Muschamp’s First Impression

By now you’ve all undoubtedly seen Will Muschamp’s first presser as head coach of the Florida Gators.  If you haven’t, I’ve embed some clips from it, go watch.

Now that everyone reading this has seen it, I’ll skip describing it and keep this short and sweet today.

I was impressed.  I made it clear in my last couple articles that Muschamp was not my 1st choice, or even among my top 3 choices, but I like what I’ve seen so far.  Now, we all know that that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, as I’m sure if I could remember back that far I would have thought Steve Addazio was an in your face, aggressive go-getter the first time I saw him (mainly because he looks like Sgt. Slaughter), but it’s always good to start out on the right foot rather than the wrong one.

Other than the fact that this guy clearly has the best head of hair of any of our coaches in recent memory, you also have to respect how direct and to the point he was.  There has been no shortage of people getting upset with Gator nation for “driving away Urban Meyer and Steve Spurrier with unrealistic expectations”.  While I think that theory is bunk to begin with ($4 million per year will buy you a lot of patience with criticism), certainly no one can say the same about Muschamp if he leaves town in a few years.

[Jeremy Foley] wanted somebody that understood the expectations of Florida, and the expectations of Florida is winning championships, and believe me I understand that.  When he described that to me on the phone it got me more and more excited because I felt like he was describing me

Muschamp went on, all throughout the press conference, continually bringing up high expectations and how he was ready for the challenge.  Bookmark this, because a few years from now when people are clamoring over any minor criticism in fear that we’re going to drive off the coach, they’ll need to hear it again.

Perhaps the most exciting thing he said was that our offense would be a pro style attack, which was music to my ears as I’ve made my thoughts on the spread clear in the past.  Even better, he later told the Orlando Sentinel that he was after an OC that had experience with a pro style offense, which obviously Steve Addazio does not.  I know it’s unlikely he’ll keep the job now anyway, but anything else we hear to assure us of that even more can only help.  The most interesting thing about this is that it means that, if he decides not to transfer, John Brantley will likely be our starting quarterback in 2011.  I’m sure that will spark much debate over the course of the offseason.

His experience in the SEC is a nice bonus as well (I just wish that some of it weren’t with Georgia).  When asked about rivalries in the SEC his answer of “it’s hard to describe the SEC” is something that I think we’ve all said/thought before.  It’s just hard for the rest of the country to grasp how much football means here, and how intense the games and rivalries can get.  Over the last few years we’ve lucked out a bit with all of our major rivals being down, but when they get back up (and they will) it will take hatred and passion out of the team to beat them.

With all of that said, this was just a press conference, so let’s hope it actually translates to the field.  I’m just glad he wasn’t rambling and bumbling on while doing magic tricks with his hands like you know who.

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  1. Muschamp is a Gator now and he will do a great job. Now I wait for Juergensen and daz hater to tell us the future and bash Muschamp before he coaches his first game! Go Gators! Go juergensen and daz hater!

    1. LOL.

      This guy is a “Gator” like the Ol’ Ball Coach is a “Gamecock” – so long as the alma mater doesn’t come calling.

      MusCHUMP is a Georgia Bulldog and will leave Florida lickity split when Georgia fires Richt and offers the job to MusCHUMP.

      And then Foley can hire Ron Zook again!

  2. Great hire and nothing at all like Zook.

    You have some retard fans claiming Zook pt 2 and you have “haters” claiming Zook pt 2 but that is nonsense. Zook had ZERO credentials when he got the gig. And he was a place holder – Spurrier pulled a douche move and Zook was a desperation hire.

    Zook’s biggest credential before getting hired wasn’t even a credential – “he’s a good recruiter.”

    Gimme a fucking break. He recruited in Florida. You can recruit well with top 10 classes by ACCIDENT at Florida.

    Muschamp will be great. He’s a maniac. He’s hardcore. His teams play snot knocking football. I am giddy with excitement imagining Florida talent playing with a mean streak. Florida’s athletes are second to none, but they’ve always been soft, finesse types; the possibilities are endless with a nut like Muschamp running the show. He’s basically a defensive Tebow as head coach.

