Muschamp is a Good, Not Great Hire

As you all know by now, we have our new head coach.  Will Muschamp was a name that kind of surprised a lot of people (myself included), and seemed to come out of left field.  It really shouldn’t have though, and it’s kind of an interesting commentary.  If you recall, two years ago, Will Muschamp was the hot young assistant that everyone wanted as a head coach.  Had Urban left in 2008 rather than 2010, Muschamp probably would have been near the top of many of these lists that every sports site has been putting out about Urban’s replacement.  But Texas knew what they had in Muschamp and gave him a huge raise along with the promise that he would be Mack Brown’s eventual successor at Texas, and then Muschamp’s name seemed to just kind of disappear from all our minds.  I’m not sure if it was the idea that he was going to be the next coach of Texas, or just time separating us from the days where he was a hot commodity, but a lot of people seemed to kind of forget about him.  A lot of people, but not Jeremy Foley.

So, who is Will Muschamp?  I won’t get too heavy into the details, because that’s what wikipedia is for, but he’s a guy that has been fairly successful as a defensive coordinator at almost every step of the road he’s had.  In his second year as defensive coordinator at LSU in 2003, LSU led the SEC in every major defensive category.  In 2006 he took over an Auburn defense that already ranked in the top 10 in 2005 (and also ranked #1 in 2004), and maintained that top 10 ranking through both 2006 and 2007.  In 2008 he went to Texas, who had a defense that had ranked outside the top 30 in 2007.  In 2008, they moved up to just inside the top 20, before cracking the top 10 in 2009 prior to falling back out of the top 30 this past year in 2010.

He’s been one of the highest paid assistants in college football for years now.  In fact, at Texas, he was already the highest paid assistant coach in the Big12 (and was being paid more than any SEC assistant as well) and then had his salary more than doubled on top of that in 2008.  Clearly, people wanted to keep him around.

Unknown to many is that Muschamp also has some UF ties, which perhaps separated him from some of the other candidates in Foley’s mind.  Although he went to school at Georgia (gross), he grew up in Gainesville, spending the majority of the first 10 years of his life there.

Personally, I’m not disappointed that Will Muschamp is our next head coach.  However, I am a little disappointed that he was our first choice.  Foley said that Muschamp was the first and only coach he contacted about the job.  I would have preferred the guys from my list over him, and while I would have been fine with Muschamp had some of the other names that were floating around declined the position, I’m not sure I like him getting the offer before any of them did.  Even if we assume that Foley wanted an up and coming assistant (rather than an established coach from another program) that he could mold into a life-long Gator, I don’t see what Muschamp offers that a guy like Gus Mahlzan (who almost certainly would have taken the job) doesn’t, other than an endorsement from Texas (who cares what they think?) and a quicker hire.

That last part is what scares me a bit.  Did Foley prefer Muschamp to Mahlzan (or some of the other names that were out there) because Muschamp was available right now, and not a month from now?  I understand the importance that locking up our new coach has on recruiting, but it’s not worth rushing into a decision that’s going to effect the next five years to save one recruiting class.  We’ve been bringing top 5 recruiting classes in here for years, we can afford to lose a couple recruits one year if that’s what it takes to make sure we get our next head coach right.

Before I check out for the night, I also wanted to touch on our good friend Steve Addazio, and the rumors of his replacement.  It would seem that Major Applewhite is in line to replace him as OC, though I’m going to wait until we get something official before we fly the “mission accomplished” banners.

I thought Major Applewhite got a raw deal as a player, as he had to sit behind the “entitled” guy, Chris Simms, and watch him struggle in every important game only to come in in the 4th quarter and save the Longhorns, only to return to the bench for the next game.  I’m not sure about him as an OC though, as his coaching career thus far has certainly left a lot to be desired.  I would have preferred a guy like Dana Holgerson and Kerwin Bell, though I think I believe in Applewhite more than most Gator fans.  One thing is for sure though, he’d certainly be a major upgrade over Addazio.

By the way, the results of the poll question are  in and 92% of you said you’d read a Gators blog I started after this Steve Addazio nightmare is finally over, so I can continue reaching out to you guys.  I’m working on getting that set up now in the background, so stay tuned for more details.

