The Bad Snaps Bailed Out Steve Addazio

Florida center Mike Pouncey had some almost unbelievable issues snapping the football against Miami OH in Florida’s 2010 season opener.  ESPN credits Pouncey with 13 bad snaps for the game, many of which led to fumbles and huge losses.  As much as Steve Addazio had some responsibility in this, since he’s the one teaching Pouncey to snap, this ridiculous performance from the center actually helped Addazio out.

This may seem like a crazy statement, but consider this.  When ESPN and all the news sources have been talking about this game, all they’ve been talking about is the bizarre number of bad snaps out of Florida.  This has completely drawn the attention away from one of the worst offensive performances in the history of Florida football.

Florida had a bunch of bad snaps and a bunch of fumbles.  But neither of those are what are really the major problem here.  The major problem is that, against a Miami OH team that was 1-11 last year, Florida had 26 yards of total offense through three quarters of play.  That is the single most pathetic stat in the history of Florida football, and fortunately for Addazio it was overshadowed by the most bizarre center play in the history of college football.

The play calling and the preparation for this game were absolutely inexcusable.  Consider just how little 26 yards is.  If Florida had had TEN TIMES that amount through three quarters of play (260 yards), it still would have been considered a bad offensive performance, given the competition.  Bad snaps or not, Florida should’ve had 15x that amount of total yards through three quarters, and Addazio got to avoid the spotlight once again thanks to Mike P0uncey.

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  1. I think you may be right. I think the Peter Principle might apply in this case but it’s Meyer who’s ultimately to blame. He’s been backing this guy or may be worse, calling some of these awful plays himself.

  2. GREAT new website! Long time overdue! This bum Addazio play calling is horrific. First, wtf are we still doing running the option, and two, why did we run the same sideline sweep play seemingly every 3 plays. We have the best O Line in the SEC, run the ball NORTH AND SOUTH!!!!!!!!

  3. I was calling for this last year – this year only confirms SA’s incompetence. Pouncey knows how to play guard and does that well. Get someone else to snap; almost every time there was a bad snap, it was because MP was thinking like a guard & moving instead of thinking like a center. At least twice I watched MP never drop his head, resulting in bad snaps.

  4. Thank you for creating this site, I have been searching for it for two years. I can’t believe that people have blamed Brantley and fumbles for the first game. Brantley played well and fumbles are to be expected the first game, the problem was the worst play calling I have seen. If you look at the rush/passing breakdown you will find a quite idiotic. Just the first quarter, RPRPPPPRRPPPPR, shows the lack of variety that continued the whole game. Oh and the first four completions were all behind the line of scrimmage and other than one low snap, it all looked designed. There were 4 passes to Rainey behind the line of scrimmage, 1 to Demps, plus 2 just beyond the line to Rainey. Thats 7 out of 17 completions by Brantley, seems like a lot when there were only 3 attempts beyond thirty yards. I, like the rest of the gator nation, assumed Brantley would throwing bombs all day, just because Thompson dropped a perfect pass doesn’t mean you should stop trying.
    It was a horrible, horrible game, but the fumbles and bad snaps will fix themselves. Steve will not become a genius though, his schemes are simple and so is his understanding of the game. He needs to be fired, Urban can take over offense for now, he can’t do any worse. If Charlie hadn’t of gotten that job we might be able to have a good season with steve, but I am almost certain we wont be quite as good on defense without him, so the Gators will actually need an offense.

    So Urban, I know that steve is your friend and you want to work with him, it makes sense. But your at the University of Florida now, be friends on your own time, We want to win. There is no way you could have missed that the offense sucks…..when we are playing miami(OH), what do you think will happen when we play a SEC team? Please, please, please fire him, someone will hire him as a head coach, look at lane kiffin. If you won’t do if for the fans do it for yourself, look what happened when we lost to alabama, what’s going happen if we lose to USF?(god forbid) What if we have a losing season?(god forbid) So for us, for you, and for football Fire steve addazio.

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