    Remember FSU in the 90s and how vicious those defenders were ? If the likes of Mickey Andrews and Bobby Bowden could turn those guys into vicious headhunters, imagine what a lunatic like Muschamp can do with Florida players ?

    Florida’s record vs Muschamp defenses is 2-4.

    As for Brantley, I have to disagree. He’s a total flop. It says a lot that, in 2009, Meyer trusted an extremely limited eggshell Tebow more than JB vs LSU.

    Brantley is the worst FBS BCS QB I have ever seen. Misfit or not, he’s terrible. He’d be best served going to Kerwin’s team so maybe he can ring up inflated numbers vs lesser teams.

    If the Meyer we had this year was Urban light, Brantley is the human lobotomy. He just doesn’t have “it” and I’d feel WAY more comfortable turning the keys over the JD even as a true – it’s not like he could show less awareness than the 4th year junior did.

    I am sure JB is a nice kid. An “aww schucks” kind of guy. However, he’s milktoast. He looked great in mop-up duty and looked great in the non contact red shirt. However, he crumpled like paper mache

    1. “Zook had ZERO credentials when he got the gig”


      You mean like Defensive Coordinator and Associate Head Coach at Florida under Spurrier and Defensive Coordinator for the New Orleans Saints?

      Keep drinking the Foley Koolaid, pal.

      You’re gonna need it.

      1. Great. What were his accomplishments ?

        Ron Zook presided over one of the worst beatings in championship game history when Nebraska steamrolled them.

        Spurrier DEMOTED Zook, imbecile.

        He had ZERO credentials.

        1. I agree that Muschamp is nothing like Zook. Zook’s resume is filled with demotions, firings, and failures.

          Muschamp, on the other hand, has never been fired. He’s always been sought after by and promoted to wherever he’s gone.

          War Muschamp!!!

  3. MusCHUMP is a Georgia Bulldog and will leave Florida lickity split when Georgia fires Richt and offers the job to MusCHUMP.

    Great hire, Foley!

    1. Muschamp was a Gator who ended up going to Georgia.

      I wonder why Zook, the man you think had such great credentials, didn’t recognize him as a good fit as a walk on ?

      How about you tell us who you’d have preferred to see become head coach at Florida ?

  4. All this excitement over an inexperienced, unproven career coordinator because he has “energy” and is a “straight shooter” is deja vu all over again. Can you say “Ron Zook”?

    1. Unproven ? Unproven like fielding top 10 defensive units at 3 different schools in 2 different leagues ?

      9 years as a DC.

      6 tims fielding a top 10 unit.

      The three times he didn’t field top ten units were his first year with his respective teams –

      2001 LSU
      2006 Auburn
      2008 Texas

      However, even bright spots could be found in each case.

      2001 LSU ranked 21st against the run nationally
      2006 Auburn ranked 19 nationally in total D, 14th in pass d, 7th in scoring D
      2008 Texas 18th scoring D, 3rd rushing d, 1st in sacks and 11th in red zone

      So, while his first years have shown SOME growing pains, they’ve also showed remarkable progress.

      Of course, by his second year at each stop his defenses were devastating

      Of course, he also fielded a top 5 NFL defense as well.

      But, hey, the guy’s unproven.


  5. “Zook had ZERO credentials when he got the gig”


    You mean like Defensive Coordinator and Associate Head Coach at Florida under Spurrier and Defensive Coordinator for the New Orleans Saints?

    Keep drinking the Foley Koolaid, pal.

    You’re gonna need it.

  6. Guys, take it easy on jergens and daz. They are mildly retarded and don’t know any better. I would peg them somewhere between Gilbert Grape and Corky from Life Goes On so let’s exercise some patience.

    1. I was going to leave this alone for a while and let you girls squabble but after reading the post above by Ri”dick”ulous I could not help myself, too funny.

      I think “the boner” and “AtlGaytor” gotta thing for each other and perhaps they bring “GaytorDad” into the party too.

      You girls have fun keystroking one another it truly is entertaining.

        1. C’mon man!

          Afterall yours contain sooooo many well documented facts, I took those so serious it was hard to sleep at night. Please take mine seriously, I would be heartbroken otherwise.

