It’s Finally Over!

After two slow, plodding years our salvation has finally, officially, arrived.  For days rumors swirled on Texas blogs that Addazio was inbound as their new O-line coach, but in the end he has accepted the head coaching job at the University of Temple, finally ridding of us of his inept offensive scheme once and for all.  The writing was pretty much on the wall for Addazio’s tenure as our OC, but the guy had already defied all odds to somehow hold onto his job as long as he did so it’s nice to finally have something official out there.  Normally, I would wish a Gator coach nothing but the best in moving on, but I have not even the smallest hint of love left for the selfish Addazio.

Addazio’s end in Gainesville may not have ended with the embarrassing firing or demotion that we all expected, but gone is gone.  Really though, it is quite the commentary on some of the people in high places that a guy THIS bad at his job actually ends up with what some may view as a promotion.  Who knows, maybe if Addazio hires someone else to run the offense at Temple he can end up being a good hire in the same way that Ron Zook was a decent hire for Illinois.  That is, he’s known as a great recruiter, so maybe an influx of some talent alone can carry the team to higher levels in spite of anything else.  Though if he plans on running the offense, which he couldn’t do adequately (or at all) even with Florida’s talent pool, then Temple fans may replace this website with their own in a very short time.  I guess his only saving grace could be that Mid-American defensive coordinators aren’t smart enough to know fundamental concepts like stacking the line and playing aggressively against a guy who never tries to gain more than 4 yards on a single play.  After all, Addazio has proven that knowing the basics or running a unit is not a requirement to get a coordinator gig.  And really, am I the only one out there that has started to think that maybe the guys making these decisions aren’t as smart as we all thought they were?

I’ve gotten quite a few emails from Temple fans asking what to expect out of Addazio.  If he’s planning on running the offense at Temple then all you Temple fans need to do is tune in at 11am on January 1st and imagine that Gator offense being run by Temple players and you’ll have your frightening answer.

Even though enjoying Gator football has been tough this year, I have enjoyed having the opportunity to share my opinions on it with all of you readers out there this year, and it’s something I’d like to continue to be able to do.  So, I have started up a more general Gators blog/website that will be launched with in the week, and hope that those of you that have enjoyed my views on Addazio and the Gators will continue reading there.  I’m planning on decking it out with all kinds of cool community features and stuff so you guys can easily argue with me, and each other, since I know how much everyone wants their chance to say their piece of mind as well.  I’ll have an announcement up here very shortly with a link to the new website.

And with that, I’ll leave this article with this.  For you Gator students out there, if Steve Addazio has taught us anything, it’s to never give up on your dreams.  Because if this guy can become the head football coach of a D1 football program, anyone can.

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  1. Well done. Just knowing someone out there was speaking some sense helped keep me sane this season. Look foreward to reading your thoughts on Gator football in the future.

  2. I agree completely. Although this was definitely one of the hardest seasons to watch in a long time, this site really helped me get through it. I’m looking forward to your new website because, being from CT, it’s tough to find fellow dedicated fans around here to have an intelligent conversation with. Thanks for all your hard work and Go Gators!

  3. Addazio is Zook part 2. Just like Zook, he parlayed utter failure into a promotion. How can Temple possibly think this guy is going to be a good coach?? Have they done ANY homework on him? I have developed such a deep haterd for this guy that it will be fun to follow Temple next year and celebrate their failures just as it has been fun to do the same with Zook at Illinois.

    1. I don’t think being fired from Florida and hired at Illinois really constitutes a “promotion”. I mean, I get what you’re saying, the guy landed on his feet even after a mediocre job. However, being fired from one of the premier college football programs to run a mediocre Big Ten school is not a promotion.

      1. I was talking about his utter failure a the New Orleans defensive coordinator (40+ points allowed the last four games) for which he was going to be fired only to be hired by Florida. The fact that after failing again Illinois hired him as another mistery. And, he hasn’t been fired yet though he has made two bowls in six years!!! I’m telling you, he made a deal with the devil.

  4. Watch! I’m the magic psychic!

    The first four plays Temple runs with Steve Adazzio as coach will be:

    *drum roll*

    The HB dive, followed by a QB sneak, followed by a short screen, followed by a punt.

    Watch! I’m psychic! I’ve done it all season. I AM THE AMAZING PLAY CALLING PSYCHIC. I mean, I CAN READ ADAZZIO’s MIND!

  5. Its finally over, we have closure. We won. I have to say I’m pretty pleased with how things turned out, Urban Meyer did us all a favor and quit (we can all debate his legacy another time, but it was clear this year that due to whatever his health issues are, his fire was gone and he needed to go deal with whatever issues he’s having), and now Adazzio ran off before the ax could be lowered on him.

