Spurrier vs Addazio is Like Mike Tyson vs Glass Joe

A few weeks ago, the UAA was asked what they think of this website, firesteveaddazio.com.  They responded with the following:

“People who are making comments about Steve, they are based on an emotional reaction,” a spokesman said. “They don’t know Steve or how much passion he has. It’s an uneducated opinion.”

Last week, the majority of the Gatorsports.com writers wrote that after the Vandy game, the offense was fixed.  Everything was better now.  Steve Addazio held his typical Tuesday press conference with the same amount of vigorous hand waving as usual, but also with an aura of smugness.  He almost had an attitude of “I told you I could make this work”.

Meanwhile, here on this site, I wrote that our problems with not fixed.  I predicted the exact outcome we got in the South Carolina game.

South Carolina is solid against the run and weak against the pass.  Do I expect Addazio to exploit that this week?  No.  He hasn’t shown an ability to exploit a defense’s weakness in the past, and his stubborn attitude doesn’t leave me with any reason to believe he will ever learn to adapt.  Without the trick plays, and with Addazio looking at this game as an important one, I’m predicting Addazio will curl back up into his conservative ball and we’ll all be yelling about South Carolina’s weak secondary as Addazio tries to beat them two yards at a time.  I’d love to be wrong, but I just have this sinking feeling that we’re in for a let-down, and within a few weeks we’re going to be right back where we were after the MSU game.

By and large, the readers of this site agreed.  You guys littered the comments field with more examples of how the Vanderbilt game was a mirage, and how the issues still remained.  Gatorsports and the UAA were wrong, and you were right.  So I ask the UAA now, who carries the uneducated opinion?

But there’s no sense stopping there.  Let’s take a look at what went wrong in the South Carolina game.  What were our problems?

We weren’t able to adjust.  South Carolina has a strong front seven, and a weak secondary, yet we didn’t throw a pass downfield until there were 7 minutes left in the game and things were all but over.  Our undeveloped talent was not used to their strengths as we continued to see guys like Deonte Thompson run routes that would be better suited to a possession receiver, and guys like Andre Debose remain uninvolved with the offense .  The pass routes once again looked as if they had no real purpose to them, almost as if every play was just a jumble of guys running square in routes.  I mean really, do we have any other pass play in the playbook other than a guy running a 3 yard drag underneath another guy running a 10 yard in route?  Wait, I forgot, on 3rd and 10 we also like to mix in 3 yard hitches and a few screen passes.

Worst of all, we were as predictable as ever.  Burton and Reed came in to run the ball up the middle (and when Burton lined up at FB it was a play action pass into the flats).  Addazio’s extremely conservative gameplan prevented them from throwing the ball, and allowed the defense to once again play aggressively against our offense, bottling everything up into a confined area within a few yards of the line of scrimmage.

That’s funny, because I could have sworn I’ve heard about all those problems before.  Oh, that’s right, I wrote about them all more than two months ago, and have written about them many times since then.  Other than the coach’s unwillingness to acknowledge that there is a problem, that is probably the most frustrating thing.  These aren’t new issues.  These are problems that have been there all year, problems that are entirely fixable, but problems that have not been adjusted at all.

Savvy football fans noticed the problem with Addazio last year.  Within a game or two into this season the problems were obvious to everyone.  Yet here we are, 9 weeks later, and the people in charge are still surprised by things that we’ve been talking about since day 1 of this season.  Again, who’s uneducated?

This season is lost, and has been for a while.  We all knew that when Addazio remained on the staff after the MSU game.  But the scary thing now is what all this does for next season.  It’s too late to see what Loeffler and Azzanni are made of as an OC on a trial run, so now even if we ditch Addazio we’re left with question marks at OC again entering next year.  Even worse is what this season may do to recruiting.  There were a whopping 35 recruits in attendance at the South Carolina game, and it was by far our biggest game of the season in terms of recruits on site.  Having them bear witness to an a team that couldn’t match the production of the special team’s opening kickoff return in either points or yardage until well into the 4th quarter can not have been a good selling point.

Even Pat Dooley, who called me out earlier in the year, has come around and called for Addazio’s head.  It’s just too bad that it took him so long, and he wasn’t ahead of the game like many of the users of this site, or perhaps we could have corrected things before the losses piled up (which was my first goal in creating this site), rather than after.

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  1. Hit the nail right on the head yet again. I am beginning to think that just maybe Meyer should have stayed retired or maybe he should go as well. So many reasons have been written as to why Meyer will not do anything about Addazio or continueing to us Brantley in a scheme that just won’t work. Close friends with Brantley’s Dad, close friends with Addazio, and doesn’t see the big picture. Which ever it is, I am starting to feel Meyer should head out as well.

    Great website!

  2. What sucks even worse than our play calling is the fact that Meyer just anounced that Brantley would be the starter for App. State, and that there were no plans to do anything with Addazio. Yippidy Doo Da. It might be time to erect a firecoachmeyer website since he seems intent on running this program into the ground. Never in my life have I seen a coach so blindly stubborn as meyer has been this yr. His reluctancy to make any type of meaningful adjustments has made me sick. Where do his loyalties lie; with Addazio or with the University of Florida? Because right now, the two don’t mix. If he doesn’t totally get rid of dumassio in the off season Foley nneds to let meyer know he should step down as HC.

  3. Meyer’s presser today makes me sick. He still doesn’t want to place blame and says SA will be back next year. I think I just puked in my mouth a little…

  4. There is really nothing left to say at this point. I am truly dumbfounded about the fact that us “uneducated” fans are able to dissect the issues with our offense and expose the obvious flaws, while the highly respected, highly paid coaches stubbornly run our beloved program into the ground. I really have no problem with us loosing a few games. I’m realistic, I know that we lost a lot of incredible players to the NFL this past year, including the best player to ever play the game of college football. But the fact of the matter is that we’re not only failing to make any improvements or adjustments, we are getting worse. Considering the level of talent that UF brings in each year, one has to place the blame on the coaching.

    You were spot on in your prediction of the South Carolina game- I felt the exact same way, to the extent that I really was not upset that we lost. Honestly, I expected it. The point is, something has to be done. I refuse to stand behind a coaching staff that refuses to act in the best interest of their team. If Meyer is unwilling to fire his friend, then he needs to be fired himself.

  5. My thing is this … Urban Meyer “The Godfather of the spread” We all know that in order for teh spread to be the most effective you need a duaL threat QB.

    The only reason we used Chris Leak is because that is all we had, and Tebow wasnt ready to take the reins.

    Well why in the world would our coaching staff waste a scholarship on a drop back, pocket passing QB? A pocket passing QB is not maximizing your revenue in the spread. Well lets sit back and analyze this.

    Enter JOhn Brantley…. I would first like to adress all those who said JB is better than Tebow; Go F**** YOURSELF … lol
    Second; Addazio is God Awful terrible I noticed it last year when in some cancerous way eroded one of the best Gator offenses ever. BUT on these pass plays he calls believe it or not if you watch there are a few deep routes …. HOWEVER our TIMID QB never does a three step drop and gets rid of it or a 5 step drop and gets rid of it, hell he dosnt even throw it away … he holds on to it or throws it in the flats where he’s comfortable trhowing the ball … he has NO leadership skills, He’s timid, he cant throw or run. Tebow didnt have the prettiest spiral but I’ll tell you one thing it was on teh money each time, it may look like a helicopter but it got there on time and where it needed to be …

    So many of you say “Well JB broke all those records in highschool” lol I played against JB for 2 years, I sacked him twice, me and JB played in 2B football, in 2B football every team runs wing t, they run teh ball 50 to 60 times a game …. JB had Ricky Nattiel (EX GATOR EX DENVER BRONCO) as an O.C., He had Kerwin Bell (EX GATOR QB EX NFL QB) as a head coach .. He had three D1 receivers (Dion LeCorn, U.S.C) (Antonio Allen U.S.C) AND (Patrick Nelson J.U) they ran 5 wide, shotgun offense against all these teams in 2B that were used to defending against the run 60 times a game, all of our defenses ran 4-4 defenses 8 in the box, we had NEVER played against a 5 wide set …. Trinity Catholic JB’s school shredded everyone becaus ethey had NEVER even seen a 5 or 4 wide or even 3 wide anywhere besides TV or Madden 06′ …

    I mean hell i could have played QB in that offense and broken records …. I always said he wasnt that great … his huge d1 receivers running routes against our undersized linebackers who had never seen an opponent that throws teh ball more than 10 times a game …. it was easy for him …

    I think teh kid would have made a great CUSA OR WAC QB, maybe at liek memphis, or Midd Tenn State, maybe Troy or Miami of Ohio, but im telling you from experiance rite now HES NOT THAT GOOD …

    I sincerley believe teh only reason he’s at Uf is because of his dad and two coaches investment in the boosters … His dad (John Brantley Sr.) was a local hero who played for UF who is now involved in boosters, his highschool OC (Ricky Nattiel) was a Local (Newberry HS about 10 minutes outside of gville) Gator player who played for UF and Denver and was John Elways go to for a few years … he is also involved in boosters, His HS head Coach (Kerwin Bell) Was an ex UF QB, heavily invested in boosters and he was a local hero from Mayo, Florida, about 45 minutes outside of gville ….

    I mean think about it? your the Godfather of the spread
    your offense runs teh best witha dual threat qb, you have 25 scholarships, why would you waste one on a drop back passer?

    well look at jb’s connections? all three of those guys local legends, all bull gators … yea Jb is ok! he would prosper in cusa or the wac just not in big name confrences … hes killing our team … along with Addazio , nothing needs to be said about that clown … Terrell Austin needs to go too …

    So I guess the summary of all this is, not only are our coaches making terrible calls, they arent even playing the right people ..

    I mean check this stats out

    Andre Debose

    13 touches all year

    averages 9 yards a run. 9 a catch and has 2 td’s

    why hasnt he touched the ball?

    why play a talent like J Reed at TE? He’s obviously teh best QB we got they need to get him in the game, get him some reps, he’s got a beautiful pass. But as it stands now, we will have inexperianced qb’s next year witha senior who just wants “THE JOB AS UF’S STARTING QB” but none of the leadership aspects … I mean this season will be the downfall of next season, we are going to lose recruits … I’ll put money on it that TONS of players are going to transfer…. It’s terrible …

  6. I think Meyer has lost it. It sucks because I really like the guy and he’s brought home two national championship titles. I should be more forgiving/sympathetic/etc, but since his health scare it almost seems like he’s lost that fire – he’s lost the never-ending, both-ends-of-the-stick-burning passion that he had when he came to town. He’s given Addazio the keys to the car and he keeps letting him drive it into a muddy bog, spinning his wheels and he is okay with it. It’s a real stand up thing to make Brantley the starter since he waited for so long, but it is just not working.

    I am not sure if Brantley is physically incapable or too scared of throwing a deep ball or if Addazio simply won’t let him, but what ever it is it isn’t working.

