Recruits Fault Addazio’s Play Calling

You think things are bad now, where Addazio’s conservative, predictable play calling is turning a team loaded with talent into one of the weakest offenses in the country?  Imagine if we didn’t have the talent, and we actually had to rely on our offensive coordinator to help our offense move the ball by himself.

Sadly, that may be where we’re heading if we don’t make a change soon, as it appears that it’s not just us on this site that disapprove of the way Addazio runs his offense, but our potential future players as well.

4-star running back Mike Bellamy, once the Gators top priority at running back, left at halftime of the LSU game because, as he put it, the Gator offense was boring.

Massive wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin said that he expected us to throw the ball downfield more.  Apparently he hasn’t watched us play before.

Incoming commit at wide receiver, Latroy Pittman, said that he discussed the Gators struggles on offense with multiple other potential recruits during the LSU game as well.  He went on to explicitly say that the play calling was a problem.

And really, who can blame these guys?  Florida ranks 11th out of 12 in the SEC in total offense, and 96th nationally.  Why would these want to come play for a coach that excels in turning NFL talent into forgotten journeymen?  You can read the rest of the quotes here.

Some people have questioned whether or not our offensive talent is really as good as we think it is, but does anyone here believe that our offensive talent is 11th in the SEC and 96th in the nation?  Does anyone actually believe that we have less offensive talent than Vanderbilt, Iowa State, Rutgers, Syracuse, Kentucky, and Kansas?  Of course not.  So what’s the difference?  Coaching.  Play calling.  We’ve all been seeing it for months, now the recruits and the players see it too.  It seems the only people yet to see it are Meyer and Foley.

Now, before I finish up this post, I want to play a little game.  Below I’ve embedded a video sent in by one of our readers at the LSU game this week.  What I want you to do, is before looking down below the video to see the answer, watch the video take a guess as to what point in the game it was when this video was shot.  Here it is…

Ok, now take a guess.  When was this?

It looks like some random, calm moment during the 2nd quarter, maybe right before half time or something when everyone is just letting the clock run out before going to the locker room, right?

Bzzzz.  Wrong.  Believe it or not, this video was shot right after the first drive of the second half.  You know, the one where Florida once again failed to score any points after having 2nd and goal from the 1 yard line.  The one where 2nd and goal from the 1 turned into 2nd and goal from the 16 after back to back penalties.  The one where they wasted yet another timeout that nothing came of.

So after that, with all the issues we’ve had with coming away with no points from down inside the 5, with the bad penalties that you just can’t take in that situation, you figure Addazio’s gonna get in their face, right?  Maybe coach ’em up a little bit?

Nah, they’re just hanging out, sitting around watching the game.  And of course, Brantley is once again nowhere to be found in the picture, because why would our offensive coordinator ever talk to our quarterback?

That video says it all.

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  1. My question is when will the actual players start speaking out? If the recruits will do it than why won’t the players? I’ll tell you why, FAVORITISM! The recruits don’t know any better, yet. Just like Meyers blind committment to Dumbaz, the players know that if you are not in the coaches good graces than you WILL NOT see the field. That explains why we have not seen more of the young studs in the stable actually hit the turf in place of some of our inept upper classmen. Meyer explains it by saying that they are not mature enough yet but we all know what that really means. I am all for players living right and meeting or exceeding their classroom obligations but the fact is, if your not one of his boys, you ain’t playin. Be careful recuits, although you hit the nail on the head with your comments about the current offense, if you remian committed you just might remain a practice squad star if the current staff is in place when you arrive.

  2. So you want to fire Addazio.. ok. Last year as OC of Florida Gators were:

    #1. SEC in Total Offense, #2 in rushing, passing and scoring offense in the SEC

    #6 in the Nation for Total Offense. #10 nation in rushing, scoring

    3000+ yds rushing and 3000+ yards passing last year– no other team did that.

    Gators and only 6 other teams rushed 25 TDs and passed 25+ TDs.


    Oops. No more Tebow… but all the fans were hyped about a better pocket passer in Brantley..

    Brantley – 0 career starts.

    2010- Offense is playing better in the redzone vs 2009. 78% (2010) vs 76% ( 2009). 76% TD ( 2010) vs 51% in 2009.

