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The Gators finally got back into the win column on Saturday, and since I’m sure Steve Addazio is too busy patting himself on the back to break down the game, we’re going to do it here for you.

The good news is that an Addazio led offense gained 400 total yards against an SEC team not named Kentucky for the first time in his tenure.  The bad news is that it came against a porous Georgia defense, and that there was still a lot of things that were done poorly, and are predictive of more future problems on offense, and losses for the team.

Let’s start with Addazio’s new wrinkle.  No, it wasn’t the ‘3-qb system’ that CBS kept harping on (newsflash CBS, this wasn’t the first time that Jordan Reed and Trey Burton lined up at quarterback for us).  You remember how in at least every big game, and in almost every week, Dan Mullen would roll out a new play or formation that eventually would become a staple in the offense?  First, it was the Bubba Caldwell option reverse, then it was the shovel pass, and it went on from there.  Well, Addazio finally joined that club today and came up with something new, and it was half a good idea to boot.

I’ve said all along that if Trey Burton is going to be able to run the ball for us against good teams, he’s going to have to throw the ball a bit to keep the defenses honest.  Since Addazio is completely terrified of any measure of risk, it seems he’s not willing to do that.  Instead, he came up with the idea of having Burton line up at QB, and then walk up to the line of scrimmage like he was calling out protection schemes, while John Brantley slips into the backfield and takes the snap.  The idea is decent.  The defense sees Burton at QB and expects a run, but then at the last second Brantley runs back there and lines up to throw the ball.  The problem is that Addazio just couldn’t quite come up with a whole good play without doing something stupid with it.  So, we now have the defense fooled, thinking run, with the box stacked, but have the ball in our passer’s hands.  So what do we do?  Throw a short, quick pass right into the heart of where the box is stacked to stop the run.

What’s the point?  We go through all this effort to get a team to commit to the line of scrimmage, then trick them by throwing right at that spot?  That play should have been designed to go downfield, that’s the only way it makes sense.

Speaking of downfield (which you all know I’ve been harping on all year), that’s something the Gators finally did a couple times in this game.  The first time it didn’t work out as Hines gave up on his route (probably because he thought we would never actually throw it down there), but after that it worked beautifully.  The throw down the sidelines to a well covered Donte Thompson is exactly what I’ve been talking about all year when I say he needs to use players to their strengths.  Deonte Thompson does not have good hands, so why have we spent the whole season using him in basically a possession receiver role?  That’s not what he excels at.  He’s a playmaker.  He’s not going to reliably catch a bunch of 10 yard ins consistently, but he can make plays when you put him in position to do it.  And on that play, he was covered, but Brantley finally gave him a chance to make a play, and it paid off in spades.  The funny part is that when Brantley threw that pass, Addazio (before he saw the result) probably wished he had checked down to another 2 yard hitch on 3rd and long instead.

So finally, for the first time in months, we got to see the reward end of a risk/reward play.  One of the biggest problems with our offense is that with our refusal to stretch the field, plays that are normally “safe” plays become risky plays because the defense plays them aggressively, only they don’t have the reward to go with them.  In Addazio’s never ending desire to play safe, he has only created more risk.  Instead of “risk/reward” plays, they’re “risk/modest gain” plays.  It was nice to see that change, even if it was only for a few brief minutes.

On the next drive, we saw it again, as Brantley connected deep downfield for a long touchdown to Jeff Demps on a wheel route.  Finally, a long passing play.  Maybe things were starting to look up, if only a little bit.

Then, the second half, and the introduction of the prevent offense and more horror.  In 2009, Florida returned all 11 starters from the #1 defense in the country.  Apparently, Addazio did not get the memo that we no longer have that defense in 2010.  Our defense is solid, yet mediocre.  But Addazio called his plays in the 2nd half like we were up by five scores, not two, to the extreme extent of lining up Burton at QB and running the ball on 3rd and 7 and 4th and 12 (which came after an attempt to complete a 3 yard hitch on 3rd and 12 to boot).