    1. you posted the wrong vid… but I am worried he will leave for UGA when he gets a chance. He looks pissed to be at Florida if you watch his facial expressions after questions. He is not your typical Florida boy. He has UGA written all over him, from his accent to his hair. He’s a good ol boy. Florida is a slightly better job than UGA, but I feel that Muschamp’s dream job is the HC of UGA. I wonder how we’ll fare against UGA next year. I bet if we win, it won’t be by much, because he won’t want to run up the score.

      I hope I’m wrong, and I hope Muschamp stays at UF a long time, but I have my doubts.

      1. Go to the vid list on the right and view vid titled,
        “Will Muschamp on taking over at Florida”

        I could see him slipping up and inserting Texas but where did Georgia come from? Just sayin?

        1. That was a weird slip.. but he looks tied in that vid and he was probably exhausted from answering the same questions over and over and over Tuesday. All I needed to convince me was his presser. It was awesome!!! He was super intense.

      2. Mark Richt makes 2.8 million and he’s one of the most successful coaches in Georgia history. Clearly the powers that be are hesitant to pony up.

        Muschamp is already at 2.7 million.

        The likelihood of taking a pay cut is slim.

        If he manages to win big at Florida, Foley and crew will extend him with big bucks. Would Muschamp then take that much of a pay cut ? Would Georgia open the vault ?

        Has anyone seen the contract? I would hope Foley and crew had the common sense to put a non compete clause into it – in fact, I can’t imagine them hiring a former Bulldog with head coaching aspirations and NOT inserting one, especially with the current coach unfairly on the hot seat.

        I am sure once Muschamp gets settled and starts having fun with the recruiting base, he’ll like Florida a lot and realize it’s a WAY better job than Georgia.

        He’ll also learn quickly that Georgia’s expectations are WORSE than Florida’s because Georgia fans are under the delusion that they’re a major player, instead of the glorified mid major they really are.

  7. Until the guy proves otherwise, he has my support as the Florida Gators Head Coach.

    In all kinds of weather….

  8. Hey juergensen and daz hater why don’t you at least give the guy a chance before you try to run him outta town. And who would you rather have had? All I’ve heard is juergensen say he wanted Spurrier (and he was clearly sucking his dick while he typed all those posts) which obviously wasn’t happening. If Muschamp turns out to be a flop (which I doubt) then go ahead and criticize him, but you guys have already made up your minds he’s a failure. He could win three straight BCS NCs and you’d still probably think he sucks. Your guys’ lives must really suck. I pity you.

    1. Chill brotha, never said he was a bad choice, just said his mind is in Athens and that the only reason he was THE only choice is because no other current head coach would take the FL job with last years head coach as their boss. Meyer is why FL will end up 7-6 this year, he should have stayed retired. Now he’s going to stick around for Muschamp to lean on? You don’t think it’s strange that a new coach at an elite school like UF said he wants the previous years coach involved so they can “bounce ideas off each other”. Not to mention Muchamp said he also reached out to Steve Spurrier? WHY? Steve BUILT the program and has moved on, why can’t Meyer? Is Muschamp going to bounce off ideas with his buddy Jimbo Fisher too over sunsets and cocktail at their beach house?
      Mushcamp will butt heads with team Meyer/Foley but before he makes his frustrations with those two public he will accept the UGA job.
      The team Meyer/Foley plan to have Dumbaz hold the baby failed. No FL was not going to go 10-2 in 2010 but what was suppose to be a season on cruise control veared off course miserably. Why? Because fuck stick team Meyer/Foley left Dumbaz holding the baby and he dropped it! Their choice in Dumbaz was horrid!
      Again, nothing against Muschamp just have an issue with team Meyer/Foley toying with the program. I wish him and the Gators well BUT if there is success this year, FL beats UGA and Richt gets a pink slip, Muschamp will be house hunting in Athens. The head coach carrousel sucks and it’s possible FL will be on it following the 2011 season.

      1. Correction, bad choice, but not bad coach. Will probably succeed as a HC, just not for any lenght of time at UF. He’s the only option with team Meyer/Foley at the helm, tolerating those two for a season was worth it to triple his salary and get closer to GA.

      2. As I mentioned above, you’re assuming there’s not a non compete clause in his contract. That would be very very unlikely.