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  1. I don’t hate the hire so much. I do agree about the “if he was the first choice” part. Type in YouTube “Coach Boom” and that made me a little more pumped, lol. The guy seems extremely enthusiastic. And as I do 99.9% agree with we shouldn’t have rushed it to save 1 recruiting class, that .1% is Jeff Driskel. I think we did need a quick hire to HOPEFULLY save him. He’s worth risking 4 years on Muschamp and redoing this a couple years from now, lol.

    Applewhite, not to fond of. Has proven nothing, in my eyes. But, rumors are that Texas is looking for ways to keep him so don’t give up too quickly on replacements..not to mention the crazy rumor of us stealing Kirby Smart?! I won’t hold my breath.

    1. I heard something about Will Muschamp doing his own defensive coordinating. I am not sure if this is true or not. I think that will be to overwhelming though.

  2. I somewhat agree. I know this wasn’t the big name we all wanted but I think this is still a fantastic hire the more I think about it. I get even more excited when I hear Kirby Smart’s name being thrown around in the DC discussion. Not particularly thrilled with Major Applewhite, but I’ll give him at least a year to show what he can do. I’ll be rooting hard for Brantley to redeem himself, should he choose to stay with us.

    In my opinion, Muschamp provides us with everything we currently need in a head coach. Young, intense, excellent recruiter and a proven defensive mind with big time SEC experience. I wanted Malzahn too, but I’m not disappointed with Muschamp one bit.

    Here are two videos that got me absolutely jacked that Muschamp is our guy. I can’t wait to see this dude on our sidelines.

  3. I initially wanted Peterson, and still would’ve liked him… BUT, the more I think about Muschamp, the better he sounds. Surely, he will have our D top 10, probably top 5 every year (trusting he will hire a great DC and keep him in check).. maybe the #1 defense. Defense USUALLY wins championships. This bodes well for us. I personally like having an exciting offense, and still hope Muschamp will hire an OC with some skills and balls, but even if we have to win boring games, as long as we win championships, so be it.

    I’ve heard that Erin Andrews tweeted that Muschamp is bringing in Holgerson from OKSt and Smart from Bama…. PLEASE GOD let this be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that actually happens, consider UF the 33rd NFL team.

    I feel that Muschamp will finally give us the toughness our players started to lack under Meyer, and maybe we can start pushing Bama around for once!

    The only thing I don’t like is that Muschamp is a UGA alum, and he shares a beach house with a Seminole (Fisher). puke. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but fuck.

    p.s. Muschamp seems like a more solid hire than Mahlzan. Surely a better recruiter and probably a better HC. As much as I like having a dynamic offense, I can sleep better knowing we will have a juggernaut D.

  4. Tizzebow you took the words right out my mouth. Petersen is who I dreamed about, but the more I think Muschamp the happier I get. The possibilities are endless with this guy and if we can pull Kirby and a great OC we will be the best in a matter of months. Can you imagine a world where the Gators can pull recruits out of Texas, Alabama, and Georgia just as easy as we do Florida!

  5. Yeah right. It’s a “good” hire like Zook was a “good” hire.


    1. Panicked

    2. Hired mere hours after the vacancy.

    3. Hired a non-head-coach when there was still plenty of time to inquire of top head coaches.

    4. Hired another non-head-coach that will need on-the-job training.

    5. Utterly failed to seek any of the many top head coaches out there, one of whom surely would have come to UF.

    6. Has shown that when left to his own devices panics and hires someone with no head coaching experience (Zook, Muscleman) (Meyer was hired due to President Machen’s involvement, and cannot be counted as a Foley hire).

    For these reason, we need FireFoley.Com!

    Or FireBucktoothFoley.Com!

  6. Foley gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to come up with Zook and Muschamp?

    [Meyer was a President Machen hire]

  7. Was no shock, really. With Urban strolling through the halls on campus, potentially looking over the new guy’s shoulder, I knew we’d get a guy that didn’t have the big ego (Petrino, Gruden, et al) and/or was already pals with Urban. Had my realistic wish-list whittled down to Whittingham and Mullen based on that.
    I had completely forgotten about Muschamp. When he was hired, I was confused for about 3 minutes. Then, having rebooted my brain, I realized he’s a great great fit.
    Thinking about how much UT did to keep him (boost in pay, coach-in-waiting title), it’s clear the guy is uber-talented and should probably have been a head coach already.
    Foley is a very smart man. And, if he had his sights locked on Muschamp from day 1, who am I to question it so early in the game?
    The only thing I’ll add that hasnt already been said by you guys here is this: Because he’s a head-coaching new-comer, I fully expect fans/boosters/alumni to give him a very short rope. For his sake, and our sanity, I hope he can pick up the pieces and quickly turn this barge around into a 9-10 game-winner in 2011. If, not, he may be on the hot seat real fast.