    Addazio has to go. And if Meyer obstructs that from happening, then I hate to say it, so does he.

  7. This problem should have been fixed before it was allowed to get out of hand. If you have a leaky pipe you don’t wait for it to rot through your walls until you decide to take care of it, but sadly that’s what basically everyone in a power to make a change chose to do.

    It was a sad state of affairs in that stadium, and the lowest point for this program in quite some time. Even the Zook years never brought a mass onslaught of boos and fans pouring out of the stadium with an entire quarter left to play. The quotes I saw from recruits were gracious, but surely they had to have been concerned about the disaster on the field and the unrest in the stands. Should be interesting to see what kind of attendance we get against App State, a game that right now appears very losable.

  8. Chandler,

    Good points man but please, for the love of god learn how to spell the word “the”. You spelled it “teh” 8 times in your post, EIGHT TIMES. We can’t be defending our selves from being called uneducated fans if we can’t even do the basics.

  9. I agree with everyone! Our O-line is terrible, our QB is EXTREMELY timid and cannot read the field if his life depended on it. Our receivers that can actually catch, are not being thrown to! Deonte is GREAT, but sucks at catching! Let him run. Here is an idea, When we make a great play and gain great yardage, DO NOT RUN ON THE NEXT PLAY! EVERYTIME we get a great play, you run up the middle and you FAIL miserably! Seriously! I love the Gators and always have, but I have never been so discouraged with our team. We have amazing players that are not being able to reach their full potential because of the coaching. Let DeBose catch, throw to FH jr, do something different and unexpected and throw them all off! PLEASE! I cannot stand watching play after play fail. Running against teams like Alabama, LSU and USC are a bad idea! THEY WILL STOP US! It seems like when we have a good game, they get all smug and lose their passion to win. Not only does the coaching staff need to be revamped, we need someone there to make the team passionate again. Spikes and Tebow gave that team the passion they needed to win. Our offense sucked last year, and the only reason Addazzio didn’t catch as much crap was because Tebow could play.. because Tebow is just tebow! The coaches didn’t have to be good, because he was the playmaker and could win in the almost any situation. GET OVER IT COACHES>>> HE IS GONE AND OUR QB IS NOT TEBOW! Get over your ego Addazzio and resign before you do anymore damage to yourself and our program! Urban, we love you and we all know you are having health issues , but your heart does not seem like you are in it anymore. I want you to stay because you are amazing, but if you cannot see what is happening to our program, you should leave and be with your family like you really want to be. It is not fair to the gators for your head to not be in the game.

  10. All the attacks against Brantley are ignorant. He has already shown when he actually gets to run the offense (pretty much the last 5 minutes of a game), stay at quarterback consistently, and throw the ball more than three yards, he’s fully capable of running an effective offense. Even Peyton Manning would have timing issues if he got shifted to tight end every third play and hit every third time he stepped back to throw. The problems with out team are obviously with the coaching staff, and that includes Meyer as well as Adazio. I know Meyer won two championships, and I respect him for that, but he also did that with an amazing defense, half of which is starting in the nfl, and huge offensive weapons, including the best weapon to ever play in the SEC. If he can’t make a respectable season with the talent we have this year, then there is a problem, especially if he can’t see that his offensive coordinator is the worst in the SEC, possibly all of college football, and is destroying this football program.

    1. lmfao. Riddle me this, Batman.. Why do half of Johnny’s passes get batted down or tipped?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      Because he SUCKS and has NO VISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      gtfo with that shit brah.

    2. I obviously agree that Addazio is the core problem here, but Brantley is NOT that good. Almost EVERY pass he makes (that’s not a checkdown) is way too high for the receivers and they are having to make spectacular plays in order to catch anything (luckily we have some spectacular athletes at WR…) I agree that there needs to be consistency, but that Reed needs to be the consistent QB and Brantley needs to be benched. Yes, his O-line isn’t helping him, but he is completely immobile which does NOT work in a spread offense. I think we’ve given him enough “time” to adjust and he’s just not cut out for it. Also, he has NO passion whatsoever and just looks apathetic when he’s on the field and off the field on the sidelines.

      The main points – Addazio has to go, the O-line needs improvement, and Brantley needs to sit on the bench. Reed may not be the answer, but it’s a step in the “right” direction.

    3. …..and will throw to a covered receiver when a WIDE OPEN receiver is within 20 yards. Flat out terrible QB! Was anointed, never earned his position. Fuck Brantley, Addazio, and Meyer. Where is a tragic plane crash when you need one?

      1. Holy shit man, tighten up. We’re all a little upset here but remember we’re talking about people here, some of them 18-22 year old kids. I don’t call people “classless” very often but wishing for injuries or death – even if kidding – takes passion for a sport way, way, way too far. Oh, and its classless.

    4. Every third play? You can’t be serious can you. They try that formation maybe 3-4 times a game. I’m so sick of people talking about how he can’t get into a rythm because of Reed and Burton taking snaps. He played 90% of that SC game and sisn’t do squat. When he does have time to throw most often the kid puts it high, wide, or short. If it weren’t for Moore having to do a half gainer with a double twist to be able to catch brantley’s horrible balls his yards would be about 200-300 less than they are now. The kid is a bust, plain and simple. Is it all his fault, not even close. But he is a big piece of the pie. That pie is composed of three reasons our offense sucks a fat dick. 1/3 is Addazio’s inability to do anything other than a dive or a screen. 1/3 is brantley’s inability to make ANYTHING happen unless he has 20-30 seconds of alone time to make his reads, and the final 1/3 is Meyer’s inability to put the program before loyalty. This piece can be somewhat forgiven. It would do no good to can Addazio right now with 2, possibly 3 games left in season. If he went that route we’d be stuck again with some half ass quick fix OC. Addazio will be dealt with in the offseason when UM can sit down and really look at qualified guys. Meyer is loyal to a fault, but he isn’t dumb, he sees it’s more than execution and lack of big plays. He knows Addazio was a complete failure. So do we. I just pray that Meyer doesn’t hire just because he’s a friend, he needs to hire someone with an intimate knowledge of the spread, and not only that, but how to make it teachable. There’s no use in recruiting big time players if it takes three seasons to learn the offense. So if that means we go away from the traditional “Meyer spread” to whatever spread the new OC is fluent in so be it. We have to much talent sitting on the bench because they don’t know the offense. Which is the situation J. Reed is in. He was recruited as a QB. But because he couldn’t get the system down he got moved to TE. Which wouldn’t be exactly bad if A. They actually used him as a TE and B. They actually had a backup to Brantley who they were going to let throw. They don’t use Reed in TE plays very often, but he doens’t take meaningful snaps with the QB’s, what the fuck have they been doing with him for the last TWO SEASONS!!?

  11. The UGA and Vandy games were a band-aid. At least we did some different things in those games, with more Reed and Burton. This makes me fucking RAGE so much. Burton basically won the UGA game, and Reed basically won the Vandy game. So what do we do? We play Brantley’s sorry ass 99% of the SC game with the same gameplan that got us beat vs Miss St.

    And to ANYONE who just now noticed how incapable Addazio is.. you know what this game reminds me of……?

    THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME LAST YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At first, I wanted to fire Addazio. Now I want someone to put a bullet in his head. And you know what? Fuck Urban Meyer for getting us into this mess. Yeah, I said it. FUCK YOU URBAN!

  12. Urban Meyer isn’t the problem, http://30fps.mocksession.com/URBZRAGE.gif . The problem is Addazio. I suppose Meyer is the problem for refusing to acknowledge Addazio’s incompetence but still, something MUST BE done. Unfortunately I don’t go to UF but I am a big big big Gator fan. I think the students need to protest or something, because this is just ridiculous.

      1. Off topic but it’s funny your name is TooDamnHigh, I’m actually from NJ !

        In other news, Addazio will be here next year as OC. Gators ship is sinking.

  13. I have never really been too impressed with Urban’s offensive scheme but always put myself in check due to the wins and championships we racked up.

    However, now I can only scratch my head and wonder why more of our former players are not in the pros blowing up the scoreboards. They carried a lot of water for one of the worst offensive schemes around. I can still remember how Chris Leak would always throw a 8 yard completion when it was 3rd and 10, resulting in a punt. Offense has to play to what the defense is giving them. Any DC in the SEC can shut down a one deminsional offense.

  14. I predict Meyer will leave at the end of the season. He looks like he is on Vallium and just going through the motions. Then we can clean house.
    It is looking like we should have made Mullen the head coach and hung onto Cam Newton and told Pouncey to go on to the pros this past year if he wasn’t willing to play in his old position.

    Maybe we can steal Mullen back.

  15. if addazio stays than fire both of them and offer mullen a lot of money to be the head coach, im being 100% serious when i say that.

  16. @Michael: I agree with you about Brantley. It’s so hard for a QB to get into a rhythm when he’s either being split out wide, given easy but mostly ineffective bubble screens/flat passes as plays, being severely pressured most of the game with an ineffective offensive line and without much other protection (e.g, RBs) in the backfield to pick up the blitz, watching his number of snaps get sapped by new fish, and having mostly unreliable receivers who aren’t playmakers (Thompson has more bad games than good games, Rainey was absent half of the season and mostly caught flat passes anyway, Moore had a good run in the middle of the season but had a few bad drops against South Carolina including one that resulted in a pick, and like Chandler said above Debose was hardly played). Oh, AND he has to play in front of a crowd who just watched Tim Tebow have three great seasons. Brantley has to be the most frustrated of anybody, yet he’s handling it with the most grace. Bravo to that kid for that, football stuff aside. I will concede that he tends to lock down on receivers and doesn’t always go through his progression (again, lack of time in the pocket), but I don’t think he even gets much of an opportunity to make those mistakes or get into a rhythm to fix them.

    With regard to Addazio…it’s just tough because he’s put together some good drives, with or without Brantley as the driving force. I don’t think he’s stupid, I don’t think he lacks a great deal of playcalling knowledge. Let’s be realistic, people: you don’t get to be the Offensive Coordinator of the Florida Gators if you’re as stupid as people charge him as. Echoing the author of this website, he’s just too timid most of the time. Conservative offensive football only works against good teams when you have a damn good defense and/or it is appropriately proportioned to the plays designed to be more risky but get some chunks of yardage. As goes the old adage (too bad we can’t call it an “addagio”): “You play to win the game”, not “You play to not lose the game.”

  17. It’s not that hard to defend Brantley when you know EXACTLY what routes the receivers are going to run, since we only have about 5. And Brantley paid his dues the last 2 years… he deserves at least a chance to run the offense with a credible play caller. And as for him not being able to run a spread offense… no shit. That’s why you have to adjust to the players you have.. an adjustment that should have begun 2 years ago when we committed to Brantley as the future quarterback.