There was some debate as to whether the 4th and 12 run was actually supposed to be an option pass that just blew up when Burton thought he saw an opening and took off the other way (for 1 yard), but that’s even worse.  If you’re going to run a trick passing play, you can’t run it in an obvious passing situation.  It’s the same reason that everyone knew the jump pass was coming in the Alabama game, because it was 4th down.  If it was first down or second down, no one would have been ready for it.  Same story here.  Why does he think an option pass is going to fool anyone on 4th and 12?  The defense can play pass D and still have plenty of room to stop both the run and the pass.

Later in the game, at the end of regulation, we got to see how much faith our coaches have in the offense they’ve created.  After Brantley’s near interception with under a minute left, the Gators elected to take a knee on their own 40 yard line with enough time to run 3 plays to get us into field goal range.  That’s right, the mighty Florida Gators would rather take a knee then try to win the game in the last 25 seconds from the 40 yard line.  Think about that for a second, and then consider that later that same night, the Oregon Ducks decided to try and score after getting the ball at their own 5 yard line with a minute left in the half, and nearly did it.  Yet we have so little faith in our offense that even starting at the 40, we’d rather just sit on the ball.

Am I the only one that cringed when Will Hill stepped out of bounds inside the 5 yard line in overtime?  Normally, an interception in overtime means virtually an automatic win, but I knew that with our offense, it was a toss-up.  And, they did not disappoint, going 3 and out with yet another questionable 3rd down play call.  Again we lined Burton up at QB on 3rd and long, only this time we brought with him the incredible trickery of throwing a swing pass to the short side of the field with no room for Demps to do anything.  As expected, no one was fooled.  The really sad part here is that the two wasted possessions where we just ran Burton on 3rd/4th and long were probably put in to set up exactly this play.  Addazio probably thinks he’s some kind of super genius who would give away two possessions to have this awesome ace in the hole later on.

So, we escaped Jacksonville with a win, which is great.  We saw a few small glimmers of hope on offense, surrounded by more heaps of bad play calling and philosophy.  The offensive line didn’t really improve at all, and many of the issues in this game were with guys coming through unblocked after simple stunts or delayed blitzes.  5 guys rushing and 6 blocking (counting the RB), yet guys still came through untouched.  That’s a scheme issue, too bad our O-line coach is too busy designing creative ways for Brantley to throw a 2 yard drag route to fix it.

It was nice to see Chas Henry finish as the hero.  He’s taken a beating for not doing well at a job he was never supposed to do, which has completely overshadowed just how good at the job he actually is supposed to be doing (punting).  It was a beautiful punt by Henry that set us up with a chance to win it at the end of regulation (if our offense had enough confidence not to just sit on the ball) as well.

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  1. Other than your dateline, I agree with everything you said, again. It was absolutely fun to be there, but that game was a lot more stressful than it needed to be.

  2. Somethingyou may want to point out which Gatorsports.com did. It was not Addazio who implemented the no huddle, it was Azzazani. Sothere goes some of the genius.

  3. I am happy we won, and ONE HUGE THING. DID EVERYONE SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN BRANTLEY IS ALLOWED TO PASS DEEP??? The guy has a gun, and the few times we let him pass deep, it was showing how amazing he is. I feel bad, b/c scouts may never truly see his potential, but this guy is so good and addazio doesnt let him play.

    We screwed the second half as expected, but it was def nice to see a little change in the 1st half.

  4. Fuck this two QB system. I’d rather see Burton play the whole game. Brantley is a stud, but not with our offense. God damnit, look at Cam Newton. He is what we are supposed to have. Why the fuck did we get Brantley? I’d rather see Jordan Reed play the entire game. Why the fuck did we get Brantley? All I know is that I have to settle for retarded, sloppy bullshit the rest of this year. Please God make it stop by next year. Driskel should be what we need, but I’m afraid we are going to ride the Brantley train to another 3-4 loss season.

    Seriously, why did we recruit Brantley? Cam Newton is shitting on us, Meyer. Thanks.

  5. Tizzebow… it is not all of Brantley’s fault, and putting Burton in for a whole game would be a mistake. They both have their faults. Burton is not a passing quarterback though… he is a runner, Brantley can throw, but they will not let him. Don’t be mad at the QB’s be mad that Addazio is awful! Hopefully we will have a new OC next year! This season has been waaaay too stressful for me! I don’t think I can handle anymore close games.