  8. We all ooo-ed and awww-ed over Urban and Tebow’s relationship, but can you even imagine the kind of intensity Muschamp and Tebow would have ignited had they been at UF together? That would have been a hell of a sideline show to watch every Saturday. I’m definitely excited about this hire.

    In regards to the slight disappointment of not shooting for a Peterson, Spurrier, Malzahn, or Mullen hire at first, I think Foley ultimately made the right decision in choosing a coach that wouldn’t need to be too heavily persuaded into coming to Florida. In other words, he picked a guy that wouldn’t think twice about taking this job, who REALLY wants to live in Gainesville, succeed as HC of the Florida Gators, and make “the swamp” his permanent home. Though I think (some of) the other guys may have eventually accepted, there is a possibility that such a huge move would come with an ounce of doubt. We need someone that wants to be here 100 percent, and is going to do everything in his power to stay. I also think that is the big difference between Muschamp and Zook. Either way, I was surprised by his hire but also think I understand the reason for it.

    This OC business is still very much in need of being sorted out. We can assume Addazio is a goner, which is music to my ears, but I do have my doubts about Applewhite. However, I still believe that Applewhite’s youth may lend to some offensive innovation. That’s not a very real assessment, but here’s to hoping. If Muschamp knows the guys he has chemistry with and Applewhite is one of them, then I’m all for it. It’s when you go around picking up guys you don’t know that well to work with that I see problems occurring.

    Oh, and this is a very early prediction, but does anyone else think Muschamp isn’t gonna be real impressed with Brantley? Talk about polar opposites attitude-wise, not to mention Brantley can hardly stand on his own two feet let alone avoid defensive pressure in and around the box.

  9. I wonder if Muschamp has been targeted all year. After seeing Urban Meyer lite all year, I’m guessing that it was all part of the plan last year when he resigned the first time for him to take over as the figurehead while Foley searched for a new coach.

    1. I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. That was serious turn around from the time Meyer officially resigned.

      1. You have to admit, he’s the next best thing to SOS. And chances are, he would be a Gator as long as we’d have him.

  10. Juergensen are you a Gator fan? I have never read anything positive from you. I quietly agreed with you about firing Meyer, and now he’s gone you are still mad. Lol can anything short of mad chaos make you happy?

    1. I have a degree from UF hanging on the wall, which makes me a GATOR, not just a Gator FAN. What about you?

  11. And I want to know who are Jurgensen’s sources he knows that Foley hired Zook but machen hired Meyer but then Foley hired Muschamp. I’m just a season ticket holder so my sources are limited. Please tell me where Big juergensen gets that info. He must work in Machen’s office. Man I’m jealous!

    1. It’s real simple. When Zook was fired the press reports were clear that Machen wanted Meyer, who was at Utah, because he (Machen) himself had hired Meyer at Utah and wanted him at UF. Basically Foley didn’t have a choice but to hire the guy his boss wanted! That’s why Meyer is not really a “Foley hire”.

  12. I’m liking the hire the more I let it sink in. Muschamp has ties to Gainesville, inroads into the two biggest recruiting states in the country, has learned under some of the greatest coaches in football today, and has connections to a lot of quality potential assistants. He brings fire, for sure.

    Very stoked if he brings in Kirb Smart. Would prefer another hire at OC than Applewhite, but I also don’t see Muschamp as the type who would sit on a bad hire just because of history.

    A recruiting team of Muschamp/Smart would make Florida THE premier destination for any defensive players. Very exciting!

  13. Very excited about the hiring. I just hope that if Muschamp finds success here (which I fully expect him to), he’ll stick around for a while. Being a Georgia grad and coaching for some of our rivals in the past, part of me questions where his loyalties are. I am worried that when Mack Brown retires in 4-5 years, Muschamp will leave us for Texas.

    This is all premature speculation, of course. It’s far too early to be worried about that.

