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I’m going to make this post short and sweet.  Here are some more quotes from Steve Addazio on Tuesday following the LSU game.

“I feel great about my guys,” Addazio said Tuesday. “I don’t think Mike Pouncey has ever played any better than he’s playing right now. I don’t think Marcus Gilbert has ever played any better than he’s playing right now.”

Do I really need to even comment on this?  Come on man, it’s time to get back to reality.

Gatorsports went on to say that without the threat of a big play, defenses will continue to bring more pressure to disrupt Florida’s non-threatening offense.

Yeah, no kidding.  That’s what we on this site have been saying for two friggin’ months now.  If only these credible sources had the gall to say this stuff when we still had a chance to correct it, like I did earlier this year, rather than waiting for us to drop a couple games to jump on the bandwagon of problems that have been there the whole time.

Anyway, here’s Addazio’s most recent quote about it.

“We’ve got to find a way to get some more explosives in there”

Really?  That’s what you’ve got for us on that front Steve?  We’ve got to find a way?  Here’s a clue.  THROW THE BALL DOWNFIELD.  In case you’ve forgotten, you’re the guy calling the plays Steve.  If you want big plays down field, you have to call them.  Running the HB dive 80 times until someone breaks one is not the answer, and I can guarantee you that a Brantley option to the short side of the field surely isn’t going to bring you one against a real defense.

Anyway, we’ve got another great quote from one of our recruits here.  When asked about the boos in the 4th quarter of the LSU game, Leroy Pittman responded…

“They felt the play-calling was not good,” he said. “It just shows the fans want to see more excitement from the offense. You can’t advertise great speed and talent, but never throw deep or have any long runs and not expect the viewers to have question and concern and frustration.”

It’s pretty said that a 17 year old incoming recruit seems to have a better grasp over what this offense needs than our offensive coordinator does.

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  1. Well Leonard just de-commited. Could this start a tidal wave of commits wanting to go elsewhere to a team thats going to use more players and more plays? This is gonna be a rough off season.

  2. Man this guy is a total Meatball! In addition to his completley inaccurate observation of the O line play this year, the guys mannerism’s and animation during the pressers are annoying. If you are going to continue to spew out garbage stop doing it with the hand gestures, lick lipping, head bobbing etc., makes you look like even more of a fool. Stop making jokes too when the media asks questions, you are not funny. You know darn well they were not asking about Booze, it was Boos, as in, YOU SUCK! Nice try spinning that one Dazo!
    Also why is it FL is second to the only other organization that kept this guy around so long. Please note FL is 2nd to a high school, see below. The O line has not been stellar by eany means, even going back to 06 when Tebow became involved in the offense. They never really had to block for him, he made his own holes.

    Coaching career (HC unless noted)
    1985-87 Western Connecticut State (OL)
    1988-94 Cheshire High School
    1995-98 Syracuse (OL/TE)
    1999-2001 Notre Dame (OL/TE/ST)
    2002-04 Indiana (OC/OL)
    2005-06 Florida (OL/TE)
    2007-08 Florida (OL/AHC)
    2009 Florida (OC)

  3. I feel great about my guys,” Addazio said Tuesday. “I don’t think Mike Pouncey has ever played any better than he’s playing right now. I don’t think Marcus Gilbert has ever played any better than he’s playing right now.”

    Lmao, is he really serious? Well damn, what if he thought they were playing badly??? I shudder to think…Personally Mike should have jumped the sinking ship with his brother because he has lost millions because of this idiot Steve Addazio…

    I’m not surprised the young man Leonard de-committed..Heck even Vanderbuilt has a mor explosive office. Its already starting.. We’re losing recruits because of this bullshit. I think this situation needs Foley/Machen attention.

    Save Gator Football

  4. Thank you for your your dose of reality. I just think Urb is so mellowed out from the Valium and beta blockers that he will never drop the dime on this clown. That CEO of Football crap never works. We want back the micro manager who is thinking about 3rd and 4 at a late dinner on Thursday. That is what $4M a year is supposed to get you. Anyway, I think your sight is fantastic and hopefully the Beat writers will grow a pair and address this as well. The great thing is, their arrogant coach speak couldn’t drown out the people forever. No turning back now. Keeping booing even as Mullen runs it up on us. The squeaky wheel will be heard. Thanks.