    Playcalling is not an issue….. the lack of reps, experience, new players— are all issues that the Gators are struggling with…

    Should the OL be better– yes. Is it coaching– maybe. I accept this issue more than playcalling….

    1. Eman – we are all still hyped about our better pocket passer(Brantley). To bad the kid is not given chance to show off his skills! Heck he even said his strength is not the option but he will do whatever the coach says and will not complain. I am sure you have heard our coaching staff say Florida has no defined offense and that we will play to the strenghts of the personnel. Quite contradictory to what we have all seen so far, agree? Brantley, option? Come on. Someone please advise the UF offensive coaches that Tebow is now in the NFL and that Burton will never fill that void. Not unless the O line learns to block!

    2. Emam
      I really could care less bout the stats you just quoted. Stats can be very deceiving sometimes. Did you watch Florida in 2009? Did you watch them in 2007 and 2008? Only an Idiot or a blind person would not be able to see the HUGE difference in the offense as it was ran under Mullen vs. Addazio. Tebow regressed under Addazio last year and they barely passed the ball. They won a lot of ugly games when they had an all-timer of a team. They were 2-1 favorites to win it all at the begining of the season. That is unheard of! They barely covered any spread last year, which tells you that they underacheived based on what the expercts thought. The previous year they went 12-1 against the spread! That’s how good they were. Playcalling IS the issue! Everyone sees it. Only you, and apparently Urban, have not realized it yet.
      Why are you defending Addazio anyway? What’s it to you? Is he your buddy? Do you think he is doing a bang up job? Don’t quote me stupid stats. What about this year’s stats? You clearly know nothing about football if you think that Addazio is not a problem.

    3. Eman : “3000+ yds rushing and 3000+ yards passing last year– no other team did that.” Thats because no team in the SEC did do that

      Nice try on your stats as Yahoo sports shows you to be hyping up your numbers just a tad. You numbers also include an SEC championship game which 10 other teams did not get to play to rack up more yards and stats so don;t say we were ranked #2 here and #1 here because we weren’t.

      Here is a stat that is comparable.
      2008 : We averaged 45.2 points per game
      2009 : With better, older talent….34.7 points per game
      Nuff said!

      Thats 11.5 point difference with all of our talent returning. The only thing that changed was Addazio running our play book.

  3. It is funny, “we will find what works for us”… well what happened to the roll out pass to Debose that worked GREAT against UK? No need to answer, they have not run the play since. What happened to the I formation that worked relatively well against Miami, OH. Answer, haven’t seen it since the Miami, OH. Can we at least try it on the the 1 yard line? Even if it is with Moody, let’s face it, this is what he would actually be good for, not sweeps. I bet if you look at the previous games, our play calling is 80% run on first down. In fact I will predict this Saturday’s Game, 1st Down = Run, 2nd Down = Sweep, 3rd Down = Pass in the Flat, 4th Down = Punt.

    I have more questions than answers at this stage:

    1. What is it going to take to get Pouncey put at Guard? Robey is a pure center and last year was praised as a standout during preseason practice. I am no expert but maybe a change in our glaring and biggest disappointment, the O-Line, might help, HELL COULD IT HURT?

    2. When do we become more of a pass offense to set up the run rather than a run offense to set up the pass? It is rediculous that people continue to put 8 in the Box and the Gators arrogantly continue to try and run the ball.

    3. Big plays, UM says he is disturbed by the lack of big plays… well don’t you have to call big plays in order to have big plays? I bet you can count on 2 hands how many pass attempts have been tried of more than 20 yards this entire season.

    4. Finally, please stop putting it on the players!!!! Ultimately it is the Coaches who decide who plays, who gets in the gameplan and who it is they truly believe are thebest chance for success. The players are Pawns in this game be ing lead by the King (Coach Meyer) and the Queen (Coach Addazio). It is not on the players but on the evaluation of whom they believe can get it done. Case in point, the arrogance to KEEP MIKE POUNCEY AT CENTER! Even Bobby Cox (hell of a Coach) was man enough to bench Brooks Conrad after his errors became rediculous! How many times can a Coach watch what everyone else sees and continue to ignore it out of pure arrogance to prove that he was right. Well, 4-2, MAN UP AND ADMIT YOU ARE WRONG!