  6. Guck the Fators, the offense is a Joke!

    Go Vandy, Go USC, Go App State, Blow me FSU! Actually FSU is so bad FL might beat them? I hope all the above teach Meyer and his blind staff a fucking lesson. Maybe the pressure from those losses will make a heads roll! Think about it, you have not seen Meyer pace a sideline that much and be that animated during a game since last year before his acid reflux. Why does the program have to suffer? Why did we have to endure two brutal offensive performances in Sept against 2nd rate programs AND 3 losses before the FUCKING HEAD COACH got involved!!!!!! Meyer is at fault here folks, he could have gotten involved much sooner and made the approriate asst coaching changes but his friendship got in the way. Saturday in Jax was the first time he acted like the head coach in long time! The win was sloppy and cheap!

  7. Have you seen the latest Addazio video on Gatorsports.com?

    His explanation of the no huddle and ‘mechanics’ and ‘timing’ is the stuff legends are made of. Truly perplexing 3 minutes of ‘conversation.’ Further proof he has no idea what he’s doing and just talks to talk.

    1. Holy effing Shit what is wrong with this fat fuck! Does he have Tourettes????? The hands are killing us, please tie his hands behind his back and see if he can still deliver a completely inept, sensless bunch of rambling chatter. Please stop doing pressers, you are an embarrasment to the game, the UF program and sometimes the English language.

      “It’s mechanics, it’s mechanics, it’s mechanics, you know, do we flip flop formations or something”???? WTF? Great way of answering the simple questions Dumbaz, you truly are a fucking moron. Please go away, I think your old High School in CT needs a mascot.

      1. omg omg omg omg omg omg omg did he kill a fly during that interview? was he playing with invisible chopsticks?

        “it’s all about mechanical time”

        Jesus Christ….. C’mon, Foley! Surely you see these interviews that don’t make any sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Get this clown out of UF, he IS NOT WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        (keep him as an assistant and recruiter if you must, but for fuck’s sake, he has NO BUSINESS as assistant head coach or offensive coordinator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I’m going to start a new band called “Rage Against the Addazio” because that fucker makes me rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. His interview reminded me of the movie, Talladega Nights when Will Ferrel is giving an interview and doesn’t know what to do with his hands. This guy is such a douche. He has no idea what he is talking about.

  9. maybe addazio can take his latest brainchild – the burton/brantley shuffle snap – and throw jordan reed in there too; all three line up side by side and call plays – then whichever one pouncey snaps to (errant or intended) he is the selected qb, and the other two focus on missing their blocking assignments. sweet.

  10. Meyer hinted in a press conference that Loefler was calling plays or at least had a hand in it. Meyer also said that Jordan Reed played well enough and he will be allowed to throw the ball against Vandy. The playcalling actually wasn’t bad, we were up 21-7 at the half, then the defense let Georgia get back in the game the second half. Meyer and Austin were seen having a heated discussion on the sidelines.

    1. LOL. We pulled out an overtime squeaker against one of the worst teams in the SEC (and that’s saying something this year), and Addazio and band wagon Gator fans think we’re back on the road to winning the national championship. Get real. The offense was its same pathetic self, and Addazio and Meyer were bailed out by a horrible UGA defense. There wasn’t much positive to take away from this one folks other than Deonte Thompson actually made a clutch catch, and Brantley can deliver on pass plays IF they let him (anybody want to take bets on if we’ll see that again?).

  11. No the bye week was a not a good week. The first two drives of the FLvsGA game were more of the same. I was actually so disgusted I walked away. Only to return to find a revved up Urban Meyer and 3 QBs in the game that is when it got interesting. I was absolutely disgusted in how we played for overtime instead of the win… This season is lost Fire Addazio and please let Gator Nation return to glory.

    God Bless Will Hill who has been a remarkable talent for our team since his freshman year. (I knew that kid was special when I saw him at the Under Armor all-star HS football game… Where is his counter part Dee Finley? stuck on special teams arrgg)

    1. Will Hill??????????????? Sure, he made a couple plays, but he was also wayyyyyyyyyyyyy off on a few plays and was the main reason they made huge pass plays and stayed in the game. He has played like shit all year.