  14. Just for a little bit of comedy relief, look at what this moron had to say about Addazio:

    “Addazio should be a head coach by now, he’s that good. He’s a great recruiter, particularly up in the East, in that area,” Lemming said. “He yells all the time. The players love him. He’s an in-your-face type of a coach, which is what you need to get to the next level.”

    So being a great recruiter and yelling all the time equals being a head coach. Got it. Will start working on my recruiting skills. I got the yelling down, so soon I’ll be able to be a Head Coach and get 2 million dollars a year. That’s the plan.

  15. No Applewhite so hopefully we get a great OC I say go get the AUBURN OC he apparently doesn’t want to be a head coach.

  16. This post is getting funny, please don’t stop the sword fight. We need it to keep folks on this site entertained until Sept 2011.

  17. I’m curious to see who we’ll get for OC. I doubt Malzahn, seeing as he just got a raise and an extension, and Holgorsen will reportedly be leaving Oklahoma St for West Virginia (why, I cannot explain). I know some people wanted to give Kerwin Bell a shot at HC, but how about OC first? Seems to make some sense.

  18. One question I’ve never seen answered is this: If we are such a desirable coaching destination – I’ve read that we are a “Top 5 program” – why can’t we lure Top 5 or even Top 10 head coaches? Why do always have to resort to unknown coordinators like Zook and MuschUmp?

    NB. Meyer was an exceptional situation as his former boss at Utah – President Machen – was the new President at UF and recruited him.

    1. I was going to reply to you in a more thoughtful manner, refute your “points”, etc. But then I read a few of your posts and all I have to say is:

      You’re an idiot. Please stop talking.

    2. Are you kidding me? Do you know anything at all about football? This guy was on the top of everyone’s list last year. He turned down the job at Tennessee (a big SEC school that offered him more money than we are paying him). He was the named head coach replacement for the University of Texas. He has a proven track record now with three premier college programs, including two SEC programs. Your posts really do demonstrate that your football IQ is non-existent.

  19. Juergensen

    I to have a degree on my wall I a Gator and life long Gator fan. My mother and grandmother also have a degree from Florida neither one follows sports and I’m going to assume your in that category. You act as if you know what’s really going on but you simply follow the media for you info. I think Foley was scrambling for a coach when he chose Zook. I also I know that Foley picked Meyer, Machen just went with it because he trust Foley. Maybe Juergensen should be a fortune teller because you already know the outcome before it happens. Maybe you should call your buddy machen and ask for Foley’s job because your a Gator and not a fan… I had a feeling you had just as much knowledge as my mother and grandmother. Hey Gator Nation Juergensen for AD since he knows all and sees all!

  20. I would hope we could all take a step back and see what a major steal this was in getting Will Muschamp as our new HBC. He was dubbed the HBC in waiting at Texas, that is Texas people, not Mississippi State, Louisville, Auburn, Arkansas and just about every other college football program on the planet, Texas! I would be as bold to say that UT is the #1 to #3 Program in the country. I am shocked that this little nugget tends to get overlooked by the UF fans that are complaining about his hire, shocked in fact! You are basically saying that UF deserves better than UT when it comes to coaches. I hope we understand that while I would not separate the two schools by much, I would like to throw out there that I am pretty sure that what is good enough for UT has to be good enough for the University of Florida?!?

    For the Mullen and Strong supporters, give me a break! You think these guys are a better fill for the UF job because they actually have the 2 years (Mullen) and 1 year (Strong) of HBC experience at such perennial powers Mississippi State and Louisville. I am here to tell you that if Muschamp showed a glimmer of interest in either one of those job openings the year before and the last that we WOULD be looking at either Mullen or Strong as our HBC because Muschamp would have easily been the choice of MSU and Louisville over our two recently departed coordinators as both schools would have chosen Muschamp over the both of them. Really, HBC at Louisville and MSU for a small amount of time trumps basically getting the HBC at the University of Texas.

    In short or long, I am pretty sure that what is good enough for the LOWLY University of Texas is good enough for the University of Florida Gators! The only real shock is not that Muschamp got the job but that he was actually available for the taking. His backup plan was not to go back to Louisville, MSU, or even Jacksonville as their HBC but his back up plan was to go back to the small little school in the state of Texas, the University of Texas, ever heard of it?!?