  18. I’m saying we should have never even signed his ass, it was a waste, im telling you the kid is no fucking good, he cant throw, he’s timid he holds onto the ball, he cant run, a three step drop means three steps and teh ball is gone, tahst never the case with brantley, a five step drop means five steps and teh ball is gone, taht also is never the case, he’s inaccurate and has done nothing, he’s also a terrible leader. I played against the kid for three years … trust me I know …. maybe he would have been good in CUSA or the WAC D2 But trust me JB is a huge part of the downfall of our offense, I mean just look at our offense last year which granted wasnt great but we had the same play caller and we were tons better than what we were and are this season … why? because we had a real “spread qb” a coach should never have to adapt to his players, UF is good at the spread, fuck changing for JB, he hasnt payed any fucking dues, this shit isnt some frat boy fraternity, you play the best, no one deserves to play, you earn teh right to play through skills … and Brantley just dosnt have the skills …

    1. @ Chandler

      First off, you can’t spell, which makes you look like a fucking retard ass it is. Secondly, what does a wash-up wanna be football player opinion have to do with one of the greatest high school quarterbacks of all time? You act like since his team beat the shit out of yours that your opinion counts? No, Brantley can obviously throw. If you can’t see that, well you are as dumb as I perceive. If you would like to complain about other things like his decision making or his ability to run the spread, that’s different, but Brantley has more D1 talent in his pinky then you have ever seen.

      But once again, as an English Major, your a disgrace to writing.

  19. Two concerning things from my point of view:

    1) It is hard to watch the OBC’s fun’n’gun plays when they’re against you and your own coach won’t even capitalize on the Swamp’s atmosphere.

    2) As an uneducated female football fan, I am disgusted when each and every week I’m being reminded that I’m not the coach. By definition, a state institution is partially owned and governed by the residents of the state. To go even further, boosters contribute money to help grow the athletic programs. As a booster and a state resident, I feel that my opinion might not be big as a single person – but as a group – it is time for UF and the UAA to start listening to our concerns. Before Gator Boosters pleads for even more financial help.

    (Oh, and was it ironic to anyone else to come home from that game to a SEC Championship flier? That really hit home.)

  20. OH GOD, please no on the Dan Mullen hire talk! The dude is not that good. I realize he was better than Addazio, but 2008 had much more to do with all of the studs we had on the field than it did Dan Mullen.

    Urban Meyer is stuck in 2004 offensively and needs a fresh thinker, and he needs to give him FULL REIGNS. My pick would be Kerwin Bell, go check out what he is doing now at Jacksonville University.

    I’m also someone that can deal with losing to teams that are better than us, but at least make Gator football fun to watch again! Take away some ridiculous Percy Harvin runs and Tim Tebow smash hits, and our offense has been boring for a LONG, LONG time (since a certain other SEC coach was here).

  21. Speaking of Urban, the man looks like he is a coma and not in tune when giving interviews at half-time. His “Ugh, ugh, ugh” answers aren’t cutting it. Maybe he should have just stayed retired.

  22. The PERFECT fit for the Gators would be Jon Gruden. Dude KNOWS the X’s and O’s obviously. Competent, passionate, and a disciplinarian.

    Jon Gruden for Head Ball Coach!!!!!

    1. Let’s not act like Florida State fans did last year, thinking they could get Mark Richt there simply because they wanted him.

      I don’t think Gruden would entertain this for a minute, to be honest.

  23. I’m beginning to think that Urban doesn’t even know what’s going on… You think that instead of saying over and over “we’re just not that good” you would start to hear our offensive line needs to get better, we need to pass better, and the DL needs to stop playing patty cake… I’m sick of it. There is not ONE person on that team (player or coach) that’s showing any form of leadership… I give most the blame to the coaches, yes the players need to execute but it’s the coaches job to develop those 4 and 5 star players to become better each week (and lets face it they have not improved drastically since Pouncey learned how to snap better) I’m just over it.

    1. If Urban truly believes that, he needs to GTFO!!!!!!!!!!

      makes me sick to my Goddamn stomach.


      FUCK YOU.


      P.S. FUCK YOU.



  24. “Savvy football fans noticed the problem with Addazio last year.”

    Well I must be somewhat savvy because I and others I watch the games with certainly noticed it. I saw the astounding predictablity of our play calling and mistakenly chalked it up to the coaching staff being in love with Tim Tebow. At one point last year I was so disgusted I told people that I would be glad when Tebow got his ass out of Gainesville because I was sick of watching this bullshit offense. I mistakenly thought that once Tebow was gone and John Brantley was in that there was no way in hell these people would be stupid enough to continue calling these same tired-assed plays over and over.

    I was wrong.

    They ARE that stupid.

  25. Addazio will be gone after this season. Meyer just made the comments he did because he doesn’t want to completely ostracize his OC with 3 games left in the season. He’s gone.

  26. I spent some time today watching Addazio pressers and interviews on Youtube.The guy is gone mentally.He talks down to anyone that asks valid questions.Asked about Pouncey’s snapping,he said there were no more bad snaps this year than in any other year and that the thought of making a change never ever even entered his realm of thinking.He looked disqusted by the question!Last year’s interview included referring to skill players as “explosives” and that our backs are the “explosives”.Then why did Tebow again lead our team in carries by a land slide?He said “LSU ran only 47 plays,can you believe that???”This guy is a better fit for defensive coordinator because he sure as hell knows how to stop an offense.Foley should tell Meyer either Addazio goes or they both go.This is the University of Florida!It ain’t intramurals!

  27. Mr. Steve Addazio 2010…$375,000+

    Dial-a-play spin wheel…$0.75

    Cameron Newton…$100,000 – $200,000

    Seeing an athletically gifted entertainer stripped of wins and heisman, while a state-subsidized employee, albeit older and fatter, still collects $30,000 checks after every game………..PRICELE, wait, no it’s not, it’s fucking pathetic

  28. I believe that Dan Mullin’s departure was the end of the Spread Offense at Florida. The Gator Nation was cheated out of a 4th National Championship and Poor Tim Tebow, the best collegiate quarterback ever to play the game, was cheated out of a second Heisman.

    Addazio does not know how to be an offensive coordinator. He has been unable to create any protection for our quarterbacks or create many openings for running. We still have inaccurate snaps coming from our center. All of the while, Addazio’s specialty is supposed to be the offensive line and we have a fairly senior group of kids playing there. I’m not sure why we have stubbornly tried to make a Pouncey into a Center. Its like saying a First Baseman is a good hitter so we’ll let him play Shortstop.

    Somehow we have hung all the Gator offense around John Brantley. He has shown no ability to run the option offense. Maybe he would be a good pocket passer at a school running a pocket passing offense, maybe he would be timid there and not throw the ball more than 10 yards either. Either way, IF WE ARE DEDICATED TO THE SPREAD OPTION OFFENSE, we need a quarterback that can competently run an option play. We have had a couple years to figure out if Brantley can run the offense, it seems impossible to me that we didn’t know Brantley couldn’t run the option offense. How in the world did John Brantley beat out Cam Newton for second string quarterback behind Tebow? (This really seems like a coaching blunder now — the fact that Newton is a walking NCAA violation aside)

    To Addazio, what the heck would you have done if John Brantley went down week 1? Would the Gators just not throw the ball for the rest of the season? Tier 1 schools have backup quarterbacks. Maybe the quarterbacks run simplified plays or less total plays in the playbook, but they run can run some pass plays. There is no reason that Reed or Burton cannot throw some of the time and eliminate a good portion of the predictability of our offense simply by which quarterback lines up under center. Have a quarterback that can run the option do their best until we are down by 14 points and then switch back to Brantley when we are going to run mostly passing downs anyway and the runs we do run will really only be draw plays. And that is if one of these Freshmen can’t simply beat Brantley out for the job.

    Am I the only person that is beginning to think this whole Spread Option Offense is voodoo? An offense that can only work when it is filled with talent like Tebow, Harvin, and Hernandez may work despite the playbook, not because of it. Meyer this is on you. You brought this stuff to the Gator nation and like all experiments they are not proven till the results are repeated. So far this offense seems too hard for players like Burton, Reed, Debose and Moody to pick up. Players only stay at a University for at most five years. Injuries occur. It is very important that every position have multiple players ready to fill needs. Too complicated an offense makes filling in at positions much more difficult since to be good plays should feel natural because of the repetition.

    Possibly the most difficult part of the Spread Option Offense is the Option part of the offense. Most high school option-quarterbacks are not skilled at passing. Most high school passing-quarterbacks are not skilled at the option. Being a good option quarterback requires a Point Guard-like vision that is a very different skill set then passing. I’m not sure how you get both. But Meyer does not seem to have been able to train up Brantley with an even Chris Leak level of ability to run the Option. Have we really over complicated the position of quarterback by running an option offense? If a freshman can never run it, even a smaller playbook, doesn’t that leave the team in a real lurch when injuries occur or people don’t live up to their talent levels?

    — Just thought I’d also mention that the Option also puts your Quarterback in harms way more often, asking him to run the ball like a running back and get hit like a running back. This leads you to a lot of injuries. Maybe you’ll be Brett Farve and be able to play with the injuries, but those dings cause pains that can truly hurt your accuracy for passing. But heaven forbid your quarterback is knocked out of the game, doesn’t that make it more likely that your second and third string QB’s are going to see more playing time? Circling back into the argument that offense has to be simple enough for backups to understand it and use all elements of it.

    Play calling, since Addazio has taken over, has been very conservative. Early last year, everyone noticed that Tebow was doing a lot of dives. Surprisingly, Tebow was stopped a number of times last year where holes just were not there. Tebow’s talent overcame the fact that the play calling was terrible even last year. This year we seem even more timid than last year. We call only short passes (and by that I mean only 2 or 3 yards, many are even behind the line of scrimmage). When you know the other team is blitzing, you are supposed to be able to overcome that with play calling.

    Why are we making a concerted effort to shorten games? I can appreciate in the last couple games that we have run a slight “hurry up” offense brought in by the wideout coach. If you have better talent on offense than your opposition, then you should want more offensive series not less. Shortening games may artificially make your team defense look better. But individual stats like interceptions, tackles, and sacks will be down. But offensively the fewer plays you run, the better chance you lose to bad luck, random chance, and poor execution at a critical time. For example if you manage the clock more aggressively and have more offensive plays, you give yourself a more opportunities to overcome adversity in the long run. I blame this shorten the game mentality on a lack of confidence in Addazio, even if it is only a subconscious lack of confidence.

    Why is Addazio both the Offensive Coordinator and the Offensive Line Coach? Are we trying to save money and being too cheap to hire someone new to be line coach? Or is it just job security so that Addazio has a place to be demoted back to. Neither job has been passably done this year. At least if Addazio had dedicated all his time to one, the one Addazio wasn’t doing might be functioning better. Addazio seems to act like an Offensive Line coach more than a Offensive Coordinator. Most Offensive Coordinators call the game from the booth where they can better see how the opposing defense reacts to the plays and make adjustments.

