The Save 2011 Campaign: Week 1

I’ve received requests from several of this site’s readers to use my position here to try and organize a more united campaign towards our cause.  Everyone wants to know what they can do to help.

Honestly, after that 3-game stretch in the middle of the season, I didn’t think something like this would even be necessary.  It seemed like it was only a matter of time before Addazio was replaced.  It seemed it was imminent.  How could it not be?  At that point, Addazio’s faults, which may have been hidden to more casual fans early on, were too obvious for him to continue on for long.

Even if his friendship bond with Urban was strong enough to save his job, surely Addazio himself would recognize he was in over his head and step down, right?  Even Texas OC Greg Davis stepped down after Texas had similar struggles on offense this year, and he had put together many good Texas offenses in the past.  Yet Addazio, who has proven nothing as an OC other than the face that he can’t do it, refuses to do the same for the betterment of the players around him.

So here we are, several months and several embarrassing losses later, with the same guy running our laughable attempt at an offense, and the with the coach saying he’ll be doing it again next year.  It’s entirely possible that Urban is just saying the right thing and that Addazio will be removed or demoted after the Outback Bowl.  It’s entirely possible that all the Dana Holgorson rumors are true.

But it’s not worth the risk of doing nothing.  That’s why, starting now, we’re going to go ahead and start the “Save 2011” Campaign, with the simple notion that we can not go into next season with Steve Addazio as our offensive coordinator.

Each week or so (some of these things will last more than a week), we’ll do something different, as a group, to help further our cause.

We start this week with a very simple two-part task.  Sign a petition, and promote it.

I know, not very exciting.  But we’ll be using this next week, so we need to get some names on it first.  Please note that this is a NEW petition, so even if you signed the original one that went up, take the time to do it again here.  I put the original petition up on PetitionSpot, which requires people to sign up for a PS account or a facebook account to sign it.  In retrospect, that was a bad idea, as lazy folks just want to type their name in and be done with it.  So that’s what this new petition will allow you to do.  No creating an account or anything necessary, just sign away.

So here’s what I’m asking you all to do this week.

1. Sign the petition here (I’ve also updated the link at the top of the page for the new URL)

2. Spread the word about the petition.  Tweet it to people, mention it on facebook, do whatever viral stuff you can think of.  Throw up some flyers around campus if you can or mention it when your class gathers for your final.  People will sign the petition.  Most Gator fans agree with it, it’s just a matter of them knowing that it exists.

P.S. Thanks facebook user Jimmy for the image used in this week’s post.

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  1. When I read my Jacksonville newspaper saying “Meyer said Addazio to return next season” I get SO PISSED… is he serious or is he just trying not to throw him under the buss until after the bowl game.

    He actually said “I expect that to happen” which maybe leaves room for Foley to make the decision?

    I don’t even know what to think anymore …. next season is down the drain too it looks like.

  2. In addition to the online petition, we should suggest that facebook users change their profile pictures to cartoon characters.

  3. damn! missed being the 100th petitioner by 1!! 😀 But more seriously, I do hope something good comes out of this…good luck to us all

  4. Sad to say but I really hope we put a goose egg up for the Outback bowl…I never thought I’d say that. I say that because if we win (like Georgia) everyone will say all is well when it obviously isn’t. Addazio should have been fired after the Bama game, LSU, MSU, and definitely after the FSU debacle. HEll, he SHOULD have been fired after last year’s SEC championship. It is embarrassing for him to have an office in the Swamp let alone be allowed to “coach” players for the University of Florida. He sucks as OC and as the OL coach. By the way, he also is in charge of punishing the players…that’s not getting done either. He’s a total fucking waste of a 400k a year salary and it is pathetic that he has not been fired, yet. Tells you more about Urban than him…

  5. Sweet, let’s get this ball rolling. Unfortunately, I think we will need to be embarrassed in the Outback Bowl for Addazio to be officially gone. I understand Urban could be using coachspeak with respect to Addazio but as you said, he CANNOT be our coordinator going forward.

  6. I also worry that the enormous number of Gator injuries comes from Addazio training regiments that do not have the Gators flexible enough or who are too tired when practicing and leading to higher than normal amounts of injuries. Addazio does keep saying if the kids work harder we’d win because his playcalling is the best!

  7. Big Problem with the Petition…

    I think it would be terribly unwise to keep Addazio even if he is demoted.

    1. The Offensive Line has been terrible this year. That is all his fault. Some how they muddle through and he was better in previous years but in a year where Offensive Line should have been a strength (only loosing Pouncey and have a good number of returning players) Addazio has gifted us with the poop we’ve seen this year.

    2. Demoting someone from basically second in charge to taking orders from someone new rarely works. What tends to happen is they just smell up a locker room. They think the new guy is lucky and that they had bad luck. They secretly wish the new guy to fail, even if they don’t consciously know they do.

    3. Keeping Addazio will send confusing messages to players. Compromises between the new and the old will abound.

    I just can’t sign something that says keep Addazio anywhere Gator football players anymore. He is poison. He is bad for UF. And I think it will cause problems to keep him around in a deminished capacity.

  8. This site was getting good but we don’t need it anymore. Bye bye Urban! Let’s start a get Chris Peterson web site. It’s a great day in Gator Nation!

  9. Get Chris Peterson – GET CHRIS PETERSON!!! YEAH I LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT! Too bad he won’t leave Boise St. for Florida. Think about it… Peterson has everyting he could possibly need in boise St and far less scandals and thugs to have to control and deal with.

    If no Peterson, then atleast go after Mullen. The TRUE FATHER BEHIND OUR OFFENSIVE CREATIVITY A FEW YEARS AGO!

  10. No worries about OC, whoever takes over must have more sense than that and will have or be the OC when he comes, Chucky to the rescue!

  11. not to worry about Addazio. He is gone! He is now the offensive line coach for Texas! I guess this website will be shutting down soon.

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