        As for the whole Meyer thing, come on. Do you honestly believe it’s anything more than lip service for the cameras and the recruits ?

        Do you honestly believe Meyer’s going to show up at practices and offer coaching tips ?

        Muschamp is simply doing what Meyer did – where Meyer built the football shrine to players past, Muschamp is being diplomatic towards coaches past.

  9. Dazzle,
    Your whole argument is speculation. The notion that Meyer is going to have a significant role at UF is … well, ridonkulous! Muschamp was 100% Foley’s hire. Meyer played no part in it and to some degree probably felt disrespected because he had no input.

    As for Foley, he is second to none when it comes to AD’s. Your beef with Foley is baffling. He has done nothing but produce championships in multiple sports, yet you and jergens continue to call for his dismissal.

    While Muschamp eventually going to Georgia is plausible, I don’t think it’s likely. Richt is gone, it’s just a matter of time. Knowing that, why would Muschamp do a one and done tour in Gainesville? Money talks but that would just be wasting everybody’s time, including his own.

  10. Wow now my name is Atl Gaytor lol how original. Juergensen and Daz I envy fortune tellers. I didn’t know that because you went to a school then automatically you want to coach there. Juergensen said he’s a Gator but not a Gator fan. Why can’t Muschamp be in that category? Gator nation we need to send letters to our university president we have found greatness right here Juergensen and Daz! With these guys running the show we would never lose. Okay signing off I have to go officially change my name to ATL GAYTOR b/c king Daz said so.

  11. Go Daz! Go juergensen! Also Gator nation we have to use proper grammar on our post because juergensen will assume you didn’t get your degree in Literature and Daz hater hates ebonics so get it right Gator nation!

    1. Can’t we all just get along?

      Why call out Juerg, he has not even posted today?
      What up wit dat my Gaytor friend?

      1. Hmmm why call out juergensen? Gee I don’t know have you ever actually read any of the shit he’s posted?

  12. Not speculation when the new coach states Urban Liar will be involved in FL football as long as he is the HC at UoF. He said it, I did not. Funny how Machen opened up the Meyer exiting presser with “We sure hope Coach Meyer remains in some sort of capacity in the Unversity of FL athletic dept”.

    It’s all good bro, I’m standing by my speculation and will watch the drama unfold. Hell, Muschamp may even get a call from the GA AD before he unpacks his bags in G’ville when Richt finishes 6-7 with the Bowl loss to UCF.

    By the way I like my new nickname, I must “Dazzle” you &

    Enjoy your day ladies, it’s been a pleasure.

    1. Ahh there is an Imposter among us. Nice try, I wear golden shades, have a “momma” tat and never wear a shirt. Aka “villan”.

  13. why can’t we get an IP block on Jerk-off-sen and daz hater…obviously neither are true Gator fans and really are just distracting everyone from our discussions and true website intent, which is getting rid of Addazio.

    True Gators, whether they agree with the hire or not, would support Coach Muschamp for the good of Gator Nation. Talking shit about him and trying to fire Foley before they have even seen our new coach in action just goes to show you they don’t bleed blue and orange.

  14. LOL at Muschamp going to Georgia.

    Do you honestly think Kirby Smart isn’t sitting at the top of their replacements list ?

    If one pays close enough attention, one can see what’s going on.

    It’s looking like Georgia and Florida are trying to take the SEC back to the east.

    Kirby Smart going to Georgia to replace Richt is pretty much a done deal, unless Richt rattles off a couple of SEC titles.

    Greg McGarity, Georgia’s new AD, was Foley’s lackey for almost two decades.

    We could be seeing a New England Patriots style takeover in the making.

  15. As long as that loser Addazio is gone, I will have to give coach Mus”chomp” a chance….if he lives us to his own hype he talked up in the press conference then good…..he blew a lot of smoke, hope he can back it up.

  16. I like the guy. I’ve like him since his days at LSU. The guy is fiery and obviously knows what he’s doing on defense. I was very impressed with his press conference. He sounds like a guy that knows what he wants (hopefully he doesn’t want SA on his coaching staff). I’m am extremely excited to see how he matures into a Head coach. He has definitely proven himself as a defensive coordinator. As of right now, he has my full approval.