    Why are we so stubborn? Pouncey will be the center. Brantley will run the option. Burton will not pass. We just seem to do whatever Addazio thinks is our best bet, without any regard to the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing teams. You would have thought that with a weak pass defense we might have tried to exploit South Carolina by passing. Half time and sideline adjustments are what really make teams. We don’t even have game plans much less seem to show any ability to make in-game adjustments and it just feels pathetic.

    We seem to be missing players at key positions. Why don’t we have a backup center other than Robey? (I’m still not sure Robey wouldn’t be the better choice to play center, snapping accurately is very important to proper timing and it would free Pouncey to dominate at his old position, its not like pass protection isn’t already a joke on this team) We don’t have a backup quarterback that isn’t a freshman. We have no blocking fullback; I see tons of uses for a fullback on the team, not the least of which would be to help pick up a blitz.

    Addazio just does not have the kids ready to play. The offense is too complex for their little minds. All of the execution seems off this year. For whatever reason, we do not seem to be practicing in a way that allows our kids to feel confident in their timing. This starts with better snaps, but it goes to less fouls, better route running, and much better blocking.

    All of these problems seem obvious to Gator fans. Worst thing of all is the moronic press conferences that Addazio gives. Addazio will talk about things that seem unimportant or seem completely contrary to reality. Addazio comes off like a liar when he says this is the “best offensive line he’s ever coached”.

    Urban, I feel like we owe you a lot. You brought us two National Championships and a Heisman. You at least were a truly amazing head coach. Addazio has not earned anything as an offensive coordinator. Last year smelled bad, even though the enormous level of talent covered up the bad smell. This year we have a lot less experienced talent and the place smells like it has been sprayed by a skunk. Addazio has not proven himself as an Offensive Coordinator anywhere, and he is learning on the job at UF and that is unacceptable. I truly doubt Addazio has the intangible “it” factor needed to be an exceptional offensive coordinator anyway.

    I am praying that Jeremy Foley will take care of the Addazio problem in the offseason. We do not need a Jeff Bowden situation at Florida. (Loyalty of Bobby Bowden to his son, Jeff Bowden, clouded his assessment of the job Jeff was doing). Though we do owe you an awful lot Urban, know that your credibility took an enormous hit when you retired and unretired last off-season. If you want to retire for medical reasons, it would be understandable. Please don’t sink the ship that is Gator Nation. If you are not up to the task anymore don’t hang on.

    Please Urban do not become a liar. Don’t treat the fans like we don’t have eyes. Don’t let loyalty cloud your reasoning.

  29. Gator fans…. Tim Tebow is not walking through that door, Cam Newton is not walking through that door…. And if they do, they will be wearing Orange & Blue, but not the Florida Orange & Blue.

  30. Mark Whipple, Rich Rodriguez, Mark Richt, & Mike Leach could be jobless in the nearby future and the thought of obtaining one of these guys as UF’s OC is such a pleasant feeling. Hold your horses! I realize Urban would have a permanent room at Shands trying to coexist with one of these guys(Whipple may be ok). The talk of firing Addazio has seemed to capture football fans nationwide perhaps because of blogs like these. With that being said someone should launch a http://www.hireWhippleRodriguezRichtorLeach.com. LOL! It’s ashame when the only excitement i get while watchin the gators play is when I fantasize about who will replace our present OC. Im not into disrespecting aside from him being a weird lookin guy but the players seem to love him so he’s gotta be a decent person and for that reason I hope he gets another job. Honestly speaking, Addazio can’t be held accountable for all of our offensive woes. We have Scot Loeffler as a QB’s coach who coached the great Tom Brady, there’s has got to be better options for dual threat quarterbacks…..and the list goes on

    Andre Debose is probably the most explosive player in the state! the only chance the guy gets to touch the ball is on kickoffs and if it werent for demps getting hurt this season would be a waste for him. Just hand him the ball, toss it to him, put him in the wildcat. Mike Blakely please don’t decommit! Its gotta get better bc it cant get any worse!

    I feel bad for the seniors with the negativity overshadowing everything they’ve accomplished. Ahmad Black is a beast! He plays his heart out every game and he will be missed!

  31. pretty sad when ive never played football but i can sit on my couch and pretty much predict what play steve is about to call. Let me guess..draw plaw draw play then screen pass…am i corrert?

  32. Why compare a head coach to an opposing offensive coordinator? Shouldn’t the comparison be head coach vs. head coach? As in Spurrier vs. Meyer? And Spurrier wins?

    After all, hasn’t Meyer been the Gators’ offensive mastermind all these years? Isn’t blaming Addazio a little bit like blaming Spurrier’s offensive coordinator (if he had one)?

    The fish stinks from the head down, but too many Gators are afraid of mentioning the unmentionable: Meyer’s time has passed.












    1. You only need 6 wins to be eligible. We have 6. App State will make 7. We will most likely be 7-5 by season’s end.

  35. Michael – “ll the attacks against Brantley are ignorant. He has already shown when he actually gets to run the offense (pretty much the last 5 minutes of a game), stay at quarterback consistently, and throw the ball more than three yards, he’s fully capable of running an effective offense. ”

    No, he hasn’t.

    He hasn’t the first damn clue what throws to make.

    He floats outs, he rifles ins.

    He badly overthrows or underthrows deep balls.

    Multiple occasion he’s nearly gotten Carl Moore broken in half with high throws.

    Brantley is a TERRIBLE qb with a ball that looks nice leaving his hands. However, he’s a practice superstar whose throws could end up anywhere.

  36. This site better start taking on a FIRE MEYER tone because it is damn well obvious Addazio’s duties are NOT changing. That was pretty bold of Meyer to say the QB and OC are not changing next year. Folks, he is in denial and we are screwed. Meyer is doing to FL exactly what Bowden did to FSU. Things ain’t changing, these are his buddies and he will not relegate Dumbaz or Brantly. WOW – really is amazing how quickly 1 man can single handedly destroy everything he built. What will really blow my mind is if wacks Teryl Austin before Dumbaz. That will reconfirm his loyalty to Dumbaz is simply because of friendship and not graded by performance.

    Foley? You there? Please don’t allow this to continue.

  37. Wade Phillips was fired the week after Jones said he had faith in him. Things change quickly, and hopefully much of the commitment to Addazio we are hearing now is just talk to get us through to the end of the season. It’s not like anyone else could fix this with just one game before FSU.

    At this point, it is what happens in the off season that is truly important. I just wish they wouldn’t lie to us in the interim.

    1. Please, Meyer is no Jerry Jones, wish he was, at least in this case. This site will be up well into next season, Addazio is here to haunt us for quite some time. Meyer will not demote or fire him, the only way Dumbaz will lose his current role is if/when Meyer resigns. You watch, Meyer will can Austin before Dumbaz, no love loss for Meyer there.

  38. Chandler, please come down of the ledge, or at least release the caps lock.

    The NCAA requirement as of 2006 is a .500 win average. Since we are not going to the SECC our season is officially 12 games long. We are bowl eligible with 6 wins. Seven wins would only be required if we played 13 or more games during the regular season.

    We are going to the Chick-Fil-A bowl, which is what we are after last weekend.

  39. We know Meyer is friends with Adazzio, however, was he to throw him under the bus right now, with recruits wavering ?

    You can’t come out and say “we’ll evaluate that in the offseason” because then the focus becomes “well, then clearly you have no faith in them, so why hesitate to pull the trigger?”

    I am sure (hopeful) Adazzio will “see the light” and “step aside”

  40. I agree with previous poster. Mullen is not the answer either. MSU has not done jack on offense. There were also questions in his abilities at one time too. All we can hope for is to lose out for the rest of the season. You can rest assure that there will be changes if that happens.

  41. All you people trashing Brantley are the worst kind of fans, and you’re the ones people are referring to when talking about how spoiled and entitled Gator fans, and you combine it with a nice dose of willful ignorance as well.

    On the few occasions when we’ve CONSISTENTLY opened up the offense and let him establish a deep passing threat, he’s done really well. But still you hate him because he can’t bulldoze 8 other men for positive yardage when the play calling reverts back to retard-mode.

    Here’s a reality check: Players like Tebow and Cam are rare. Designing an offense that requires that kind of talent at QB to function at a basic level is a failure in design, not a problem with recruiting.

    In closing, take a look at this image, and tell me again how it’s all Brantley’s fault the offense isn’t working:

    That’s not a blitzing linebacker or safety. That’s the fricking NOSE TACKLE, the guy who lines up over the center, coming through unblocked.

    1. Brantley is a good passing QB, Addazio has ruined this kid. He does however need to learn to speak for himself as the QB of a program like Florida and not simply regurgitate what Dumbaz spews out during press conferences.

      The APP State Mountaineers are drooling and probably can’t wait to set foot in the Swamp. At 9 and 1 they are loving Dumbaz right now. This could be the nail in the coffin. They will outplay the Gators for sure!

    2. I’ve seen a midget not have as many batted balls during a game. I’ve seen a turtle run faster. I’ve seen an armadillo not curl up as fast.

    3. The reason why Brantley sucks is because he is so one-dimensional. Not saying he has to be Tebow, but the guy is completely immobile. What college QB can never run the option. That is as bad and predictible as Addumbio. Brantley is also no leader. Steven Garcia lacks skill, but he showed 100x more heart than Brantley did Saturday. Tebow is an example of a leader finding a way to win despite a crappy OC. I say give Reed the reins. No tickets for me next year if Brantley continues to be the starter.

  42. As I was sitting in my living room on Saturday night watching the game a quote from some old move occurred to me. “If you could take Steve Addazio’s brain and shoved it up a gnat’s ass, it would be like rolling a BB into an empty boxcar.” The guy has no clue and no business coaching an offense at any level. Really exceptional coaches tailor their schemes to the talent on the team. But this takes intelligence. Coaches that try to push players into a rigid system do not have any kind of success longevity. I am starting to believe that the only good coach we had was Dan Mullen. He seems to have figured out how to win a national championship with both a pocket passer QB and a spread QB. Addazio took an offense that should have been better than the 2008 team and started this slow death spiral that we are witnessing today. Urban Meyer may end up like Bill Parcells. For all of the hoopla around Parcells the only times he managed to be really successful was when he had Bill Belichick as his assistant. I fear that without Mullen, Meyer is just another average coach.

  43. “All you people trashing Brantley are the worst kind of fans, and you’re the ones people are referring to when talking about how spoiled and entitled Gator fans, and you combine it with a nice dose of willful ignorance as well.”


    The person telling the alcoholic he has a problem isn’t the problem; it’s the person absolving him who is the problem.

    The past two weeks were a perfect microcosm of what’s wrong with Brantley:

    1. Ignoring the WIDE OPEN man downfield to seriously underthrow to Rainey on the flea flicker.

    2. Catching his own batted pass.

    The guy lacks any sort of awareness. People so “oh, the line, the protection”. Well, we’ve only ever seen him look good in PRACTICE wearing a red no contact jersey.

