Urban Resigns…Again

In a somewhat shocking announcement, Urban Meyer is once again stepping down from his head coaching duties at UF.

On the one hand, it is surprising because we just went through this last year, and it would seem that making such a large decision (calling off a retirement) would involve a decision to be in it for the long haul, a la Billy Donovan reneging on his decision to leave for the NBA.

On the other hand, I don’t think any of us are too terribly surprised as it seemed pretty clear this year that Urban’s heart was no longer in it.  I thought that maybe if Addazio was removed and Urban no longer had to struggle between the decision of what is right for his friendship and what is right for UF, he would regain his fire, but it looks like we’ll never know.

Urban has done a lot for UF, and will be missed, but now begins the process of looking forward and step one of that is finding a replacement suitable for the lofty expectations of this program.  Meyer’s decision comes earlier this year than it did last year, so there is time to replace him with a full fledged head coach rather than an interim fix.  I can’t imagine that that new coach will have any interest in keeping Addazio around.  And in the name of all that is holy in this world if Steve Addazio somehow replaces Urban (unlikely) we will be wishing for a 7-5 season.

Meyer will stay on through the bowl game.  He notes his desire to focus on his family as the main reason for his resignation.

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  1. Anyone think Foley/Machen can look past the skeltons in Mike Leach’s closet and give him a shot. What about Gruden, even though he claims to have turned down Miami?

    1. Those skeletons are real, not metaphorical.

      Seriously, he has one in his office closet lol!

      Mike Leach all the way!


    That’s all I ask for Christmas.

  3. I would respectfully suggest that this is not a surprise to Foley, and in fact I think Meyer was convinced to come back with the understanding that it was only for this year, and allow Foley time to lay the groundwork and already have a replacement lined up. I’d be very surprised if it takes too much time for them to announce they’ve already got their guy.

    1. I completely agree. His resignation today is the final piece of the puzzle.

      Foley talked him into returning for one more year to hold the program together and minimize the damage.

      And it explains why we got Urban Meyer Lite this season, his heart was never really in it.

  4. I’m not sure if everyone truly understands how huge this is for Florida football. We all pray that Addzio is not given the job (which I don’t expect will happen), but now who know what direction the program will go in? We honestly do not have a spread offense-specific cast right now (pro style QB John Brantley), so at this point I’d say anyone is fair game. Florida is a premier program; we can hire almost anyone we can think of. If we want to stay spread, I’m all for Mike Gundy or Kevin Sumlin (though my favorite would be Dan Mullen). If we want to switch it up though, my choice is Jim Harbaugh. Great QB developer, and is a proven winner (turning Stanford around in his short tenure there). Hopefully, Florida takes its time with this decision because we all want the right guy for the job.

    1. Wrong.

      You have a timid, indecisive piss poor throwing pro style qb with one year of eligibility left, two redshirt sophomores who are spreadish, and an incoming, highly touted dual treat early enrolling qb.

      All of this, plus a cast a smallish, shifty receivers made for the spread.

      It was be insane to hire anyone but a spread user because underoverthrow legacy boy has one year left.

      1. Really? Did Meyer come in with a spread offense cast? Nope. Pretty sure the new coach can come in and overhaul the program if necessary. And if that means we get Harbaugh, I’m all for it. Believe me, I’d perfer sticking to the spread and hiring Mullen, seeing as Harbaugh is not a very realistic option at this point. But my point is I doubt Florida is limiting their search to coaches who run the spread option.

        1. Did Meyer come in with a cowardly, terrified paper mache quarterback ?

          The point is, you said Florida doesn’t not have a spread specific cast.

          The only thing non spread about the offense is John Cantley and he’ll be useless is just about any offense.

          1. Ok, I see where you’re coming from and I respect that, but if you ask me, Brantley still has a decent shot at starting next year. I’ve been very critical of his play at times this year but c’mon, did he really get a fair shot. This was his first year as a QB in the SEC, he had the guy this website is dedicated to firing calling plays for him, and he got swapped out every other play. I don’t know if you have ever played QB, but timing and rhythm is everything. Brantley never even got a chance to develop either. Plus, Addazio just stuck him in on passing situations, so the defense always knew what was coming. Add to that the fact that the OL rarely blocked well for him in a passing situation and the fact that we had no really outstanding receivers this year and you get Brantley sucking. I personally don’t think he should have committed here in the first place as he is in no shape to run the spread Meyer ran, but I think that a new coach with a different system (even a pass-first spread) could turn him into a productive QB.