  12. I just watched Addazio’s interview from 11/2/10 on Gatorsports.com. Can someone verify that this is really Addazio talking and not some imposter or fraternity prank. Obviuosly,I’m hoping he really isn’t that big of a imbecile but once you watch this interview everything suddenly becomes clear. You will realize we are so screwed. His comments about “timing” and the hand gestures our must see TV. At one point,I thought he was doing some kind of hand puppet act. All the points made in this article are dead on. He is selfish. He is way over his head. We have become some kind of 3 headed circus freak offense. Despite our showing against a crappy Georgia team how many times have you said this season “I can’t watch this anymore.” Well those feeling aren’t going anywhere unless we move on.

    1. I just watched that interview too since so many people were talking about it and wow! He really has no idea what he’s talking about! “It’s the mechanics, its the timing and the mechanics, its the mechanical timing of the mechanics”. Are you kidding me? Addazio is like the guy from “Catch Me If You Can” pretending to be a doctor when he’s calling plays. Do you concur?

      If you drank every time you saw the dive play, Burton in the wildcat, some pass to the flat, or a Gator turnover/punt, you got loaded way before OT.

  13. I’d like to see Azzanni take over the play calling duties. That Central Michigan offense put up some yardage in their no huddle offense. And after watching Addazio’s “press conference”, I was confused and actually pretty embarrassed.

    When we have guys like Azzanni and Loefler(who apparently did play calling during the Cincy game last year), there is no reason we should be in this position. This is idea of being loyal or whatever Meyer wants to call it, is getting kind of infuriating. He should strap on a set and demote Addazio and then let him LEARN from Azzanni. Then he will be doing Addazio a favor while showing him loyalty if that is his big hangup.

  14. Why do other schools have “systems” that make their good players questionable for the NFL, because the systems helping them do good. While our offense makes our talents players look worst, because addazio can’t figure out football.

    Its horrible that this guy is ruining our football team and that urban is so selfish and stubborn that he won’t acknowledge the problem. Buts its disgusting how he is hurting these young athletes chances of getting big money in the NFL.

  15. After watching the first quarter of the Vandy game, I’m done giving him the benefit of the doubt. BENCH BRANTLEY.

    He has missed numerous easy, easy passes in this game, and there’s NO WAY he could have thrown that ball to Deonte Thompson that Reed did in the first quarter for a TD.

    Start grooming Reed for next year.

  16. There is no way possible that Addazio called the plays with Reed at quarterback in the second half of the Vandy game. I almost question whether or not he called the plays in the first half.

    It was either Azzani or Loeffler, I guarantee it. I hope we get confirmation.

    I know it was only Vanderbilt, but that 2nd half offense with Reed at the helm gives us the best chance to win NOW. Can our coaches make the tough decision to not start Brantley? Given the ineptitude of Addazio AND Meyer this season, I bet they don’t.

    Frank from Jasper

  17. Not sure if this has been touched on, but Urban himself said it was Zach Azzanni that helped him install the new wrinkles in the offense. No mention of Addazio.

  18. Here’s the link on the Azzanni story and the relevant quote:

    The no-huddle always has intrigued Meyer, but the resulting penalties tempered his enthusiasm. Saturday’s showing convinced Meyer to stick with it. Meyer credited receivers coach Zach Azzanni for installing the system.

    “Coach Azzanni did a great job helping us install this, and I made the decision we’re doing it,” Meyer said.

  19. Was at the game today, specifically watching the coaches. Azzani had a HUGE part in the offense today, he was always by Addazio’s side and seemed to me a much bigger part of the offense than normal. He was always in the huddle, firing up the the players and calling in the plays. My prediction- Azzani to O Coord, Addazio back to O-Line at the end of the season. Or Meyer does not grow a pair, and makes them Co- coordinators or something dumb like that.

  20. I really liked seeing Jordan Reed throw the ball. He should almost certainly be the future of our offense. Built exactly like Tebow/Newton and with basically the same skillset (but faster than Tebow).

    Also yes I know it was Vandy and we had a DTD here and there, but it felt good to score points again.