  21. An one last rant before signing off, Gus Mahlzan! You actually think this guy is a good idea for HBC? I would argue he would be good only if we want the UF Football Program to be dragged through the mud and be under investigation for years to come. Where there is smoke, there is fire people! The guy parlayed his High School Coaching success with D. Williams and M. Mustain into a job at Arkansas where he basically recruiting his blue chip recruits to come with him. Oh and that is a violation and we saw the aftermath as Mustain and Williams went and Mahlzan went as well. Now that he is at Auburn, all of a sudden the Cam Newton allegations surface?!? It does not take a rocket scientist to notice a trend here, the guy is dirty! Wake up and smell the coffee, he leaves a trail of burned bridges in his path and greed to get to the top. I would’ve burned down UF in the way Kiffin burned UT. And Mahlzan over Mushamp, please explain why he would’ve been a better hire, please, because of one good season with the best player $$$ can buy?!?

  22. Muschamp probably wasn’t our first choice as head coach. Foley will always say he was, and Foley should say that… But let’s face it, Gruden, Stoops, and others were probably given phone calls. If you run a program right you only give one technical “offer” to someone who will actually take it. Thus Muschamp can say he was the guy we always wanted even if he was fifth choice… That sounds better for recruiting anyway and Muschamp really is a solid choice.

    The most likely situation is that Urban told Foley last year he would try for one more year. By try, Urban probably told Foley he would give it his best but he didn’t expect to be able to perform at his usually level.

    If you watch the press conference, you’ll notice that Foley seems very calm and accepting. It is because Foley has known for the entire year that Urban was essentially planning to retire after the end of the season. The extra million that they are giving Urban is probably part of that package.

    Foley kept last years recruiting class together and probably has done some good work to get another recruiting class from the current staff. Lord knows they weren’t focusing on having the kids ready for the game.

    I suspect that Foley has been talking to people unofficially all year and that the Muschamp hire was the best he thought he can get, and truthfully Muschamp is a solid hire.

    That’s why it only took two days to find a replacement for Urban. The search had already been done.

    The next question is truly who is the Offensive Coordinator going to be and can he make watching Florida football fun again.

    1. I think you’re probably right that Foley knew Meyer was going to leave. At the very least, he was prepared for the possibility of it.

      However I actually DO believe that Muschamp was our first choice. Our first choice of those who were sincerely interested in the job. After Meyer resigned, Foley said he was doing research that entailed finding out who may be interested in taking over as HC. That is why I don’t believe a “call” or official offer was ever given to people like Petrino, Stoops, Peterson, Gruden, etc. He wanted somebody that wanted to come, and Muschamp was first in that category. Until we have reason to believe otherwise, this is a great hire.

      Anybody listen to the press conference today? Muschamp said there was no timetable on the hiring of his staff and that he wouldn’t get into talking about specifics until after the bowl game. He did say that he wanted his OC to be someone with college and NFL experience and made reference several times to what he wants to see in a “new offensive coordinator.” See ya later Addazio!

  23. What Talionis says is the only thing that makes sense. Foley had to know or had a pretty good idea that Meyer was going to be gone. Hell, I’ve been saying it since the MSU game that Meyer was going to punch out. If losing one game last year was too stressful, this year had to be agonizing. If I can figure out that Meyer was going to leave so can Foley.

    I also think that Meyer was very hands off this season to give Addazio a chance to show everyone that he could run the show. And we all know how that turned out.

  24. Just caught Muschamp’s presser … dude is intense! It’s refreshing to see a coach with a pulse, although I’m sure he has a fine or two in his future.

    He strikes me as a defensive purist. The kind that think all offensive players are girls. That said, it’s going to be IMPERATIVE for him to get a good OC.

    1. It was nice to hear a little of what he had to say about offense. A lot of talk about balance, running the ball in the red zone, running to put away a game, etc. I don’t know, about that though. Our current roster has plenty of backs, but they are small, speed guys. Don’t know if anyone other than Rainey is really capable of breaking a tackle.

      Whoever he hires as OC should easily understand that we don’t have the Alabama-type personnel to play that scheme for very long or too successfully. Addazio never really got it, but I have faith in anyone with as much as a little common sense to recognize that.

      I’m glad he’s going to start surveying the damage Addazio has done in practices leading up to the bowl game.

  25. Muschamp is going to do a great job. The energy this guy has is unbelieveable. He will struggle year one but with people like Juergensen in his ear he will do just fine. IT’S GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR (fan and alum).