  4. And as for the so called “NEW PLAYERS” Theory:

    Demps, Moore, Thompson, the entire starting O-Line, Moody, Rainey have all started and played significant time before this year with the exception of Moore but he did start last year before going down. So argument is Brantley, a Junior mind you, has zero experience. Hmmmm, how many starts did McCoy have last year before well only winning an SEC and BCS Title, I will give you a second. Answer = ZERO. I know, I know the defense won it. Well in that case let us look at new starting QB’s this year, D. Thomas (Oregon) #2 in the country, T. Martinez (a F%$#ing FRESHMAN, Nebraska) #5 in the country and of course Cam Newton (Auburn) #7 in the country. The funny part about these QB’s is not only are they on successful teams but they UNLIKE “INEXPERIENCED” JOHN BRANTLEY are ion the first year of running their respective offensive systems. No learning on the sidelines or being able to practice the system for a couple of years. Weird, they come into a system and run it and judging from your experience is everything attitude, somehow luck into success! Hint the sarcasm in this but I do not have to much EXPERIENCE AT THIS.

  5. “Addazio says that ‘the option is gaining five yards per carry.’ He’s either a liar or he’s counting one of Jeff Demps’ long runs as an option. From what I’ve seen of the Brantley option, it gains between three yards and negative five. ”

    Again addazio is delusional and this further supports my point that you can not make us what you want us to be just by speaking it.

    I get angrier by the passing day and now this is turning out to be Urban Meyer’s fault for keeping him on staff…

  6. We are no lock to beat Mississippi State this weekend. If SA and UM serve-up the same shit sandwich (and we lose again), they will have no right to get pissed when we refuse to eat it.

    Go Gators!!!!

  7. The Gaytors lost umpteen players on both sides of the ball to the draft. This year’s squad has been decimated by injury and suspensions due to continued off-field problems. and the whiners on this site are calling for the firing of a coach as if that will magically solve all of the problems…unbelievable.

    Perhaps they are doing the best they can with the limited intelligence of their recruits. After all, a five page playbook HAS to be easier for the team to grasp than a 200 page playbook.

    1. Then again, at least the Gators can READ their playbooks. My Noles have to have a tutor at practice to translate.

  8. “And of course, Brantley is once again nowhere to be found in the picture, because why would our offensive coordinator ever talk to our quarterback?”

    That video says it all.

    Wow, stuff like that just makes me shake my head. As a fan and an alum, I feel like I deserve better..Who’s with me???? You know before the season, I saw 1 loss on our schedule. Now I see at least 3 more. I prematurely bought tickets to the Cocktail party and to say I would be pissed off if we lose would be an understatement. I just hope our offense changes and soon. I used to love watching the Gators play. Now sitting through these games just feels painful.

    Save Gator Football…

  9. ddazio is the perfect example of the Peter Principle. in 2008 He was a great offensive Line Coach, now he has been promoted to OC and its just to much for him. – I grumbled a little bit about Addazio in 2009 but figured he deserved a little bit of a chance to kind of learn on the job. He did not learn though and now it is the beginning of the deterioration.

  10. Steve Addazio isn’t smart enough and doesn’t have enough imagination to be our offensive coordinator. If Spurrier was our current OC, I guarantee you Brantley would be a Heisman contender, if not the front-runner instead of a struggling, middle-of-the-road QB.

  11. It’s so predictable that I will predict what happen for the next three weeks:

    1). Due to the heat being turned up on the offense, and everyone starting to notice that this is a problem area, the offense will be remarkable Saturday night. It’s going to be unbelievable.

    2). The heat will be taken off and the focus will return to winning the SEC East due to everyone thinking that the offensive problems had been fixed, but unbenounced to us, Urban will give Addazio back the full control of calling plays.