    Its hard to see what Temple thinks they’re getting with him, if he can’t run a successful offense at Florida its impossible to think he can at Temple. The Zook comparisons are good, both Zooker and Adazzio were never really good coordinators, but were both praised for being great recruiters. And they both babble a bunch of nonsense whenever they speak. Maybe they are brothers separated at birth. Whatever the answer is, I’ll enjoy watching Temple descend to new lows under Adazzio while he makes a total buffoon of himself. Its going to be fun now that he’s not our problem.


  6. When asked about his offensive philosophy at the news conference, Addazio talked about not wanting to fit “a round peg in a square hole.” – Really Steve. We all saw how well you were able to adjust the offense to the players strengths while at Florida. Good luck Temple.

  7. Thanks for giving your insight throughout this entire season. At first, I thought you were a little too hard on Steve Addazio, but after personally witnessing our playing on home games and thinking about what you were saying, I could not find myself disagreeing with any word you typed on this website. I look forward to reading your Gators football blog in the future. Though I am a proud supporter of the Florida Gators as a student of this university, a healthy dose of skepticism is always needed even when it is not always welcomed by all. Thanks again, and God Bless.

  8. It’s not over as Meyer is still there. And MusCHUMP will leave for Georgia as soon as Helen Hunt gets fired, which is at most one year away. Get rid of Meyer and fire Foley the bozo too!

    1. Your display of ignorance never ceases to amaze. Meyer is going to be working at ESPN, not Florida. NCAA rules prohibit him from playing a coaching role. Foley is an excellent AD. Consider the PROOF: Football – 2 national championships; Basketball – two national champtionships and a likely return to the NCAA tournament this year; Baseball – college world series and ranked number 2 this year; volleyball – ranked number 1 throughout the season; swimming – UF’s head coach will be coaching the U.S. Olympic team in 2012. He also just hired Muschamp away from the University of Texas. Catch a clue!

      1. He probably thinks a non-compete clause means a secret agreement between the coach and horrible AD Foley under which the new coach agrees not to compete with other teams.

  9. LOL, love the ‘Mission Accomplished’ photo.

    All I can say is that is a great Christmas present to all of us that love the Gators that this Addazio buffoon is gone.

    He made the Gators hard to watch this past season, not only were we not very good, we were boring.

  10. Did anybody catch yesterday’s Days of Our Lives? I am dying to know if Abigail forgives Bo for cheating on her!

  11. I don’t get it.
    Urban Meyer is/was Addazio’s supervisor, oversaw and approved all of Addazio’s play-calling, and Addazio gets all the venom and no one lays a glove on Meyer?

    1. Meyer did get venom and i don’t think a lot of people shed any tears after he decided to quit again. I agree that he failed the University by allowing Addazio to run that retarded offense. Unlike Addazio though, Meyer has clearly built quite a track record of success including the 2 BCS NC’s, so you would have to think that the guys deserves some room to fuck up once in a while. I figured he had to be on his way out because it would be impossible to keep someone as incompetent as Addazio on staff otherwise. I don’t really know what your point is, but Meyer earned some leeway while Addazio is a human abortion.

    2. Spot on Mike. You’re in a cesspool of Meyer lovers. Here, everyone and everything is to blame but Meyer. They even like loser Foley here (he didn’t hire Meyer; Machen did).

  12. Mike, had Meyer stayed on and plodded through another mediocre season, he would’ve caught even more hell than Addazio did.

    As 93Gator succinctly pointed out, UM earned a lot more leeway than Addazio. For all the successes Meyer has had in his coaching career, you don’t vilify him for one gaff (promoting, then keeping, Addazio). No matter how big and glaring it was.

  13. “Meyer has called him one of the best coaches in college football.
    “This is truly a great day for Temple football, as Steve Addazio is the perfect coach to take the program to the next level,” Temple athletic director Bill Bradshaw said. “Steve brings a wealth of experience with some of the nation’s best programs. As one of the top recruiters in the country, Steve will be able to bring talented players to Temple, and with his vision and passion for the game, he will be able to lead them to success on the field.”


  14. “Meyer has called him one of the best coaches in college football” – That just shows how dumb Meyer is, who should know better, and not how dumb Temple is, who really has no reason to know better.

    1. Temple has no reason to know better??? It’s called game film chief. You think that somehow everyone on this website (except maybe you), as well as 99.9% of the general public who had even the slightest knowledge of the University of Florida’s football program the past two years, realized how awful Addazio is but a university paying a guy millions of dollars to coach their football team can’t be expected to realize how stupid he is? C’mon man, I know you hate Meyer and UF and all but saying that Temple couldn’t have known what they’re walking into is just downright stupid.