    There is ZERO evidence he’s anything but incompetent. His throws are horribly inaccurate and off time, and that’s when he is not under fire.

    It has nothing to do with being spoiled. This isn’t Danny Wuerffel to Doug Johnson/Noah Brindise/Jesse Palmer where you had one of the best ever followed by some pretty darn good guys but the perception was flawed because Wuerffel was so good.

    It’s not Rex Grossman to Chris Leak.

    This is more like Steve Young to Ryan Leaf.

    I wrote this on another site and it pretty much sums it up >

    At first I wondered if I was being too harsh on Brantley. Florida’s had a long run of good-great QBs. Danny Wuerffel set the bar so damn high that guys like DJ, JP, NB etc weren’t really given a fair shake. They were good,m but they weren’t Wuerffel and we, whether we were conscious of it or not, wanted Wuerffel, and that magnified their shortcomings. However, they were darn good qbs.

    RG was no Wuerffel, but he was arguably better than the bridge QBs and Leak got a bit of a raw deal because of the revolving OC door.

    Then Tebow comes along as was so good, he masked how truly awful Adazzio is.

    However, I can honestly say that, even though he is following arguably the greatest player in the history of the game, my criticism of JB is not because of who he followed – in game I’d be yelling at my tv about DJ and what not, but I reminded myself “there’s only one Wuerffel, only one Hilliard, only one Anthony, only one Doering…Spurrier will find a way”

    Chris Leak was poor fit for the offense. Yes, 2005 he struggled compared to 2006, but in 2005 he was learning his third system from his third consecutive OC as well. In 2006 he improved because of continuity and increased playmakers, not because he became a better fit.

    While it hasn’t been all game action, Brantley’s been in the system for 4 years now. Continuity is not a problem. His cast of receivers, largely, are guys he was tossing to in practice the past few years. Like Leak, he too is a bad fit. He is just not a very good QB, period.

    You know, people talk about coaching failures and the likes and there are plenty of coaching failures this year. And of course these guys are just kids so we don’t want to go over the top, but, some of the blame has to go on Brantley.

    I realize the Cincinnati Bearcats are not the Alabama Crimson Tide, but for pete’s sake, Tim Tebow, the guy with the funky throwing motion who telegraphs his throws with that windup, went 31-25 with marginally talented receivers.

    Riley Cooper had good straight line deep speed, was a vicious perimeter blocker, but was very Deonte Thompsonish – his concentration lapses were such that he’d make a catch that would make you say “that’s why he’s playing at Florida” then he’d drop one that hit his hands in stride.

    David Nelson was a possession receiver. Florida’s biggest “receiving threat” last year was AH, a TE. That says an awful lot. On pure talent alone, not factoring in blocking, Hines, Hammond, Thompson, Debose, Clark etc are far more talented than David Nelson and Riley Cooper, and somehow the questionable throwing QB torched his opponent when they opened up the throwing game.

    Fundamentally speaking, Brantley is a better qb than Tebow. However, something is missing.

    I will never EVER let Adazzio off the hoof. EVER.

    HOWEVER, we have to consider the idea that part of the extremely conservative playcalling this year is a byproduct of who’s taking snaps.

    Reed comes in vs Vandy and launches one deep right away. Meyer was clearly going for the jugular in that game to get hos team some confidence. hence the challenge with the big lead that made the fans boo.

    All summer we heard how Brantley is a different type of leader. He’s quiet. He’s not rah rah like Tebow. We heard from players the same thing. In retrospect, perhaps they knew what we have been finding out week after week and were cushioning the blow.

    As for Meyer sticking with Brantley – well, the season’s been lost for a while now, and as bad as it looks to come off like you can’t make adjustments, it looks as bad, probably worse, in the eyes of recruits if you yank someone when the going gets rough. Make the switch in the summer.

    Looking at Jeff Driskel. If he stays around, by all indications, I am guessing he’ll win the job in the summer, provided he checks out ok around the house academically etc.

    He can now be comfortable knowing if there are rough patches, they may shuttle in some qbs but he’ll remain the starter and be given a chance right the ship.

    Also, after this year, expectations are going to be pretty darn low and a true freshman QB will be given a lot more slack than a 4th year junior.

    1. Don’t disagree with most of what you said – but discounting Aaron Hernandez as a receiving threat, while he is one of the top receivers on the New England Patriots as a rookie, is disingenuous. The guy was a monster. A little heavier than most college WR’s so he stuck to TE. In the NFL he gets split wide pretty often. The guy is a monster.

  44. Brantley isn’t working out here.

    Is it Brantley’s fault or the coach’s fault. Really doesn’t matter.

    Brantley has had several years to learn the offense. It should have been obvious to anyone awake at practice that Brantley would be unable to run the Option portion of our offense.

    If I were Brantley and I actually wanted to play professional ball, I’d transfer. Even if Addazio is fired, if Urban stays Brantley will be stuck in an offense where he cannot run 1/4 of the offensive plays at an exceptable level because he cannot option run.

    I don’t doubt that Brantley has given his all to being the Gator Quarterback. His Gator petagree is impressive. But really it was unfair for us to sign him and ask him to do something he was never going to be able to do.

    We could fight all day as to whether Brantley would be a good quarterback in another system, but until Brantley is given an opportunity we’ll never know. What is important as far as Brantley is concerned is that he is not the solution to our problems unless we bring in a Mike Leach next year, even then Brantley hasn’t proven he has what it takes to be an A+ collegiate quarterback.

  45. As many of you probably realized, this problem started this year and has just become even worse this year. IMO, it all starts with that god forsaken read option dive play. Believe me, I’ve seen the read option out of the spread option, it’s usually a staple of the offense. However, it is a read SWEEP, not a DIVE. I’ve never seen someone dumb enough, except Addazio, try to run a DIVE read option out of the shotgun. The pistol, sure, but NEVER the shotgun.

    I never recall Mullen calling this play. Oh wait, that’s because HE DIDN’T. It worked occasionally last year because it was actually an OPTION since Tebow could pull it and run. With Brantley, it’s not even an option, it’s just a straight dive. Defenses don’t have to guess, they just collapse and crush our small speed back who should be running off tackle. This play is just the epitome of Steve Addazio’s time at Florida: hmmm, should I try something new or just run the same play that I have run over a hundred times this year and has netted me a maximum of five yards the entire year(maybe less). God forbid I watch some film on what made this offense so effective under Mullen! Or try making this system fit any one of the three QBs we have! Instead I’ll just keep slamming my head into a brick wall and use a system that doesn’t benefit any of my QBs. Please Meyer, save yourself and fire this clown. I am 100% positive that I and 99.9% of slightly football-educated Americans could be a better playcaller than him.

  46. You’re using Addazio as a scapegoat for Meyer.

    Face it.

    It’s Meyer who needs to be fired.

    If not for Zook’s players and Tebow narrowly choosing Florida over Alabama, Meyer would be .500.

    1. That’s BS. Meyer put 5 guys in the pros last year. Tebow is great, but Meyer recruited a lot more talent than just Timmy.

    2. Complete BS. Look at the players that we have recruited over Meyers tenure. Look at the record and the 2 national championships in that period. Addazio is not the scapegoat, he is the main reason of this debacle.

  47. Man after watching Dazo’s presser on Gatorsports I seriously want to know how much Maurkice is paying Dumbaz to praise Mike Bouncey. He claims he can play any position on the O line, shit, he can’t even snap the ball and block his man? Does this guy watch the same games we do?

    The reporters are now asking Dumbaz questions just to fuck with him, no doubt. This guy is a truely an embarrasment the the University of Florida, Meyers days should be numbered too for allowing this guy to represent. I think we have all had enough with this shit, at this point you gotta pull the opponent. Go App State!

  48. Enough of the “zook’s players” nonsense.

    That was true in 06.

    Not in 08. 3 o linemen were zook players in 08. The rest of the players, the KEY players, were Meyer’s

    Also wtf is the if not for Tebow business ?

    Did Meyer NOT recruit him ?

    FYI I’d say Percy Harvin might have been more valuable than Tebow. Harvin was the difference maker in 06 and we saw how sorely he was missed last year.

  49. “Man after watching Dazo’s presser on Gatorsports I seriously want to know how much Maurkice is paying Dumbaz to praise Mike Bouncey. He claims he can play any position on the O line, shit, he can’t even snap the ball and block his man? Does this guy watch the same games we do?”

    First game notwithstanding, Mike is no worse than Maurkice.

    Mo was pretty bad. The difference was, Tebow was handling them and he was decisive and if the snap was off, he’d scamper for as many yards as possible and it would look like a designed run with a bit of a bad snap.

    Brantley isn’t athletic like Tebow so the bad snaps stand out more.

  50. Seriously, can we start a petition to have the writer of this site become the head writer for the Sun? You’ve been spot on from opening day (when I started coming here) and if Dooley listened to the so called uneducated among us, Addazio wouldn’t even be OC this year, and we’d probably be looking at another SEC Championship appearance. You mentioned that savvy football fans saw this coming, but even a layman could look at what we’re doing on offense both this year and last, and realize Tebow rescued us from the same awful coaching that we saw last year.

    Look, I knew this would be a rebuilding year and I certainly didn’t expect us to put up 60 points a game and walk right back to Atlanta and I also know that more than likely, we would have been blown out by Auburn. But getting to Atlanta this year would have been a huge building block for next year given that we have a relatively young team.

    Guys, we lost a game where our defense allowed 10 points AT HOME. Let that sink in for a while. Zook wasn’t even that bad. It has become obvious that coaching is the problem. I hate to question Meyer after only one poor season but look at our losses this year. We got blown the fuck out in ‘Bama, we had no business being in the LSU game, MSU pretty much took a knee the entire second half and still won, we almost let Georgia pull a big comeback, if we play Tennessee later in the season it’s a loss, and FSU is looking like a sure loss. I’m convinced we didn’t even have a gameplan for South Carolina and just expected the energy of the crowd to carry us to victory. Frankly, I’m getting sick of Meyer playing favorites because its putting this team at a serious disadvantage. This team is showing no signs of improvement, and even scarier, we’ve actually regressed since the season began and Meyer is showing no signs of changing the obvious problems beginning with Addazio.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: WHERE IS DEBOSE? Why do we not have Percy-like plays drawn up for him?! And the reason for him not playing BETTER NOT BE “Oh he doesn’t understand the playbook” or any BS like that. Lattimore is a freshman, too. Does Spurrier fuck around? NO! He says “Hey, you’re one hell of a player and I’m going to find a way to get you involved”. And look what happens? He shredded our defense and many others this season. Honestly I wouldn’t even be surprised if Debose has more kickoff returns for TD in the Swamp this year than Brantley has passing TDs. I was a Brantley apologist pretty much up until Vandy when I saw that he couldn’t even sling it against f’n Vandy. Having said that, I have no idea why we can’t run some I-Formation, singleback, etc. for Brantley. Can we seriously not even line up under center and get 3-5 yards without motion and smoke and mirrors? We need a serious change in offensive philosophy. I know we have had prolific offenses in the past but we also had Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin guys like that ain’t coming around every year. Like I said before, let’s run an offense based on personnel we have, not personnel we wish we had.