  17. Muschamp is a great coach, recruiter, and has strong SEC ties. Why would anyone not agree with this hire? I know because King Daz said so! O and we all have to give our man cards up because Daz said we are ladies, and we all know Daz is a man amongst boys. Also Gator nation can we change our names to Gaytors, Daz came up with that all by himself?

    1. Man poster boy you don’t know when to let it go and move on. Been a long day, stirr up some new shit and stop bashing based on old posts, keep up or shut up. I won’t refer to you as a Gaytor any longer if you will please shut the fuck up. Go ride the MARTA and blow off some steam. Not sure how you derived that I am the KING of this site either? Damn boy!

  18. It’s so funny that a few people come on a website and piss everyone off. They complain and bitch everyday because they crave the attention and they love to disagree with everything. Once they get my undivided attention they can’t stand it lol. All I read from them is Muschamp is no good Muschamp is going to Georgia. They say the same shit over and over. As long as I am here I will go out of my way to give the children the attention they crave. Boy I’m glad I rode the MARTA really cleared my head. Go Gators! Give em hell Muschamp, prove those idiots wrong!

  19. I hope you all realize that not even Urban Meyer at his prime could defeat a Will Muschamp defense.

    Remember 2006 vs Auburn?
    – Yes our offense was not as explosive, but it was the Auburn Defense that won that game by holding us to a season low 17 points.

    And then in 2007 vs Auburn AT THE SWAMP
    – We had an explosive offense with Tim Tebow at the helm yet we scored the lowest number of points again (20). The next closest game was when we scored 28 the following week against eventual national champions LSU.

    Therefore, one thing is for certain. This guy can coach defense and defense wins CHAMPIONSHIPS. With the talent already at Florida, we are in good shape for the coming years

  20. For those of you who think Muschamp is using UF as a stepping stone for UGA (I can’t believe I just typed that nonsense), remember that he turned down Tennessee for more than we are paying him this year. I also agree with the posters above that if UGA goes after a top DC, they will go after Kirby Smartt before they will come calling for Muschamp.

  21. Why is it that anyone who expresses a different opinion than the Gaineveille Party Line is labeled as a bad fan, not a true Gator, an idiot, etc. Look I’m on board to give Muschamp a chance, he deserves support, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go around telling everyone what a great hire he is and how great his supposed credetials are. There is no record to base any conclusion off of, good or bad. Until there is, I feel like we should support him, but this idea that he’s the greatest thing in the world because Foley said so and he was a great defensive coordinator just doesn’t make me want to jump up and down and scream “GREAT HIRE,” sorry. He may well become one of the greatest coaches ever, and believe me, I hope he does. But lets hold off on inducting him into the hall of fame until he actually wins some games and shows he knows how to run a program of this caliber. I hope he can, I’m going to believe he can and support him. Unless I see otherwise. Its a good hire, its a calculated risk but its not a huge risk, but its a bit premature to call it a great hire, that’s just IMHO. If that makes me a “bad fan” then I’m ok with that.

    1. No, but we thought Meyer was the best coach in the business based on what he did at Utah and Florida.

      Then there was 2010. The head coach is only as good as his assistants. Muschamp has demonstrated he knows how to build a staff (on the D side)

      The main thing is, optimism is required. Do we want to turn the “nation” against him in year one when we know it’s going to take a couple of years to rebuild ?

    2. Clearly you do not fall into the category of idiots on this message board. I think the ones that many of us are referring to as ‘not true’ Gators fans are those who condemn Muschamp before he even steps on the sidelines for Florida. Muschamp wasn’t anyone’s top pick to begin with, and certainly not mine, but he’s our coach and we’re going to support him 100%. However, some people seem to think they can accurately predict the future and see Muschamp as either a flop or leaving for Georgia within the next few years. You are willing to give Muschamp a chance, which is all we ask for.

    3. At this point, the more support we can give Muschamp, the better. He’s got a hell of a task in front of him and he’ll need it. Nobody is claiming we’re the champs yet and he definitely still has to prove himself. But he knows that, we know it- everyone pretty much knows it!