  5. Time for Steve to come home. JB would be a good fit in SOS’s offense. We would need to scour the JuCos for a few OL who can pass block. You could tell at the game this year Steve wants to come home.

  6. When considering a new head coach, I think it should revolve around Jordan Reed and Trey Burton, not Brantley. I still think his best option now is transferring and let him regain what Addazio has sapped from him.
    In that regard, I would love to see either Gus Malzahn or Gary Patterson be giving huge consideration.

  7. Forget all your wishful thinking…Foley won’t have any input in the new head coach just like he was overridden by Machen when Meyer was hired. All the Gator fans complained then that Spurrier wasn’t given a shot at his old job, and you will all complain again when Machen hires one of his buddies to to be the new coach.

    One positive to come from this whole episode…the crime rate on the UF Campus dropped significantly overnight!

  8. At first I was kinda upset but now I’m actually pretty happy about this and it’s probably the best thing for us long term. I’m eternally grateful to Urban for what he did for the program, but it was clear he wasn’t into it this year in any way shape or form so if he can’t go 100% at all times he definitely made the right call by stepping down before his personal issues took the program down even further. Would be happy with Leach, Strong, Chip Kelly or Malzahn.

  9. Kerwin Bell. Before you dismiss it because of his lack of experience, realize that you also would have passed on Chip Kelly for the same reason.

    Look at what he has done at JU.

  10. Spurrier has nothing to gain and everything to lose so he is not the guy. Dan Mullen does not make as much as FL coaches and has proven that he can win nat. champ. with right players and may be the guy. Kermit Bell is not the guy, come on. Chucky or Mullen is our best bet. Would Bellamy or other 5 stars play for Kermit? Don’t think so.
    And I like Kermit, we went to school together and he seems like a very genuine person but…
    Mike Shanahan was OC when I was there working for Chris Patrick and treats everyone like they are very important (sans Haynesworth) if you understand he is alpha dog but probably too old for long term. He makes you want to work for him. He is a true man’s man but…
    Get Mullen or Chucky.

  11. NFL coaches don’t succeed as college coaches…so give up the gruden, shanahan, tony dungy wet dreams. They are fantasy, and a bad one at that.

    Anyone who wants a washed up, over-rated NFL coach to lead us does not understand the differences in dynamics between NFL and college ball.

    Urban would be fit to coach NFL now that he lost his fire. College coaches have to do a whole lot more.

    I think Leach, Peterson, or Malzahn would be great hires

    1. For starters, Gruden is still a young man.

      Secondly, the way he collected QBS and players, he acted like he was in college oversigning people and chopping his roster down come game time.

      Not that I want Gruden, but his method actually WOULD work in college.

  12. Whoever it is they will have to announce it in the next 24-48 hours to give the current committs and those on the fence a sense of security or despair. Foley certainly let these kids flounder for the next 30 days and potentially lose good recruits.

  13. The Chris Peterson idea has been intriguing to me since Urban Meyer Resigns version 1.0.

    I think that Peterson would bring much needed offensive production to the program and based on anything that I’ve ever heard about him, he’s not just a good X’s and O’s coach but he actually does a lot to help his players develop personally. I am by no means an expert and there are probably 25 people on this site that have a better understanding of coaching and what it takes to be successful, I just hope that we get someone that brings some excitement and a desire to win to the players and the rest of the coaching staff.

  14. Lets be real.

    Its time to start HireDanMullen.com

    10 reasons to hire Mullen

    1. Look at MSU before and after his arrival.
    2. Urban’s top Disciple. (Think of Meyer as Parcells and Mullen as Bellichek).
    3. Fantastic Recruiter (Check rivals for commits hes netted at UF)
    4. Arguably the main reason behind Meyer’s success at UF.
    5. Coached Tim Tebow to Heisman. (Note Tebows senior year regression without Mullen and that recruit Jeff Driskel could be Tebow 2.0)
    6. Understands the concept of throwing down-field.
    7. His hiring means he doesn’t go to Miami.
    8. Did I mention that he understands that you have to throw the ball down-field.
    9. A young, innovative coach, who understands who to win in the SEC with inferior talent. Imagine what he can do with the talent at UF.
    10. He will make the tough calls. Addazio WILL BE GONE and Austin likely to. They will be replaced with a fantastic offensive play-caller (himself) and a more experienced defensive coordinator (insert anyone).

