one has proposed:

    Demote Steve Addazio AND Urban Meyer, and bring back Dan Mullen as Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator. Put Addazio in charge of O-Line where he can do his job and Meyer with Special Teams where he is truly comfortable and will have more time with his family and less time dealing with pressures as head coach.

    In this situation, you offer Meyer and Addazio second chances to stay with the championship program they helped shape without completely throwing them out. Maybe Meyer wouldn’t stay with the Gators in that circumstance, but if the pressures have truly been too much for him and his family and we keep his pay a little higher than what it would normally be for that coaching position, I think it seems totally fair. Bringing Dan Mullen back might be a difficult task, but he’ll have a lot more to work with at UF then he ever will at Miss St.

    No one gets fired, and everyone is happy.

  26. Yep I’m not going to another game until Addazio is fired.

    I will not sell my tickets to anyone else either. I believe that is the only way to get rid of this bum. It is now not a matter of if. It is a matter of win.

  27. Wow that is a phenom idea. Meyer did put a focus on our special teams, and for that, I think every gator fan will agree that it was a good to see us standing on the otherside of the fence for once. And you know what…….. it was such a simple plan of attack…. and that is……. put all your A team starters in at special teams. What a genius idea to solve a complicated problem… maybe Meyer can come up with another fast resolve to to dilute this antiquated equation…. Meyer if you read this….. you know what to do. Addazio hid behind Tebow for too long, and you did too for that matter. Time to get another fix because your going through Tim Tebow withdrawals. Use the talent of some new blood and bring in some new game plans. Gator Nation has spoken…….. don’t get eliminated

  28. Please someone post Addazio’s latest post-game interview. I can’t wait to hear him say that they have never played better, that the need more “explosives” and then blame the kicker for the last two loses. They guy is worse than Zook. There, I’ve said it! Simple solution for the remainder of this year:
    Step 1-demote or fire Addazio
    Step 2-Loeffler to call plays the rest of the year
    Step 3-take a good look at Loeffler and decide after the season what direction you want to take with the offense. If running the spread….
    Step 4-Brantley better find a new program to play with. Transfer to FCS and you can play your Senior year in a system that suits your abilities.
    This is simple shit folks! Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what should happen at this point.

  29. I love the Mike Leach comment. His “fat little girlfriends” speech was running through my mind as I was watching our offense lose a pulse.

  30. AND after all is said and done Meyer is making 4.5 million a year not including endorsements. The program is a mess, he only has one philosophy when it comes to offense and that is the “option”. Sorry Brantley you got screwed, this O line is not coached to protect you and allow you time to throw and they ain’t changing. Transfer NOW, you still have eligibility. Meyer has failed you and you should be PISSED. Consider this, if his prize recruit QB Driskel does not de-committ it’s not likely you will see the field at all next year anyway. Heck, you might not see it much the remainder of this year, again this regime has failed you. Tranfer now and go prove yourself in a traditional offense where the O line is taught to block.
    Clean house Foley, don’t you too accept mediocrity and keep this second rate staff around this is not producing. Please don’t ley your relationship with Meyer get in the way of asking him to quit for good!

    Unofrtunately it will take at least one more embarrassment for Meyer to get another case of acid reflux and quit(for good hopefully) or for the UAA to show the current staff the door. This embarrassment will take place Oct 30 when GA beats FL. Richt is salivating, it’s going to be UGLY folks, if you have plans to go to Jax change them.

  31. This is so painful 2 days later!

    What angers me is I have been going to games with my grandpa since the Galin Hall days. Now I am the season ticket holder and the booster never have I ever left a game and been so angry.

    If this guy us is on the sideline at UGA I will leave the crappy Al-Tel Stadium and ask for Meyer’s job next. Because if Meyer is blind to this issue he has surved his purpose and he needs to go to.

    Mike Pouncey is NOT A LEADER. Amahad Black IS NOT A LEADER. Definately John Brantley IS NOT A LEADER.(Who gives a shit if he is a fourth geration Gator, I beleve Meyer was pressured into recruiting him, I don’t like his Uncle Scott and I don’t like him.) Right now Trey Burton is more poised then any of the upper classman(watch the post game interviews) he should be the clear cut starter in my book he can run the option and that has been the scheme we have run under Meyer. Everybody seems to forget that it was the genius of Dan Mullen that cooked up the Leak/Tebow scheme not Addazio he’s a dufus who cannot figure out how to pull his head out of his ass.

    Addazio the word of the day is ADJSTMENT. If a team is Blitzing then you load our box and protect the QB. Pull you head out your ass and lets go. Stop playing pussy football.

  32. This is so painful 2 days later!
    What angers me is I have been going to games with my grandpa since the Galin Hall days. Now I am the season ticket holder and the booster never have I ever left a game and been so angry.

    If this guy us is on the sideline at UGA I will leave the crappy Al-Tel Stadium and ask for Meyer’s job next. Because if Meyer is blind to this issue he has surved his purpose and he needs to go to.

    Mike Pouncey is NOT A LEADER. Amahad Black IS NOT A LEADER. Definately John Brantley IS NOT A LEADER.(Who gives a shit if he is a fourth geration Gator, I beleve Meyer was pressured into recruiting him, I don’t like his Uncle Scott and I don’t like him.) Right now Trey Burton is more poised then any of the upper classman(watch the post game interviews) he should be the clear cut starter in my book he can run the option and that has been the scheme we have run under Meyer. Everybody seems to forget that it was the genius of Dan Mullen that cooked up the Leak/Tebow scheme not Addazio he’s a dufus who cannot figure out how to pull his head out of his ass.

    Addazio the word of the day is ADJSTMENT. If a team is Blitzing then you load our box and protect the QB. Pull your head out your ass and lets go. Stop playing pussy football.

  33. I will say the FL coaching staff does have a good sense of humor though! I Love it when Brantly lines up as a wide out! Man that must really confuse the defense and have his cover man nervous as hell. Ha, Ha, Ha.

    Are you kidding me Meyer, how f-ing stupid. You should have Jonathan Phillips out there too as a wideout, the defense would freak out.

    Jack – asses!

    Well at least we know they all LOVE EACH OTHER AND HAVE EACH OTHER’S BACK. After all that was Brantley’s response to every question in the post game interview. Sounds like a powder puff team, they should all wear pink socks and hug before they break the huddle!

  34. 3 to 1 RATIO! That is all you need to know about this game and the BS that the ENTIRE Coaching Staff is feeding us before, during and after the games. 3 to 1? Well 3 = the number of OPTION PLAYS Brantley ran during the game. And 1 = the total number of PASS PLAYS that Brantley ATTEMPTED OVER 20 YARDS! Anyone else tired of the complete BS that is coming out of Addazio’s Mouth and even more disturbing his BIGGEST SUPPORTER, Coach Meyer… 3 to 1, enough said!

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