      I believe that we can say this is a great hire because you can only judge what he’s done so far. From the time he was named head coach, he has been great. All he has been asked to do is talk, so it goes without saying that there is still a long road ahead.

      Now, on calling people idiots- is it really necessary to defend juergensen and Daz Hater? What in the hell compels you to do that?

  22. For those of you thinking that Muschamp is just using this job to get to Georgia, although I can see where you’re coming from, you have to admit that it makes no sense. Is Muschamp, a first time head coach who’s trying to build up a poitive reputation and legacy, just going to abandon all the work he put into Florida over the few years he was there (overhauling the offense, recruiting ties, etc.) to leave for Georgia??? Not if he’s in line for a hefty pay raise he won’t. Also, you’re assuming that Richt will be fired. Although he’s been on the hot seat, he does have a talented QB in Aaron Murray to help his cause, and he’s bringing in another top 20 recruiting class. Hey, I could be completely off-base on this one, but just some factors to consider.

  23. It’s now pretty clear that Meyer was overrated. If not for the good fortune of all those Zook players and Tebow choosing Florida over Alabama at the last minute, he’d have won nothing.

    1. So does that logic mean that Zook was underrated? Meyer recruited a lot more than Tebow. Look at the number of players in the NFL, the number of Meyer assistants who are now head coaches, etc.

    2. Yeah juergensen you kinda forgot about that dominating defense he assembled and a receiver/halfback/returner by the name of Percy Harvin.

  24. can we ban this juergensen creature from this website. he is so pessimistic. you lover spurrier also left without any prior notice and when tried to come back after his failure in NFL, his ego came in the way. Where was his Gator loyalty at that time.
    No matter how great he is, We don’t need the people who think, UF program is nothing wihout them.

    juergensen, when you sleep with him tonight please convey our message

  25. Is Meyer our HC? No he’s not but Juergensen has to be negative to get my attention. We love you Jurgensen and so does Meyer go Gators!

  26. I’m all up for disagreeing on rather or not Muschamp is a good hire. This is a free country but its some non Gators (juergensen and daz hater) that want to get everyone’s attention with negative comments. Take that crap to a bulldogs forum or Fl St forum. Let’s get behind this new coach regardless if he is who you wanted. Foley picked him and there is nothing we can about it so a real Gator would just cheer his/her team regardless the coach. Gator chomp I participated on your poll I hope more Gators get involved. GO GATORS!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, it was blind losers like you who “supported” Zook while true Gators like me (I have more than one degree from UF) who supported FireRonZook.Com and took heat from most “Gators” for doing so. But who was right?

  27. I certainly understand y’all saying Muschamp could split for Athens but I think he is equally sentimental about Gainesville. That was the best part of the press conference to me. He’s a Gator and a Gainesville boy. Growing up on 22nd and 8th? Love it. Not only does he understand the expectations, he’s one of us at heart. I’m thrilled to know that we have a good ol’ boy back and not some Midwesterner who doesn’t understand the south (still love you Urban…).

    But aside from all that irrelevant, non-football related stuff, I got a “broner” when he said, and with extreme emphasis, that we are going to play PHYSICAL FOOTBALL. THANK THE LORD. Not talk about it. We are straight up going to play physical, in your face football. We are always blessed with so much speed where it’s almost like we don’t need to be a trenches type football team. It’s really refreshing to hear that.

    RE: The Offense. I know you guys hate Brantley, and it’s tough to not hate on him after this season but we know the talent is there. I just hope that his confidence isn’t so completely rattled that we never get to see if he can regain himself. He certainly didn’t break Tebow’s high school records without some talent. Furthermore, it’s hard to run an offense that is based off timing when you’re not sure the snap is going to hit you in the numbers or not. That got him off to a terrible start and after Pouncey finally learned how to snap the ball, JB was already gone. Then 3 QBs? Come on. Who does that, honestly? We also need some receivers to step up and make some plays. Hopefully whoever they bring in will get that guy named Debose so we can start making our Harvin comparisons like we were supposed to.

    To sum it up, I’m fired up and pretty thrilled with the hire. It speaks volumes of our program and it’s prestige to snatch someone like that from Texas. Also hearing Herbstreit and co. call Florida the most coveted job in all of college football can’t help but give you some goosebumps eh? Go Gators and the Grog is my favorite place on earth.