  5. Yes there are issues in Gator Country… There has always been issues with the offensive coordinator position ever since Dan Mullen left after the 2008 nat champ. The only reason it was not visible last year was because you had Tim”make something out of nothing” Tebow. However these issues are visible now when he wants to run an option offense with a drop back passer… He was not the offensive coordinator when Leak, the last true drop back passer we had b-4 Brantley, was on our team Dan “mr finess” Mullen was… This Addazio chuckle head is bringing the whole team down.

    What people do not realize is DAN MULLEN not TIM TEBOW was the secret to our success.

    True Mike Pouncy is playing better at center but this is not his best that was at guard when he was playing his best. Def not a first round draft pick in that position, like addazio says. One word sums it all up DELUSIONAL addazio is DELUSIONAL!!!

    1. I think Dan Mullen and Tim Tebow (along with a great defense) combined to make our success, not one or the other by themselves.

      As you said, Tebow can take a bad OC and still make the team look decent, which we saw in ’09 where Tebow regressed but was still naturally good enough for the offense to be mediocre despite an OC that should have made them awful (like this year, without Tebow).

      Combine Tebow with a good OC though, as we saw with Mullen, and it’s lights out. That 2007 Gator offense was right up there with the 95/96 Gator offense as far as the best offenses we’ve ever had, and that wouldn’t have happened if either Tebow or Mullen were missing from the equation.

  6. Addazio is TERRIBLE! No other coach in America could get less out 4 and 5 star athletes than him. From that presser yesterday, it sounds like Addazio really, truly believes he did a great job last Saturday. He had one good drive and that was only because Moore bailed him out with 51 yard catch and run because of a crossing pattern. That’s the longest pass of the year and we have a drop back passer as QB! The call that sums it up for me is on 2nd down on our own 5 yard line, he calls an option (for a QB with 4 cracked ribs) and can’t even hand off the ball because 2 defensive lineman are already through the line. Unbelievable!

  7. How about Pouncey coming to his defense… “The play-calling has been good,” Pouncey said. “Coach Addazio is a great coach. He’s calling all the right plays. We’re just not making the plays that are there to be made. Obviously, it looks bad on him, but he’s calling the best plays he can”. I mean come on this is blatent bull shit because even if we were doing well he couldn’t be calling ALL the right plays. Pouncey is just happy as hell to be at center but he doesn’t realize that this may hurt his draft stock.

  8. I’m glad I found this site. I knew I wasn’t the only one out there who was seeing the bad play calling game after game. As some point Urb needs to step in there and call some plays. Hopefully he hasn’t been already and we’re still that bad. Good lord.

  9. I, first of all have been a Gator since I found out there was a Neil Walk was there. I keep hearing about all these weapons we have but I never get to see them. It is like having a gun with a box of bullets and not loading the gun; neither one are any good without loading the gun and pulling the trigger. Addazio is the poster boy for incompetent!! Urban, you as head coach need to pull the trigger and put him out of his misery. In the last several games you have been out coached with inferior players. FIRE ADDAZIO!
    We are not paying you 4mil a year to have a losing team and lose recruits we need.

  10. That pictures says a million words. Having Addazio as OC is like having Obama for president

  11. I am also very glad I found this site. Actually I was trying to start it and a friend of mine told me it already exist. I should have opened it the minute he was offered the job. I knew then that this was going to be bad. However Tebow made him look good but now there is no Tebow and he is being exposed. The Gators deserved a proven offensive coordinator who understands how to attack a defense. Not a guy who tries to do what the last guy did and just tries to survive games. We have more speed then any team in America and yet we don’t use it. Every play there should be 5 speedy guys on the field there is not a team in a America that could stop this and with Brantley back there we should be picking teams apart. Somebody please tell Brantley to throw the ball farther then 13 yards 10-15 times a game. FIRE STEVE ADDAZIO!

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