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Whew, sorry about the lack of updates lately guys, I’m beginning to feel the heat in the comments section myself.

I had to travel out of the country last Monday and am still abroad at the moment.  I anticipated being able to snag some time connected to the internet to continue more updates more often then I’ve actually been able to.  I managed to set up a slingbox because I didn’t want to miss my first Gator game in two decades (thanks for making that $250 investment worthwhile with that great performance you put on in Tallahassee by the way, Mr Addazio), but other than logging on to stream the game I just haven’t been able to get online much.

I’ve got a few minutes here but I hopefully will have a full hour later tonight, so I’ll be trying to make another update then.  And then I return to the states this weekend.

Rest assured, my motivation towards our cause is as great as ever.

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  1. Teams that scored more than we did against the Criminoles:
    NC State

  2. Addazio is not going to get fired. That is pretty apparent. If he were going to, it would have went down Sunday or Monday. Why would Foley wait until after we lose our toilet bowl game? What sense would that make? It would waste a whole month of recruiting. It is not going to happen. All we have, as Gator fans, is to look forward to next season… when we will lose 4 or 5 or 6 more games.

  3. Your “cause” is misdirected. Florida needs to do what Miami did: fire the Head Coach.

    Stop making Addazio the scapegoat for Meyer. This site must be run by the Meyer family to divert attention from the obvious: Feyer Meyer.

    1. While I agree with you that Meyer is responsible for the worst team in 22 years, both directly and indirectly, I think its highly unlikely they’ll run him off. One has to wonder, if the SEC East wasn’t as pitiful as it was this year, what our record might have been.

    2. Yeah — that would really get a quality coach in here. Win two national championships and almost play for a third in three years, and have a 7-5 season and you get fired. No one in thier right mind would do that. Meyer, like Billy D., is a quality coach having a really down year. If it is another year of this, then you can start ranting.

  4. Yes fire one of the best coaches in major cfb…….not. Fire Addazio and send him packing……no. Relieve Addazio of his pc duties and put him back as ol coach yes. Addazio=great recruiter. However the lack of emotion shown by Meyer worries me a bit.

  5. I dont understand. why the hell would you put brantley in after REED drove you ALL the way. brantley comes in throws a pick. next drive he’s in AGAIN. how many times do you have to fuck up before you realize they arent good enough to be the starter or even take a snap for the university of florida!!!!! REED IS THE KEY TO THE OFFENSE AND EVERYBODY’S KNOWN THIS SINCE THE VANDY GAME. why cant dumbass addazio figure that out yet???? who gives a shit if your dad was a played for florida. BENCH BRANTLEY. START REED and we beat msu lsu sc fsu and in the sec championship and would be going to a bcs bowl

    1. “I don’t understand why the hell they would put Brantley in after REED drove you ALL the way”……

      It was nothing more than stubborn asshole-ism. Brantley is a stinky wet pussy fish. Talks as if he has a mouthful of shit. Dumb to the core.

  6. Folks I think we are screwed at least through 2011. Meyer made it pretty clear after the loss to USC that Dumbaz was not the problem and that he would be returning as the OC next year. Combine that with “THE”(as Meyer puts it) starting female QB Brantley’s last year of eligibity and we are in for another miserable season before Meyer gets another case of acid reflux and quits again, this time for good. It is obvious the relationship between Meyer and the McCarney was not good as McCarney took the N TX job without even discussing with Meyer. Pretty funny I think, shows how little respect McCarney had for the head coach. Respect is earned and Meyer is not earning it, FROM ANYONE. Unfortunately, all those late night BJ’s from Dumbaz has kept him in good graces with Meyer resulting in his continued capacaity as OC at FL. Meyer is a douchebag and a sore loser. He even for the first time declined to give the Sun their traditional post game interview following FL/FSU. What a pussy! Man up Meyer, you really look like fool! Better yet, just quit so Florida Football can move forward.

    1. Looks that way to me too, Daz. Urban’s excuses after the beatdown we got in Tallahassee were vague and frankly, didn’t make me feel any better. He stated that he’s felt everytyhing was wrong with this team “for a while” but yet he made no major changes to try and correct it? It sounds to me like Addazio isn’t the only one incapable of making adjustments, if you take him at his word, Urban creates a plan for the season and, win lose or draw, he just sticks with it. If that’s the case, he needs to be gone today.

      I also love all the UAA Koolaid drinkers out there who continue to insist we could not possibly have made a change at coordinator mid-year because it would have made things worse. Please, somebody, tell me how this offense could have been ANY worse than it was and still is?

  7. Word on the street is, they are going after Calvin Magee from Michigan.

    And Daz Hater, go back and watch the press conference and tell me exactly HOW that was a “YES, ADDAZIO WILL BE BACK”? What did you expect Meyer to say at that time? (I know what we all WANTED him to say, but that is beside the point)

    1. Dude, I’m not going to fundamentally disagree with you, but you’re wasting your time. Winning 2 Nat’l Championships in your first 5 years kinda sorta buys you more than one bad year.

      AGAIN, I’m not going to fundamentally disagree with you. Meyer is unofficially on the hot seat, and it’s up to him as to whether or not it becomes the official hot seat in 2011.

      Personally, I want Kerwin Bell.

    2. Yeah unfortunately the fire Dumbaz tone has to change to fire Meyer. After-all he is the one that let it get this far and spiral out of control.

  8. What more needs to be said, at this point we are just stating the obvious which is obvious to EVERYONE except ONE person, Coach Urban Meyer!

  9. if you really think about it, what has meyer done? mullen was the one that called plays when they were winning championships and strong was calling the d plays, both of those guys are gone and look now. what if meyer is just a great recruiter like zook was?

  10. LOL. Spurrier says of Cam Newton that “he’s really improved his passing since he left Florida” and “I don’t know if the junior college guys worked with him or who worked with him”.


    [See top video @11:25]


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