  21. Looks like the Gamecocks aren’t too happy with thier starting QB either. Here is a comment from the Columbia newspaper quoting Garcia, the SC QB:

    Well…I think it is absolutely shameful that Garcia said, of the Arkansas game, “Everybody knows that it didn’t mean a whole lot,”….”this was a bad game but it didn’t really matter.”…. Really? Is that your attitude? Is that what Tim Tebow said when the Gators lost to Ole Miss (a western division team) in 2008? NO!! In his post game interview he apologized profusely and vowed that no one on his team would put forth more effort than he would from there on out, in one of the most motivating speeches I’ve ever heard. That is what you call leadership! The man stood up and said by God, I may fail….but I’m gonna die trying. Attitude isn’t anything….it’s everything.

  22. Gator Dad, that is a really interesting post and all, but what does it have to do with firing Steve Addazio? It seems you either don’t know how to make your point or you are trying to soften things up by tossing in an irrelevant distraction.

    1. A number of the posts above were talking about Brantley. I do think that continuing to play him over Reed and Burton is further evidence of Adazzio’s lack of skill as an OC. I have never played college football, and I don’t want to knock Brantley too bad, but the guy is just not that good. He is completely immobile, and lately, it seems that his passing isn’t even accurate. BTW, I am not a proponent of firing Addazio outright, I just think the guy needs to go back to the O line.

      1. I believe it was Andre Ware who mentioned this, but Brantley’s accuracy “issues” are not entirely his fault. Most QBs are able to establish some sort of rhythm dropping back every down, and so they can get into the zone throwing the ball. Yes he might have a tiny accuracy problem naturally but our offensive system is just exacerbating it.

        Brantley is playing blocking WR on first and second down half the time and then expected to come in and complete a 10 yard pass on 3rd down to save our drive. It’s ridiculous we’re asking him to do that, especially in cold weather when telling him to go out to WR and block is basically just icing his arm.

        1. You hit the nail on the head! Who’s hair brained idea is it to have Brantley line up as a wideout when Burton or Reed take the snap??? DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. Who do they think they are fooling? Or is that the OC is just to SLOW to repsond between plays and get Brantley to run of the field in time and not break the huddle with 12 guys.

          Having Barntely line up at WR makes about as much sense as Caleb Sturgis lining up in protection while Chaz Henry Punts.


          We will never know how good Brantley could be unless he transfers and plays in a traditional offense, every down! I can’t beleive he has accepted his new role as BITCH QB at Florida. I blame Meyer for this one but I also fault Brantley for not speaking up. He made Brantley a promise he did not keep. Hell, he made Gator Nation a promise he did not keep.

          Meyer Quote: “We do not have a defined offense at Florida, our offense is built around the strenths of our personel” Liar!

          Anyone notice how Meyer made a point that Brantley was THE QB when he gave the presser about the 3 QB’s? Burton is the runner, Reed is the runner who can throw and Johnny is THE quarterback.

          Please define THE quarterback Meyer.

          Yeah, he is THE QB that rode the pine the entire second half because your system which you claim is NOT DEFINED does not fit him well.

          Inserting Brantley for a few plays the remainder of the season will cost us points now doubt but Meyer has to do it to save face with the kids family.

          Transfer Brantley, to an SEC school. Come back and make Meyer pay!

          AND NO I do not want to lose games but this kid got shafted and he is a hell of a QB.

          1. Agreed. I don’t understand why Brantley gets all this hate from people. All that hate does to an obviously talented kid is make the crusade for Addazio’s head look all that more misguided in the media’s eyes.

            The kid has obvious talent. No one would expect a pocket passer like Peyton Manning to run a spread option, so why is Brantley labeled as a crappy player in light of the offensive coordinators shortcomings?

            I guarantee you Brantley would be lighting up all kinds of passing records if set in a traditional passing offense, either out of the I formation or the shotgun.

            Furthermore, Brantley’s career isn’t the only one to be ruined by Addazio’s failures. Look at Carl Moore, he’s a hell of a receiver with size and a knack for going up and getting the ball. He’s been relegated to 3rd down and long while we continue to call Thompson’s number for another drop. Granted, he’s been playing a little better the past two games but definitely not the 5 star we all thought he would be.

            My only gripe with Meyer outside of not canning Addazio sooner is my perceived lack of player development under him as a coach. It seems like we get 5 star players who don’t mature/gain experience and play better as the year goes on. We hear all the time how “player X isn’t ready yet and we’re trying to get him more practice” and they never seem to see the field. Then, when they finally get some PT they shine (Dubose for example). Frankie Hammond Jr. is finally getting some more touches and he has been nothing but lights out in games. Meanwhile, guys like Moody get chance after chance to prove they don’t have fumble-itis. I just don’t get it.