      1. Don’t try to reason with him. He probably thinks Meyer and Foley used some kind of ultra secret UF mind ray to cause Temple to hire Addazio.

    1. You are a complete Douche Bag. You were definitely strained through your parents sheets when you were conceived.

  15. Gator Dad, I was thinking the same thing. Juergensen must have some inside connection to know who Foley hires. One second its fire Meyer then when Meyer quits he pulls the fire Foley. Kind of makes me said that a ass like juergensen is connected with Florida. When Foley steps down I wonder if Jurgensen will take his place because that guy has all the answers. We love you Juergensen even though you don’t really love yourself.

    1. Right. I’m beginning to really question with he has two degrees from UF, both in terms of loyalty and intelligence. I mean firing Jeremy Foley — come on. It’s also really funny that he wanted Urban Meyer gone for being such a bad coach, but then suggests that Foley had nothing to do with that. If Meyer were such a bad hire, you would think he would want to lay that one at Foley’s feet as well since he is such a poor AD. Oh well, you can’t argue with an idiot.

  16. Exactly, he’s probably a Georgia fan just trying to raise our blood pressure. The guy just complains over and over not ever making sense.

  17. Just a reminder to everyone that the campaign to shut down jeurgy is still on and going strong. Let’s hurry up and vote this goon off the island before the administrator let’s him ruin the new blog! Click on the following link to vote:

    1. Yep, and let’s do a little math. If he gets paid 600,000 a year over, oh idk, how about 5 years, that makes 3 million total dollars. Temple will dish out over one million dollars to this man over the course of his contract, thus, Temple will be paying him millions of dollars.

    1. Because Smart isn’t a head coach and Muschamp is = More experienced coach for GA + Better PR for Georgia

      You lost your bet.

      1. really. this doesn’t deserve a reply, but…I shouldn’t even bother really. really. really.


  18. And Fire Meyer as he’s still hanging around!

    That’s why no top head coach would even consider Florida and why we had to settle for a CHUMP!

  19. So Georgia would steal Muschamp with only 1 year coaching experience rather than get the next hot name out there in Kirby? Juergensen you have to be the dumbest Florida grad I’ve ever come across do you actually even watch sports? I didn’t lose my bet that wasn’t an answer that was just the ramblings of a retard lol. Go Gators! Go Muschamp! Go Foley! Go Juergensen!

  20. I think we have a class act as head ball coach. Actually waiting until after the bowl to announce his coaches not to take anything away from Meyer and the players bowl. We will be back on top in no time!

  21. Wow, two sources confirmed to ESPN that Charlie Weis will be the next Florida Gator offensive coordinator!!!!!

  22. Muschump with no experience + Cheeseburger Charlie with losing expedience = Ron Zook all over again!

    Fire Foley for failing to drive that egomaniac Meyer out of town and for hiring a bum!

    1. You are now showing yourself to be an even bigger idiot than before. Weiss had a winning record overall at ND. The guy was also Bilichek’s OC for the Patriots when they won the Superbowl. I guess that Bilichek doesn’t know anything about football either. This year, Weiss to KC from bottom offense in the NFL to number 9. Guess that was just luck too. To get an OC from a playoff bound NFL team is a feat — a real feat. I am now convinced that you never stepped foot on the UF campus. No way in Hell that someone that stupid could even get a weekend visit to UF, much less two degrees.

  23. That bucktooth AD is an embarrassment to the University of Florida! People are going to think there are no dentists in Gainesville!

  24. How can it be over when Meyer is still hovering over the program and our bucktooth AD is still embarrassing us?

    It ain’t over until both are gone!

    1. Hahahaha great link, girlfriend. It’s pretty amusing to see nothing but a ton of people calling for the site to be shut down and then of course all of the posts with you talking to yourself.

      Two degrees from UF, eh? You’re not fooling anybody, it’s obvious you applied to Florida and were swiftly rejected. Your posts aren’t just stupid, they are ridiculous, jaded responses to the embarrassment of being told you’re just not smart enough to be a Gator. Please, tell me I’m wrong.

  25. Hey Temple fans, I have a gently worn “Save Gator Football, Fire Steve Addazio” t-shirt, if you take a sharpie and x-out Gator and replace with Owl…you will love it !! Will sell cheap, believe me, you’re gonna want it soon.

  26. It’s time for all you Meyer lovers to shed your phony Gators shirts and show the real girlie men underneath!

  27. That poll to get rid of me is the lamest gayest faggyest thing I’ve seen since I visited San Fancisgay.

  28. Juergensen if Machen hired Meyer why don’t you want Machen fired? If we fire Foley who do you purpose we replace him with? If we fire Muschamp because according to you he’s going to Georgia who do we replace him with? I just want to know what would make Juergy happy?