    1. We’re already bowl eligible (you only need to win at least half your games, so 6-6 is eligible).

      Also, App State is not D2, and they do count towards bowl eligibility

  52. When you pay 4 million dollars for a Collegiate level coach you are paying for PERFECTION! That amount of money does not allow for mediocrity. Being stubborn and defending your assistant coaching decisions is fine when you have viable arguments to stand on. However, when you try to throw gas on a fire to put it out eventually you are going to get burned. Foley is a prick and he is the reason that Spurrier resigned, or in my opinion was given the option to resign or he would be fired. Foley is no different now. Spurrier won 1 champ and 6 SEC titles, Meyer has won 2 champs and 2 SEC titles. Guess what, Foley doesn’t have the same loyalty you do to coaches who don’t get the job done. Either Addazio is gone or you both are. Mark my words, this is The University Of Florida, they don’t except “we tried” or “everyone is playing to the highest caliber”, that’s just not good enough.

  53. Well that didn’t work. Watch Addazio’s interview from yesterday to see what a raging douche bag he is. He talks and nothing is said. GOD HELP US.

  54. Guess we can’t have too high of hopes for basketball season either. We just went into halftime with a three point lead only to get rocked by OSU in the second half. FInal score 93-73.


    The first thing I noticed this week was the placement of the addazio interview. It is normally at least partially buried in with the assistant coach’s interviews or in some obscure section of the site. Today however, it was front and center in the multimedia section. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the multimedia people with the UAA (who have to deal with addazio directly) are trying to draw attention to what a moron this ‘man’ is.

    Addazio begins the interview with something in his mouth. He proceeds to loudly suck it, move it around in his mouth and generally seems to take great joy from the unknown object in his mouth.

    Reporter: Accountability was a major goal at the beginning of the year. Would you say that has failed?
    Addaz: (Arrogant shrug of his shoulders.) No (Stares at the reporter silently for several seconds)
    Reporter: How would you assess how they have done with that?
    Addaz: Who’s they? (Is he really THAT stupid? Wait don’t answer that)
    Reporter: The players
    Addaz: I think the players have done great. They come out ready to roll and we had a great two weeks going into this game.

    Reporter: Do you really think Pouncy is going to be a top ten pick?
    Addaz: (Very annoyed and angry look) Yea (Another long pause)
    Reporter: That would be the highest a center has ever been picked.
    Addaz: That’s the feedback. He might go 17th, is that bad?
    Reporter: No
    Addaz: Because you got a smirk on your face. (Spastic head, neck and arm movements)

    Memorable quotes:

    I don’t think it was anything that was done. Umm we just didn’t convert (I see why he thinks the players have done so well with accountability now)

    John is our third down guy (Great plan dazzy, make your least effective QB your go to guy in critical situations)

    EDIT: I have learned from a reliable source that the mystery object in addazio’s mouth is in fact a used condom resulting from the blowjob addazio gave urban immediately prior to the press conference. (How else do you think this idiot is keeping his job?)


    1. Very funny!!! I think if this keeps up the fat bald fuck just might get ccokey enough to bow up to one of these reporters, that would get him fired for sure. It is obvious they all feel the same way everyone else does that watches Florida play, fan or not. They are begining to ask Dumbaz rather strong questions in a juvenile manner just to get a reponse from him and they are getting more bold each each. I’d pay top dollar to see one of them take a swing at his fat, bald smug face when he bows up.

  56. Well now I really believe Urban is just lost if he can say with a straight face that Addazio will be there in that position next year. That is really sad that he is so out of touch with the team. I guess he doesn’t realize that with the way things are headed it will not be his choice whether he stays or goes. I have already heard the rumblings from our CEO at the company I work for that is a HUGE sponser of Gator Football that he has put a bug in the decision makers ear that something will change if they value the support. Bye Bye Steve…I heard their is a Pee Wee football team that needs some help.

  57. We need a hire Florida OC website”.

    Possibe OC’s. I think Chad Morris is the best guy just because he’s got a top 15 offense in his first year as OC at Tulsa and considering that he works at Tulsa, there’s probably a high likelihood that he would go to Florida and he came from EXTREMELY high-scoring offenses in Texas high schools just like Guz Malzahn did when he was a high school coach. His offense fits the Florida offense also.

    Matt Limegrover-Northern Illinois Offensive Coordinator
    Runs a spread like Urban Meyer focused on the run.

    Chad Morris-Tulsa Offensive Coordinator
    They’re running a really good offense down there from an offense similar to the high-power up-tempo Malzahn offense.

    Mike Sanford-Louisville Offensive Coordinator
    Former coordinator of Urban Meyer in Utah that was very high-scoring and lots of offense.
    Oh and by the way, he was able to use Alex Smith as a dual-threat QB who racked up 600 yards of rushing in one year, and he actually knows how to use a pro-style QB and make the offense effective as he is doing at Louisville.

  58. Foley needs to send someone down to key west for Mike Leach. We could have an amazing offense with his brains and florida’s talent.

  59. Addazio needs to be gone entirely, but he will certainly be demoted, at the least, during the offseason. I don’t know why all of the reporters are interpreting Urban’s comment on Addazio as “Addazio will be back next year!”.

    Urban’s statement was certainly not a ringing endorsement of Addazio. He did not try to stick up for him. He looked at the floor and said the politically correct thing. You can tell by his words and mannerisms, he was clearly uncomfortable answering that question. He’s dreading what he has to do to his good friend (right or wrong).

    Addazio will not be OC in 2011. Unfortunately, there are several other problems with our program now. It’s unbelievable to say this, but Urban Meyer will be on the hotseat entering 2011. It’s up to him how he will respond.

    1. Frank,

      I’ll make a guess on why the media thinks Adduncezio will be back as OC next season: 1. Meyer is supposed to have a no-BS rep (at least a few years ago) 2. The offense is so putrid you would have to be literally blind and deaf not to notice that…so if Meyer gives goes ahead and says that addazio will be OC next year, then supposedly he sees something positive that the entire GatorNation doesn’t see.

      Personally, I see nothing to warrant another year at OC for addazio and I certainly hope and pray you are right about Meyer being PC (ie lying) about addazio since they are great friends off the field so that he can give him a graceful way out after the season is over. I can understand Meyer not wanting to humiliate addazio in public but still I would prefer he not lie about the job situation; if he thinks there must be a change, then don’t say addazio will be oc next year, just sidestep the question. But that’s just my opinion…

  60. You guys blamed ZOOK, not his offensive or defensive coordinators.

    Why are you now blaming Meyer’s OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR, and not MEYER?

    1. I still hold Meyer and the entire coaching staff accountable. If one of them just stepped up and accepted responsibility for this team’s lackluster performance, I would feel just a little better. But the entire coaching staff is saying things like “we are looking for solutions” or pretending that nothing is wrong at all. We would like some answers, or the coaches to man up to what the heck is going on, but instead we get “coach-speak”.

  61. Anyone wonder why not one Florida player is going against the grain and has accepted mediocrity? None of them have spoken up, they ALL support what the Dumbaz says week in and week out. Very odd. This has happened to many great college teams before but you always here the other side of the story from at least a few players. Are the brainwashed too? Do the think Dumbaz is a football God? I guess they are afraid of the bench as a repercussion? Demps and Rainey are safer on the bench than they are running behind that poorly coached
    O line. Additionally has anyone ever heard a coach answer a question about his future with a program the way Dumbaz did? EVER? Most would reply with, “I sure would like to be back but that decision is out of my hands” OR “All I am focused on right now is winning our next two games and trying to get to a bowl game”. NOT DUMBAZ – “Of course I’ll be back next year” Confidence? Arrogance or blind delusion? This was the most disheartening presser yet for Gator Fans.

  62. What a reporter should do is track down Brandon Spikes. We’ve heard how Tebow let his contempt for Adazzio show in games.\

    We know Tebow and Spikes had a dust up last year vs MSU.

    Now, Tebow probably won’t say a bad word about Adazzio, but if you catch Spikes at the right time, he might. Dunlap might too.

  63. I have so much I would like to write but I think it has all been said three times over. I am one of the Urban proclaimed Urban loyalist out there but this season has made me rethink my position. All stems from his flip flop resignation, we were devastated and then thrilled by his return under his strict circumstances that UF failed to realize they basically hired a brand new HBC but at the same high price. We did not hire the more reserved and less hands on Urban Meyer for all that money, we hired the one who was a workaholic and had his hands in every facet of this Program. And please save me from the spending time with my daughters’ crap, how arrogant can one get, those same daughters will never have to work a day in their spoiled lives because of UF and the money they are paying to take Daddy away from them.

    Other points/questions are listed below:

    1. Was Dan Mullen the real genius behind Meyer? Also, people please spare me, do you really believe Mullen would ever replace his fired friend? NO!

    2. The big question when Meyer was hired was will the spread offense work in the SEC? That question might be getting answered this year and even last that Percy and Tim are no longer around to hide its flaws.

    3. Everyone including Dooley praise Addazio for holding this Program together during Urban’s hiatus but is this season a direct reflection on just how good of a job he really did. He along with Meyer destroyed this Program rather then holding it together.

    4. SOS had some down years and years after studs left but can anyone ever remember anything like this under the real HBC? Again, how much did Coach Strong and great players like Percy and Tim hide?

    5. Our signature win this year is over UGA, a team with a losing record. Where are the victories over ranked or even teams with winning records? When this season comes to an end, will the Gators and all that talent even have a victory over 1 bowl team?

    6. Finally, Urban started the season proclaiming he did not know who his playmakers were on offense. What a huge sign early that most ignored of the huge disconnect. Hell, all of us could see that it was Demps, Debose & Rainey but don’t you think the guy who recruited and got these players has a better evaluation process than your average Alum or fan?

    Wow, so many questions yet so few answers. Maybe one is now obvious but I will let you guys answer that for me.

  64. Urban eroded the good will he had by the resign and comeback thing he did last off season. I believe he had real health and family reasons to resign. When a head coach wins you two national championships you owe him a lot. However, you still expect the decisions the man makes to make sense.

    We do not owe anything to Steve Addazio. He was not the Offensive Coordinator for either of our national championship teams. He has been promoted past his ability to do the job correctly. I expect Meyer to make the hard decision and fire the guy.

    This weaker Meyer we’ve seen since last offseason might work if he had his old tried and true leutenants to help him. But he does not have a Mickey Andrews quality guy there to back him up. Instead Urban has a Jeff Bowden quality guy as his backup.

  65. “juergensen
    November 17, 2010 at 4:25 pm · Reply
    Meyer (6-4) is one game ahead of Zook (5-5) this season.

    ‘Nuf said.”

    Yah, but Zook never won 2 National Championships.