  23. Getting the w’s is nice but they are all for not if the fat babbling dip shit has anything more than offensive line coaching duties next year @ UF. Strike that, our O line still sux(becasue of coaching not talent), he needs to go. Shifty Jordon Reed is making Dumbaz and the O line look good cuz they don’t have to block for him. Sorry Brantley, you have been propa fucked! If Dumbaz is still around in his current capacity next year than I guess we will have to get accustomed to 8-4 seasons, my guess is he won’t be. It is obvious Meyer has been more involved the last two games, I sure would like to ask him why he waited so long?
    Hopefully Dumbaz will feel slighted for having responsibilities taken away and will go back to coaching high school after this season.

  24. Anyone else think the Gators are in disguise playing football in Oregon Duck uniforms. The Gators have to play near-perfect football to score 55 points against Vanderbilt (Vanderbilt!). After the game, the Duck players were saying they played terribly and had an off-day…yet they scored 53 points…ON AN OFF DAY.

    Meyer, Addazio & Co., if we have to play flawless to put up 55 against hapless Vandy, then perhaps it is time to stop recruiting every single 5* player and start getting players who fit what you are trying to do.

  25. Almost Wednesday, and no post-weekend comments by our host. Hope he hasn’t lost the fire to stay on Addazio’s ass.

  26. I might buy the whole lack of player development when it comes to NFL quarterbacks (although Denver thought Tebow was good enough to be a first round pick), but my recollection of last year’s NFL draft was that the Gators did pretty good. Didn’t they have the most first round picks? I think they had the most picks overall as well. These were all Meyer-coached players, so I think the argument that Meyer fails to develop NFL talent is not supported by the facts. I completely agree with Hater’s comments about putting Brantley in at a wideout position is stupid. Maybe Addazio has a triple flea flicker in store for us this weekend with all three quarterbacks in the game.

    1. I meant the younger players (freshman/sophomores) are seemingly slower to develop. I didn’t really do a good job of explaining that though.

      It seems there are several impact freshman playing this year in the SEC alone, and we seem to only have Burton. I’m just wondering why it’s taken Dubose, Hammond Jr., etc. to get more playing time.

  27. I don’t know what is worse — letting Addazio call plays or letting him hold press conferences. Check out the latest on Gatorzone. Players are now “checkers” and defenses are now
    “soups de jour.” For a real laugh, turn the volume down and play your favorite rap song. His hand motions will be just about in sync.

  28. Since it is a well known FACT that South Carolina has the No. 1 rush Defense in the SEC and one of THE WORST pass defenses, can anyone guess what the brainiac DUMBAZ will call on our first series? Rush, rush, on 3-12 pass. Dumbaz you are a Jerk off! I am just speculating above but if you really open the series with two rushes you should be fired on the spot!!!!!!
    Meyer, you listening? Don’t let him do it, please prove me wrong.

    I also have a remedy for the sacks that poor Brantely takes from the blind side. Rather than him venting on the lineman he should walk straight to the sideline and kick Dumbaz in the balls for not coaching the lineman how to pass block. It may not make the dip shit change up the playcalling but at least we would have a good laugh.

  29. It feels like this site has run its course, and is no longer reliant. Even many of the recent user comments are no longer based on current events, and come across as tired rhetoric.

  30. The most ubelieveable piece of terrible coaching was witnessed last game. When you have 2 quarterbacks, a runner and a passer, on of them has to at some point do the opposite to keep the defense on their toes. Instead of having Burton throw the ball, they have Brantley run it???????????? Not just run it, but run the option! Twice!!! One was on a 4th and 2 at the 45 yard line. I honestly thought I was dreaming or that someone was going to tell me that I just got punked. Absolutely unacceptable and ridiculous. We are very good at one thing…getting into 3 and 7+’s. We would win the award for that…I call it, the Inept Award, or the I SHOULDN’T EVER HAVE THIS JOB AWARD. That award goes to you Mr. Addazio. Thank you for nothing.

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