    3). After a solid performance by the offense against Miss. State, because Urban was actually calling the plays himself (but would never admit to it) the offense returns to it’s ineptitude against Georiga and we will be kicked in the stomach all over again, Why? Because Addazio and Urban are friends 🙁

  12. HOLY COW – this is the final straw for me. I am starting to think Dumbazzio thinks this is a game that he is playing with the fans/media. It’s right there in black and white. Dumbazzio was quoted yesterday regarding the level of play by a couple key offensive lineman. If you did not have a chance to read this yet on Gatorsports than here you go, hope you are ready for a shocker.
    Adazzio on BOUNCEY & Melissa Gilbert. “I feel great about my guys,” Addazio said Tuesday. “I don’t think Mike Pouncey has ever played any better than he’s playing right now. I don’t think Marcus Gilbert has ever played any better than he’s playing right now.”

    One word folks – DELUSIONAL!

    During Monday’s press conference Meyer states the o line in not playing well, guess Daz thinks otherwise?

    Someone please wake us up form this nightmare! Daz, Please go back to coaching High School in CT.

  13. It seems Gator verbal commitment Latroy Pittman had more to say about our offense and why the fans were booing late in the game:

    “They felt the play-calling was not good,” he said. “It just shows the fans want to see more excitement from the offense. You can’t advertise great speed and talent, but never throw deep or have any long runs and not expect the viewers to have question and concern and frustration.”

    It seems that even 17 and 18 year old kids understand this fact while our OC continues to flounder. The only thing that makes me angrier than his shitty play calling is when he acts like every player he coaches has played amazing and that the fans are wrong for being upset.

    I watched Pouncey get beat by Nevis at least 4 times Saturday, yet “He’s playing the best he’s ever played at UF”. Please don’t patronize the Gator Nation Addazio, you’re only making it worse on yourself.

  14. Let the recruiting slide begin.

    Four-star tight end recruit A.C. Leonard (Jacksonville, FL) decommitted from the Florida Gators on Wednesday but said the team remains in the hunt for his services, according to Justin Wells of 247Sports. Leonard, who was Florida’s third-highest rated recruit for 2011, was also the Gators’ second commitment for that recruiting cycle.

    Recently pursued heavily by the Alabama Crimson Tide, Leonard attended Florida’s 33-29 loss to LSU over the weekend during an unofficial visit to Gainesville, FL. He left Saturday’s game saying, “Yeah, I guess,” when asked by 247Sports if he was still committed to Florida. That has now obviously changed.

    Leonard is also seriously considering Alabama and Miami but has listed his recruitment as “open” (per a text message with Wells) with UF still having a chance of receiving his commitment again. He originally committed to the Gators on Nov. 29, 2009.

    An official visit to the Crimson Tide was called “a real eye opening experience for me” by Leonoard last week, according to “The whole experience was first-class,” he said just days after Alabama defeated Florida. “I talked to Coach [Nick] Saban Sunday morning at breakfast and he basically told me they really wanted me in Tuscaloosa. […] I really liked everything he had to say and the plan he would have.”

    Read more:
    ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive

  15. Can someone please tell me when zero years of Offensive Coordinator experience was good enough at the University of Florida to get the OC job? Florida is not Bowling Green, you don’t start people out here and get them experience here… And God, a glaring and I mean glaring little tidbit we keep forgetting about is that Addazio was named the HBC at one point this YEAR. What? Who? I love UM but has Jeremy Foley become Urban’s Bitch because of his incredible accomplishments. Please tell me that the AD I know would not let our Program go to UM’s friends and collegues he wants to give a leg up. Fire ADDAZIO!

  16. I’ve been disgusted by Addazio’s play calling since he started the job of OC. I don’t know about all the name calling going on but we do need to get him out of this position ASAP. I just feel sorry for the players. He’s ruining Brantley and Pouncey’s careers just to name a few. Not only that, he’s hurting our team for years to come by scaring off new recruits. That’s the main reason he should be fired.

  17. I think, if nothing else comes out of this sad year, we need to realize just how much of our successs we owe to Tim Tebow. He WAS Gator football and while Mr. Adazzio chose to sit idley by and do nothing Tim would have been in everyone’s face inspiring them to do what needed to be done to win that damn game. He carried his team and the coaches and inspired everyone around him to be better. Man do I miss that young man. And…congrats to Steve Spurrier, he wanted that game a whole lot more than we did and he deserves his victory now go beat Auburn!!!

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