  66. As many of you have noticed, this problem started last year, not this year. Luckily, Tebow masked most of the problems, but without him, they’re all too obvious. If you ask me, there is one play that is just the epitome of Addazio as OC: his stupid HB Dive Read Option.
    Now, I’ve seen this play used in pistol offenses, like Nevada, but NEVER out of the shotgun. In the shotgun, you’re supposed to run read SWEEP plays, not read DIVE plays. Nonetheless, Addazio’s failure of a play continues to be called at least 15 times a game.
    But here’s the best part: it’s not even an OPTION anymore. Last year, at least Tebow was a threat to pull it and run. Think Brantley is ever gonna pull it? No way, and defenses realize this, so they just collapse on our 130 pound speed backs who should be running off-tackle.
    Here’s what I figure goes through Addazio’s mind: hmmm our offense sucks. Should I go watch some film of when Mullen was OC and pick up on some of the things that made his offense so successful? Or should I maybe try to adapt the offense to fit one of the THREE legitmate QBs I have on my roster? Nah, I’ll just f*** everything up and just call HB Dives and Chris Rainey screens that have probably netted us a total of 5 yards this season. And then when we get annialated every game I’ll just say that we didn’t execute well and call it a day.
    Please, University of Florida, we are all loving fans. But if you continue to make us suffer through this ridiculous crap every Saturday, it certainly won’t be the last time you hear those boos in The Swamp.

  67. Great comments really gotta agree with a lot of you guys about Addazio. Foley should give Urban an ultimatum either Urb can demote Addazio to O-Line coach or Foley will fire Addazio himself….This way Urb gets to have his buddy around and Addazio can go back to what he “allegedly” excels at which is coachin up the line and bringing in recruits…..I feel one of Urban’s reasons to not have already demoted Addazio is he is trying to help him land a head coaching job. In which case, I have a great link for everyone.


    Rivals came out with a list of 36 D1 assistant coaches that were primed for head coaching vacancies based on their credentials…..Anyone notice the lack of a Smug, Bald, Fatty who has a perchant for dive plays and the ole 3 yard hitch pass……Addazio isn’t even recognized as one of top 36 assistants in CF….The time has come and Foley must present Urban with this ultimatum.

  68. I heard Dumbaz got in a fight with some chics at the Omega Mu house for ragging on him at the USC game. Doesn’t that constitute his termination? Foley help!

      1. Just some wishfull thinking. By the way, I completely agree with your Gruden for HC but I think we are stuck with zombie Meyer and his cronies for at least another season. Then again, an App State win in G’Ville could send Meyer to the ER again which would result in the hunt for a new staff. Again, wishfull thinking, that’s all we can do at this point.

  69. Why do our coaches continue to make excuses for their inadequacies? Meyer says we don’t have energy. Addazio says penalties stalled our offense and kept us from our gameplan. Plain and simple, our coaching staff has lost the ability to make adjustments and call plays that work. It was obvious that Brantley wasn’t getting the job done early in the game. Why not go to our strength? The running game and Burton and Reed. We have so many playmakers and none of them get the ball. Only the guy who has proven himself not a playmaker gets the ball all game. Sad. Addazio is fired. Hammond, Debose, Hines, Rainey, Gillislee, Brown, Burton, Reed – These are the guys who should be touching the ball all game. Brantley – The one guy who should not touch the ball. He has proven himself third string.

  70. I really don’t see why people are bashing Brantley so much.Yea i see how you’d think he’s bad,but heres never really given a chance.Someone up there said he gets his balls batted down,or he over throws the receiver.The reason his balls get batted down is because there doing these tiny little 5 yard cross routes.He’s gotta bullet the ball in there and not over his head and it’s easy to smack with the O-Line doing such a poor job.And he really never does have a rythm going cause he is never able to throw deep that much.Yea,he played just about all of the SC game,but how many passes were deep?all he was able to do was play WR,hand it off to the RB,or throw screens.No passes that would get him in the Rythm so ofcourse hes gonna over throw.I also noticed i’ve saw 4 guys rush,and 2 of Floridas O-Line took on 1 guy,and thr 4th guy sacked Brantley easy.This happened a few times.
    Last year of course was diffrent,but watching him play the Orange & Blue,the Citadel game,the Georgia game or the others, he alway’s put the ball on the money.He would basicly throw to Hammond,Hines & Thompson.This year i forgot what game, but there was a few minutes left and they allowed Brantley to throw.He marched right down the field with no problems.Barley any runs.So why not let him throw deep?Fuck the spread option.You don’t need to have a running QB to be successfull.Last time i checked,were most NFL QB’s big and fast?You have amazing WR who can make plays,let Brantley throw it to them deep,not these screens,or short routes.
    I thought i heard Meyer say soemtime back that he would form the offense around Brantley?Maybe i’m wrong,but forget the spread option.Work with what we have.Brantley is not a bust.

  71. The season is already lost. Our goal at this point should be to get our point across that Addazio is the problem with our offense and needs to go. He is just an incompetent individual with no talent for doing anything. The two areas he’s in charge of are some of the worst aspects of this football team: the playcalling/scheming and the offensive line. Everyone needs to chant “FIRE ADDAZIO” this weekend so that Foley will be sure to take notice. It is obvious that Meyer’s personal relationship with Addazio is more important than the University of Florida. If we had anyone else running our offense we would probably be 9-1 at this point in the season. Our team is very talented but is misutilized and mismanaged. If Addazio is fired, our season may be a success next year. If not, expect a disaster.

    As for Brantley,
    The guy is clearly a pocket passer that needs to be in a pro-style offense with a solid offensive line and good WRs in order to be effective. As of now, UF can provide none of those accomodations which is why he has looked terrible. Also, running a 3 QB system is absolutely ridiculous because it doesn’t allow anyone, especially Brantley, to get into any kind of rythym.

  72. Addazio’s latest press conference…all I can say is…wow. I agree with a fan I read somewhere who said they’d found the ‘void’ Meyer is in the process of looking for. It exists between Addazio’s ears. I mean, that press conference was nothing short of ridiculous. And it left me not knowing what to believe (sarcasm intended) regarding our latest reason for losing. Meyer has said it was lack of effort/energy but Addazio (lovingly referred to by me as Dr. No-Plays…since he resembles Dr. No in old JB movie) said it was penalties..ya know, just couldn’t get that mojo rhythm goin. Please.

  73. I only got a little over a min into the Adazzio interview. Couldn’t take all the suckling noises he was making while making love to whatever was in his mouth.

    One thing stood out. He said once you get into 3rd and long (basically) all they have is 2 calls? How limited is their playbook?

  74. it boggles my mind how easy the problem areas are to see. How can someone who gets paid millions can’t see these flaws makes me rage. Fuck you, Meyer. Wake up and smell the coffee or gtfo.

  75. oh and the obvious problems, stated a million times here and many other places are: (in a nutshell)

    Brantley cannot run the spread option because he is not a running threat.

    Our playcalling is so basic and predictable that good defenses eat our shit alive.

    THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!! HOW FUCKING SIMPLE IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!!

  76. See you just don’t get it! It was the penalties! Thats what happens when you only want to gain four fucking yard per down. Get a 5 yard penalty at any point and you are completely screwed! However, just like addildo said, you have to stick with the game plan! So on 3rd and long what do you call? DUH… a screen behind the line to a small receiver standing dead ass still with no blockers. You might have to punt but at least you followed your game plan! God I hate this fucking idiot. He has turned my favorite day of the week into a day of wondering even if we win how pathetic our offense will look.

  77. After watching the first five minutes of the Addazio presser I don’t see how ANYONE could justify keeping this man as a play-caller. First, he makes it seem like his playbook consists of around 12 plays (which it actually might), saying with Brantley on 3rd down there’s only two calls and saying that he only has six or seven calls available to him on third and medium. I’m no offensive coordinator, but I can tell you that your playbook better have more than a handful of calls for each situation or opposing defenses are going to figure you out real fast…oh wait, looks like South Carolina did just that. They seemed to know what we were going to call before our own offense knew. The second glaring issue with Addazio is his play-calling philosophy. He sticks to a ridgid down and distance philosophy which completely hampers the offense. He essentially said in his presser that a false start penalty immediately killed multiple drives, even though they were still very possible to convert. Most coaches have a schedule, but they are flexible with it. Not Addazio. One penalty and he gives up. Sorry man, but penalties are going to happen at every level of the game. They aren’t going away. Florida also happens to be one of the most penalized teams in the nation, so by that logic, we are ‘behind schedule’ on almost every drive, which leads to an extremely limited playbook, which leads to failure. There Urban, I figured out your problem. Now it’s your turn to step up. Fire Addazio!

  78. Anybody catch the post-game comments where Meyer was asked about Reed and his progression as a QB and Meyer said he “didn’t know” if Reed would stay at QB? I just about drove off the road when I heard that.

  79. Brantley is a bust for the Gators.

    Obviously we aren’t going to revamp our offense for him. If Addazio could fix the snapping, line problems, and draw schemes to get his WR’s open that would be great. But none of that is going to happen.

    The only possible hope for Brantley to do anything for the Gators is for a new Offensive Coordinator to come in next year and install a completely new offense.

    It may not be fair, but Brantley hasn’t even looked particularly good when he does have time. Maybe that’s because he can’t get his rhythm, but again our line isn’t going to miraculously get better and give him time. Nor are we miraculously going to be calling better plays this year. Nor is going to learn to run an option offense so he can be a quarterback on run plays.

    No, I’d say Brantley and the Gators should part ways and cut our losses. At most we’d get Brantley for next year, which would be the first year of a new offensive coordinator or more of the bad we’ve seen this year.

    No disrespect to Brantley, but it hasn’t worked. Did he get a fair chance no. But life ain’t fair.

    1. Cause the webmaster is a fickle, easily-pleased gator fan who only see’s Wins and Losses. Any head coach worth his salt knows the win-loss statistic is the least telling of all the stats about a football team’s true identity. I guess if we would have squeeked by MSU at home, and lsu, there wouldn’t have been posts in a month’s span on this site.

      I’m very disappointed with the moderator…like Urban, it seems he has lost his fire too.

      1. Actually, he suffers from the same condition as Meyer…complacency and a loss of fire. This will most likely be censored, as anything critical of this site has been censored.

        It’s a shame really, since I had thought with a “fire ____.com” website the webmaster would defend and uphold freedom of speech.

        It’s actually pretty funny that he thinks a fireblank.com website has a reputation to uphold and standards.

        You’re not fooling anyone, Ryan. You’re perceived relevance of this site has given you a smug holier-than-thou attitude that, frankly, is very funny cause of the irony of you wanting the coaches to open up more and be honest. Yep, the irony is ironic. Irony. You haz it

  80. What gives?! Is steve NOT still our offensive coordinator?

    Is he still not the biggest bumbling idiot this side of the mississippi?

    Does his hollow head still not resemble a woman’s intimate pleasure device?