    1. Agreed. Driskel has even better physical talent than Tebow and is apparently a much better thrower. Mullen will turn him into a star immediately.

    2. Rebuttals to your 10 reasons:

      1. And? Yes, they were a tougher, improved football team than the prior year, but they are relatively in the same competitive class as they have always been.
      2. Addazio is also an Urban disciple.
      3. There are lots of great recruiters out there.
      4. The 2006 team was all about heart. I saw nothing on offense that was spectacular. After that, Tebow and Percy Harvin made Urban, not Mullen.
      5. Tim Tebow played Tim Tebow to the Heisman.
      6. Again, abundantly available elsewhere.
      7. He’s not going to Miami anyways. I wish like hell that he would.
      8. I’m sorry, did you actually watch any MSU games this season?
      9. Again, see my rebuttal to #1.
      10. Nothing special about this quality.

      I was like a little kid at Christmas yesterday when I heard Urban was leaving. Don’t get me wrong, I sincerely appreciate what he did here. He brought a level of passion into UF football like we’ve never seen. It’s no wonder he burnt himself out so quickly.

      But then I started connecting the dots. I think Dan Mullen didn’t take the Miami job for a reason. Mullen is a solid head coach, there’s no doubt. But there is a ceiling with him. Unless we get another Tebow/Harvin combination, we’re NOT GOING ANYWHERE WITH MULLEN.

      To be bluntly honest, I’M SICK OF THE MEYER/MULLEN VERSION OF THE SPREAD. Did any of you actually WATCH the UF/MSU game this year? It was like the 2010 Horrible Offense Bowl. I’ve seen paint drying on a wall that was more entertaining.

      We need a new direction. UF, since Spurrier, has always managed to stay ahead of the curve with offensive philosophies. Going with Dan Mullen will be a mistake.

      1. Weak rebuttal, Frank.

        Mullen has proven he’s the real deal as a coach. He may not have the most entertaining offense at Miss St, but they win games. Not to mention that in terms of recruiting, he gets nothing but leftovers. Little talent, no resources, most difficult schedule in college football, and yet he still managed a better record than Florida this year (as well as a head-to-head win in Gainesville on homecoming night).

        By the way, we WILL get another Tebow/Harvin combination (think Driskell/Debose). Next year won’t be the year, but come 2012 they could be scary good, especially if Jordan Reed gets back to playing TE where he can take the Aaron Hernandez position to a whole other level.

        1. Why is everyone so high on Reed as a TE ? What is it you saw that makes you excited to see him, a QB turned TE, at tight end as opposed to a natural TE such as Desmond Parks or Gerald Christian ?

          I am sure Parks’ days are numbered on the roster, but I just wanted to include him.

          Are people expecting Reed to be another CI ?

          I like Reed. He gave the offense a shot in the arm at QB when they actually played him.

          He’ll probably see some action next year too so as not to throw Driskell to the wolves totally.

          However, come 2012, then what ? I didn’t see anything from him at TE. Granted, he had a horrible QB trying to “throw” to him, and he was running “routes” designed by Lloyd Christmas, but I am just not sure he has a future.

          1. The main reason would be his running ability. He’s shown at the QB position that he can run around defenders and break tackles which leads me to believe he’s capable of tacking on heavy yardage after the catch. We haven’t seen it yet, but I think the potential is there. Do you disagree?

        2. Mullen is overrated, plain and simple. He has the same record this year as Sylvester Croom did in 2007. He has not done anything spectacular in recruiting. The only thing he HAS done at MSU is make them tougher, which I will admit, we could use. But he is CERTAINLY not a better hire than Chip Kelly, Petersen, and the list goes on and on.

          You guys act like he’s been at MSU long enough to have a good body of work. He has not done anything at MSU that has not been done before, by coaches who would have no business even sniffing the UF job.

          And I’m sorry if I expect Florida football to be entertaining. Sue me.

          The fact that the entire media and half the fan base puts the smart money on him, shows how little most people can actually think for themselves.

