The Times They Aren’t a-Changin

They say that the first step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have one.  If that’s the case, we are screwed.

You would think that, with as obvious as many of the Gator offense’s issues are to thousands of Gator fans across the country, they would be even more obvious to our offensive coordinator, right?  Well, if you were hoping we would learn something from our shalacking in Tuscaloosa and start fixing some of these problems, the words out of Addazio’s mouth seem to indicate that you’re due for a letdown.

Addazio does not recognize that there is a problem.  According to him, Brantley runs the option well and will continue to run the option going forward (he cites an average of 5 yards gained on option plays, but fails to realize that a play averaging 10 yards against Kentucky and 1 yard against Alabama does not help us), Pouncey is snapping the ball as well as any other player has in his time at Florida, and there was a lot of good to take from the offense in the Alabama game.

You can see his take on a few of these issues in this video interview, but please be warned that you may want to punch your computer screen while watching it.

The really scary part of this video is the complete disbelief and shock that Addazio reacts with when asked if he has considered moving Pouncey back to guard.  You can tell from his reaction that he was genuinely shocked that someone would even suggest it, and that the thought had never even crossed his mind.

Look, I know that every snap isn’t going to be perfect.  The snaps against Alabama, however, were certainly not “all in the norm” as he suggests.  And let’s be honest here, even if Pouncey’s dad were making the decision the thought would have at least crossed his mind that he may need to be moved back to guard.

I understand that Florida prefers to have their best lineman at center to run the spread offense, but the complete shock on Addazio’s face really has to make you wonder how many more of these seemingly obvious problems he is completely unaware of.  Does he have no idea that teams know he’s going to run the ball on 2nd and 10?  Is he completely unaware that teams are able to play aggressively against the short game because they’re not being challenged downfield?  From what I’m seeing out of Steve’s comments after these games, combined with the lack of adjustments being made, that scary thought may just be reality.

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  1. i don’t know. it looks to me like he’s bs’ing to me. just tap dancing to put on a look of confidence. he and meyer both seem to be fighting a pr battle instead of coaching a football team. they’re losing at both

  2. I hope what he’s saying is just a pr act to boost the confidence of the team going into a tough game with LSU but you know what they say…actions speak louder than words, and the actions so far are disappointing. I’m not optimistic for this season. We should win the East easily but somehow I believe we will fumble it away (literally!) based on the ridiculous playcalling/coaching we been having this season.

  3. I am curious how Addazio has suddenly become the voice of Gator football? Isn’t Urban Meyer the head coach? I don’t want to hear Addazio, I want to hear the head coach talk about these issues.

  4. Seriously I want the Kool-Aide he is drinking. Pouncey is not a first round draft pick at center at guard yes at Center NO.

    He must be living in some ditch or hole he doesn’t realize that we are educated football fans. We know what good football is. It is not what we are seeing and now we are going into the Auburn Game playing an undefeated team with our old back up. I would definatly take Cam Newton over Jon I cannot run option Brantley. That is so not his fault but damn if you’re in the wrong system you’re in th ewrong system.

    Back to Addazio I cannot believe he is even allowed to speak to the media. HE IS DELUSIONAL 100% unequivocally DELUSIONAL. Please someone realize he is the issue. If they do not realize this by June I will tell them at the Womens Football Clinic straight up I will ask him why he has a job at florida?

    1. Yes, he is delusional – he makes Zook look like a realist! BTW, how did Pouncey grade out as a champion for the Miami game? Either the coaches doing the evaluations are on crack are our standards have dropped drastically. If Pouncey was a champion for that game then every Gator player who has suited up this season is a champion. All they have to do is stand around, breathe and do nothing and *presto!* they grade out as a champion. You could pull out guys in the stands and they’ll grade out as champions. With so many great players it’s no wonder we’re 5-0, #1 in the nation and winning every game 200-0…oh wait, that hasn’t happened.

  5. Addazio is on the same level as Charlie Weis was at Notre Dame. They were fantastic his first year at ND, but his last three or four years you could literally call out the play they were running when they broke the huddle. They were that stubborn and predictable. Same story with Addazio. Honestly, I don’t think he should be fired, I think he should just be moved back to O-line coach and Meyer should call the plays himself

  6. But Meyer calling the plays raises the bigger question of will he be able to see the forest from the trees. He has a reputation for being an offensive genius. But ever since Mullen left, his reputation has kind of gone downhill in a hurry.

  7. I’m going to give it one more week, and if he stinks up the joint against LSU then I’m going to hit the “like” button to support this site on facebook.

  8. Does everybody see the bullshit transpiring in South Carolina?Spurrier is beating them handidly 31-3. They watched the Arkansas game and they have an offensive coordinator. The ole Spur dog still has it when it counts…


  9. A Pouncey holding penalty pushed us out of 1st and goal, and a bad Pouncey snap cost us the following field goal try.

    How much longer, Adazzio?

  10. R u kidding me Addazio needs to go and go after this LSU game. He still calling plays like he has Tebow..Please Brantley is not an option QB and Pouncy is not a center so why dont we keep doing it its working oh so much..Addazio MUST GO!!!

  11. Guess they stunk it up against LSU too. Why Adazzio is still in charge of our offense I’ll never know. Its bad when I can sit on my couch and predict plays. I could be a DC for UF’s opponents.

  12. Steve Addazio is simply no Dan Mullen. Urban is going to have this reputation as being an offensive genius completely destroyed by this man.

    He needs to go, period. He is destroying players’ futures because of his ignorance and unwillingness to change anything. He is destroying this team’s chances of winning with his play calling.

    I hear Ron Zook is going to be available soon . . .

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