    Than we expect more outta you, moderator. This is not FSU or UM, we hold our hate to a high standard of execellence.

  81. In last 37 drives Gators have 142 yds and 1 td with Brantley only led drives. 1,075 yds and 13 tds on drives with Reed/Burton taking snaps. A little skewed because Brantley gets pulled inside 10 yard line, but staggering nonetheless.

    thanks, Meyer, for being such a stubborn fuck face. Good idea to recruit and play a QB who has no business in your offense.

    Good idea to not bench him even though the proof is right here.

  82. The eye in the sky, baby, it don’t lie! The eye see what it see – dontcha’ know? The offense is all good – we got no problems! If the backs weren’t injured, JB would be winnin’ the heisman, dontcha know? The eye in the sky – it knows! Sheeesh!!! We are gonna get our butts kicked all the way from T town back to Hogtown!!

  83. In this FSU game, it’s pretty clear that Brantley is the fall guy for Addazio’s ineptitude. The playcalling is the exact same, there is literally no difference. To the guy above that posted the stats about Brantley’s offense v. Burton/Reed – 90% of Brantley’s plays are runs straight up the middle. He rarely passes. It’s very very difficult to get a rhythm going on the pass if you hardly pass.

    Addazio is a fucking moron who doesn’t know how to call a basic deep pass play. It’s not Brantley’s fault and I really really feel bad for him. He’s the fall guy for Addazio and it’s so painfully obvious in this game it’s gotten to the point where it’s very sad.

  84. Pardon the French (and ban me if you’d like), but FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU*KKKKKKK. How do you put Brantley back in the game there? Now you’re just asking to be fired. Time for Gator Nation to stand up and say enough is enough. Morons need not be making the on-field decisions for our elite program.

  85. Turn out the lights the parties over!

    After that sorry showing tonight against FSU, if Meyer is not singing this for Adazzio then maybe it should be turn out the lights for BOTH OF THEM!

  86. I’m actually embarrassed right now. At this point, I say Urban has to go. His stubborn insistence to keep Addazio as OC, and that retarded hick Brantley at QB, is inexcusable.

    I’m deeply concerned about NEXT season at this point. God help the Gators, please.

  87. How do you pull Reed during that drive to end the half? I mean, who in their right mind makes that kind of decision???

  88. Urban Meyers gets paid too much to have this bad of a year. I don’t care if it’s a “rebuilding” phase or not. The team still has alot of playmakers. That scrub Deonte Thompson has been useless from the start. Does anybody have the actual number of balls he has dropped?

    Stop recruiting 175lb FOOTBALL PLAYERS!!! Urban Meyer needs to go coach at Boise State, where the little guys can scamper around without worry of giants eating them.

    The Gators look like a joke – plain and simple.

  89. With the season now over, let us take a look back at the catastrophuck that was the 2010 Gator Football season. I think it’s fair to say that the Gator football team has shown little in the way of improvement over the course of the season. Passing game is still non-existent unless you count Brantley’s passes to the other team, our center has at least one snap per game that the QB would have to be 15 feet tall to catch, the running game shows promise until Addazio decides to run the two yard dive play on 3rd and 4, our secondary has tons of speed – which comes in handy considering they are usually having to run down a receiver after they blow their coverage, and to top it all off we have a coach who sums it all up by saying things like “obviously we have some things we need to work on”. Well no kidding. When do you plan on addressing these things coach? How ’bout you earn those millions and do some damn coaching. Draw up some new plays, grow a pair and pick a QB and stick with him, stop dismissing the idea of personnel changes and honestly ask yourself if you have the best people in each position (this goes for players and coaches).
    Listen, I probably take Gator football more seriously than I should, and I probably expect too much from the team, but my lofty expectations aside, just simply showing SOME improvement between September and now would have been nice. At least give us something to look forward to next year. As it stands now, with Addazio (who I blame for much of our woes) and Brantley (who I also blame for our offensive ineptitude) both coming back next year, I just don’t see the Gators doing any better than they did this year. Hope I’m wrong.

  90. I’m just done. Done. Addazio needs to go. And to be honest, if that means Meyer too, I’m more than ok with that. The retiring half heartedly last season was so bush-league that I really don’t have any confidence that the Meyer we have now is the same Meyer that won two National Championships.

    Three quarterbacks is insanity. Not throwing with Reed and Burton is insanity. Its not like we wouldn’t throw the ball with one of them if Brantley were hurt. Brantly is worse than hurt he just hurts the team. Coming in on 3rd and long is terrible for the flow of the game. This was evidenced by the interception during the FSU game.

    Meyer didn’t do a presser after the game. Why am I hoping he is going to retire and just taking his time this time to do it right?

  91. Florida should not fire Urban. He is certainly responsible for some of the problems this team faces, but if there is one thing he deserves as our head coach, it’s a chance. Not the case with Addazio (or Brantley for that matter, just bench him!).

    Meyer brought this team something that no other coach did, and it only took him four years. Addazio, on the other hand, has not proved his worth in any way, shape, or form since he took over as OC. (Similarly, Brantley hasn’t earned the respect that many want to give him just for being our QB). With Addazio, the more telling stats are from the 2009 season when compared with 2008. The disaster that this season is can always be shrugged off as resulting from the loss of all those great players, but that’s not the case with 2009, where we saw basically EVERYONE return, and yet our offensive production dropped of a cliff.

    This year’s offense truly is responsible for almost all of our problems as a team. One thing that bothers me most is how it affects our defense. Notice how we come into games forcing punts or long field goals, and then after an excess of three-and-outs by the offense, our D loses steam and we get overtaken. It’s sickening.

    Bottom line- Fire Addazio, bench Brantley, and give Meyer the chance he deserves.

  92. Our three lowest scoring regular-season games by season:

    16- Win over Tennessee
    14- Win over Georgia
    3- Loss to Alabama

    21- Win over Tennessee
    17- Loss to Auburn
    17- Win over South Carolina

    30- Win over Ole Miss/ Loss to Georgia
    24- Loss to LSU
    17- Loss to Auburn

    30- Win over Tennessee
    30- Loss to Ole Miss
    26- Win over Miami

    23- Win over Tennessee
    13- Win over LSU
    13- Loss to Alabama

    7- Loss to Miss St.
    7- Loss to FSU
    6- Loss to Alabama

    Isn’t it OBVIOUS!? Dan Mullen is OC from 05′-08′, starts off a little slow in 05′ (still with only 3 losses) and improves exponentially each season.

    Steve Addazio takes over in 09′ and we see an immediate negative impact. The numbers get even worse this year and I don’t think anyone has faith in next year’s team if Addazio remains OC.

  93. For clarification, I chose the lowest scoring games because they represent our worst offensive efforts of the season against teams with the best defensive performances. High scoring games are skewed stats because they usually represent wins over undersized/lesser talent teams. We will always score 30 or more against Kentucky and Vanderbilt no matter who is OC. However, under Dan Mullen, there were exceptions to that rule (think of our 50+ point wins over LSU and Georgia in 2008, to name a few).

  94. Those calling for Meyer’s head are a little ridiculous. I won’t hide that I share the fear that he may have lost his edge following the health scare last year but after 2 NCs the guy has (for better or for worse) earned the right to run the program DEEP into the ground for 2-3 years before getting the boot. While he shares the blame for their performance this year, I’m still proud to have him as the coach of the Gators.

    The solution is simple – dump Addazio, and either:
    1. bench Brantley and build around another QB (probably Reed)
    2. re-tool the offense to play to Brantley’s (alleged) strengths

    This may not immediately put the Gators back at the top of the SEC but at least it would demonstrate the ability to recognize the problems. FWIW, I would have preferred #2 up until the last couple of weeks, now I say go for #1.

  95. Overheard a conversation at Gators Dockside talking about how a gator fan at the App. State game attempted to spit on Addazio. Anyone else hear this story as well? I do not necessarily approve of that action, if it’s even true…..but wow, that would be a pretty hardcore thing to do.

    1. Pathetic. If you indeed hear something like that, please confront said person. He’s not a great coach but still a person.

  96. I think people are missing the real picture here. Urban Meyer has been exposed! Dan Mullen and Charlie Strong are what made the team in Urban’s first couple of years! That is the problem with having a head coach that needs an offensive and defensive coordinator! You win a national championship and your talented coaches leave. Who could blame them. That is why the Sabans and spurriers are so invaluable. They are the brains of there team and don’t rely on someone else to make the calls! I have never understood that concept in college footbal. The head cosch needs to be in charge of one side of the ball or the other.

    PLEASE COME BACK SPURRIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. What’s really left to say that hasn’t already been said?
      -Addazio sucks.
      -Brantley sucks.
      -Meyer is enabling these two to drag the program down.

    2. Agreed, the site owner has abandoned us. Why did he even bother starting this site if he can’t take the time to update a least once a fucking week?

  97. The site administrator is ashamed to show up because he made this site about firing Addazio but it’s obvious Addazio would just be a scapegoat for the real problem: Meyer.

    Miami had the sense to not allow Shannon to fire his OC and DC and fired him instead. Why can’t Florida?

    I’ll tell you why. Because Bernie Munchkin is too close to Meyer to let him be fired.

    So we need to fire Munchkin AND Meyer!

    1. Miami fired Shannon because he won hardly any important games. They didn’t make it to an ACC championship game or BCS bowl game in any of his years as head coach. Urban has his spot for as long as he wants, and he deserves it. Two National Championships in three years is a big deal.

      Also, what does Bernie Machen have to do with the football team? I think that if your beef is with Meyer, maybe you should just create your own site, this one is pretty clearly focused on the one real issue.

  98. I went to the Tennessee game last year after Kiffin talked all that $hit. This was when i first noticed that something was wrong with the offense. The Gators were content just handing the ball off….i wondered to myself “when did FLA stop throwing the ball downfield?!??” didn’t think anything of it. as the season went on I noticed how lackluster and basic the offense was. We have 2 small but fast rbs, yet we never get the ball to them in space…we continuously send them on a dive play like they are bruisers…wtf?!?!? Tim Tebow was the only reason Addazio got a pass last year. But if you really watch the Gators, you could look at the offense last year and see that it sucked. Case in point, when Fla played FSU last year they ran the TE option play to Aaron Hernandez to perfection. Leading up to the SEC Championship game they showed that play over and over on all sports shows breaking down the matchup between UF and Bama. On UF’s FIRST offensive play they try to run it, and Bama was obviously ready for it. I just could not believe that he called that play like out the gate like they had not shown the play on TV like 100 times!!! I was literally awestruck at the audacity to actually call that play out the gate. i knew right then that it was going to be a long game, and that cemented the feeling i had all LAST season that Addazio was an idiot. This year has just been comical. You have a drop-back passer yet you are STILL calling plays for Tebow. Have we completed a deep pass all year?? we may have, but i definitely missed it. Hell, do our recievers even run any other route other than the 5 yard dig?!?!? man, i’m done, cause i could go on forever about this……..

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