          Mark my words, we will be firing him 3-5 years from now if he comes to Florida.

  15. If I had $1k and time to place a wager in Vegas, its that Mullen will be named the HC by Sunday. $500 on Charlie Strong. If nothing else, Foley has shown that he prefers coaches with UF ties as top choices and goes from there. Starkville should be very nervous. Thanks for the short but sweet years here Urban! 2 NCs in your first 4 years is amazing…and we owned FSU, UT, and UGA while you were here, including this dismal season. LOL. Enjoy your retirement.

  16. Do not vote for Peterson as the next coach at Florida. Do you really want to see the same breed of 165lbs football at UF? Get Jim Harbaugh to coach some balls into these sissies.

  17. Please Not Harbaugh. Hopefuly the next coach can use Brantley the right way next year. We have a lot of young receivers. Lets go 5 wide and do it like 1996!

  18. Hey Andrew,

    Malzahn WAS HOT before Cam. He invented a thing called the Wildcat Formation when he made Darren McFadden a legend his one year at Arkansas. Then he was at Tulsa where his Quarterback Paul Smith had better TD numbers than Tebow in 2007, Tebow’s heisman year. Yes last year wasn’t great for Auburn, but bar none there is no better offensive mind currently than Malzahn.

  19. While we’re on the topic of hiring coaches, how about Randy Shannon for defensive coordinator? Austin didn’t do terribly and I know he hasn’t been fired but we could put him as co-defensive coordinator and bring in Shannon to do the majority of the work. Just wanted to see what you guys thought.

    1. So let me get this straight. From HC at MIAMI to Co defensive coordinator? Seriously? That wasn’t a real inquiry was it?

    2. Um actually Drew it was…do you see any teams pounding on his door to acquire his services? Nope didn’t think so. And if he had an issue with being co-defensive coordinator (Strong was for many years and it worked) then we can demote Austin to DBs coach. I’m pretty sure that he would take that in a heartbeat.

  20. If Addazio is hired as Florida HC I will immediately quit being a Gator fan. Dan Mullen, Chris Petersen, Jim Harbaugh. Can’t lose with any of those guys. Go get er done!

  21. Why didn’t this selfish jerk stay resigned last year instead off wasting an entire season of the Florida Gator football program? An abysmal 7-6 record because of a Head Coach who couldn’t decide if he wanted to do his job or not.

  22. Anyone else want to find out how scary Florida can become on offense with Chip Kelly calling the plays for a team roughly 10x better skill-wise than the one he coaches currently?

    1. Absolutely! But I think it’s a pipe dream. We Gator fans tend to go a little crazy, foaming at the mouth about how we can “get anyone we want”. Similar to FSU fans thinking they could lure Mark Richt from UGA, simply because they wanted him.

  23. If the college game requires a coach who has the “fire” and “passion”, how about we stun the college football universe and hire TIM TEBOW. It’s not like he is busy doing anything these days…LOL at my wishful thinking

  24. First, I’d like to say hello, I am a new member as of a few minutes ago. I see some good comments, but my favorite goes to Mullen. Dan Mullen has got to be our first choice. Just look at what he has already accomplished at UF. I mean in his second year he got us to the NC game and with Chris Leak at QB most of the time. Surely if he came back he could get something going even with Brantley at QB and use Reed or Driskel filling in like Tebow did his first year. Either way, there are several good coaches out there right now waiting to upgrade to a program like ours, I am just partial to Mullen.

  25. First inclination is to go with Dan Mullen. However, after taking a look around, I have to say I’d be very happy if Chris Petersen accepted the job.

    The man has turned down many lucrative jobs at major schools in the past… but come on, this is FLORIDA! We offer the best head coaching job in America!

  26. I’m not big on Mullen. Yeah he was OC during the NCs, but he had his deficiencies as well as an OC. He was lucky that Addazio simply outdumbed him this year when MSU won. Mullen’s second half game plan was atrocious, and they were very lucky to win that game. MSU should have stomped the Gators, but instead they went ultra-conservative and were always just one play away from being behind. He’s not a bad coach, but he is just not the best candidate. Sure he isn’t Addazio, but let’s not set the ceiling too low because of that clown. The Gators had a great defense, too, during the NC years.