  26. This is a PERFECT hire! Foley wanted a long-term guy, not just a short-term fix, and he nailed it. Auburn may be the team to beat this year, but Foley knows that the long-term plan for us to win championships in the SEC has to be structured around beating Saban and the Tide. So what does Foley do? He hires a guy that coached for Saban and knows his tendencies. He hires the one guy who could steal Saban’s DC right out from under his nose. And the possible Major Applewhite hire is interesting as well. Applewhite was Saban’s OC at Bama in ’07 before moving to his alma mater, UT. The other thing Muschamp brings is the history of recruiting Alabama and the ability to steal guys away from Saban. This is all about winning the SEC long-term. I love it. Great hire.

  27. Foley has been athletic director since 1992, which means he has rings from Florida’s 1996 National Championship and 1994 Final Four. He has also maintained and created national powers in men’s and women’s tennis, men’s and women’s golf, women’s volleyball, women’s soccer, gymnastics, softball, swimming and diving, track, and rebuilt baseball literally and figuratively (replacing head coaches and expanding McKethan Stadium at the same time). Aside from the disastrous hires of Carolyn Peck (women’s basketball) and Ron Zook, Foley has been nearly flawless.

    Please shut up about firing foley. hes made uf a top school in every sport it has so back off.

  28. This situaion with Meyer wanting to hang around as the UF football ambassador is competely gay. You can all love Mushchamp all you want but all he will turn out to be is Meyers puppet and if he has success he will bolt for an opportunity to coach at his alma matter.
    Meyer told the world he was deathly ill last December(more like symptoms of a sore loser), then just last week he missed his kids childhood, then a day later he has health issues, AGAIN. What the guy has is the inability to tell the truth and the inability to deal with adversity(at least on the football field). Go the fuck away Meyer and you too Foley. The FL Football program has as much drama as an Oprah Winfrey episode. Just like every play by a FL QB this year was compared to TEBOW(this got old in week two), every move Muschamp makes will be compared to Meyer, especially with Meyer still holding an office in FB program. I sure hope this isn’t true and that Meyer goes and plays with his kids or has a bad case of acid reflux away from the UF FB program. However, as long as he is lingering in the halls of BHG Stadium the program will not have the success it had in the past. Muschamp is already saying all the right things and it truly sounds scripted(just like the players sounded in pressers). It’s all regurgitation. Why in the hell would a newly appointed HC state that he hopes the previous HC stays involved and helps him with the program???? That is NUTS! Who in their right mind would say that willingly? That is why he is making only 2.7 mil cuz Meyer is taking the balance of the 4 mil @ 1.3.
    To all that were puzzled as to why this was Foley’s only choice and why some of the other candidates(that currently are head coaches) were not even considered, here is why. The young, up and coming Mushcamp was the only one that would take the HC title under the tutelage of Meyer. You watch, come Sept the first broadcasted camera shot will be Meyer sitting in presidents suite with his feet up watching his toy Muschamp guide the not so mighty Gators. Muschamp no doubt is a hard ass, I give it one year(if that) before he and team Meyer/Foley but heads.

    Finally, don’t be surprised if our good friend Dumbaz has a job with this team in 2011. No, he will not be the OC BUT team Meyer/Foley have the influence over Muschamp to keep Meyer butt buddy in some capacity for sure!

    1. Totally gay. Meyer needs to go back up North, and take Foley with him. And next year MuschUmp can join them.

  29. You said Texas’ defense fell out of the top 30 this year. What metric were you using? Scoring defense was around 50, but we all know this is an extremely flawed metric. They were ranked 7th in yards/game…a much more telling stat.

  30. Guys we should start a We could hire him and as UF’s AD, HBC, OC, DC, and anything else he wanted. Clearly, from looking at his posts, he knows more than anyone there now.

  31. You girlie boys are all suckers.

    The last time I heard and saw and read about our new hire being “intense” and “fired up” and “boom” the guy’s name was Ron Zook.

    Alas, I wanted a ball coach and it looks like what we got is a cheerleader … again.

