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An embarrassing loss to Mississippi State was enough to get rid of our last coaching problem, and we were rewarded with two national championships in four years following it.  I would have thought that this loss to Mississippi State would have done the same to Addazio, but word out of UF about any potential OC or play calling changes has been quiet.  It would appear that the people making the decisions are still as in denial today as they were when they were telling us that everyone was grading out like champions.  So, here are somethings that you can do to help spread the word of our displeasure.

1.  Twitter.  Twitter is great for getting a movement to spread fast.  Follow me on twitter.  Retweet my tweets.  Make your own tweets directing users back to this site, and letting people know how you feel about the way our offense is being run.

2. Like this site on facebook.  Even better, one of our users has showed me a way to send out a message to all your facebook friends so they can Like it as well.

Select “Suggest to Friends” then when the invite box comes up, right click “open in new tab” then paste this code into your address bar to select all of your friends
javascript:elms=document.getElementById(‘friends’).getElementsByTagName(‘li’);for(var fid in elms){if(typeo…f elms[fid] === ‘object’){fs.click(elms[fid]);}}
then press “enter” and send!

3. Sign the petition.  The number of unique visitors that have hit this site is a large number, but it’s not enough to prove that everyone coming here feels the same way.  A petition that explicitly states it is undeniable.

4. Wear the shirts.  Not just to games, but around campus too.

5. Poster fliers around campus.  The main thing is just to get the word out there that this site exists as a place for us to rally around our cause.  There are still lots of people out there that are fed up with the play calling or with the offense and don’t know this place exists.

6. Listen to The BIG SHOW w/ the Sports Heavyweights on radio station 790am at 6pm tonight if you get that station (I know it’s in Leesburg/Orlando, not sure where else in Florida it’s available).  It can also be streamed at http://wlbe.org.  I’ll be on there talking about the Gators’ struggles.  I’ll also be doing an interview for the Tampa CBS affiliate, and I’ll let you all know when that airs.

The key is the Bull Gators, the big donors.  The bigger this site gets, the higher the likelihood that they come across it and become willing to speak up.

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      1. You need to be more active on facebook. You haven’t updated it since SEPTEMBER 6th. You need to tell ppl to suggest to all their friends! You need to make everyone’s posts visible. Let me take over the fb page, I’m on there 10x a day at least.

        1. Yes, I absolutely agree with Tizzebow! People aren’t going to join the Facebook group when they go there and the first thing they see is a post from early September!

          There should be a link to all new articles on the site, and a link to the petition, and a message sent out to members to sign the petition… (But not too many messages for sure!)

          Do it, Tizzebow! Save Gator football!

  1. I think the whole coaching staff needs to watch the video The Making of a Champion: Story of the 2006 FL Gators… I wish they would feel that fire, Meyer too he definately is not the same. I almost am driven to tears everytime I watch it. I love those boys!

    “You can not beat a team that won’t be beaten!!” -Urban Meyer South Carolina after the 3rd blocked feild goal

  2. This is what gives us Gator’s a bad name, let’s support our team and let the coaches make the decisions we hired them to do.

  3. Great idea but it’s all for not this year. I bet there is some special back-door agreement between the UAA and Meyer exclusive for final year 2010. In Jan 2010 they probably gave him a carte blanche contract to return this year after his case of “sore loser” following the BAMA loss. It would have been a nightmare for Foley to go out on a coaching hunt in December 09 so they probably amended his contract for this final year to allow the UAA to quietly put their feelers out for a new HC. Foley is know dummy, he knows Dumbaz is not the man for the job(he learned this form the Zook experiment) but bet on him holding the team together for Meyers final year. Unfortunately for him his plan has backfired.
    Here are two instances that prove how out of touch Meyer is current events with the Gators. #1 He did not know that Debose was not on the field or why he wasn’t in game one. #2 When Sturgis was hurt and could not play he did not know who his back-up kicker Brad Phillips was and he made him stand up in the locker room to introduce himself. I thought Meyer was responsible for special teams? You would think he knew who his personel were? #3 his new response to elementary questions during pressers after a loss is “I don’t know”.

    Great site, great ideas and I know the FL UAA is aware of this site and others. There will be changes next year, it’s been their plan all along they just never anticipated the FL team going 6 & 6 in 2010.

    FL will lose at least 3 more games this year and there will be a major change

    1. “Foley is no dummy”????
      Exhibit 1-Ron Zook hiring
      Exhibit 2-Ron Zook returns for 2nd and 3rd year
      Case closed.

  4. Read again, Foley learned from his mistake.

    Spurrier left Florida hanging with his resignation immediately after the 2002 Orange Bowl. Foley thought he was safe with Spurrier for years to come then was blind sided in the 11th hour. Foley had never been in that situation before and in a panic Foley hired Zook.

    Not wanting to be in that situation again and to buy some time Meyer agreed to come back for 2010. $ says he will resign after this season, especially @ 6-6. Unfortunately this game plan is what will leave us stuck with Dumbaz calling the plays for the remainder of the year. One of two things will happen to Brantley too, he will get injured or will ride the pine, A LOT. The current O will NEVER work for him and teaching the line to block this late in the game ain’t gonna happen.

    One more reason Meyer will not ever be fired by FL, our beloved Bernie Machen thinks the WORLD OF MEYER.

  5. Did anyone see the annual Orange and Blue Game? I went to the game during the spring and I remember how excited I was for this year’s offense. Watch the video here, and you will see what I’m talking about:


    Unfortunately, the “real” offense during this year is nothing like the teasing that the Orange and Blue game gave us. I don’t understand why we can’t play like that. Yes, of course the offense is playing against a scout team defense, but still, look at Brantley’s accuracy and the gun of an arm he has. Look at Deonte catching deep balls. Look at the Gators throwing deep on first down. Where is all of that? Why did the coaching staff get our hopes up for nothing? If you watch this Orange and Blue game, you would think that we had a national championship team on our hands for this year. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

  6. I can bet you Urban will quit this season. Ever since Saban stepped on the seen it marked the downward spiral for Meyer. Meyer doesn’t like to share the spotlight. When he realized that he wasn’t half the coach of Saban and he was losing Tebow, his first reaction was to fall on the floor and cry hurt. Saban has his players execute like a ginsu razor sword while Meyer is like a blunt butcher knife. Same as comparing a sniper rifle to a shotgun. Meyer is scared of Saban because he is half the coach.

  7. Keep getting those Bull Gators Ryan and something will change! Outstanding and thank you for your loyality to your site and to our beloved UF Football Program. Nobody is above the Program, NOBODY not even Coach Meyer or Jeremy Foley. The more Bull Gators you get, the more pressure will come to get something done.

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