    There were plenty of times Mullen had me frustrated watching him run the Gators offense. Like the telegraphed 3rd and 4th down and short Tebow up the middle. Think about how the Offense was struggling in 2008 until they realized they could use Rainey and Demps to slice and dice defenses.

    I’d love to see what Gruden can do, but I think that is a very long shot, because NFL jobs are probably less pressure and have lower expectations. Also, I don’t know how well he would be able to deal with the frustration of dealing with young QBs. He tends to like older NFL players because they don’t need the same amount of coaching.

    1. That’s a distortion of the truth.

      IN 2008, part of the reason they got off to a slow start was because Meyer and company wanted to limit Tebow’s carries and to also prove he was NFL material.

      The whole Tebow promise thing was more or less his petulance saying “I’m playing the way I want, to hell with down the road”

      When Tebow started to become a factor as a ball carrier (not just scrambles off busted plays and short yardage, but actual option plays) is when ht middle opened up for the dive play.

      I don’t want Mullen either – bringing Mullen in is like shelling out big bucks to see Led Zeppelin with Jason Bonham on drums. Or the current version of KISS

      1. Dan Mullen is like that one, boring girl in your life when you’re young. Everybody loves to talk about how you two will end up together one day. She’s a nice girl and all, but deep down, you know you can do better.

      2. A distortion of the truth? I don’t remember Tebow running any less in those early games than he did later in the season (post Miss). The stats show the same thing. The fact is that they found that they could use the speedsters as another facet of the Offense, instead of just Tebow being the primary running threat.

        1. English. Learn it.

          I’ll repeat it for you, and explain in greater detail since your knowledge of football clearly come from boxscores and not actually playing and/or coaching.

          Early on, Tebow was trying to be a pocket passer and took off when nothing was there – part of the “limit his pounding” plan. Remember 07, the shoulder vs Kentucky that affected him vs Georgia ? The broken hand vs FSU ?

          After “the promise” is when he started being Tebow again – designed runs.

          The “speedsters” (not sure where you get that – Demps is the only speedster I know, while the rest are the typical “4.3 on Florida’s stopwatches” types) only became effective when Tebow did designed runs – the threat of Tebow taking it and possibly optioning out to Harvin drew middle backers away from the middle to allow room for the speedster and the alleged speedster.

  27. My wish list in no particular order:

    Dan Mullen
    Chris Peterson
    Bob Stoops
    Charlie Strong
    Mike Leach

  28. Best of Luck to Coach Meyer and his family. Being in the Military and having to be away from family is tough, especially if you’re not sure you will make it back to see them, therefore I can sympathize with Coach Meyer’s decision to spend more time with family. I do not see him ever coaching our team again if he decides to come back; so we could only hope that maybe he takes over as AD one day. Also, Meyer has an excellent baseball resume – he had a chance to play in the majors in the braves organization; but pursued a college football coaching career instead. So him coaching his sons baseball team should be a no brainer; plus, he won’t have to address a barrage of questions if they lose a game or two. Now his coaching career in the little leagues will be more rewarding to him than he can fathom – just watch out for drunk parents.

  29. LOL.

    You losers should have listened to me, instead of trying to make Addazio the scapegoat when it was clear Meyer was the one who had to go.

    At least Meyer has the integrity to recognize that rot starts at the top and he had to go.

    Good for you, Urban.

    Too bad your sycophant fans couldn’t see it too.

    1. I surely don’t see many people out there saying “No, Urban, please don’t go!”

      Were you really suggesting Meyer should have been fired? I think most of us stated that we would be fine with Meyer resigning, because his heart no longer seemed in it. But nobody wanted to can him.

      I personally felt like a little kid at Christmas when I heard the news yesterday. But then the reality set in that Dan Mullen is the leading candidate in everyone’s mind. UGH…..

  30. Does anyone else feel as betrayed as I do? I appreciated everything Meyer did, I’m not some Florida bandwagoner, by any means, but the guy tried to leave after “God” (Tim) left and now he leaves after his worst season as a coach. I just can’t help but think if we go 10-2 he stays. I can’t forgive him for that, you don’t leave when the team is at its worst.

    But, my vote is for Mullen.