    1. So who should have hired? Give me ONE name that is not Spurrier. You can’t, because you’re a moron.

      1. The Ol’ Ball Coach, that’s who! But Foley hates him too much to make him an offer. That’s why Foley must be FIRED!

  32. Bill Belichick could be the head coach but as long as team Meyer/Foley are playing the puppeteer role the program will remain a mess not to mention soft. Don’t be surprised if you see Foley take a GM position in the NFL in the near future and Meyer take over as AD. Then ALL the Machen puppets will be in place. If the young recruits or their parents were intelligent enough to see through all the BS and realize the tormoil in the UF FB prgram they would certainly go play elsewhere.

  33. Just watched the presser again, mainly the part on how Muschamp states that as long as he is the HC at UF Meyer has all access to the program, invited to ALL FB related activities AND STRESSES how Meyer WILL be involved. This truly has to be the most corny marriage in college football ever. Actually Muschamp is pretty smart to take this offer. It gets him back to the SEC and closer to coaching at UGA, he should bleed UF for a few mil as long as he can. If he has even a medicore 2011 and Richt gets booted, he will bolt for Athens and for good reason! He has no true ties to UF other than living in G’ville and attending games as a kid.

    Way to go team Meyer/Foley, you picked a winner. Muschamp may have the intangibles and turn out to be a great HC it just won’t happen at FL, you guys just got played but you knew this shit would not fly with the other current experienced head coaches that were potential candidates for the job. Who wants to have the previous years HC as your boss as the new HC? Especially after two years of flip flopping and lies. GAYTORS!

    Can’t wait til they break the news on what Dumbaz will be doing for FL football next year, that is sure to draw some cirticism, Meyer never had to fire his buddy!

  34. I can’t believe I was ever part of the community that refers to things as “totally gay.” Who gives a crap what you think is gay?

    We’re talking about football last I checked.

    Maybe with a coach like Muschamp, Florida Football will look like football and not some West Coast spread pussball.

  35. It was really refreshing to hear a Gator coach actually speak honestly to the public. There was no coach speak, no Addazio/Zook incoherent babbling. It was straight and to the point. He even talked about schemes in football terms. When was the last time Meyer even uttered a real football term publicly?

    He has run the spread at UF for 6 years now, and I don’t know if I’ve ever even heard the man say the word “spread”. Instead it was always vague ideas about our strategy.

    Maybe now we’ll actually have an identity.

  36. The guy writing this site should just turn it over to Juergensenand then he can have daz hater’s input. This site would be so awesome then… hey Jurgensen and daz can u give me the winning lotto #s for Friday?

    1. Haha I second this motion it will be the greatest website ever where we all can bash whatever coach is currently at Florida and the rest of the coaching staff, and while we’re at it, Jeremy Foley of course.

      1. Daz Hater is officially exposed. Has anyone ever heard the term “GAYTOR” come from a true Florida fan? Daz, I don’t know your team is, but it’s obviously not the gators so get the hell out.

        1. You took offense to Gaytor, funny! You must truley be a homo. The only thing I have exposed are my jewels to your mom. Keep it up this is fun, will help time fly til Sept.

  37. A few thoughts:

    * Mushcamp could beat Saban’s ass in a fist fight.

    * We better get a damn kicker.

    * Foley has more championship rings than Juergensen and Daz Hater combined! Crazy!

    That is all.

  38. When was Ron Zook ever referred to as “Boom?” I must admit that after the presser last night, a few Gator great memories were lodged out of sleeping. Wilbur Marshall running down USC tailbacks from the backside of their sweep and Jones catching that one-handed touchdown. Even back then, Gator football was always exciting. Bet Jerk-off-sen and Daz Hater had no clue about what the new coach was talking about.

  39. No offense, because i’ve enjoyed your site over this very frustrating. But, what on earth makes you think your list is preferable to follow than Foley’s. I mean, he is regarded as the best AD in the country and has made several championship hires (beyond football and basketball), and you run a website.

    I’ll take Foley, but i’ll let you know if there aren’t any dentists available for my next root canal…

  40. No one said Muschamp was the only person contacted about the job.
    Foley said he was the only one we met with, and the only one we offered it to.
    Your kidding yourself if you don’t think Foley discussed the position with others and guaged their interest.
    Big Difference.

    I’m very happy to have Will Muschamp lead my team.
    The open OC position is a critical piece that will help determine Muschamp’s success and legacy.

    Now that Addazio will no longer be our playcaller, hopefully you can redirect your efforts to a FireTonySporano site for my Dolphins!

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