  28. It’s OK. Next season Spurrier will win the SEC with the Gamecocks, Georgia will fire Helen Hunt, Muschump will jump to Georgia, and Spurrier will return to Florida!

  29. It was blind losers like all of you who “supported” Zook while true Gators like me (I have more than one degree from UF) supported FireRonZook.Com and took heat from most “Gators” for doing so.

    But who was right?

    Yah, that’s what I thought!

  30. I didn’t support Zook after he started losing but I guess Juergensen knows all so that means I supported Zook. I.can remember trying to get on fireronzook and it was so many other people on there it ran super slow lol. Juergensen how about you take those degrees and start a firemuschamp site? We all can’t be brilliant like you.

  31. @ Juergensen

    I voted to get you off this site I guess I’m in your HOMO category.

    Hilarious Helen Hunt comment you have the potential to be a great contributor to this site but you refuse to get that stick out of your butt. Juergensen gets a Come on man!

  32. This comment section is lame as fuck. There are only a handful of regulars and they just argue with the trolls.

    I just want to know who the fuck our next OC will be, then I can move on from this website.

    1. Could be Addazio? Perhaps, that’s why Muschamp has had him tag along on the recent visits to recruits in attempt to retain their previous commitment. Why would he bring him along if he is not going to be around next year? Meyer still has and will have an interest in the 2011 Gators, would not be surprised if Muschamp is asked to retain the services of Fat Boy.

  33. Well, we just lost another 4 star recruit. Does anyone else find it odd how the only recruits decommitting are defensive players, even though we brought in a well-respected former defensive coordinator as our new coach?

    1. I’m glad those who are not 100% committed to Florida are decommitting. They would have most likely underperformed, quit, or gotten in trouble had they stayed.
      Wishy washy, entitled, prima donnas are the last thing we need anyway.

    2. I was pretty upset to see recruits dropping like flies, but AngryGator has a good point. Unless we drop out of the top 5 or top 10 I’m not worried. Looking back at our class from last year, the guy that stood out was Trey Burton and he was graded at a 79 coming in. Considering all the defensive talent we racked up in last years class, I’m fine with losing a few defensive guys as long as we keep our new QB or and some of the receivers.

      And we’re getting a kicker! Apparently Caleb Sturgis was the #1 kicker of the 2008 class which surprised the hell out of me.

      Hopefully we can keep getting some receivers for Driskell to throw to.

      1. Good point. We’ve still got Driskel and we’re bringing in a couple of 4 star receivers, as well as a 4 star RB. What I don’t get are the huge discrepancies in recruiting rankings. ESPN has us at 4 overall, while Rivals puts us at 18. They’re usually very close, but this seems like a very large difference to me.

  34. What is up with us losing defensive players? Making me a little nervous. Good thing Juergensen will have a witty comment for us

  35. I didn’t think about that. We do need a damn kicker! All those soccer students at the university and we can’t get a F****** kicker!

  36. Rumors are being posted on other forums that Addazio is taking a job as O-Line coach for Texas. What a trade!

  37. Glad my speculation on Dumbaz sticking around was incorrect. Thank god he’s going to Temple to destroy any offense they ever had and ruin potential pro carreers of current and or incoming players. It’s obvious Meyer is still way over medicated considering he still thinks Dumbaz is one of the best college coaches in America. Pretty scary Meyer, looks like you quit “again” at the right time!

  38. Dear Owner of,

    It is time for you to make some MONEY!!! Put this domain up for an auction

    I bet there are enough fans at Temple (if there aren’t any right now, it is just a matter of time) who will gladly pay the big bucks to get this website from you and re-theme it in their school colors.

    Just the fact that Addazio will 100% NOT be on our sideline next season calls for IT’S GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR chants.

    GO GATORS!!!

    1. This is a great moment for Florida Gator football. I can’t help but think this website had at least the slightest impact on what has just transpired, and for that I am thankful and proud to be a part of it.

      I said it’s GREAT- TO BE- a FLORIDA GATOR!

  39. How about the Charlie weis hire. Foley is making some great decisions, I think Florida football will be a contender again. Go Gators

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