  31. Foley’s likely top 3 in order:
    1. Bob Stoops (No chance he leaves OU)
    2. Bobby Petrino
    3. Dan Mullen

    Bobby Petrino:

    Ok so I know the guys a real pice of sh*t for what he did to the falcons but he’s a helluva college coach and has taken Arkansas to a bcs bowl game in just 3 years….Also, this could be the job that he keeps for 10 years for once as its safe to say the NFL will likely remain outta the question.

    Those of you who are calling urban and mullens offense boring dont have to worry about that under Petrino. Watch any Arkansas game since mallet’s arrival and understand that when Petrino has a qb he can work wonders on offense and will throw the ball all over the field.

    Not only would JBIV have a chance to excel in an offense that suits him but ultimately recruits like Driskel ( #1 pro style qb but still has 4.5 speed) would rather throw the ball 35 time a game and burn the defense running on broken plays than throwing 20 times and running 20 times up the gut in the sec in mullens offense. If florida is going after a spread option coach instead of a strictly spread em out and throw it coach it should start and end with Chip Kelly.

    Try and not let his past transgressions to blind you from Petrino’s genius….Those of you who loved Spurrier’s offense can rest assure that Petrino is bringing the same principles to the table.

    1. I actually wouldn’t mind Petrino being the choice, the guy wins and his offense can’t be called boring.

    2. I don’t blame him for doing what he did to the Falcons, and I am a Falcons fan.

      He was sold a bill of goods that were untrue. Management did not do their due diligence on Vick.

      He wanted to be the guy to turn Vick into what he is now.

      You have to stop thinking in terms of caching sports and think in terms of business – suppose you were offered a job to take over some huge account.

      As soon as you get there, the company whose account you were to be given declared bankruptcy and the people who hired you did not inform you of any pending troubles.

      Petrino is a “better himself” guy so, unless the Patriots job comes up at some point, he won’t be leaving Florida in a few years.

  32. I’m glad to see the tide seems to be swinging away from Mullen. Nothing against him, I think he’s a pretty solid coach, but lest we forget, we were talking about the guy much the same way we are talking about Addazio right now. Obviously not with the same vitriol but I would still have concerns about the offense if Mullen were to come back.

    Petrino is too much of at turncoat, so in my mind the best choices are Malzahn and Chris Peterson. Malzahn may be unproven, yes, but if I remember correctly we took a chance on a young man named Urban Meyer and that turned out alright. I know Malzahn doesn’t have any HC experience but his track record on offense speaks for itself (number one offense in the NATION at Tulsa, end of discussion) The talent recruits itself to Florida. Surround him with a good staff, and we’re back in the MNC race within 2 years.

    1. “number one offense in the NATION at Tulsa, end of discussion”

      The most ridiculous thing I have ever read.

      Because he tore it up in a sh*t conference that’s the end of the discussion ?

      1. Take into consideration that he is widely credited with popularizing the wildcat, and the fact that he made Auburn a potent offense even without Cam. His offenses have all been highly prolific and always innovative. He has a proven ability to adjust, something that we badly need right now. I’m not totally opposed to Mullen, I just think we need to bring in a fresh new mind.

          1. The main argument against Malzahn is that he is a product of Cam Newton or Darren McFadden/Felix Jones. His first year at Auburn and his stint at Tulsa indicate otherwise. That is what I was trying to point out.

  33. Bring back Visor. Let’s think about all we crave. The vertical game. Once said about SOS “what unique about him is that he will try any play on any field at any time. That’s what make him so hard to defend!” Yes the unpredictable excitement of a huge play at any time makes watching the Gators FUN! That is what we are missing. That’s why we are here at FireSA.com. Plus the smack, he is an alum and an innovator makes him perfect. Also, he has been frustrated at USC for so long not having the tools to do his magic. I’ll bet he would love to be the HC and the OC like he used to be. Bring back the excitement, smack, unpredictability and loyalty.

    1. Bingo. Except that he’ll never come back so long as that dirt bag Ticket Boy is AD. He left because Ticket Boy insisted he apologize publicly to FSU for criticizing FSU for trying to hurt our running back – he ain’t coming back while that dirt bag is AD.

  34. This is just a thought, but does everyone really agree that this is the most sought after job in college football? Somehow, I don’t see it.