  29. So I checked out the firemeyer link on Juergensen’s comment and I have to say Juergensen has got to be the biggest Florida hater on the planet. One guy on his post calls him out back in 2007 for saying Tebow running the offense would ruin Florida. Juergensen must get his kicks from just talking shit about everything Florida. The only person he talks positive about is South Carolina’s head ball coach.

  30. How can I cover up these stretch marks around my mouth? They’re starting to get really noticeable.

    1. What a loser. He pays ESPN to be an “Insider” so he can think he’s important. How gay. Get a life.

    2. What a loser. He pays ESPN to be an “Insider” so he can think he’s important. How gay. Get a life. H O M O.

  31. I guess the coaches will die by Brantley no matter what. I just can’t believe this crap. I’m so glad the Muschamp era is less than 2 quarters away! Damn glad I sold those tickets.

  32. Defense showed up for that game. Muschamp has some talent to work with next year. Great game! Wish I would have kept those tickets lol.

  33. How about the Charlie weis hire. Foley is making some great decisions, I think Florida football will be a contender again. Go Gators!

  34. How about the Charlie weis hire. Foley is making some great decisions, I think Florida football will be a contender again. Go Gators!

    1. It really is a great hire. Weis runs an excellent pro style offense, and he has proven he can run an offense at the collegiate level (remember, he was fired from ND for his defensive failures). I’m not sure how long he will stick around, since I’m sure he’ll be in line for another job very shortly, but I’m definitely glad to have him while he is here.

  35. Mr. Driskel welcome to Gators nation! Your first order of business please run Brantley out of town.

  36. Cheeseburger Charlie is another loser hire.

    Head coach with no head coaching experience + Offensive coordinator with losing head coach experience = Ron Zook all over again.

    Fire Foley and tell Meyer to leave town so we can get a real head coach!

    MOOsechUmp is here only for a year or so until Helen Hunt gets canned at Georgia.

    1. Your definition of losing is fascinating. I was always under the impression that “losing” meant losing more than you win. Seeing how Weis’ head coaching record features more wins than losses, I am not sure how that is “losing”

      Your hang up on Muschamp going to Georgia is hilarious for a couple reasons:

      1. You think he’d voluntarily take a lesser job.

      2. You think he doesn’t have a non compete clause in his contract.

      If you honestly think Florida did not put a non compete clause into his contract you are out of your damn mind.

      1. Dude why do you insist on replying to this obvious troll? Haven’t you noticed he keeps repeating the same talking points just to get a rise out of Gator fans.

        For fucks sake people, please stop acknowledging trolls and they will eventually go away.

  37. Foley better be tuning in to what’s happening in Athens because as soon as Helen Hunt gets axed the ‘Chump is heading there, making us look like F O O L S !

    Fire Foley for not thinking of this!

  38. Are you high!
    We have muschamps top ten defensive scheme with Charlie Weis’ top ten offense, sure he didn’t have success as a head coach, but he didn’t have the weapons Florida has and now he gets to do what he’s actually good at, run an offense. He made Matt Cassel look like Tom Brady, the guy is an offensive genius and were lucky to have him. If he ca
    Make Cassel look good, maybe Brantley can finally play to his potential in an offensive scheme that doesn’t blow.
    Fuck you juergensen,
    Go Gators and good job Foley

    1. Let it go Jeff…you worry about being our new QB next year…juergensen is only here to get a rise out of true Gators.

    2. Brantley has no potential. How anyone can still think he does is beyond me. Hands down the worst college QB I have ever seen.

  39. He has an arm and 3 yard flat passes didn’t show it, driskel will be ready his sophomore year but not yet, have some faith, he was the Gatorade player of the year at one point.

    1. Don’t take this personal, but you’re an idiot. Brantley was an over-hyped bust who will never start another game for Florida or any other team for that matter. Well, maybe a Division II/III team would give him a few starts, but then quickly bench his sorry ass.

      Farming or fishing, those are his career choices.

    2. Amen Angry Gator. Brantley is horrible, he does not have the leadership capabilities, pocket awareness, he can’t read the defense, he can’t hit the open receiver, even with time in the pocket the guy looks completely lost.

  40. Give the guy a break. We know what hes capable of and were stuck with him so might as well cheer him on.

  41. And if were lucky, he gets benched and I come in, or Jordan reed and were both a lot better than him, but he’s the upper classmen and he gets the support of the coaches

  42. No support now, he will have to actually compete for his job now. Urban just gave him the job because of his family ties to Florida. Muschamp and Weis aren’t doing that, Brantley will have to prove it this time. With Driskel and Reed there poor John Farmboy Brantley will be at the bottom of the depth chart.

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