    There is a reason Foley has never hired a high-profile football coach since he’s been at UF. Maybe it’s just the way things have worked out thus far, or maybe it’s that the best in the business don’t need the extra two-million dollars and unbelievable levels of stress and expectations that come with taking that position. My guess is that none of the suspected top candidates being spoken of right now will be named head coach in the coming weeks. It will be a surprise, as it always is when Foley selects a new coach.

    Chris Peterson, Bob Stoops, Dan Mullen, Bobby Petrino, Gary Patterson, Chip Kelly, Jim Harbaugh, and Steve Spurrier will never leave the teams they are currently with to come to UF for the very same reason, they have nothing to gain and everything to lose. It’s a coach’s dream to take their program to the top, building it from the ground up. They want to create their own legacy, not attempt to carry someone else’s torch. Each one of those guys has the vision of bringing their program to the highest level, just like Florida and Texas did at one point. Florida hasn’t always been a premier football school, just ask Steve Spurrier. What Urban Meyer has created is a situation where losing is not tolerated. Winning a national championship will be EXPECTED, thereby making it less meaningful when it actually does happen. No currently respected coach wants that kind of pressure.

    1. This time I will agree with you. A lot of us act like FSU did a year or two ago, thinking they could go get Mark Richt from UGA just because they wanted him.

  35. Chirs Peterson is the worst possible hire here folks please realize that.
    Name one Boise coach who had anywhere near the success after they left. Dirk Koetter didn’t accomplish anything at Arizona State (he never even beat a team from California). I have no idea what Hawkins final record was at Colorado but it was pitiful and he got run outta town faster than cheatin Neuihesal.

    Boise played two real teams this year and lost to half of them. There’s no way this clown makes it in the SEC. The list needs to start with successful SEC coaches ie Petrino, Mullen, Stoops get the nod for his pedigree. But in no way should Peterson get his job.

    I know people are gonna say Meyer’s competition at Utah was below par also but Urban was also the Godfather of the spread option and considered a true offensive innovator. If people take anything away from hopefully its that Chris Peterson should never be the coach at UF.

  36. unicorn – the people suggesting Malzahn is a product of Newton are mouth breathing bottom feeders.

    They are complete homers.

    Everyone who has so much as a shred of fundamental knowledge about football (and by fundamental, I mean people who played meaningful football and/or coached, not EA Sports and Boxscore knowledge) were saying the same thing around this time last year – “my god, if Auburn lands Newton to play in that offense, look out”

    Trying to convince the anti Malzahn crowd is hopeless.

    Think about the logic they suggest (not always saying it, but implying it) – Alex Smith was a product of Meyer’s system but Meyer was a product of Tim Tebow.


    The whole “system qb” thing is a ridiculous myth anyway. It was a term created by wimpy administrators who didn’t have the balls to tell their moron fans that they just didn’t like the QB and the way he fit.

  37. UFFBall – that’s the typical Brantley apologist line.

    I have played QB and I have coached as well. I know the game inside outside – the subtleties, the stuff that does NOT show up on the boxscore and highlight reels.

    Brantley is a bust, plain and simple.

    He’s just not a big time QB. Yeah the line had issues, but a lot of problems were Brantley himself.

    Brantley looked decent in mop up time with no pressure

    He looked half decent in the spring game with the no contact jersey.

    However, remember all of those awesome acrobatic catches Carl Moore made in the spring game ? Why was he making acrobatic catches ? Throws were off. Terribly off.

    Brantley just doesn’t have it. He routinely overthrew and underthrew his guys.

    Also, a lot of the sack problems were his own fault. If he showed even the slightest bit of decisiveness, being able to make a hot read, opposing coaches would have called off the LB dogs and asked them to hang back in coverage.

    No, Brantley displayed ZERO ability to make the hot reads and was off target way too much. Teams simply dialed up the blitz and said “we’ll stop blitzing if your QB shows the slightest inclination of awareness”

  38. Gator chomp. There are highly touted TE recruits in the wings and coming in. I don’t see the need to go with someone learning on the fly, especially when he ended up being a QB out of need, losing a year of TE development.

    1. I see your point. He may not be the TE to make big plays for us in the future, and the only reason we even know his name is because he helped out our QB’s. Time will tell I guess. What he does have is a lot of playing time and experience in high-pressure situations. And apparently he continued practicing with receivers during the season even though they kept playing him at QB? Don’t know how true that last part is.

      Either way, I don’t entirely disagree with you.

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